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The Manual of Style is a style guide for users that aims to make the Xentaxwiki easier to read. One way of presenting information is often just as good as another, but consistency promotes professionalism, simplicity and greater cohesion in Xentaxwiki articles.

At the moment, the Xentaxwiki Manual of Style can be assumed to be identical to the Wikipedia Manual of Style (hereafter referred to as WP MoS). Any sections of the WP MoS that are not applicable to the Xentaxwiki should, naturally, be ignored, and sections that need updated to properly apply to the Xentaxwiki will be copied here and updated over time.

Any information in this guide automatically supersedes similar information presented on the Adding a format help page, and this guide will eventually completely replace that page.

Article titles, headings and sections

Article titles

When creating a new format page, the page's title should consist of:

  • GRAF: (namespace reference)
  • the game's title
  • (Demo), if the format in question is from a game demo
  • any platform tags, such as (Gamecube) or (PS2), if the format in question is from games used exclusively or mainly on a certain system
  • the main file extension used

For example: GRAF:Sample Game 1 (Demo) (N64) PAK

For pages on other subject matter, the only words that should be capitalized should be the first word, any proper nouns, and any words that are typically capitalized in common usage.

Game titles

Great care should be taken to ensure that game titles used in article names and links are spelled, punctuated, capitalized and spaced correctly. If possible, refer directly to the game's packaging, storage media (such as a CD or DVD-ROM, or a cartridge), or documentation. If this is not possible, refer to the developer's or publisher's website. If none of this is available, attempt to determine the most common rendering from game review sites and message boards. If you must resort to this last message, carefully check a large number of such sites (at least ten). The rendering of unlinked game titles in a page's text is not as important, but still should be checked or confirmed.

In the event of special characters in a game's title, such as colons ( : ), quotes ( ' or " ) or dollar signs ( $ ), the special character should be included in all renderings of the game title. However, any pound signs ( # ) in game titles cannot appear in links or article titles, since the pound sign links to a section on a page.

File extensions (article titles)

File extensions in article names and links should be completely capitalized, and should not include an asterisk or period, unless it is actually part of the extension.

  • Incorrect:  *.arf
  • Correct:    ARF
  • Incorrect:  *.EX*A
  • Correct:    EX*A

Section headings

File extensions

File extensions should typically be rendered in all capital letters. Whether a preceding asterisk-period ( *. ) should be attached is usually dependent on context - it should be omitted in links and article titles (see #File extensions (article titles)), but is usually optional in unlinked text.