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Compulsive Archive Format Analysis Disorder (CAFAD) is an imaginary disease that Mr.Mouse "suffers" from.


  • Analyzing the structures of more than around 5 archive types
  • Creating a website, complete with forum and WIKI, devoted to the same cause
  • Writing a program with an easily expandable database of supported formats to extract and, in some cases, inject or even create supported archives
  • Lastly, convincing a bunch of other people to help you with the cause!


This disease is known to be transmittable, that is, it can be spread from person to person, just as with any interest.

Cures and Treatments

There is no known cure for CAFAD, and the only known treatment is an old wives' remedy which consists of giving the afflicted lots of archive files to analyze and standing well clear to avoid byte marks.

Known Afflictees

The original CAFAD sufferer is Mr.Mouse, although more recently, Watto and even KorNet, among others, have caught the bug, at least mildly.