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An administrator is a member who has been entrusted with extra privileges and responsibilities. There are two types of administrators on the XeNTaXWIKI: sysops and bureaucrats.


"Sysops," or SYStem OPeratorS, are members with all normal privileges, plus some extra ones. These include:

  • setting or removing "Protected" status on pages
  • editing almost any page on the WIKI, including protected and system pages
  • deleting, and restoring deleted versions of, almost any page
  • banning and unbanning any member or IP Number

Becoming a sysop


  • register as a member. AFAIK, IP accounts can't be granted Sysop priveleges, and besides, it gives you a face to put in front of your contributions (that's not as painful as it sounds! =D ).
  • regularly contribute to the WIKI:
    • correct typos
    • expand existing pages, or add new ones
    • update or add format descriptions
    • write (and test, if possible) new BMS scripts
  • treat other members with respect
  • use your existing privileges with responsibility


  • spam. This will get you banned without a second thought.
  • abuse your privileges. Nothing is given to you as a right, not even your membership. Use it, but don't abuse it, and you won't lose it.
  • pester existing admins to grant you special privileges. This only reveals your immaturity and irresponsibility, and at any rate, only bureaucrats can grant you more privileges.

Current sysops

This is the list of current sysops, with links to their profiles. Bureaucrats are not listed, since being a bureaucrat automatically infers the position of a sysop with it. Names are sorted alphabetically.


Bureaucrats have all normal member and sysop privileges, as well as being able to promote new sysops and bureaucrats.

Becoming a bureaucrat


  • become a sysop (this means, follow all guidelines for getting and keeping sysop status)
  • continue to use your powers responsibly


  • pester admins (see Becoming a sysop)
  • abuse your powers. This may get you banned...
  • wield your position as a status symbol. No one likes a gloater, and even if anyone else actually cares, it will only get you in trouble on other sites. XeNTaX staff will not intersect on your behalf should you incur some sort of punishment elsewhere.

Current bureaucrats

This is a list of current bureaucrats, with links to their profiles. Names are sorted alphabetically.

Ultimately, it is the sole discretion of the bureaucrats whether or not you are "promoted." So far, the WIKI has only two bureaucrats, and I personally don't see the need for new ones any time in the future. Therefore, requirements for becoming one are only inferred, though still sound advice. The WIKI currently has 4 sysops, and between all 6 of us (I'm counting the bureaucrats), there's more than enough staffers to tend the WIKI. Any new sysops will probably only be added on a need-based schedule.