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v1.5 should import and export all files in the WAD's. Now uses the zlib.dll instead of the zlibtool.ocx. Many people had problems with the ocx! Swap between WAD and K files with "Swap" button. Added right-click Export and Import.


If you import a file that requires file re-indexing(it will tell you) then you MUST OPEN THE FILE AGAIN before you work with it.

1. Click "Open" then "Wad File". Open the WAD file that you want to work with.

2. Click on the file that you want to extract and then hit "Export"(or you can right-click and hit "Export") IF IT'S A .RES FILE: You can now export .res files---set the DDS Type and Dimensions before exporting!The .res file will be exported with a DDS file that you can edit AND the header that is needed when importing back into the WAD file. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE THE HEADER WITH THE DDS FILE!

3. If it's a ".k" file, click "Open" then "K File"

4. Set the DDS Type and Dimensions in the the bottom boxes.(You will have to experiment with these!)

5. Make sure the one you want to extract is highlighted and hit "Export"(or you can right-click and hit "Export").

6. Modify the file to your liking.

7. Make sure the correct ".k" file is open.

8. Highlight the file that you changed and hit "Import"(or you can right-click and hit "Import").

9. Open the original WAD file.

10. Highlight the original file that you exported and hit "Import"(or you can right-click and hit "Import").

11. Copy WAD file to BOX.

Note: You can also swap a lot of textures by renaming them.

If you have problems running this, make sure you have the vb6 runtime files installed.

P.S. The program will now export and import all the files. You will still have to determine which is the correct setting for the DDS type and dimensions before exporting them.


Download hosted by Xentax: XXIExplorer