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Super busy...

You might have noticed I am completely absent from everything related to game file formats. Well I have other things going on. Mainly reallife(tm) but also some php coding for another community I am part of.

I should have released Dragon UnPACKer v5.2.0 like 2 months ago... but the merge between 5.1 and 5.0 went bad (fucking CVS) and I didn't had the will to start again. I will have to do it sooner or later. After that I think development of Dragon UnPACKer will be on pause until I get enough will to start again. I only do that for fun, and.. I it is not really amusing anymore, and you know why? Simply because I think I reached the program I wanted to create more than 10 years ago. It has all the funcionnalities I wanted. And it works quite fine. Moreover there is others very good game ressource extractors outthere and to finish.. working alone is not fun anymore. :)

Well! I am at work, so I will continue working before I go on weekend.. ahahah


Hey Elbereth, no problem. We all are busy people, my family and my job are priority as well. MultiEx Commander is a very nice project though, even after 1997 until now. Especially since more people are helping out, it's pretty cool. Makes you want to go on. Even after my Depressing Contemplation at our forum (written in a drunken haze ;) ) --Mr.mouse