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Hi! I'm Dinoguy1000 (or Phillip Patriakeas, if you know me in real life or on one of a select few websites), and I'm the primary maintainer of this wiki (more or less ^^ ). You can find out more about me from and the assortment of pages linked from there, and you can always leave me a message or email me if you want to get in touch with me. =)


This has some notes on my thoughts for updating and cleaning up the wiki; suggestions are welcome. =)

Article naming

I think we want to start naming pages like "ext (Game Title) (Platform)" or the like:

  • We'd use "ext" instead of ".ext" or "*.ext" so we can have autosort in categories and the like without having to do weird things.
  • We also want "ext" to be lowercase unless a given game actually uses capitals (we would then make judicious use of {{DISPLAYTITLE}} to make sure page titles actually display correctly).
  • "(Platform)" would only be required if a game is known to use different formats under the same extension on different platforms.
  • "(Game Title)" should be the name of the game engine or game developer known to have introduced a given format, or else the title of the first game known to have used it.
  • All of this, of course, is moot if a given format already has a "common" name, e.g. if it's a general-use format such as Bitmap Images or Zipped Archives, or a name otherwise widely used by modders/fans.

To-do list

  • Register on MultimediaMike's wiki and ask for help with the Sierra VMD format
  • Look around here more
  • Add some formats
    • Carnivores
      • .MAP
      • .RSC
      • .SAV
    • Carnivores 2 & Ice Age
      • .MAP
      • .RSC
    • Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis [1]
      • .TMD
      • .TML
    • Jurassic Park: Trespasser [2]
      • .00* (savegames, incrementing exts starting w/ 000)
      • .GRF
      • .PID
      • .SCN
      • .WTD
    • X-Isle [3]
      • .CCT
      • .CGF
      • .CTC


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