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Primarily written articles

Articles contributed to


You may find some crude extraction and conversion tools on my website. The articles written here were based on the research made during the development of these tools; some formats have not yet been documented here, but can be derived from the source code given.


  • Add information on:
* The 7th Guest
* The 11th Hour
* Broken Sword 1/2
* Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine
* Jack Orlando
* The Longest Journey
* The Moment of Silence
* The Riddle of Master Lu
* Runaway (?)
* Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Rose Tattoo (?)
* Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Serrated Scalpel
* Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
* Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Harbinger
* Star Trek: Judgment Rites
* Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
* Syberia 1/2
* RLE decompression
* LZSS decompression

... as soon as I have time to parse through my source code ... ;-)