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How to use CGF Reader

1. Download CGF Reader [CGF Reader]

2. Extract the CGF Reader folder from the RAR archive anywhere you want.

3. Get a program that can open PAK files (WinRAR, Winzip, MultiEx Commander, etc.) I personally use WinRAR. 4. Go to your Far Cry folder (Default folder is C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\

5. Go to the FCDATA folder

6. Open Objects.pak with the any of the programs suggested in Step 3.

7. In this tutorial we are going to extract the Desert Eagle for example.

8. The Desert Eagle CGF model file, can be found in the Objects.pak file after going throught these folders: \Objects\Weapons\DE\

9. Now locate the DE.cgf file and extract it to your CGF Reader folder.

10. Open Config.ini in the CGF Reader folder after extracting the CGF file, it will show Open=mp5.cgf, change that to Open=DE.cgf, that points at the model we just extracted.

11. Double click CGF Reader.exe and a new Model.wrl file will appear in the folder.

12. rename Model.wrl to DE.wrl, so it won't get replaced the next time you convert a model.

13. Now open it in 3D Studio Max and convert it to a format like .3ds, or you can use Deep Exploration (google it.)

You can use this tutorial for any model, instead of DE.cgf, put in the model you want to extract. Also read the readme included in the RAR archive.

Tutorial by: dyce