The Riddle of Master Lu TT

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TT files usually contain background images.

Format Specifications

// *.tt header

char {4}     - Identifier ("  TT")
uint32 {4}   - Unknown
uint32 {4}   - Data Size
uint32 {4}   - Width
uint32 {4}   - Height
uint32 {4}   - Number of Horizontal Blocks
uint32 {4}   - Number of Vertical Blocks
uint32 {4}   - Horizontal Block Size
uint32 {4}   - Vertical Block Size
byte {768}   - Palette Data (R/G/B)
byte {X}     - Image Data

Notes and Comments

  • The R/G/B values within the palette have been saved in a range of 0..63.
  • Each image has been divided into several blocks (probably to make scrolling easier). The block size in pixels can be read from the header. When reading the blocks from the data, place them from the top left to the bottom right, line-wise.