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Field 4611686052121471055 prfDisassembleCategory

When I check the Variables of a Barrel Mod, I get the following value for field 4611686052121471055: prfProfessionArmorstechBlasterModBarrel. This value is coming from the Profession SubType Enumeration, and not the Disassemble Category Enumeration, based on the prefix of the value. So I think the field is prfProfessionSubtype, and not prfDisassembleCategory. That could possibly mean that some fields were renamed/swapped between the older and newest versions.

Field 4611686060004431196 conEntitySpec

If I check with NodeViewer, all the items have a different value for this field. This does not look compatible with a field referencing some kind of lookup table. For me, it's the item unique key.

Your thoughts guys?