Star Trek Judgment Rites BGD

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General conventions

First, let the following be a convention throughout this document:

uint8 {1} - Red
uint8 {1} - Green
uint8 {1} - Blue

shall be called the RGB type.

Format Specifications

The BGD format used in Judgment Rites is quite similar to the BMP format found in the 25th Anniversary game. Actually, BGD files are just BMP files with prepended palette data:

// BGD header

RGB {768}  - 256 RGB values as palette
uint16 {2} - X coordinate offset
uint16 {2} - Y coordinate offset
uint16 {2} - Image width
uint16 {2} - Image height
byte {X}   - Image data

Notes and Comments

  • The image data, which is expressed as palette lookup values, is ordered from the top left to the bottom right, line-wise.