Star Trek 25th BMP

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Format Specifications

// *.bmp file

uint16 {2}   - X Coordinate Offset
uint16 {2}   - Y Coordinate Offset
uint16 {2}   - Image Width
uint16 {2}   - Image Height

byte {X}     - Image Data

Notes and Comments

  • In most cases the coordinate offset values tell the game where the bitmap has to be placed on screen (compared to the top left corner). Sometimes, the high bits of this values are set, resulting in abnormally high offsets. The reason for this is not yet known, it might be related to the need of relative offsets in the course of playing animation (ANM) files.
  • An external palette (PAL) is needed to view or convert these images.
  • The image data is ordered from the top left to the bottom right, line-wise.