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Taken from the readme.txt :

Scarface Archive-Explorer Version 1.0

(c) 2006 Benjamin Haisch


1. What's this program?
2. How to use
3. Stuff

1. What's this program?
With this tool you can open the Rcf archives used by Scarface and extract either single files or all files at once.
You can't do anything more with it for the moment.

2. How to use
Use File->Open to select an Arc file. The interface is quite Explorer-like: 
On the left you can see the directories, on the right the files in that directory.
To extract a single file, chose Extract->Selected file... o
r simply double-click on that file. 
A Save as dialog will pop up where you can chose the directory and filename.
To extract all files, chose Extract->All files... 
and select the output directory. 
All subdirectories will be created in the path you've chosen.

3. Stuff
There's nothing much more to say. Have fun with it!
Also note that this program was only tested with the PC version. 

Download: Download from Xentax / mirror1