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This article contains a list of all the ids, names and descriptions of the Game Object Model used by the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.


id name description
3758000002 base_hard_association THE hard association
11529000007 PopupParent Source node is parent of one or more popup controls (target nodes).
11628000001 _GUIDropDownListAssociation Association between list box (source) and its dropdown menu (target).
15765000001 GUIAnimation The association between GUIControl nodes and GUIAnimation nodes
66944000113 ModalDialogToLayer Link between a modal dialog and its modal layer
78163000051 ListeningForFileDialog marks a control as listening for the return value of a file dialog
78163000052 ListeningForParamDialog marks a control as listening for the return value of a param dialog
94051390077 ModalDialogAssociation Leads from a covered control to a modal dialog
95314070081 GUISyncedAnimation Soft association between GUISyncedAnimation node and its controlled GUI nodes
4611686018429790016 deoFootstepAssociation associates a character to its footstep tracker
4611686030270570017 CoverNodeToUser Links one or more cover points to the character using them
4611686030369070000 hydActionWaitAssociation map from hydra node to nodes that have queued actions assoicated with this hydra node
4611686047570670341 ATestAssociation An association used for timing tests


id name description
20001 sysCharacterSystem BioWare's Character System
40012 sysBaseClient BioWare's Base Client
40027 BWDemo Demoing
40029 BWDemo2 Second Coming
40030 DamionDemo2 Demoing
3758000007 character_class Base Character
3758000114 Instance
3758000125 TriggerInstance
3758000201 PathPointNode
3758000205 PathNode
3758000246 geometry_pair
3758000251 rgba
3758000255 texture_pair
3758000264 visible_character
3775000008 HBPath a path as a series of waypoints
3775000014 HBSpec Spec representation
3775000015 AmbientSoundNode Ambient Sound Node
3775000016 CharacterNode graphic CharacterNode representation
3775000017 LightningNode lightning (zap) effect
3775000018 LightNode graphic LightNode representation
3775000019 PathFollowerNode graphic PathFollowerNode representation
3775000020 ParticleEmitterNode particle emitter node
3775000021 SpeedTreeNode SpeedTree Node
3775000022 WaypointNode path waypoint node
3775000023 CameraNode graphic CameraNode representation
3775000037 windowSides top, bottom, left, right as bools
3775000038 xy xy position
3775000046 uv uv texture value
3775000049 hv horizontal and vertical bools
3775000054 justify controls text layout
3775000056 minMax min/max
3775000057 paddingLR padding on the left and right side
3775000058 GUIControl GUIControl Object
3775000096 GUILabel GUILabel Object
3775000098 GUIResizePanel GUIResizePanel Object
3775000099 GUIPanel GUIPanel Object
3775000100 GUIMovePanel GUIMovePanel Object
3775000101 GUIScaleAndAlphaPanel GUIScaleAndAlphaPanel Object
3775000105 GUIScrollEndButton GUIScrollEndButton Object
3775000106 GUIScrollThumb GUIScrollThumb Object
3775000107 GUIScrollPagePanel GUIScrollPagePanel Object
3775000113 GUIScrollablePanel GUIScrollablePanel Object
3775000115 GUICheckBox GUICheckBox Object
3775000116 GUIRadioButton GUIRadioButton Object
3775000121 GUITextInputBox GUITextInputBox Object
3775000125 GUINumericField GUINumericField Object
3775000127 GUINumericUpDownButton GUINumericUpDownButton Object
3775000128 GUINumericUpDownDragZone GUINumericUpDownDragZone Object
3775000131 GUISlider GUISlider Object
3775000132 GUISliderEndButton GUISliderEndButton Object
3775000134 GUICollection GUICollection Object
3775000140 GUIMouseEvent GUIMouseEvent
3775000145 GUIKeyboardEvent GUIKeyboardEvent
3775000147 GUIKeyPressEvent GUIKeyPressEvent
3775000148 GUIValueChangeEvent GUIValueChangeEvent
3775000149 GUIFocusChangeEvent GUIFocusChangeEvent
3775000150 world_anchor class which defines the root point for all client nodes to associate to
3777000030 GUIwrapper Extra fields for GUIwraper objects
3777000042 GUIeditorPtrClass Class that is glommed onto the anchor node for the GUIeditor
3777000043 GUIpropertiesControlItemClass Extra fields for the GUIpropertiesControlItem
6342000028 CameraData Stores a camera's current LookAt() target and offset.
6342000034 MasterCameraData Holds data for the master camera system, which is deprecated.
6470000008 _TravelData
8712000013 GUILayoutEvent GUILayoutEvent
11628000058 GUIPopupDelay timer to delay the appearance of GUI controls like popup submenus and tooltips
14075000049 npc_class
15078000014 GUIAnimation The base class for GUI animations
15078000021 GUIA_Interpolate The interpolation GUI animation class
16480000008 GUIanimationInfo
16869001165 genericTimer
17622000059 _Target Defines a target for the fx system
18334000061 SoundTimer Tracks time on a sound
24923000035 IconPressedTracker class that tracks icon pressed time
30667000024 Cinematic Info about the cinematic being played
30667000061 Banner Info about display banners
32102000012 _DelayedFx Tracks an Fx that must fire off after a specified time
32397000072 Scripted inherit from this class to get the basic script fields
35023000027 GUIGraph GUIGraph Object
36302000220 DebugThrottle Contains fields required to throttle debug messages to the debugging system.
40667000030 GUIWizard Wizards for performing various tasks
42271000325 gmNoteDrawStringData Class containing the data required for managing gmnote drawstrings.
46319000011 GUILayerState Stores archived visibility state of a GUILayer
46319000013 _GUILayerStateArchive Information on a pushed layer state archive
46721000003 textureWithUV alpha mask for GUI controls
48817000205 MouseTracker Class that tracks info about mouse movement
51295000082 AnimationNoteListener Describes what is listening for an animation note
52230000024 _SoundFader Class used to fade in or out a sound node
52970000073 timeDelayedTextInput Generic timer for text input boxes
52970000092 CollectionProxyElement Indicates that a particular node is a proxy node in a collection representing a server node.
52970000193 MultiPathVisualizer
54314000072 CollectionInterfaceGUI Storage for a collection interface
54314000117 keybinding keybinding definition
54314000260 GUIProxy Class that may be added to a GUIelement to indicate it is a proxy for another node.
58075000029 heightmapnode heightmapnode
63957000057 GUITooltipEvent Tooltip events
63957000140 tooltipClass
63957000178 ScriptedAsString Used in remapping serverside script and subscript fields into strings on the client for manipulation by GUIs, collections automatically handle the remapping as need for Scripted serve nodes.
65617000088 GUIFlowLayout GUIFlowLayout Object
65617000192 IconContainerInterface
65959000003 TerritoryCoreData
65959000059 DragNDropTracker Tracks a control being dragged by pick up style
68019000035 GUINodeDestroyEvent
68019000046 NodePropertyEditor
68019000091 SpecOraclePropertyEditor
68019000167 prototypeData
69388000323 TransformVirtualStage
71958000091 CCSColorPalette CCS Color Palettes for CCS v2.0+
72512000074 GUIDocker
72512000094 _DelayedFxContainer contains nodes of delayed Fxs
73326000151 _racialMorphTool Morphs between similar races
74866000055 KeyBoardModifiers
77508000053 _RadioBoolean Handles a radioboolean control
78163000076 showFileDialogButton
86567000239 GUISyncedAnimation
89530002171 FxVisualizerSpecDecorator Handles fxVisualization based such as equip/hold items.
89530002173 FxVisualizable Handles visualizing an fx for an bucket visualizable item.
91905000097 Sound3D describes a 3d sound to be placed
92829000022 _BaseCharControl Required node for character control callbacks from C++
92829000023 _BaseClient Required node for client callbacks from C++
92829000024 _CharacterSystem Required node for charcter system callbacks from C++
93225000903 _MethodCallbacks dummy class to hold all of the override methods provided by required HeroEngine callbacks
93348640968 _ChatHandler Has methods for dealing with sending and receiving chat messages.
93375580015 LastValueTracker tracks last known value
93406983324 _BehaveUtils Base heroengine class for the BehaveUtils prototype.
93408070051 _AreaOrganizer Used by the C# area organizer to call the server and request area changes.
93443661724 _CommandHandler
93451630011 CameraController
93483385956 _InputHandler
93490351863 _MouseEvent
93531460009 Sound implements utils for playing sounds
93531460023 _GUIButton Buttons
93531460024 _GUICloseButton Window closing button
93531460025 _GUIBaseWindow Basic Window
93531460040 _GUILayer Clean Engine GUI Layer
93531460048 _GUIMasterLayer Default GUI Layer which stores archived states of all other GUILayers
93531460049 _GUIModalLayer Modal layers for modal dialogs
93531460050 _GUIModalDialog GUI Control which restricts access to controls beneath it
93531460053 _GUIPopupLayer Clean Engine Popup Layer
93531460058 _GUIClickShield Panel to prevent access to controls under modal layers
93531460113 _GUIPopupMenuItem Popup Menu Item
93531460114 _GUIPopupMenu Clean Engine Popup Menu
93531460115 _GUIPopupSubMenu Clean Engine Popup Submenu
93531460196 _guixml_excluded_fields
93531460201 _GUI Handles creation of new GUI controls, etc
93531460229 _ServerRequests Holds methods for requesting actions on the server from HeroBlade and the player client.
93545421054 _Debug DebugSystem
93545621273 _ContextMenuItem
93568780274 _FxSystem Utils for playing Fxs on the client
93588621880 _AiAgent Fundamental class that all objects requiring AI should inherit from/glom on.
93599380013 _GUITabScrollArrow Arrow for scrolling tabs
93599380015 _GUITab Clean Engine Tab
93599380017 _EnvironmentalEventHandler Base class for environmental event handling
93615110431 _AiMethodCallbacks dummy class to hold the method callbacks for the optional AI system
93615190058 _GUIDropDownItem Items in a dropdown box
93615190063 SmartNameValuePairInput for simple lookuplists
93615190066 _GUIDropDownList List of options for a dropdown box
93615190067 _GUIDropDownBox A dropdown box
93622590001 AnimationDebugger used to get animation debug data
93625440065 _GUIMethodCallbacks Dummy class to centralize all GUI method overrides
93631480188 _GUIAnnotation A flashing panel to attract attention
93631480403 FlareNode
93631480435 _GUISelectBox GUI Select Box
93631480436 _GUISelectBoxItem Items in a select box
93631480437 _GUIListBuilder A special arrangement of select boxes and buttons
93631480441 _FadeAlertBox Holds timer for alert boxes that fade away.
93631480487 _AlertButtonCall Stores a script and function to call when an alert dialog's button is clicked.
93645630361 _AlertGUIs Methods for opening alerts on the client.
93664910011 _GUISortableCollection Clean Engine Sortable Collection
93664910026 _GUISortableCollectionRow Clean Engine Row in a _GUISortableCollection
93664910027 _GUISortableCollectionCell Clean Engine Cells in a _GUISortableCollectionRow
93664910029 GUIeditorClass Extra fields for the GUIeditor
93664910030 _GUICollectionInterface Storage for a collection interface
93664910035 _GUISortableCollectionHeader Column header for a sortable collection
93664980272 _CharacterCreationSystem necessary data for the character creation system
93677750630 _npc Class of the $NPC system node.
93729620027 _iconMaker Tool for creating library icons
93729620093 _snapshotMaker Tool for lining up and taking in-game snapshots
93765480013 _GUITabbedParent Contains a group of tabs and their contents
93765480027 CameraCommandBuilder
93790100030 _GUITabContentPanel Holds content for one tab in a group
93790100039 _GUITabScrollArrows The arrows that horizontally scroll overflowing tabs
93790100101 _HotSpotMenu This is no longer used
93829170021 _demoCMGR Clean Engine Character Manager
93829170066 _GUISliderTracks Slider tracks for Clean Engine Sliders
93829170082 _texturePartSelector part selector for clean engine CMGR
93859100020 _facegenSlider Control for handling facegen settings on a character node
93859100150 _textureColorPalette Color Palettes for demoCMGR
93859100159 _sliderPanel Houses a GUISlider and slider tracks
93859100342 _demoCMGRCamera Clean Engine DemoCMGR camera
93912340020 _minimap No Frills Minimap
93928210007 _skinTonePalette Barycentric coordinate tool for skin tone blending
93934850021 StyleSetSpecData basic data about a styleset spec
94017860002 _showFileDialogButton
94035010011 _AiDebugger
94051390008 _AiDebugPropertyEditor
94051390044 _nodePropertyEditorMarshalTimer
94051390053 _GUITextureViewer Clean Engine GUI Texture Viewer
94051390074 _LoadingIcon Indicates that a control is loading data or something
94052891266 _MarshalTimerField for use with MarshalAppendFieldEx
94065760019 _GUISpecOracleGlomClassesDialog Gui class for the glom classes dialog of the spec oracle interface
94065760022 _GUISpecOracleAddSpec Add spec dialog for choosing the base class from which a new spec is create
94065760025 _GUISpecOracleChooser Choose for spec oracles used to invoke the spec oracle spec selector gui for an oracle
94113130529 _ConfirmDialog Class for generic confirmation dialogs.
94156210006 trTextureInformation
94156210008 TextureRegistry
94156210037 _GUINodeCollectionInterfaceWindow Window containing a single node collection interface
94156210054 _GUINodePropertyEditor A generic property editor panel class methodized and sanitized for clean engine programming style.
94181690002 _GUIEditStatesInterface Handles the editing of state objects created by the states system including area states.
94181690024 _GUIGroupBox A division for control organization
94181690152 _GUINodePropertyEditorRow A sortable collection row for the node property editor
94181690157 _GUINodePropertyEditorCell Cell for a node property editor sortable collection row
94181690185 _GUINodePropertyEditorSortableCollection Sortable collection for the node property editor
94220190002 _GUINodePropertyEditorCellTextInputBox A text input box for the node property editor
94220190009 _GUINodePropertyEditorCellNumericField A numeric field cell for the node property editor
94220190028 _GUINodePropertyEditorCellIDField Editor cell for the node property editor for a field that is an ID
94220190033 _GUINodePropertyEditorCellBooleanField Node property cell for editing a boolean field
94220190060 _GUINodePropertyEditorCellNumericInputBox Edit control for the node property editor handling numeric fields edited with an input box
94220190068 _GUINodePropertyEditorCellList Node property editor cell for list fields
94238580003 _GUINodePropertyEditorCellLookupList Node property editor control for editing lookuplists
94238580011 _GUINodePropertyEditorCellEnum Enum editor control for the node property editor
94238580041 _GUINodePropertyEditorCellClass Node Property Editor Cell for a field that is a class of simple field types
94265900024 _GUIScrollbar Clean engine scrollbar
94293410036 _GUINodePropertyEditorCellStateValue Node property editor cell for default and current state values translates keys into user friendly strings.
94293410051 _GUITextureViewerMarquee The marquee used in the GUI Texture Viewer
94293410118 _TextInputDialog Don't Use Me. Delete Me.
94293410166 _GUINewStateActionChooser DRopdown box for choosing the instantiation of a new state action for the states system.
94334620040 _TextPromptDialog Clean Engine GUI for accepting User input
94355830276 _GUIHelpButton Help Button Class
94355830277 _GUIMinimizeButton Clean engine Minimize Button
94447630070 _GUISortableCollectionCellCheckbox Collection Cell which contains a checkbox
94447630089 _GUISortableCollectionCellDropdownbox Dropdown box for Collection Model
94447630103 _GUISortableCollectionCellNumericInputBox Numeric Input Cell for Collection Models
94501240026 _morphSlidersGUI EZ interface for facial morphing
94672014746 _Cursor Class Used to create the $CURSOR Prototype
94705310082 BillboardNode billboard node
94769420060 _GUICCSNameSelection Clean engine name selection gui control class
94769507331 _cursorColor Class to hold all of the cursor colors
94781991223 _animatedCursorSpecDecorator Decorator for animated Cursors
94805440003 _GUISortableCollectionCellTextInputBox Text Input Boxes in a sortable Collection cell
94805440007 _GUISortableCollectionCellComboBox Sortable Collection cell with a combo box
94805440051 _GUICSSCharacterSelection CSS Character selection window for clean engine
94819540049 _CollapsableCategory Collabpsable Category of Listings
94819540052 _hotSpotGUI Main Control Class for the Hot Spot Interface
94819540063 _CollapsableCategoryItem Collapsable Category Item
94837060021 _HotSpotItem An Item listed in the HotSpot GUI (not standalone, GLOMmed onto the _CollapsableCategoryItem control)
94857980003 _collapsableContainer Container for all collapsable items
94872311415 _WritableInstanceProperties Set of fields that are reflected to the client and written to the DAT files
94877200225 _SpecializedWritableInstanceProperties specific instance classes derive from this class to mark the class which contains the fields to be reflected to clients and written to the DAT files
94891460341 _HotSpot System Node for the $HOTSPOT
95255260136 _GUIForm A form control for collation data input control values
95348550013 _colorPanel Contains controls to tint items in shops and CCS
4611686018428100015 deo Damon's command handlers
4611686018428250017 ELtestclass1 EL test class for script training Aug 21, 2006
4611686018428510002 DamionTestGUI My neato test class
4611686018428809994 BWDemoSpecDec decorator
4611686018429050002 guiSliderField fd
4611686018429790007 sysBaseCharControl BioWare's BaseCharControl
4611686018429790014 deoFootstep footstep tracking test
4611686018429790039 sndAmbienceManager test manager for ambient area sounds
4611686018429790065 guiChatWindow chat
4611686018429790079 sysHud the hud singleton
4611686018431880001 guiCharacterCreation glom class for the character creation dialog
4611686018432340006 sysTravel travel system node class
4611686018433010010 sysCharacterSelection methods in this class manage the character selection process. This class is glommed on to the root node of the character creation area.
4611686018433070011 chrAttributeComponent component applied to all entities that have character attributes (like Strength)
4611686018433070017 chrPlayerCharacter primary class for all player characters
4611686018433210001 guiCharacterSelection glom class for the character selection dialog
4611686018433810005 guiJwwMagicGfx scaleform
4611686018434080005 chrSelectedTarget all selected targets
4611686018434170015 sysInputHandler system input handler
4611686018434390016 utlDatatable represents two-dimensional tabular data
4611686018434420010 grpGroupManager the manager for player grouping
4611686018434420015 grpMemberComponent component applied to all entities that can be group members
4611686018434460010 grpNode node that represents a player group's state
4611686018434550008 SF_GFx_GUIControl the scaleform gfx control
4611686018434550117 FubarClass fubar class
4611686018434550136 guiHudElement base data for hud elements
4611686018434550171 guiActionTimer hud action timer
4611686018434630022 grpMemberInfo record containing info on a player group member
4611686018435240011 aiCharacterAgentComponent base class for all AI agent component classes
4611686018435310013 chrNonPlayerCharacter entity class for all non-player characters
4611686018435310021 chrCompanionComponent component to indicate that an npc is the companion of a player character
4611686018435310023 chrCompanionMasterComponent Component present on entities that can have companion characters. This is probably only player characters.
4611686018437240008 guiHud the wrangler for the whole hud
4611686018437240014 guiApi the base class for the guiApi
4611686018437240015 guiApiGfx the ScaleForm GFx gui api
4611686018437240017 guiApiFactory the factory for gui api.. exists as prototype GUI_API
4611686018437327427 chrOracle character oracle (the $CHARACTER system node)
4611686018437750512 chrLevelComponent character level and xp
4611686018443030016 sysCommandHandler the command handler
4611686018443030042 sysChatEntry chat entry with timestamp
4611686018443030050 sysChatListener something that listens to a set of chat channels
4611686018443030082 guiApiGfxCmds the cmds implementation
4611686018443030083 guiApiGfxVars the vars implementation
4611686018444231397 conContainableComponent component for entities that can be placed in a conContainer
4611686018444653554 sysChatHandler the chat handler
4611686018445820180 utlEntityComponent common base class for all component-based entities
4611686018445822333 utlEnterExitArea helper class for enter/exit area hooks
4611686018445921010 conOracle factory class for container nodes
4611686018445921550 itmItem entity class for item nodes
4611686018445921826 itmOracle factory for Item entities
4611686018445922176 conInventoryComponent component for entities that have an inventory of items
4611686018445965597 utlDatatableOracle $DATATABLE system node
4611686018446150024 guiFlyText wtf
4611686018446250607 guiFlyTextManager manager
4611686018446380378 conContainerData data describing a class of container (the slot structure)
4611686018446530049 conEquipmentComponent component class for entities that can "equip" items
4611686018446732371 itmUniqueComponent only limited number of each unique item can exist on character
4611686018447080238 itmBindingComponent items that bind to their owner
4611686018447080257 itmValueComponent the monetary (and other?) value of the item
4611686018447080258 itmDurableComponent items with durability
4611686018447080259 itmEquipableComponent items that can be equipped
4611686018447080288 itmDatatable front end to item datatable
4611686018454770016 guiNameplates nameplates system node
4611686018455170113 aiCharacterAgentOverrideComponent component class for ai agents who have data/behavior overriden from their spec
4611686018456770059 spnSpawnedComponent component for entities that were created by a spawner
4611686018457350081 guiPaperDoll the paper doll
4611686018458090036 spnOracle spawner oracle node ($SPAWNER)
4611686018458150258 spnAnchor glom class to instance that visually represents a spawner.
4611686018467350022 cbtEvent Record of calculated values in a combat attack, and anything else required to characterize the action to the client
4611686018467890482 effContainerComponent component for entities to which Effects can be applied
4611686018467890485 effOracle the EFFECT system node
4611686018468319621 cbtAttackerComponent component containing data relevant to the attacker in combat resolution
4611686018468319686 cbtDefenderComponent component containing data relevant to the defender in combat resolution
4611686018468351610 cbtOracle class for the $COMBAT system node
4611686018468630240 effEffect entity class for effect nodes
4611686018468741679 modRecord single modifier record
4611686018468741901 modStatModComponent component whihc supports applying mods to base stat values
4611686018468910518 utlOracle abstract base class for Oracle system nodes
4611686018469590226 ablAbility ability class for player/npc abilities
4611686018469620091 ablOracle the ABILITY system node
4611686018469620095 ablDatatable front end to abilities datatable
4611686018469730048 cbtWeaponComponent component for entities that act as weapons
4611686018469730049 cbtArmorComponent component for entities that act as armor
4611686018469790168 effTimerComponent contains timer for effect
4611686018474340853 itmAppearanceDatatable front end to item appearance datatable
4611686018479690015 guiGfxCharacterSelection f
4611686018482067557 utlSpatialComponent provides an interface to query spatial properties
4611686018483436428 staCharacterComponent character state handling
4611686018483970115 ctlOracle the CONTROLS oracle
4611686018483970128 sysCCS creation
4611686018483970129 guiGfxCCS char creation gui
4611686018483970154 musOracle game music control class
4611686018483970186 jwwCombat test
4611686018552360006 trvData travel data
4611686018552360009 sysServerRequests override class for the SERVERREQUESTS system node
4611686018763930068 guiLoading loading
4611686018934090108 CMPartSelector part selector for the Character Manager
4611686018934090188 cbtParryLock lock manager
4611686018934090189 cbtParryLockManager the manager
4611686018934090282 guiMaterialSwitcher panel
4611686018934090376 cbtChor the new choreographer
4611686018996582751 staWeaponComponent state of character's weapons
4611686019013950025 cbtChorAnimator handles generation of animations
4611686019013950157 utlSyncBoolean a client-server boolean
4611686019013950162 utlSyncString client-server string
4611686019013950185 utlSyncFloat float
4611686019013950206 utlSyncNoderef noderef
4611686019023338929 itmWearableComponent component for wearable items
4611686019030884741 cnvOracle class for the $CONVERSATION system node
4611686019033156322 utlDelayedCall utility class for implementing delayed function/method calls
4611686019044571413 cnvBaseNode base class for all conversation nodes
4611686019044571627 cnvRootNode root node of a conversation tree
4611686019044720539 cnvParticipantComponent component for entities that can participate in conversations, as players
4611686019044750106 strOracle class for the STRING oracle
4611686019044750108 strTable a table of locaized strings
4611686019044750139 cnvPlayerDriverComponent drives the player around
4611686019044750316 cbtChorAnimNoteHandler handles animation note callbacks
4611686019044820658 cnvDialogNode node in the conversation tree representing a line of dialog
4611686019044820974 cnvLinkNode conversation node representing a link to another node in the tree
4611686019047840437 cnvOwnerComponent
4611686019052400024 terrainnode terrain node
4611686019052426993 ablEffectsComponent ability effects functionality
4611686019056952207 cnvLogicNode conversation node representing a conditional branch with no associated text
4611686019112067715 plcTemplate clas to represent placeable template data
4611686019112068713 utlTemplate base class for template classes
4611686019114963765 npcTemplate class for storage of NPC template data
4611686019119300138 spnDispenserTemplate class to represent spawner template data
4611686019146630085 qstVariableDefinition the base class for one of the six types of variables supported by the quest system
4611686019146630090 qstSimpleIntVariableDefinition variable that represents an integer value
4611686019146630094 qstConstVariableDefinition definition of a 'const' integer variable
4611686019146630098 qstQuestDefinition de-serialized representation of a quest definition
4611686019146630139 qstOracle class for the $QUEST system node
4611686019146800145 qstComponent player component to manage participation in the quest subsystem
4611686019148686710 qstItemVariableDefinition a quest variable that tracks the number of a given item in the player's inventory, and returns 'true' when a max count is reached.
4611686019149980637 qstUtilityVariableDefinition a variable whose value is determined through custom HSL
4611686019149981114 qstLinkVariableDefinition a variable that derives its value from another variable.
4611686019149981799 qstComplexVariableDefinition a variable that calculates its value from a boolean expression
4611686019152400554 qstSimpleBoolVariableDefinition a variable that represents a boolean value
4611686019157990496 qstBranchDefinition instantiations of the various branches of the quest
4611686019157990497 qstStepDefinition step to advance a quest.
4611686019157990498 qstTaskDefinition tasks in a step
4611686019157990648 qstPrerequisitesDefinition class to manage the prerequisites for a quest
4611686019157992539 qstCounterVariableDefinition counts from zero to max
4611686019175340468 effTargetComponent entities that can be affected by an Effect
4611686019176460964 effAppearanceDatatable Utility class for effects apperance
4611686019191269723 qstStringIdVariableDefinition variable definition that carries a string id
4611686019193751271 effInitializerComponent handles effect schedule parsing and execution of initializer functions
4611686019193751272 effScheduleEntry represents one row of the effects schedule
4611686019209900121 spnSpawner base class for spawner classes.
4611686019215470003 guiDeathScreenComponent Manages the death screen for a player character
4611686019215770530 effConditionComponent handles conditions that control whether effect should be applied
4611686019215770534 effParserComponent handles parsing effects schedule
4611686019220580007 guiDeathScreenAbility list of possible abilities to display on the death screen
4611686019222040607 effActionComponent handles effect actions
4611686019222040668 effExecuteComponent handles executing the effect
4611686019236497558 spnMedCenterComponent medical center specific functionality
4611686019238860002 jamClientTest matzen test class
4611686019240070384 itmUsableComponent items that have effect when used
4611686019241776063 qstState used by the qstComponent to keep track of the state of a quest
4611686019251960002 guiDebugInspect data for the debug inspect window
4611686019251960053 qaMoveDriver move test control driver
4611686019252632532 itmRestrictedComponent items with restrictions on use
4611686019310026634 sndEventDatatable Datatable for sound event descriptions.
4611686019395700001 spnSpawnerAnchor glommed onto the instance node that visually represents a spawner
4611686019401391130 spnPlaceable a designer placed world item
4611686019406021189 sysFxSystem BWA fx system extensions
4611686019412350019 guiFlyTextNode Each node that needs to display flytext will have an attached flytextnode to contain the strings
4611686019431920010 guiFlyTextData Data structure that contains the information necessary for a piece of flytext
4611686019451660004 mathInterpolator Math interpolation routines
4611686019451660018 mathInterpolatorVector3 Interpolate Vector3 value
4611686019453790042 sl Stefan's test class.
4611686019453826010 ablTemplate Template for creation of ability prototypes
4611686019459100018 testGuiWatchOrder A test class to determine execution behavior in scaleform
4611686019459100091 utlProfile profiling
4611686019459100108 cbtPreloader preloader
4611686019559810017 guiApiGfxUpdate code that pushes updates to flash vars
4611686019559810018 guiApiGfxUpdateChr character ui var updates
4611686019559810019 guiApiGfxUpdateCon container system ui var updates
4611686019559810020 guiApiGfxUpdateCnv conversation system ui var updates
4611686019559810021 guiApiGfxUpdateGrp group system ui var updates
4611686019559810022 guiApiGfxUpdateQst quest system ui var updates
4611686019559810023 guiApiGfxUpdateAbl abilities system ui var updates
4611686019564250024 utlTemplateOracle
4611686019618390025 guiApiGfxUpdateWorldMap
4611686019618390055 guiApiGfxUpdatePrefPanel
4611686019631751166 brkOwnerComponent Encapsulates ability to receive bark events and play barks.
4611686019706195778 ablCustomComponent abilities with custom behavior
4611686019729550001 sndFootstepOwnerComponent Component represents ability to play footsteps.
4611686019761970021 deo2 another test class
4611686019764950006 jgh ...
4611686019764950007 jghTest ...
4611686019802850029 chrSpatialTrigger a trigger around a character
4611686019907803020 chrClassComponent character class component
4611686019993680001 qaMoveTest move test
4611686020010482530 qstUtilityIntVariableDefinition Int variable that which has values provided by custom HSL scripts.
4611686020015894512 plcOracle class for the $PLACEABLE system node
4611686020039490760 chrExplorationComponent Component to track what has been explored.
4611686020073980008 mapOracle
4611686020073980060 effAppearance effect appearance
4611686020074012677 effEvent Communicates that an effect subeffect was executed
4611686020074012798 effEventTargetDetails what happened to an effEvent target
4611686020074012799 effEventActionDetails what an effect action resulted in
4611686020211170560 effEventOracle oracle
4611686020668180013 effAppearanceConditionComponent condition logic for an effect appearance
4611686020668180014 effAppearanceTriggerComponent trigger logic for an effect appearance
4611686020668180015 effAppearanceActionComponent action logic for an effect appearance
4611686020668180063 effAppearanceSubSchedule sub appearance schedule details
4611686020803420720 mpnMapNoteOracle Handles system level tasks for map notes.
4611686020819070013 mapContainer
4611686020947656569 qstMapNoteVariableDefinition A map note var.
4611686021108314370 cbtRewardComponent Reward tracking component - delegates much of its functionality to cbtRewardData
4611686021169765940 conLootHopperComponent Component for entities that give loot.
4611686021188710001 tstCombat combat animation tester
4611686021188710002 tstCombatItem a single action
4611686021188710005 tstCombatAnim an anim
4611686022034990028 staStunAnim a registered stun animation
4611686022204890004 appOracle client appearance (npc and item) system node
4611686022221010000 appItemAppearance Item Appearance data for a single spec
4611686022221010070 utlMesh utl mesh proto
4611686022221010073 utlMeshData data about a mesh
4611686022221010146 utlMeshEdge an edge
4611686022221010147 utlMeshTri a tri
4611686022221010157 utlMeshGenerator generator
4611686022411690014 utlMeshCover a prototype cover point
4611686022411690036 utlMeshCoverGenerator generator for cover
4611686022465650003 chrBehavior the behavior component
4611686022465650059 chrBehaviorState last known state
4611686022465650094 chrAssetRequestManager manages prop bucket asset callbacks
4611686022543170028 chrBehave behave oracle
4611686022576750013 qstHolocomCallState State of a single holocom call
4611686022624791177 npcHolocomComponent component to track state of a npc called via holocom
4611686022713150009 kynEntityComponent
4611686022825710031 FxEventNode LW version of FxEvent (root node for all FX)
4611686022916990006 FxTaskNode LW version of FxTask
4611686022916990008 FxResourceNode LW version of FxResource
4611686022916990009 Fx3DControllerNode LW version of Fx3DController
4611686022916990010 FxEmitterNode LW version of FxEmitter
4611686022916990031 chrBehaviorNonLocal handling controller for nonlocal characters
4611686022932430805 dbgPrimitive
4611686022932431071 dbgDrawContext
4611686022932431143 dbgDrawOracle
4611686023023154852 itmConversationComponent data for an item that can start a conversation
4611686023046591016 plcConversationItemComponent Placeable representing a conversable item
4611686023225426206 chrLooterComponent character capable of looting from a loot hopper
4611686023300350030 chrBehaveAnimCache anim network cache (control parameters and inputs)
4611686023460934385 chrCharacter base character type
4611686023510210010 chrBehaviorServerDriver server driver
4611686023510210011 chrBehaviorWaypoint wp
4611686023628010029 cbtVisComponent Hack: Client side component to push out visibility information to the server.
4611686023950190010 chrBehaviorRecorder recorder
4611686024113010053 utlStringWrapper a string wrapper
4611686024113010073 tstRunner the runner of unit tests
4611686024113010103 tstRunnerUnit a unit being run in the test runner
4611686024113010137 phyAppleManager manager of apples
4611686024113010149 phyAppleWrapper wrapper for apples
4611686024399830019 stgTemplate Template for stage assets.
4611686024399830022 stgOracle Oracle for stage system.
4611686024438910000 stgLiveStage runtime information about the stage currently in-use on the client
4611686024438910008 stgBaseMark a generic mark on a stage
4611686024438910009 stgActorMark an actor's place on a stage
4611686024438910012 stgCameraMark a camera's place relative to a stage
4611686024438910014 stgLightMark information about how a light is placed on a stage
4611686024438910015 stgStage an instance of a stage
4611686024557010002 sndBankOracle oracle for the management of sound banks
4611686024579070006 gpvViewable Represent the ability to link with the GamePropertyView system.
4611686024673915302 cvrPointInstance cover point
4611686024673915733 cvrPointInstanceWritableInstanceProperties cover point properties
4611686024974510006 stgActor Actor on a conversation stage representing a real character
4611686025029775447 phsOracle instance management oracle.
4611686025128290043 stgPreviewController Singleton to handle previewing stages during editing.
4611686025228662304 qstInstanceVariableDefinition An instance var, for granting access to an instance.
4611686025245195268 cvrOracle the cover oracle
4611686025295935111 tstOracle the test oracle
4611686025470270007 stgMarkPreview Class to hold data related to previewing stage marks.
4611686025470270049 qaTestManager qa testscript hub
4611686025470270089 qaFPSTest frames per second metrics test
4611686025506970099 qaVMTest virtual memory metrics test
4611686025506970184 utlIndexedListOfString an indexed list of string
4611686025506970185 utlCmdRunner a runner of cmds
4611686025546397780 tstFixture the test fixture
4611686025669311862 HBNode graphic Node representation
4611686025717630004 utlMeshTriIndexes holder for tri indexes
4611686025771210009 cvrBuilder the thing that builds cover
4611686025771210058 utlBounds transformed bounding box
4611686025771210066 utlBox a box
4611686025877970027 stgCameraTemplate Camera template
4611686025877970028 stgCameraAuto Generated camera which inherits properties from a template.
4611686025877970029 stgMarkInterface All stage marks must inherit this interface.
4611686025915590057 stgCameraInterface Every camera mark must implement this interface
4611686025952330041 appNpcAppearance NPC appearance data
4611686025952330054 cvrVisualizer handles displaying available cover points
4611686025952330067 cvrBuilderBounds a single bounds
4611686025952330079 cvrVisualizerInUseAsset details of an in use asset
4611686025952330161 utlBoundsCollection a collection of bounds that can be queried for intersections
4611686025959781161 cvrBuilderPoint small representation
4611686025959781170 utlTransform transform
4611686025961044684 qstLeaf defines the elements common to both quest steps and quest tasks
4611686026161350007 preOracle Preview system node
4611686026175330002 cbtOracleCoverVisBuild class to glom on to the cbtOracle to do the cover build
4611686026255090011 cvrSettings builder parameters
4611686026255090027 cvrBuilderInstance an instance to build around
4611686026410550003 chrBehaviorCover cover
4611686026525870001 cvrDebugger the debugger
4611686026539818818 hydScriptMap base prototype classe for hydraScripts made in the Hydra Script Editor
4611686026539819686 hydScript the hydra scrit assigned to a specific hook
4611686026564830020 cvrDebuggerBuilder builder
4611686026567366542 hydScriptBlock set of actionblocks that run if the condition is satisfied
4611686026567369308 hydActionBlock list of actions to execute when an actionblock is called
4611686026567369496 hydConditionBlock conditions association with a Scriptblock
4611686026567772027 hydOAV object, action, value triplet
4611686026710280630 hydScriptComponent class for entities that can have hydra scripts run on them
4611686026914850759 mpnMapNoteInfo Lightweight node that mirrors map note data shard wide from the server.
4611686027152384535 hydToolboxObject objects used in this hydra script
4611686027202943027 repTestXY
4611686027202943058 repGlomReplicationTest
4611686027202943221 repTestClass
4611686027462983798 tstCowFields
4611686027467660321 tstCowSubclass
4611686027621091409 tstReplication
4611686027752370007 guiPreviewWindow Preview window data
4611686028139070003 jww jww debugging
4611686028292780568 vehOracle Oracle class for $VEHICLE system node
4611686028309870752 spnVehicle vehicle core object
4611686028369290994 dougTest001 test
4611686028369291774 dougTest002 test
4611686028369296018 Fx2
4611686028410001183 phsEntity Encapsulates ability to be phased.
4611686028439990439 chrCustomizationDatatable Class for character customization datatable methods
4611686028440039955 FxPlaceableInstance Instance that when placed in the world, spawns an Fx
4611686028440041722 _FxPlaceableWritableInstanceProperties Specialized WritableInstanceProperties class which holds Fx fields that are reflected to the client and written to DAT files.
4611686028455071780 qa2209
4611686028457775577 phsPhaseInfo Represent a single phase within a phased instance.
4611686028457775607 phsPhasedInstance An instance that supports phasing.
4611686028484870005 FxPlaceableNode
4611686028524370005 qa2309
4611686028524370013 qaJason
4611686028524370014 qaJason2
4611686028572833796 phyBallisticParabola parabola
4611686028583292406 phyBallisticWaypointQueue ballistic
4611686028583292851 phyBallisticWaypoint ballistic
4611686028656170020 jrb jrb singleton
4611686028656170042 guiApiGfxUpdateVeh vehicle gui api
4611686028671875072 pthOracle Oracle class for $PATH system node
4611686028733875075 phyBallisticSimulator simulator
4611686028739383686 chrBallisticSimulator sim
4611686028781679182 tst_phyBallisticSimulator unit test
4611686028926770005 staVehicleComponent state data for a vehicle
4611686028926770018 itmContainer extends conSlotted for some item specific functionality
4611686029003970033 plcComponent
4611686029003970034 plcPlaceable
4611686029010975068 hydTrigger Trigger for playing hydra scripts
4611686029082870011 phyOracle physics oracle
4611686029082870018 phyRequestEntry a requested generate
4611686029152870019 vehAttributeComponent attribute component for vehicles
4611686029152870020 baseAttributeComponent shared parente attribute component
4611686029248179278 tstReplicationServerOnly
4611686029292670010 effEffectSharedVarComponent
4611686029370470005 plcProp
4611686029370470042 RoomBoundInstance
4611686029370470043 _RoomBoundWritableInstanceProperties
4611686029370470046 RoomBoundNode
4611686029813270015 davetest
4611686029845070011 appGarmentHue Data for a single garment hue
4611686029857367645 phsGateway Gateway trigger for instances.
4611686029944370005 itmStackableComponent
4611686029995170000 jfSharedClass
4611686030018770007 jshTest A test class
4611686030018770013 conSlotted slotted container implementation
4611686030028285359 aiHydraCommandState
4611686030163270030 hydTriggerBlock trigger options specific to a script from hydra editor
4611686030311570002 tstSlottedReplication for unit testing conSlotted
4611686030325460478 pthPathTemplate base prototype class for Path Templates
4611686030368870000 hydObjectComponent component glommed to nodes that need to queue actions while waiting for another action to complete
4611686030368870004 itmItemClient Client only fields for this item. Currently shared so we have a way to populate them. TODO fix this.
4611686030434370053 bwaConstNode System node with constant comparison methods.
4611686030472070009 invContainer class for conInventoryComponents containers
4611686030512270000 itmSharedContainer an item container where the items can have multiple owners assited to them
4611686030698670030 jasonfclient
4611686030770587359 chrPetComponent characters that can be pets
4611686030770587498 chrPetMasterComponent characters that can be masters of pets
4611686030840770002 chrBehaviorStateMan State manager for characters.
4611686030840770024 chrBehaviorStateMachine A behavior state machine. Encapsulates all states that are distinct from one another.
4611686030840770028 chrBehaviorStateMachine_State State information for a state in a particular state machine.
4611686030905970024 chrLoco_TargetInfo Storage class for target information.
4611686030905970038 sndAudioRegion
4611686030912070002 cnvAmbientOracle singleton ambient conversation oracle
4611686030981070013 chrBehaviorLookAtMan_TargetInfo A LookAtMan target.
4611686031022270012 phyBallisticTester
4611686031022270035 ablPackageTemplate
4611686031022270049 ablAbilityData
4611686031032576518 jma
4611686031142870042 spnVehicleMovementInTunnel Movement class for space vehicles on a path
4611686031142870063 spnVehicleMovementTurret Movement model for turret vehicles
4611686031142870107 effSubEffectEppDetails details about a sub-effect's appearance
4611686031190870001 ablContainer replicated abilities container
4611686031293970002 utlVfxComponent component for managing VFX icons
4611686031293970014 effContainer replicated effects container
4611686031359470033 phsParticipant This object can own and join instances.
4611686031359470041 stgAssetRequest A request to create an asset for an actor
4611686031461370006 stgWeaponComponent
4611686031461370019 repEvent Generic event to use with SendReplicationEvent/OnReplicationEvent
4611686031657870009 appModelData Data for a single appearance model
4611686031658276470 cnvStartInvisibleClass
4611686031694070000 appModelIndexTemplate Template for loading asset xml index files
4611686031694070053 appAppearanceSlot Single slot data for an appearance
4611686031927970011 utlPreloadSet Contains resources that need to be preloaded on the client.
4611686031927970012 utlPreloadDesc
4611686032061470004 ProjectorInstance
4611686032061470005 _ProjectorWritableInstanceProperties
4611686032061470015 ProjectorNode
4611686032472970034 eqpContainer Container for the Equipped Items
4611686032762770012 appPalette Data for a hue palette
4611686032762770020 appSkinColor Palette data for a skin color
4611686033020570003 utlSpatialInterface All objects with position or rotation should implement this interface.
4611686033280570004 vndOracle VENDOR oracle
4611686033352170000 vndVendorComponent component for NPCs that have vendor capabilities
4611686033408270011 vndItem player-specific vendor item information
4611686033507470001 vehInstance
4611686033507470038 vndPackageTemplate
4611686033665070002 tstEventSelf class for testing the event system
4611686033665070006 hydCompiledOAV OAV with the ID from the toolbox
4611686033846370009 tstReadOnlyFields class for testing template node implementation
4611686033846670002 appPlayerCustomizationSet Set of customization choices for player creation
4611686033861670002 guiApiGfxUpdateVnd vendor system ui var updates
4611686033869670001 hydTriggerEntity Entity version of hydScriptComponent for per-phase hydra actions
4611686033882170019 tstEventOther
4611686033923370000 tstEventSelfBase base class used in tst_event
4611686033923370001 tstEventOtherBase base class used in tst_events
4611686033923370002 tstEventSelfGlom glommed class used in tst_events
4611686033923370003 tstEventOtherGlom glom class used in tst_events
4611686033945070004 aiNpcRangedCombatState ai state for npcs in ranged combat
4611686033945070005 aiNpcMeleeCombatState ai state for npcs in melee combat
4611686034008370011 aiBaseAgentComponent
4611686034088170000 zze
4611686034150070017 someTestClass
4611686034150070018 someTestClass2
4611686034150070019 someTestClass3 yay
4611686034150070020 someTestClass4
4611686034156670004 someTestClass5 dsfsdf
4611686034206270001 vndBuybackContainer
4611686034206270024 cbtFactionComponent
4611686034343870057 pcc
4611686034423670000 hrcTestClass First test class made by HRC
4611686034423670005 hrcTest Test class by HRC
4611686034424570002 spnVehicleMovementOnPath
4611686034424570013 jasonfTestClientClass
4611686034424570019 taxOracle Taxi oracle
4611686034424570020 taxTerminal
4611686034424570021 taxRoute
4611686034513270005 PortalInstance
4611686034513270006 _PortalWritableInstanceProperties
4611686034569970001 hydOracle class for the $HYDRA system node
4611686034583370005 PortalNode
4611686034592370034 simOracle System node that starts/stops/manages simulations.
4611686034604770066 chrMotion
4611686034604770080 chrCharacterInterface
4611686034604770113 chrAnim
4611686034651570000 ablTrainerComponent component for entities that offer an interface for players to train abilities
4611686034651570008 ablTrainerOracle Ability Trainer Oracle
4611686034685270083 phsCheckpointComponent Container for all persisted information related to phased instances.
4611686034851770013 cms CMS testing
4611686034851770017 spnSplineTest Spline Testing Class
4611686034851870001 svyTemplate Template for Survey assets
4611686034851870002 svyQuestion Template for Survey Question assets
4611686034963470065 arl2 Test
4611686034963470084 guiApiGfxUpdateTrainer Trainer system ui var updates
4611686034963470126 mok_chrCharacter
4611686034963470172 ablTrainableData Data for a trainable ability
4611686034963670002 svyOracle Oracle for Suveys.
4611686034963670004 spnEncounterController Logic for encounters exists here
4611686034963670008 spnEncounterOracle Oracle for encounters
4611686035046870000 chrCompanionOracle COMPANION oracle
4611686035046870009 guiApiGfxTaxi
4611686035046870024 taxTerminalComponent
4611686035127270000 chrBehaviorJumpMan Manages character jumping, falling, and slipping
4611686035127270030 utlVfxDetail
4611686035170370051 chrPcMoveTest
4611686035197170031 guiTrainerId trainable ability id as handled by icon buttons
4611686035197170094 chrBehaviorDelegate
4611686035197170100 chrBehaviorLocalPlayer
4611686035197170104 chrBehaviorRemotePlayer
4611686035197170114 chrBehaviorRemoteAi
4611686035199970001 stgCameraRedirect specifies conditions under which to redirect one stage camera to another
4611686035201970000 jtjSharedClass
4611686035201970001 jtjClientClass
4611686035201970002 jtjSharedClassParent
4611686035201970003 jtjClientClassParent
4611686035242270000 cpbSharedClass
4611686035242270002 cpbClientClass
4611686035242270003 cpbSharedClassParent
4611686035242270004 cpbClientClassParent
4611686035289070002 chrBehaviorPlayer
4611686035320570051 tstTrainerOracle test component for trainer oracle
4611686035329870000 ikhSharedClass
4611686035329870001 ikhClientClass
4611686035329870002 ikhSharedClassParent
4611686035329870003 ikhClientClassParent
4611686035382070005 chrBehaviorGhost
4611686035382070097 utlSkyNet
4611686035399470000 rvpSharedClass
4611686035399470001 rvpClientClass
4611686035399470002 rvpSharedClassParent
4611686035399470003 rvpClientClassParent
4611686035468870006 appHairColor Palette data for one hair color
4611686035566870007 chrAnimActions
4611686035768670000 svyEvent
4611686035926970005 jfSharedClassParent
4611686035926970006 jfClientClassParent
4611686035927570010 maaDestroySelfTest
4611686035933570000 maaTryingToBreakStuff
4611686035951570010 spnEncounterControllerOwnedParent Owned Encounter Controller Parent
4611686035951570011 spnEncounterControllerOwnedChild Owned Encounter Controller Child
4611686036226470063 chrPPDComponent holds persistent per player data for the player character
4611686036226470064 stgStageTransient Dynamic stage
4611686036278770004 qatestnewgfh for test
4611686036367970022 stgStageBase Base class for granny and transient stages
4611686036431470001 tstReadOnlyFieldsChild Child class of temmplate node, used for testing CreateNodeFromTemplateAsClass
4611686036489970001 RegionNode
4611686036501870012 tmrContainer Container for timers.
4611686036529370001 qckContainer Quickslot container.
4611686036529370003 qckLink A quickslot element that links to abilities, items, etc
4611686036529370007 qckContainerComponent Component for nodes that have a quickslot container.
4611686036552770002 plcGomTest testing the gom editor
4611686036620170002 conSlottedShared Container that can be accessed by multiple players.
4611686036620170004 conLootContainer
4611686036620170082 vehSounds
4611686036620170092 spnSpawnedAppearance
4611686036819870029 qstPendingRewards Stores reward data that needs to be accepted by the player
4611686036848170482 aiHydraOwnerComponent Contains all of the Hydra Owner logic used by agents.
4611686036864670092 Zell dgdfhdfh
4611686036864670105 mpnMapNoteConnectionData Data for creating a quick to travel netowrk of map-link map notes.
4611686037013770005 cnvPreset holds an npc spec and posture for a convo line
4611686037160270006 stgActorLookat
4611686037216170001 mpnTaxiNoteConnectionData Used for creating a connections list for taxi terminal map notes.
4611686037637770000 trSharedClass
4611686037637770001 trClientClass
4611686037637770003 trServerClassParent
4611686037637770004 trClientClassParent
4611686037646170003 tr1SharedClass
4611686037646170004 tr1ClientClass
4611686037646170005 tr1SharedClassParent
4611686037646170006 tr1ClientClassParent
4611686037686270000 ssAlexSharedClass
4611686037686270001 ssAlexClientClass
4611686037686270002 ssAlexSharedClassParent
4611686037686270003 ssAlexClientClassParent
4611686037731170002 utlEntityBase Anything that needs to act as an entity for proximity replication should use this
4611686038108070000 dynPlaceable Contains logic for dynamic placeables
4611686038108070001 dynVisualState Visual state associated with a state of a dynPlaceable. Also used by dynVisual for reusability. Refer TDD
4611686038108070004 dynVisual Visual associated with a dynamic placeable, derives from dynVisualState for reusability of fields
4611686038108070014 modStatDesc
4611686038108070015 modStatData
4611686038108070018 modStatComponent Tracks moddable stats.
4611686038108070021 modStatModifer A single modification to a stat.
4611686038108070100 dynPropBucketCB Temporary node created to fillup the lookup list dynPropToVisual
4611686038132070411 aiNpcBaseCombatState
4611686038326670000 nbSharedClass
4611686038326670002 nbClientClass
4611686038440070003 ssAlexmSharedClass
4611686038468470000 ssalexkSharedClass
4611686038468470001 ssalexkClientClass
4611686038468470002 ssalexkSharedClassParent
4611686038468470003 ssalexkClientClassParent
4611686038531070003 ssalexk1SharedClass
4611686038531070004 ssalexk1ClientClass
4611686038531070005 ssalexk1SharedClassParent
4611686038531070006 ssalexk1ClientClassParent
4611686038571370000 effStackLimitComponent
4611686038625170009 wsSharedClass
4611686038625170010 wsClientClass
4611686038625170011 wsSharedClassParent
4611686038625170012 wsClientClassParent
4611686038625170027 bbSharedClass
4611686038625170028 bbClientClass
4611686038625170029 bbSharedClassParent
4611686038625170030 bbClientClassParent
4611686038774670003 effHydScriptComponent A hydScriptComponent that acts as the bridge for dojo to trigger hydra scripts
4611686038774670011 ssnSharedClass
4611686038774670012 ssnClientClass
4611686038774670013 ssnSharedClassParent
4611686038774670014 ssnClientClassParent
4611686038836870000 strTranslate class for handling translation
4611686038874870003 chrWhoDetails
4611686038906770029 chrLocoInertial
4611686038919070015 ssalex1kSharedClass
4611686038919070016 ssbuffonSharedClass
4611686038919070017 ssbuffonClientClass
4611686038919070018 ssbuffonSharedClassParent
4611686038919070019 ssbuffonClientClassParent
4611686038919070061 templateTest
4611686038919070063 templateTestComplex
4611686038996170002 qassSharedClass
4611686038996170003 qassClientClass
4611686038996170004 qassSharedClassParent
4611686038996170005 qassClientClassParent
4611686039012170000 dmSharedClass
4611686039012170001 dmClientClass
4611686039012170002 dmSharedClassParent
4611686039012170003 dmClientClassParent
4611686039056570000 rkSharedClass
4611686039056570005 ssTester1SharedClass
4611686039056570006 ssTester1ClientClass
4611686039056570008 vvAlexvSharedClass
4611686039056570010 vvAlexvClientClass
4611686039056570011 vvAlexvSharedClassParent
4611686039056570012 vvAlexvClientClassParent
4611686039056570018 rkClientClass
4611686039056570027 kpClientClass
4611686039056570029 kpSharedClassParent
4611686039056570030 kpClientClassParent
4611686039056570035 rkSharedClassParent
4611686039056570036 rkClientClassParent
4611686039056570040 ggSharedClass
4611686039056570042 ggClientClass
4611686039056570044 ggSharedClassParent
4611686039056570047 ggClientClassParent
4611686039056570052 ssfgfgSharedClass
4611686039056570053 ssfgfgClientClass
4611686039056570054 sssperaSharedClass
4611686039056570055 sssperaClientClass
4611686039056570056 sssperaSharedClassParent
4611686039056570057 sssperaClientClassParent
4611686039107870027 chrAdvancementComponent
4611686039107870074 guiApiGfxUpdateSkl Skill tree system ui var updates
4611686039107870086 qstVarComponent Contains all the variable containers for a qstComponent
4611686039170170021 areaData
4611686039217670315 itmModifierPackage
4611686039264570003 dynFxProperties Dynamic Placeable Fx Properties
4611686039264570007 dynAttackableInstance Asset instance of the dynamic attackable
4611686039264570010 ssantoniSharedClass
4611686039264570011 ssantoniClientClass
4611686039264570014 ssantoniSharedClassParent
4611686039264570015 ssantoniClientClassParent
4611686039318070000 dynAttackable Attackable visual on a dynPlaceble
4611686039377470021 dynAttackableAttributeComponent attribute component for dynamic attackables
4611686039377470037 dynLightProperties Light properties associated with a visual of a dynamic placeable
4611686039392670010 chrForceAlignmentComponent Dark side/light side component for players
4611686039392670029 utlStaticDefinitions Static prototype references
4611686039392670035 chrForceAlignmentValues
4611686039404270001 effSubEffect
4611686039404270004 effFunction
4611686039404270009 effAction
4611686039404270012 effCondition
4611686039404270015 effTargetOverride
4611686039404270018 effTrigger
4611686039404270020 effInitializer
4611686039407770006 chrForceAlignmentTier
4611686039407770012 chrForceAlignmentTiers
4611686039453170087 sklTreeLayout temp storage for skilltree layout info
4611686039453170089 sklLayoutInfo layout info about a skill
4611686039453170099 sklLayoutConnectorInfo skilltree connector data
4611686039453170111 sklLayoutGridPosition specifies a 2D position on a grid
4611686039462170005 qstRewardsPerLevel
4611686039503070002 effAuraComponent
4611686039503070004 effProjectileComponent
4611686039503070005 effClientDataComponent
4611686039503070006 effChargesComponent
4611686039535570001 dynAbility Ability component whose parent is a dynamic placeable
4611686039578270030 chrMapNoteData attributes of a map note
4611686039627170001 ssZloiSharedClass
4611686039627170002 ssZloiClientClass
4611686039627170003 ssZloiSharedClassParent
4611686039627170004 ssZloiClientClassParent
4611686039674270041 sklOracle SkillTree oracle
4611686039674270048 modMetaStatComponent
4611686039911570038 sklData
4611686040250270008 appEyeColor Palette class for eye colors
4611686040281370008 ouSharedClass
4611686040281370009 ouClientClass
4611686040281370010 ouSharedClassParent
4611686040281370011 ouClientClassParent
4611686040391370000 mytestclass test class
4611686040393370020 mapData
4611686040393370080 appAppearanceUser Component for an object that uses appearances
4611686040393370100 LBClientClass
4611686040393370101 LBClientClassParent
4611686040393370117 cmdEmote emote commands
4611686040883670000 mapTrigger Trigger for entering maps
4611686040883670040 cmdEmotes list of emote commands
4611686040927270001 sssergm1SharedClass
4611686040927270002 sssergeymSharedClass
4611686040927270003 sssergeymClientClass
4611686040952170019 yphtestclass1
4611686040954770000 sssergeymSharedClassParent
4611686040954770001 sssergeymClientClassParent
4611686040988570034 chrBehaveMetricsAccumulator
4611686041068370003 baseStateComponent base component for objects that have state
4611686041068370010 cnvParticipantData Replication data about participants for an instance of a conversation
4611686041158370001 vtSharedClass
4611686041158370002 vtClientClass
4611686041158370003 vtSharedClassParent
4611686041158370004 vtClientClassParent
4611686041303070004 npcTitle npc title info container
4611686041303070008 npcTitles list of npcTitles
4611686041303070019 VBSharedClass
4611686041303070020 VBClientClass
4611686041303070021 VBSharedClassParent
4611686041303070022 VBClientClassParent
4611686041502770000 lhSharedClass
4611686041502770001 lhClientClass
4611686041502770002 lhSharedClassParent
4611686041502770003 lhClientClassParent
4611686041585270001 ssboryaSharedClass
4611686041585270002 ssboryaClientClass
4611686041585270003 ssboryaSharedClassParent
4611686041585270004 ssboryaClientClassParent
4611686041612371573 gmOracle
4611686041612371575 gmCameraController
4611686041621870012 SSPASHOKSharedClass
4611686041621870013 SSPASHOKClientClass
4611686041621870015 SSPASHOKSharedClassParent
4611686041621870016 SSPASHOKClientClassParent
4611686041633570025 ablContext
4611686041821970003 ablOpenContext
4611686041821970017 itSharedClass
4611686041821970018 itClientClass
4611686041821970019 itSharedClassParent
4611686041821970020 itClientClassParent
4611686041866470001 ssalexk3SharedClass
4611686041866470002 ssalexk3ClientClass
4611686041866470003 ssalexk3SharedClassParent
4611686041866470004 ssalexk3ClientClassParent
4611686041866470044 jeroSharedClass
4611686041866470045 jeroClientClass
4611686041866470046 jeroSharedClassParent
4611686041866470047 jeroClientClassParent
4611686041866470055 ssdronkinSharedClass
4611686041866470057 ssdronkinClientClass
4611686041866470058 ssdronkinSharedClassParent
4611686041866470059 ssdronkinClientClassParent
4611686041931570008 ssJnkmSharedClass
4611686041931570009 ssJnkmClientClass
4611686041931570010 ssJnkmSharedClassParent
4611686041931570011 ssJnkmClientClassParent
4611686041971870079 ssJenekSharedClass
4611686041971870080 ssJenekClientClass
4611686041971870081 ssJenekSharedClassParent
4611686041971870082 ssJenekClientClassParent
4611686042273070003 oedStar
4611686042359870008 appNPCAppearance_Prototype
4611686042402170013 MTSharedClass
4611686042402170014 MTClientClass
4611686042402170015 MTSharedClassParent
4611686042402170016 MTClientClassParent
4611686042402170020 ejhDebug
4611686042613370000 ssfoxSharedClass
4611686042613370001 ssfoxClientClass
4611686042613370002 ssfoxSharedClassParent
4611686042613370003 ssfoxClientClassParent
4611686042613370046 ssJnkLSharedClass
4611686042613370047 ssJnkLClientClass
4611686042613370048 ssJnkLSharedClassParent
4611686042613370049 ssJnkLClientClassParent
4611686042613370154 perejoSharedClass
4611686042613370155 perejoClientClass
4611686042613370158 perejoSharedClassParent
4611686042613370159 perejoClientClassParent
4611686042703370021 scPlayerShipBehavior Controls the high-level behaviour of ships in the minigame
4611686042742277292 stgTemplate_Prototype
4611686042848170000 kereSharedClass
4611686042848170001 kereClientClass
4611686042848170002 bonSharedClass
4611686042848170003 bonClientClass
4611686042848170004 bonSharedClassParent
4611686042848170005 bonClientClassParent
4611686042848170015 vvSharedClass
4611686042848170016 vvClientClass
4611686042848170020 vvSharedClassParent
4611686042848170021 vvClientClassParent
4611686042911570253 qstCnvHookDescription
4611686042955270000 mapDataContainer
4611686042956170001 areaDataContainer
4611686043242970001 plcPlatformComponent Platform Component for glomming to placeables
4611686043588270020 prfHarvestableComponent glommable component if node is harvestable
4611686043620471522 modDerivedStatComponent
4611686043635774655 itmAppearance
4611686043654570001 pjdDebug
4611686043654570028 chrProfessionsComponent component for players that have professions
4611686043654570032 prfOracle PROFESSION oracle
4611686043654570061 utlTrainerList
4611686043654570086 spnRelationMapNote
4611686043654570113 itmSchematicComponent items that are schematics
4611686043654570122 prfSchematic
4611686043721970011 scEnemyShipBehavior Basic enemy ship behavior
4611686043793870002 serSharedClass
4611686043793870004 serClientClass
4611686043793870006 serSharedClassParent
4611686043793870007 serClientClassParent
4611686043810770002 guiGFXGalaxyMap
4611686043919070001 hySharedClass
4611686043919070002 hyClientClass
4611686043919070003 hySharedClassParent
4611686043919070004 hyClientClassParent
4611686044019870064 scSpaceCombatOracle Oracle for Space Combat game state data.
4611686044067770019 ssEvgenySharedClass
4611686044067770020 ssEvgenyClientClass
4611686044067770022 ssEvgenySharedClassParent
4611686044067770023 ssEvgenyClientClassParent
4611686044096471466 ssadronkinnSharedClass
4611686044096471467 ssadronkinnClientClass
4611686044096471468 ssadronkinnSharedClassParent
4611686044096471469 ssadronkinnClientClassParent
4611686044096471512 guiChrAccuracyResults
4611686044100470001 hydFx Hydra client node containing info of Fx playing on NPC and player
4611686044100470003 brkOracle Sends and requests bark events
4611686044100470023 namStats
4611686044100470029 namFragment
4611686044100470035 namType
4611686044100470037 namRandomNameGenerator
4611686044188870001 itmToolComponent item that grants an ability when in inventory
4611686044188870013 sndGruntOwnerComponent Manages the client side non-localized grunts
4611686044278470001 cbtArmorPerLevel
4611686044354670004 aniOracle
4611686044396970000 sndGruntManager
4611686044396970009 sndGruntPercentageStats
4611686044396970011 sndGruntPercentages
4611686044396970033 pltTriggerVolume Trigger Volume for a platform
4611686044592570004 utlVendorList
4611686044592570024 prfProfessionInfo
4611686044592570027 prfProfessionInfoTable
4611686044603970003 qweSharedClass
4611686044603970004 qweClientClass
4611686044603970005 qweSharedClassParent
4611686044603970006 qweClientClassParent
4611686044632070003 ssJenekLESharedClass
4611686044632070004 ssJenekLEClientClass
4611686044632070005 ssJenekLESharedClassParent
4611686044632070006 ssJenekLEClientClassParent
4611686044706770000 ssLukaBSharedClass
4611686044706770001 ssLukaBClientClass
4611686044706770002 ssLukaBSharedClassParent
4611686044706770003 ssLukaBClientClassParent
4611686044715170000 cnvPreview Holds data about a conversation preview
4611686044974570001 itmDisassemblableComponent item that can be disassembled
4611686044974570006 prfTierInfo missions levels are split into tiers, prfTierInfo contains all that tier info derived from prfTierTable datatable
4611686044974570009 prfDisassembleInfo
4611686045446671574 ssumpalumpaSharedClass
4611686045446671575 ssartSharedClass
4611686045446671576 ssartClientClass
4611686045446671577 ssartSharedClassParent
4611686045446671578 ssartClientClassParent
4611686045546170000 cbtStandardDamageHealingInfo
4611686045594071472 ssilSharedClass
4611686045594071473 ssilClientClass
4611686045594071474 ssilSharedClassParent
4611686045594071475 ssilClientClassParent
4611686045615573154 ccsValueTable Values used in character creation and selection parsed from ccsTable
4611686045645770000 chrPlayerMoveMsg Shared player movement state data for movement messages
4611686045645770014 chrPlayerMoveState Shared player movement state data for movement messages
4611686045688970000 sserSharedClass
4611686045688970001 sserClientClass
4611686045688970002 sserSharedClassParent
4611686045688970003 sserClientClassParent
4611686046080470054 SharedClass
4611686046080470056 ClientClass
4611686046080470081 jfClientClass
4611686046356770020 cbtWeaponDataTemplate
4611686046356770033 cbtWeaponProtoData
4611686046356770036 cbtWeaponPerLevelProtoData
4611686046576170020 ssitSharedClass
4611686046576170022 ssitClientClass
4611686046576170023 ssitSharedClassParent
4611686046576170024 ssitClientClassParent
4611686046888970031 chrClassData
4611686046888970042 hydAnimationInfoTable
4611686046888970043 hydAnimationInfo
4611686046917570020 sspdSharedClass
4611686046917570021 sspdClientClass
4611686046917570022 sspdSharedClassParent
4611686046917570023 sspdClientClassParent
4611686046972370035 scEnvironment Contains information needed to maintain environment effects on the space combat game
4611686047184270022 spnFamilyPercentages Family percentage data
4611686047184270024 spnFamilyDatatable Datatable for spawn families
4611686047570670025 utlHSLTimingTests
4611686047570670235 utlHSLTimingTestsGlommed
4611686047570670345 effEffectAppearance
4611686047585370030 sortingTestClass
4611686047666470025 ssaSharedClass
4611686047666470026 ssaClientClass
4611686047666470027 ssaSharedClassParent
4611686047666470028 ssaClientClassParent
4611686047709970027 aaClientClassParent
4611686047778370048 bnkContainer Container type for player banks
4611686047848770046 scVehicle Shared methods and members for the space combat vehicles
4611686048022170038 optOptionDescription Contains all the base data for an option such as default values and type
4611686048022170054 optOptionDescriptionTable Contains data to describe the in game options
4611686048022170062 optOptionStore A database of option values
4611686048022170075 optOptionsAdapter Manages option settings on the client
4611686048042270021 chrStaminaComponent stamina component prototype class
4611686048217870023 effAppearanceAction
4611686048217870025 effAppearanceFunction
4611686048217870028 effAppearanceCondition
4611686048217870066 effAppPriorityClass
4611686048217870068 effAppPriorityClasses
4611686048283070020 artSharedClass
4611686048283070021 artClientClass
4611686048283070022 artSharedClassParent
4611686048283070023 artClientClassParent
4611686048438270030 sndBankRecord
4611686048438270046 cbtMusic Shared data for combat music
4611686048502771078 DummyNode
4611686048526771022 bnkComponent
4611686048656071022 malMailboxComponent Mailbox component for characters
4611686049922171030 optStringNode
4611686049993971020 malMailOracle Oracle for in game email
4611686049993971029 guiApiGfxUpdateMail Gui mail system
4611686050054472574 cnvTree_Prototype The protoype mirror of cnvTree
4611686050077771043 jww_Sub
4611686050077771084 cvrBuilderInstanceWrapper
4611686050231871021 hzdExhaustionDatatable Datatable for exhaustion volumes
4611686050231871041 npcOutfitRecord
4611686050231871045 npcOutfitTable
4611686050249271020 dbsTest David Scott test class
4611686050249271023 phsWarzonePhaseInfo PhaseInfo class for Warzones
4611686050299071020 arbArbiter Warzone Arbiter used to track a match's state
4611686050300675623 kynMsg
4611686050344471020 qaswAlexmSharedClass
4611686050344471022 qaswAlexmClientClass
4611686050344471023 qaswAlexmSharedClassParent
4611686050344471024 qaswAlexmClientClassParent
4611686050406271037 itmUniformComponent Component for items that can be equipped as uniforms
4611686050587171053 kajsfhjkashfkjashfjkSharedClass
4611686050587171054 kajsfhjkashfkjashfjkClientClass
4611686050587171055 kajsfhjkashfkjashfjkSharedClassParent
4611686050587171056 kajsfhjkashfkjashfjkClientClassParent
4611686050587171060 ssuygufjhfjhfSharedClass
4611686050587171067 ssuygufjhfjhfClientClass
4611686050587171068 ssuygufjhfjhfSharedClassParent
4611686050587171069 ssuygufjhfjhfClientClassParent
4611686050587171083 ssDprivSharedClass
4611686050587171084 ssDprivClientClass
4611686050587171085 ssDprivSharedClassParent
4611686050587171086 ssDprivClientClassParent
4611686050587171092 ssDmeschSharedClass
4611686050587171093 ssDmeschClientClass
4611686050587171094 ssDmeschSharedClassParent
4611686050587171095 ssDmeschClientClassParent
4611686050587171098 chrSocialScoreComponent Social score component for players
4611686050587171116 socOracle Social Systems Oracle (Who List, Friends, Ignore, etc.)
4611686050587171120 chrSocialScoreTier
4611686050587171132 chrSocialScoreTiers
4611686050842271033 chrStandDebug
4611686050892871038 socCharacterFriend friends list character container
4611686050892871040 socComponent social data container (friends, ignore, etc.)
4611686050898571084 chrCompanionTable_Prototype class to hold information from the chrCompanionTable datatable
4611686050898571086 chrCompanionTableRow
4611686050968872177 chrMoveDebug
4611686050972171025 trdTraderComponent Component for entities that can participate in secure trade.
4611686050972171027 trdOracle Oracle class for $TRADE system node
4611686050977771028 chrCompanionInfoRow
4611686050977771031 chrCompanionInfo_Prototype
4611686051000371023 qaswSharedClass
4611686051000371024 qaswClientClass
4611686051000371025 qaswSharedClassParent
4611686051000371026 qaswClientClassParent
4611686051026771054 chrShipCompanionComponent
4611686051065271046 qstRewardsAffection_Prototype
4611686051087871025 socCharacterIgnore Ignore List character container
4611686051158171030 ssadsSharedClass
4611686051158171031 ssadsClientClass
4611686051158171032 ssadsSharedClassParent
4611686051158171034 ssadsClientClassParent
4611686051158171044 szSharedClass
4611686051158171046 szClientClass
4611686051158171047 szSharedClassParent
4611686051158171050 szClientClassParent
4611686051158171055 opSharedClassParent
4611686051158171057 ppSharedClass
4611686051165471021 ssPSherbakovSharedClass
4611686051165471022 ssPSherbakovClientClass
4611686051165471023 ssPSherbakovSharedClassParent
4611686051165471024 ssPSherbakovClientClassParent
4611686051238871021 trdContainer Container for secure trade offers
4611686051254471021 ssAlexgSharedClass
4611686051254471022 ssAlexgClientClass
4611686051254471023 ssAlexgSharedClassParent
4611686051254471024 ssAlexgClientClassParent
4611686051302271022 ssdmitriySharedClass
4611686051302271023 ssdmitriyClientClass
4611686051302271024 ssdmitriySharedClassParent
4611686051302271025 ssdmitriyClientClassParent
4611686051448371034 eqpShadowContainer
4611686051468471022 sscatSharedClass
4611686051468471023 sscatClientClass
4611686051468471024 sscatSharedClassParent
4611686051468471025 sscatClientClassParent
4611686051468471038 SSdebySharedClass
4611686051468471039 SSdebyClientClass
4611686051468471040 SSdebySharedClassParent
4611686051468471041 SSdebyClientClassParent
4611686051481371048 chrLocoAi
4611686051651471032 chrMoveAutoTest
4611686051686671052 ssjoySharedClass
4611686051686671053 ssjoyClientClass
4611686051686671054 ssjoySharedClassParent
4611686051686671055 ssjoyClientClassParent
4611686051707971035 conSlotLock A proxy for a containable that has temporarily been moved elsewhere, used to reserve a slot for its possible return.
4611686051775571051 guiApiGfxUpdatePrf profession system ui var updates
4611686051880971051 strGuiMisc mapping from strGuiMiscEnum to str.gui.misc string id's
4611686051888871037 scFormationsProtoData prototype data for scFormations datatable
4611686051888871038 guiApiGfxUpdateSpaceFailure space combat failure gui api
4611686051888871062 scEncountersDataTemplate Template class to hold information from scEncounters datatable
4611686051888871075 scEncountersProtoData prototype type for the encounters datatable
4611686051888871090 scShipDataTemplate data template for scShip datatable
4611686051888871092 scShipProtoData class for the ship datatable prototype
4611686051888871105 spnVehicleDataTemplate data template for the spnVehicle datatable
4611686051888871106 spnVehicleProtoData class definition for the spnVehicle prototype
4611686051951771023 OMaySharedClass
4611686051951771024 OMayClientClass
4611686051951771025 OMaySharedClassParent
4611686051951771026 OMayClientClassParent
4611686052226471021 mmsOracle Oracle class for matchmaking
4611686052236571081 prfResearchInfo
4611686052324471030 OmabSharedClass
4611686052324471031 OmabClientClass
4611686052324471032 OmabSharedClassParent
4611686052324471033 OmabClientClassParent
4611686052350871030 qstStatusUpdateData
4611686052468731191 grpMemberShadow Proxy player character node for group members.
4611686052476631224 pvpParticipantComponent Component for entities that can participate in pvp
4611686052477731192 ssRenatSharedClass
4611686052477731193 ssRenatClientClass
4611686052477731194 ssRenatSharedClassParent
4611686052477731195 ssRenatClientClassParent
4611686052492331199 itmEnhancementTypeInfo
4611686052492331202 itmEnhancementInfoTable
4611686052492331208 itmEnhancementComponent
4611686052492331209 itmEnhanceableComponent
4611686052492331229 itmSetBonusManagerComponent Component that manages the benefits of equipped items that belong to sets
4611686052492331238 itmGiftboxComponent
4611686052492331240 itmSetBonusesPrototype parsed data for set bonuses
4611686052492331241 itmSetBonus information about a single set bonus
4611686052492331313 itmPackageData
4611686052492331314 itmSetTablePackage A set of items for a given package spec
4611686052492331316 itmSetTablePackageItemDesc Various metrics for the items such as quantity and entitlements
4611686052511431199 itmCraftedComponent
4611686052551431249 chrSpeciesScale Class to hold entries in the specie scale datatable
4611686052766531192 socWhoListData who list data container for gss data
4611686052789731194 mapAreasDataObject single map area data collection
4611686052789731196 mapAreasData map area data list
4611686052909731191 guiApiGfxExternalInterface
4611686052930131203 guiCSSExternalInterface API for the character selection GUI
4611686052930131207 guiCCSExternalInterface API for the character creation GUI
4611686052930131305 cnvTreeTracker
4611686052930131314 vndBuyerComponent
4611686052988231192 sysGSS GSS system class.
4611686053046031191 chrLookat
4611686053046033580 chrBehaviorDestination Stores destination data for each node in a path
4611686053056331191 sspafnutiiSharedClass
4611686053056331192 sspafnutiiClientClass
4611686053056331193 sspafnutiiSharedClassParent
4611686053056331194 sspafnutiiClientClassParent
4611686053128531199 mph
4611686053183531200 plcUserComponent
4611686053354631232 jfSharfedClass
4611686053354631233 jdfClientClass
4611686053354631235 jfSharedCdlassParent
4611686053415631197 stgCraftingStage Crafting stage for companions on ships
4611686053415631250 prfCraftingTablesTable Crafting Tables prototype. Matched with prfCraftingTablesTable datatable.
4611686053415631251 prfCraftingTableInfo
4611686053415631295 itmEnhancementStationInfoTable
4611686053415631340 cdxType Codex
4611686053415631367 cdxCodexComponent Codices granted to a character
4611686053557231191 npcTemplateVisualData Class to hold visual data about an npc template
4611686053663231192 kvggSharedClass
4611686053663231193 kvggClientClass
4611686053680031194 msbInfo Mission board info
4611686053680031200 msbInfoDatatable Datatable info for mission boards
4611686053680031212 cdxCategoryTotals The total counts of codex entries in each category
4611686053680031224 qat
4611686053680031245 qa_
4611686053680031248 qa
4611686053680031283 qaStringContainer
4611686053680031295 qaVehicle
4611686053680031370 prfTrainerComponent
4611686053770731214 socWhoFilterRequest who list filter request object. requests are queued and processed over multiple frames to distribute load
4611686053977031194 socFriend friends list marshal data
4611686054011931232 prfTrainerPackagePrototype
4611686054011931254 ccsSliderData Structure for slider selections
4611686054011931259 itmGiftComponent Gift given to companion by player
4611686054011931279 cbtShieldPerLevel
4611686054044331193 ddSharedClass
4611686054044331194 ddClientClass
4611686054044331195 ddSharedClassParent
4611686054044331196 ddClientClassParent
4611686054044331199 ssSharedClass
4611686054044331200 ssClientClass
4611686054044331201 ssSharedClassParent
4611686054044331202 ssClientClassParent
4611686054056831200 wzArbiterUITypesData Class for caching Arbiter UI Types from a data table
4611686054056831201 wzArbiterUIElementsData Class for caching Arbiter UI Elements from a data table
4611686054208831260 itmGiftMultiplierQuality
4611686054208831261 itmGiftMultiplierCategoryInterest
4611686054208831262 itmGiftMultiplierDeltaRank
4611686054334231195 socOverheadChatComponent container for holding data to display overhead chat messages
4611686054334231209 socFriendsListRequest request to update a friend - processed in OnTimerTick
4611686054344731207 socChat container for chat-channel information
4611686054435231213 cdxCompletionBonus bonuses for various codex completion things
4611686054435231214 chrCompanionAffectionRankMap_Prototype Prototype for mapping affection value to affection rank
4611686054435232494 chrRegenComponent Component to handle character regeneration
4611686054449831231 scAttachableEffect A class to hold attachable effects data for the space game
4611686054471931191 socIgnore Ignore List marshal data
4611686054577831208 grpMemberData Area-authoritative data for a player to be shared with all groupmates in the same area.
4611686054660732363 ssiSharedClass
4611686054660732364 ssiClientClass
4611686054673431198 itmMailMessageComponent item that is a converted mail message
4611686054754632434 sndSoundsetPackageRecord Class that hold soundset package data
4611686054754632439 sndSoundsetPackageTable Class to soundset packages
4611686054906631191 npcIdlePackage
4611686054906631196 npcIdlePackageProtoData
4611686054977131191 tstCowEmptyClass
4611686055042431192 ssdaSharedClass
4611686055272531191 chrGroundingDebug
4611686055272531256 fxUsedInScript class for the fxID to spec mapping prototype
4611686055272531300 qstIconDetailsPrototype
4611686055272531301 qstIconDetails
4611686055432331195 phsInstanceDataProto
4611686055441931201 chrStatAdjustmentsPrototype
4611686055551032348 ssMmxSharedClass
4611686055551032349 ssMmxClientClass
4611686055551032352 ssMmxSharedClassParent
4611686055551032353 ssMmxClientClassParent
4611686055598831325 itmEnhancementStationComponent
4611686055598831398 gwsDebug debug helper
4611686055636531191 ssmcseemSharedClass
4611686055636531192 ssmcseemClientClass
4611686055636531193 ssmcseemSharedClassParent
4611686055636531194 ssmcseemClientClassParent
4611686055824631191 qaClient
4611686055824631192 qaShared
4611686056057732350 sstemaSharedClass
4611686056057732351 sstemaClientClass
4611686056057732352 sstemaSharedClassParent
4611686056057732353 sstemaClientClassParent
4611686056057732357 ggtSharedClass
4611686056057732358 ggtClientClass
4611686056057732359 ggtSharedClassParent
4611686056057732360 ggtClientClassParent
4611686056057732363 hhSharedClass
4611686056057732364 hhClientClass
4611686056057732365 hhSharedClassParent
4611686056057732366 hhClientClassParent
4611686056279931193 jSharedClass
4611686056279931194 jClientClass
4611686056279931195 jSharedClassParent
4611686056279931196 jClientClassParent
4611686056279931202 ssEUglovSharedClass
4611686056279931204 ssEUglovClientClass
4611686056279931205 ssEUglovSharedClassParent
4611686056279931206 ssEUglovClientClassParent
4611686056430831193 ahTerminalComponent
4611686056430831200 wzScoreboard Collects warzone match statistics for participants
4611686056430831296 chrFactionPackage
4611686056430831298 chrFactionPackages_Prototype
4611686056430831306 ahUserComponent An auction house user.
4611686056491031191 ssadronkinSharedClass
4611686056491031192 ssadronkinClientClass
4611686056491031193 ssadronkinSharedClassParent
4611686056491031194 ssadronkinClientClassParent
4611686056523431214 aniMetricsAccumulator
4611686056726831197 scShipTypesProtoData scShipTypes prototype
4611686056868931191 SSbugggSharedClass
4611686056868931192 SSbugggClientClass
4611686056868931193 SSbugggSharedClassParent
4611686056868931194 SSbugggClientClassParent
4611686056897131198 sndTestController
4611686057021031219 ahAuction
4611686057021031227 ahAuctionSearchList
4611686058777031202 ahDepositTable Auction House datatable defining deposit fees as a function of auction duration.
4611686058911231210 chrValorComponent Character rank and experience in pvp
4611686058911231213 chrFactionPackagesPrototype
4611686059196731196 malMailContainer Holds items and money attached to a mail message
4611686059383931200 tstSklOracle test component for skilltree oracle
4611686059383931220 itmAuctionCategoryTable
4611686059390932408 tst_replicationAwareness Test class created for testing replication awareness
4611686059583931193 arbMapNoteClientData Client data for an Arbiter Map Note
4611686059662631196 itmAuctionableComponent Items that may be sold at the Auction House
4611686060437331197 gldRank Guild rank with customizable name and powers.
4611686060454731192 guiGFxLoadingScreen The loading screen
4611686060593232377 itmRestrictionContext
4611686060731431210 wzBadgeData Used to cache data table info to a prototype for badge data
4611686060731431215 wzBadgeInfo Info for an individual badge
4611686060793431194 guiApiGfxUpdateAuction Invokes and external interface calls for the auction house.
4611686061108531208 wnkPackage
4611686061108531210 wnkPackagesPrototype
4611686061108531213 wnkComponent
4611686061152931192 scVOActor Class to keep helpful information about a given VO actor
4611686061183631204 spnMedCenterInfo
4611686061183631208 spnMedCenterTable
4611686061184831191 stgCameraOffsetsTable
4611686061292531193 wzRewardEntry Reward data for 1 reward type
4611686061358531221 scAccessoryBehavior Methods and members for accessories that hang from vehicles
4611686061602331193 wzRewardData Warzone reward data
4611686061626631191 qstShareRequest
4611686061628731197 tipTip loading screen tip
4611686061628731200 tipLoadingScreenTips loading screen tips and access data
4611686061654031191 chrSpecPrototype prototype that stores chrSpec datatable data
4611686061654031192 chrSpec character spec details
4611686061753531191 hydAreaIdToPlanetAliasData Class to hold hydAreaIdToPlanetAlias datatable data
4611686061865731192 chrClassContainerTable Class for the prototype that maps character classes to container specs
4611686062111631209 vehAppearanceDataTemplate Template for holding data members for the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062111631211 vehAppearanceProtoData Class that implements the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062321531191 ablDescriptionTokenData class to hold data about tokens to describe values in an abilities description
4611686062484931191 scUpgradeComponent Abstracts functionality for space combat ship upgrades. Intended for characters
4611686062484931201 scUpgradeDataTemplate prototype template for the ship upgrade datatable
4611686062484931203 scUpgradeProtoData Holds the prototype for the space combat upgrade datatable
4611686062700531191 baseTargeterComponent Base class for all targeting components
4611686062700531192 npcTargeterComponent Targeting component for non player characters, server authoritative
4611686062700531193 pcTargeterComponent Targeting component for player characters, client authoritative
4611686062700531195 tgtTargetableComponent Any entity that has this component is targetable
4611686063227631194 utlWeaponPosturesDatatable Weapon postures datatable data stored in a prototype made from this class
4611686063300131192 pvpDuelingBaseComponent Base class for dueling
4611686063300131193 pvpDuelingPlayerComponent Dueling opponent attached to players
4611686063306331196 utlWeaponTransitionsDatatable Datatable class for utlWeaponTransitions
4611686063354231193 sndVoiceEffectsTable
4611686063381831192 escrow_class Holds items for the escrow containers
4611686063586731194 guiOverheadChat storage object, overhead chat
4611686064187531192 chrBackgroundTable Class for the character background prototype
4611686064187531195 chrBackgroundData Contains data on various character backgrounds
4611686064201931192 grpItemRoll
4611686064201931195 grpItemRollTransaction
4611686064221631192 chrAdvancedClassData
4611686064221631196 chrAdvancedClassDataPrototype
4611686064222431204 gmUtlGalaxyMapRecord One row of data from the utlGalaxyMap datatable.
4611686064222431206 gmUtlGalaxyMapData Prototype data for utlGalaxyMap datatable
4611686064389831192 ldgAreaLoadScreen Area name to screen graphic name for loading screens
4611686064669831272 qa_byf_test_class_parent
4611686064669831273 qa_byf_test_class
4611686064833231194 itmGroupLootComponent Item component to track group loot roll state.
4611686065410031191 malMailMessageData Cached mail message information
4611686065459931192 gmUtlGalaxyRegionsData For utlGalaxyRegions datatable prototype
4611686065459931193 gmUtlGalaxySystemMoonsData For utlGalaxyRegions datatable prototype
4611686065459931194 gmUtlGalaxySystemOrbitsData For utlGalaxyRegions datatable prototype
4611686065459931195 gmUtlGalaxySystemPlanetsData For utlGalaxyRegions datatable prototype
4611686065459931196 gmUtlGalaxyRegionsRecord For utlGalaxyRegions datatable prototype data
4611686065459931197 gmUtlGalaxySystemMoonsRecord For utlGalaxySystemMoons datatable prototype data
4611686065459931198 gmUtlGalaxySystemOrbitsRecord For utlGalaxySystemOrbits datatable prototype data
4611686065459931199 gmUtlGalaxySystemPlanetsRecord For utlGalaxySystemPlanets datatable prototype data
4611686066026931195 shdShard shard data
4611686067119131193 scNpcBarksProtoData npc barks prototype for the space combat game
4611686067128931191 utlConversationAppearancesDatatable Conversion appearances datatable
4611686067414331191 prfSchematicSpec
4611686067841531193 ablPushbackPrototype prototype to store pushback base values
4611686068254431191 cnvTreeVisitor Base class for conversation tree visitors
4611686068254431192 cnvTreeAnimVisitor Collects animation data for the conversation tree
4611686068585531191 cnvTreeNpcData Data on a conversation NPC such as cameo information
4611686068758931194 cnvMarkData Mark data for a stage mark. Includes things like stage template and mark name
4611686068758931200 qstHuntingRadiusPrototype Prototype that maps hunting radius names to sizes
4611686068857831191 guiColorTable GUI color style guide
4611686068950731395 prfMissionResultInfo
4611686068950731400 prfMissionResultTable
4611686069420131193 chrPreloadAnimTrigger
4611686070456531193 scTarget Information about a space combat target
4611686072190484793 prfTrainerListInfo
4611686072613798792 prfProfessionSubtypeMap
4611686073270165591 mapDefaultAOIRecord Class to hold a single row of map icon AOI radius datatable data.
4611686073270165593 mapDefaultAOIData Class to hold all default map icon AOI datatable data.
4611686073572881997 dcvCombatMathData Designer combat math class
4611686073607581991 ClientCharacterNode Client-side character node
4611686073744897792 itmSpaceCombatComponent Extends equippable items to handle space combat specific attributes
4611686073924219591 sysShardSelection shard selection logic
4611686073924219592 guiGfxShardSelection shard selection gui
4611686074134730196 cdxStory Codex Id's for loading screen crawl
4611686074732594993 sndAmbienceRegionsTable
4611686074863207191 chrStealthComponent component to handle stealthing of this character
4611686074863207192 chrNPCStealthSuspicionComponent component to handle NPC being suspicious of stealthers
4611686075142420591 dcvPVPData Designer Constant Values for PVP
4611686076583943051 utlVersionableNode Base class for nodes that need to be handled through the versioning system
4611686076583943052 chrPlayerVersion Player Character version component
4611686077163128791 itmModifierPackages Prototype representation of all modifier packages
4611686077197545993 mpnParentMapData Holds a single parent map tag, and submap tag.
4611686077909490192 ahTweakables Design-tweakable values for the Auction House
4611686078179865196 mpnWonkaNoteConnectionData for breadcrumbing wonkavators
4611686080308412395 mapTrackedIconData data we need to keep for each tracked map icon in the mapOracle
4611686080454214191 guiApiGfxExternalInterfaceCommon Common external interface functions regardless of UI
4611686080665002391 chrCreationClassDetails Details for character creation about one class
4611686080665002396 chrCreationTable Class to store data defined in chrCreationTable datatable
4611686081722933192 utlTweakableInfo
4611686082728923722 cmdEmoteGrouping Emote command grouping used to populate the chat command context menu GUI
4611686082728923723 cmdEmoteGroupings List of emote command groupings
4611686082736923591 qstSharedInformationPrototype
4611686082991649195 bugTopic bug topic
4611686083182756198 cnvJoinOrganizer holds a join organizer for a single conversation
4611686083489867191 sndConversationTestController
4611686083755877991 ccsBackgroundData Cached selection values which need to be remembered on a per-background basis.
4611686083755877995 sysInputBindingsRow Prototype for storing the contents of the sysInputBindings datatable.
4611686083755877998 sysInputBindingsTable Prototype for storing the contents of the sysInputBindings datatable.
4611686083755878005 sysInputCommand Maintains command state for a given input event.
4611686083755878007 sysInputLayer Input layer in the layer stack which processes input events.
4611686083755878011 sysInputLayersTable Table defining all input layers on the client.
4611686083936082391 phsActivePhaseInfo Info for one active phase.
4611686083942582391 mpnDynMpnQuestInfo Contains quest and group info for the quests that have added dynamic map notes
4611686084523098795 conEquipmentSlotData Contains the icon names, and positions of equipment slots.
4611686084616002992 cnvControllerSingle controller for a single player conversation
4611686084616002994 cnvInstance instance data for a conversation
4611686085430854791 cnvControllerInterface interface for the controller classes
4611686085430854794 cnvChoreographer choreographer used by a conversation controller
4611686085433054791 phsRaidPrototype Class upon which the Raid prototype is based.
4611686085479255196 aisDescriptor Area Instance Management description of an area instance
4611686085486655191 grpRaidNode extension of grpNode. Contains raid group specific data
4611686085486655193 grpRaidMemberInfo extends grpMemberInfo and stores raid specific data
4611686085654061591 cnvChoreographerCamera camera used by a choreographer
4611686085827061593 phsRaidPhasedInstance The object that defines a Raid Instance and tracks any active child Raid phases.
4611686085827061598 phsRaidBossInfo Info pertaining to a single raid boss.
4611686086019361593 sysInputKey Defines information specific to a particular key.
4611686086019361598 sysInputKeysTable Table defining all keys codes in the input system.
4611686086145961611 ccsAppearanceTable Contains a list of starting IPPs for character creation
4611686086309461592 trvTravelComponent component for handling area instance travel
4611686086360061592 dynPreviewController The controller class that manages Dyn Preview and interfaces with the Spawn Editor
4611686086360061596 dynPlaceablePreview Special DynPlaceable that is created exclusively for the Dyn Previewer that allows run-time modification of visual, state, visual state, and transition information
4611686086542461992 eab
4611686086579561993 guiApiGfxInputEvents Glom class for input system invokes.
4611686086936169991 ccsStageTable Mapes stages to where they're used in the character creation process
4611686086996869994 phsRaidPhaseInfo Instance of one raid phase.
4611686087225169991 ccsStageDetails Information about a character creation stage
4611686087225169994 ccsStageMarkDetails Details about stage marks for a given character creation stage
4611686087428569991 dynPreviewPreviewInfo Lightweight data structure that stores information that pertains to a specific user's current Dyn Preview
4611686087481669994 ablCooldownTimer Timer that ticks when an ability's cooldown has finished
4611686088447169993 grpInviteeInfo info for the invitee
4611686088523270016 cnvHolocomStageTable Maps character specs to stages for holocom calls
4611686089161669991 dynPreviewPropSnapShot A snapshot of prop-specific information that can be compared to one from a previous time to determine changes to props' transforms
4611686089830069991 csrOracle CSR oracle to store CSR information
4611686090069269991 chrMountComponent Player component to keep track of mount and mount related things
4611686090069269993 mntMountInfoTable Prototype class for mount data
4611686090069269994 mntData Containers information about a given mount
4611686090226269991 phsImplicitlyPhasedInstance Base class for all phased instance types that take place in implicitly phased areas.
4611686090226269992 phsFlashpointPhasedInstance Object to manage a specific Flashpoint phased instance.
4611686090226269993 phsClassPhasedInstance Object to manage a specific class phased instance.
4611686090226269994 phsWorldPhasedInstance Object to manage a specific world phased instance.
4611686090226269995 phsWarzonePhasedInstance Object to manage a specific Warzone phased instance.
4611686090226269996 phsSpaceCombatPhasedInstance Object to manage a specific Space Combat phased instance.
4611686090347669992 cnvChoreographerLightweight choreographer used by an ambient conversation controller
4611686091103469991 itmMountComponent Contains information about the item for mount purposes
4611686091587869991 phsShipHangarPhasedInstance For player ship hangars.
4611686091667369997 spnDifficultyLevelComponent Flags for what difficulty level this node should exist in
4611686092003469991 phsShipHangarPhaseInfo Player ship hargar phase info.
4611686092038169991 cnvControllerAmbient controller for an ambient conversation
4611686092216069991 cnvControllerMulti holds a controller for a multi player conversation
4611686092299770020 cnvSelectedChoice holds information on a chosen reply
4611686092427569995 itmCurrencyPvp
4611686092629569995 phsClassPhaseInfo PhaseInfo class for class phases
4611686092629569996 phsWorldPhaseInfo PhaseInfo class for world phases
4611686092629569997 phsFlashpointPhaseInfo PhaseInfo class for flashpoint phases
4611686093000569991 strLocalizedTextRetriever encapsulates the logic for retrieving localized text from string tables and displaying fallback text when appropriate
4611686093220269992 sysInputBindingsRegistry Holds a per-language lookup for default input bindings.
4611686093228169993 phsRaidBossVersion One version of a raid boss for a particular difficulty/maximum occupancy combination.
4611686093765369991 ablContainerComponent Component for entities that have multiple abilities
4611686093949069993 chrRegionComponent Tracks the regions the player is in
4611686094465569992 utlMovie Tracks movie playback information
4611686094465569994 moviesUsedInScript Class used to store the movie enum -> asset map
4611686094692669991 trgRegionDebug
4611686095674469994 cnvRewardTableRow row from cnvReward.tbl
4611686095674469996 cnvRewardTable_Prototype prototype for cnvreward.tbl
4611686095692169992 phsUniqueActivePhaseInfo Info for the player's or group's one and only unique active phase.
4611686096601569995 phsPlayerPhaseData Data regarding all active phases for a particular player character.
4611686096791569993 prfCompanionsTotalInfo
4611686097289969991 prfKnownSchematic Describes a schematic learned by a player. Contains information about the schematic learned and what variations and tiers hvae been discovered.
4611686097382969992 prfSchematicVariationsInfo Contains all of the possible schematic spec variations and their lookup index for bitfields, ordered for quick lookup via the variation spec
4611686097447569991 grpWarzoneRaidNode Extension of grpRaidNode for warzones.
4611686097465669991 cnvControllerPreview controller for a preview conversation
4611686100996670021 itmRatingTable Item armor and weapon rating table
4611686101506370022 sysDeveloperCommands Handles developer commands on nodes.
4611686101728870021 phsSpaceCombatPhaseInfo
4611686101728870022 phsShipPhasedInstance
4611686101728870023 phsShipPhaseInfo
4611686102842470021 locLocalizableComponent a component to manage localizable data on assets
4611686113623470021 sklSkillTreeData Parsed values of the skill tree abilities table
4611686114093825041 sklPackageInfo Information related to a single entry in the skill tree package table
4611686120361425041 sklSkillTreeLayoutData Parsed information related to a single skill tree layout datatable
4611686124237625042 sklSkillConstants Designer constants for the skill system
4611686124430185041 chrPlayerTitlesTable Prototype representation of tbl.chrPlayerTitles
4611686124430185042 chrPlayerTitleDetails Information on a given player title
4611686124452955043 qstPermanentBoolVariableDefinition Definition for a permanent variable
4611686124452955047 qstPermanentBoolVariableDefinition_DevOnly temporary dev only permanent variable definition
4611686124474605042 qstPermanentIntVariableDefinition Permanent integer variable definition
4611686124474605044 qstPermanentIntVariableDefinition_DevOnly DEV ONLY Permanent integer variable definition
4611686133737785041 chrClientCharacter Client only NPCs
4611686133738205041 cosTemplate Client only spawners gameplay prototype
4611686133738205042 cosTemplateVisualData Client only spawner visual data
4611686141817475042 guiShardSelectionExternalInterface external interface class for shard selection
4611686141984440001 hcaUsedInScript HardCoded Assets (hca) used in HSL scripts
4611686142083190001 chrClassListingTable Lists all the class prototypes to be preloaded on the client
4611686142083190003 hcaAssetDetails Information about this asset (path, prototype ID, etc.)
4611686142120040000 prfProfessionData A player's known professions and associated data (rank and available missions)
4611686142517280002 mapLinkData This class holds the components that make up a map link. Area, map, submap IDs.
4611686142556780000 csrCSPortal Customer service portal
4611686142570480001 qstStepClientOnlySpawnerState client only spawner states
4611686142573150001 sklSkillTreeEntry Data associated with an entry in a skill tree
4611686142602660001 mapFowGroupData Data for a Fog of War hex group. More than one map on the area can use the same group.
4611686142609550001 tutTutorialComponent Tutorial component
4611686142609730008 tutTutorialDefinition Definition of a tutorial
4611686142641680000 csrPlayerCharacter class for all csr characters
4611686142706730004 modDerivedStatMapping Defines a relationship between a source stat and target stat in ModDerivedStatMappingList
4611686142706730006 modDerivedStatMappingList List of relationships between source stats and target stats, by character class
4611686142720380002 cbtShieldStats Contains Ranged and Melee Chance and Absorb values
4611686170044870000 cmdLocalSlash Conversion table for localized slash commands to actual commands.
4611686170585580001 mpnBreadcrumbUpdateTracker Contains data about the breadcrumbing update process (progress and temporary data)
4611686175685400002 itmBudgetInfo budgeted attribute information for items
4611686180736380001 tutTutorialDatatable Datatable for tutorial definitions
4611686188262060000 phsRaidLockout Raid lockout time and boss completion
4611686188361190000 dynModelProperties Dynamic Placeable model properties (for GR2s and MAGs)
4611686190716210002 customChatChannel Definition of a custom chat channel
4611686198470200000 effAbsorbDamageComponent Stores data specific to the AbsorbDamage effect action
4611686198961130000 hydScriptRuntimeExecution Runtime execution class of a hydra script
4611686198966000001 ldgLoadScreen A loading screen container
4611686199109720002 cdxBitToFQN Maps bit indices to FQNs of codex entries.
4611686226002820000 guiDressingRoom Dressing room to preview items on the player and companions
4611686226006690000 guiApiGfxFacialReconstruction Methods for handling the facial reconstruction page
4611686226317410003 hydQueuedScriptInfo Small data structure to contain info on queued actions needed to run at a later time
4611686226317410010 hydQueuedCallbackInfo
4611686226320920000 itmCurrencyComponent Contains information about the item if it is to be treated as currency.
4611686226320940000 chrCurrencyComponent Component for entities that can possess any form of currency.
4611686226320940003 chrCurrencyTable Class to store data defined in chrCurrencyTable datatable
4611686226320940004 chrCurrencyDetails Contains the details for a currency type, from the chrCurrencyTable datatable
4611686226321530000 cnvBaseFxaListPrototype
4611686226325230000 qstCompanionOverride quest step availability override information for a companion
4611686226326380000 chrPerCompanionData Persistent data per companion
4611686227277540000 qstTimerData storage class for quest timers
4611686237770420043 phsExteriorShipDoorComponent Component for doors that allow entry onto ships.
4611686238115720041 tutTutorialPhaseListDataTable Datatable for phases that the Class Story Areas tutorial ignores.
4611686238402461261 chrCompanionSpecMap_Prototype Maps overridden companion specs back to their base specs for appearance lookups.
4611686240382310006 gdrCharacter Dressing room character
4611686244428860002 frClinicComponent Facial reconstruction clinic component for placeables
4611686244777000001 rddInformationPrototype metadata for all raids
4611686244965040000 rnidRemoteNpcIconData Data about trainer / vendor NPCs sent from the server to the client, for showing map icons for NPCs that are outside the awareness range of the player.
4611686245047550000 hypOracle HyperLink Interpreter
4611686245204840000 phsGatewayFx Manages updating the fx for a phase gateway.
4611686245349170000 cnvFxeLoader
4611686245760280001 magDebugUtil Tools for debugging mags
4611686245760280003 vehBoneModelData Contains bone data for a vehicle model spec
4611686245760280007 vehBoneDataProtoData Prototype type for the vehBoneData table.
4611686245784050000 vehBoneData The data for a bone in a given vehicle model.
4611686246215360001 appAlignmentAppearanceData Datatable for complexion and skin changes due to alignment
4611686246272900000 chrCurrencyCategoryTable Class to store data defined in the chrCurrencyCategoryTable datatable
4611686246272900001 chrCurrencyCategoryDetails Contains the details for the currency categories, from the chrCurrencyCategoryTable datatable
4611686246431350001 mpnBindpointsData Container for all bindpoint data.
4611686246742660008 cmdClientCommandParams Client slash commands table parameters
4611686246742660009 cmdClientSlashCommandsDatatable Client slash commands datatable class
4611686246968630002 dcvConversation Stores constant tweakable values for the conversation system
4611686247038860001 lgcAccountLegacyData
4611686247209800003 cmdCallScriptParams class to hold the cmd params
4611686247269980000 itmEnhancementExtractionTable holds costs to extract mods from items, built from datatable
4611686250205590030 lgcLegacyRelationship
4611686250306040000 utlShipInfoProto Maps character class to information about the ship for that player class.
4611686250353070001 guiLoadingStages_Prototype Stores the various loading stages the client goes through while entering an area and their contribution to the total loading percentage.
4611686250376310001 utlShipInfoForCharacterClass Information about the player ship for one character class.
4611686250406450001 gldNotesInfo Replicated container for notes (either Member or Officer) regarding a member of the guild.
4611686250413470000 guiGfxCredits
4611686250677990002 accEntitlementData Data pertaining to a single entitlement for an account.
4611686250704350002 lgcLegacyExperienceRecord Contains legacy level and experience data for a single level.
4611686250704350004 lgcLegacyExperienceData Contains a list of legacy level and experience data, pulled from a datatable.
4611686250740650000 cbtAttitudeComponent component that stores, tracks, and makes attitude adjustments
4611686252297580000 kwpDebug kwp debug
4611686281018600000 ahItemCategories auction house item categories
4611686281018600001 ahItemSubCategories auction house item subcategories
4611686281018600009 ahItemCategory auction house item category
4611686330399300000 cbtArmorTable Prototype generated from cbtArmorTable
4611686330399300001 cbtArmorDetails Armor details for a given armor spec
4611686330410540000 plcAlwaysConversablesTable List of plc fqns that are always conversable
9223372036862100082 ablUserComponent Component for Entities that can use an ability
9223372036862140149 effCustomComponent custom scripts for effects are implemented here
9223372036862310101 tmrTimer the timer node
9223372036862310102 tmrDatatable front end to timers datatable
9223372036862310108 tmrContainerComponent component for entities that hold timers
9223372036862310109 tmrOracle the TIMER system node
9223372036862520241 guiApiGfxGets gets
9223372036862520253 guiActionUsable action
9223372036864833110 cbtEnemiesComponent component to track ones enemies in combat
9223372072822270000 guiApiGfxUpdateChrCompanion companion selector UI var updates
9223372073786570001 chrSummary Describes a character for the character creation process with a minimal set of data. Full characters are created from this data.
9223372077100370000 cbtCombatProfiler
9223372077242072501 gldOracle Guild oracle.
9223372077242072506 gldMasterComponent Component for NPCs that allow guild creation.
9223372077243570008 gldNode Node for all of a guild's data.
9223372077245472422 tagTable
9223372077276270000 chrBugTrackerComponent
9223372077285670005 bugTopicsTable
9223372077496870001 gldMemberComponent Component on player characters for guild logic.
9223372077496870002 gldMemberInfo Shared data for a guild member.


id name description
3775000055 enum_dockMode docking mode
17622000052 TargetTypes defines type of target
18334000030 font
20348000056 soundSizes
24923000059 DraggableIconSources Identifies what the source was when I picked up an icon
24923000066 DraggableIconTypes Marks what kind of icon is being dragged
32967000054 WhoLaunchedBanner
35321000009 GraphStyle GUIGraph display style
53212000080 collectionEnums Enumeration of the valid collection types for the collectionUtils script.
53212000083 elementRemovalEnums Enum dictating how elements should be removed from a collection.
61787000078 SETTINGS_VALUE_TYPE Client side settings sytem.
65959000097 IconDropTargetResponse
65959000106 specloadstatuses Status of the wyrSpec
69163000080 _PlayModeStates Possible settings for play mode
72512000105 GUIalign Determines placement of text within a label
76877000171 AmbientSoundTypes Ambient Sound Types
76877000462 FxStartMethods grid width of mirror
76877000463 fxStopMethods grid width of mirror
76877000470 LightTypes
76877000476 FlareModes inner sphere of a 3d sound
76877000477 FlarePlacements inner sphere of a 3d sound
76877000491 FxRunStates used to set the rotation of an instance when created
76877000492 FxEvents used to set the rotation of an instance when created
76877000493 FxStates used to set the rotation of an instance when created
76877000532 FxTimerTypes
76877000729 InterpolationCurve script name for transform3d
82478000216 TransformAxes list of axes that can be transformed
93331640555 ModelStartMethods start methods for models in fx system
93331640556 ModelStopMethods ways to stop a model in fx system
93348591256 AnimationModes List of common basemodes
93490351854 _InputMouseTypes
93568141233 _StateActionExecutionLocations Enumeration of the locations to which the state action object should be executed.
93747400305 FxMultiTargetBehaviors
93753770619 FxCloneStartMethods when to start a clone
93756320001 WaterTypes
93859100077 windowResizeDirections Directions in which a window may be resized
94113130532 _EnvironmentalEffects Different effects such as rain, snow, hailstorm, etc.
94120480070 _nodeCollectionLocations Indicates where a hsl node collection is located.
94154970254 MirrorShapes shapes of a mirror
94156210066 _GUICrudButtonLocations Determines the location in which the create/remove/update buttons panel will be displayed.
94265900038 windowScrollDirections The directions in which a scrollable panel may be scrolled
94295900215 _AlertLocations A list of locations for $ALERT GUIs.
94447630112 sortableCollectionCellTypes Allowable types of cells
94447630114 _WaterCollision types of camera/water collision
95070802417 StringCaseTypes
4611686018433070008 chrAttributeId identifier for character attributes (MUST UPDATE CLIENT VERSION WHEN CHANGING)
4611686018434550178 guiHudElements the hud elements
4611686018434630018 grpResult result codes for player grouping operations (NOTE: do not update without updating client grpResult)
4611686018435683028 chrCompanionPostureId settings for a companion character's combat "posture"
4611686018437791411 chrProfessionId_DEPRECATED character class enum
4611686018447080237 itmBindingRuleId how does an item bind to the user?
4611686018447080255 conSlotId container slot types (DO NOT EDIT WITHOUT UPDATING CLIENT)
4611686018467350030 guiIconButtonType type of icon
4611686018467551972 itmQuickslotActionType type
4611686018483436317 staBrainType types of cognitive states
4611686018486673510 staCharStateType character state machine types
4611686018505192446 effResult effect operation result code
4611686018934090162 staBrainStateType type
4611686018961469726 staMobilityType mobility state of character
4611686019004409225 staCombatModeType what type of combat character is in (ranged? melee? etc)
4611686019013950166 utlSyncType client server type
4611686019038290010 staFxHandleType dd
4611686019044750090 cnvStateActionDELETE_ME possible actions occuring when a cnvState is transmitted to the client
4611686019044750315 cbtAnimNote valid anim notes
4611686019044750323 cbtAnimSequence sequence
4611686019066509676 cnvStateId state a conversation participant is in
4611686019149850878 conResult container operation result code
4611686019152400751 qstVariableValueType enumeration of value types for variable definition
4611686019202030588 itmQualityType Item quality for purposes of UI display
4611686019354793237 cnvResult result code for conversation operations
4611686019383126693 spnType type of the spawned thing
4611686019412350018 flytext_style Draw style for a piece of flytext
4611686019559810097 guiMouseCursorState The mouse cursor visuals are made up of the state and the action
4611686019559810099 guiMouseCursorAction The mouse cursor visual is made up of the state and the action
4611686019685730780 cnvQuestIndication how this conversation relates to the char's quests
4611686019754150195 aiAbilityType type of ability from the perspective of ai use
4611686019792713003 ablAutoAttackMode auto-attack behavior of this ability
4611686019802850032 effStunType what type of stun behavior this effect has
4611686021264611625 cbtRewardLockStateEnum describes the lock states for an NPC
4611686021395495655 qstDifficultyEnum describes difficulty levels of quests
4611686021622020064 edgarDummy1 test gom echo
4611686022237305910 cbtAttitudeEnum settings for forcing hostilty or friendliness
4611686022537691141 staWeaponStateType visual weapon state
4611686022679359987 staStanceType visual stance character is in
4611686022932430642 dbgPrimitiveTypeEnum
4611686023291411366 qstEligibility quest eligibility state for a given character
4611686023350830630 TriggerClass A class type for triggers.
4611686025546397479 tstFixtureSetupState the setup state
4611686025952330074 cvrVisualizeStatus the status of a visualized cover point
4611686026207090006 cvrExposeState what exposed state the character in cover is in
4611686026410550036 chrBehaviorCoverState coverstate
4611686026656750024 chrTypeId Type of character a node represents
4611686027202943067 repTestEnum
4611686027462984735 tstCowEnumType
4611686028440048708 qa2209
4611686028865570021 edgar_byf01
4611686029082870038 FxLifetimeControlEnum Dictates how the FxPlaceable controls spawned Fx lifetimes
4611686029292670017 chrAnimControlParameter
4611686029944670000 itmStackableComponent component for items that can stacked in a container slot
4611686030163470000 hydTriggerBlock trigger properties for a specific hydraScript made in the Hydra editor
4611686030312077300 pthTraversalStyle
4611686030312077323 pthMoveDirection
4611686030312152291 aiHydraCommandName
4611686030367775504 pthTraversalSpeed The speed at which to traverse a path template
4611686030368870040 chrBehaviorWaypointStyle How is the character getting to the waypoint?
4611686031022270084 chrBehaviorStateMan_States Valid states for the various aesthetic state machines.
4611686031022477485 ObjectSearchScope specifies a scope used to find objects in the game world
4611686031079276725 HydraObjectType this enum lists the types of game entities that can be used as 'objects' within the context of a Hydra Object-Action-Value (OAV)
4611686031191328764 ActivatorShape
4611686031359470012 chrBehaviorLocoType Used to branch movement behavior based on body type.
4611686031694070052 appValidSlot Valid slot names for appearance slots
4611686031927970015 utlPreloadTypeEnum
4611686031943201772 aiRallyBehaviorEnum
4611686033280570021 ProjectionTypes Projection types for ProjectorNodes
4611686034008370004 vndResult vendor operation result code
4611686034720470058 ablUserStateType
4611686034720470074 ablTrainerResult Transaction codes for ability trainer
4611686034967270009 hydObjectSelfType
4611686035003170000 taxResult possible outcomes for taxis
4611686035170370010 jumpManStates tracks states for jumping, falling, and slipping
4611686035197170108 chrBehaviorDelegateType
4611686035199970006 stgCameraRedirectTypeEnum defines the primary conditions that dictate stage camera redirection
4611686035258070007 YesNoUnset
4611686035390470000 maaClientNewEnum
4611686035692070000 vehType
4611686035926770011 _spera sdadasd
4611686036226370230 sndFootstepType footstep enumeration
4611686037124970001 GameState
4611686037686270015 ssAlexClientEnum
4611686037691070008 ssAlexSharedEnum
4611686038375170000 DELETE_ME_modStatEnum
4611686038375170007 modStatEnum
4611686038430870017 cbtFactionEnum
4611686038531070011 ssalexk1ClientEnum
4611686038542470005 edgar_my_styff_01
4611686038577070018 chrLocoAnim_SpeedType
4611686038625170033 bbClientEnum
4611686038774670017 ssnClientEnum
4611686038778370959 qstPrivacyType
4611686038919070022 ssbuffonClientEnum
4611686039056570048 kpClientEnum
4611686039056570060 sssperaClientEnum
4611686039170170003 grpLootRuleType
4611686039325670000 npcAppearanceOverrideType Type to identify any overrides for an NPC's appearance
4611686039404270003 effParamEnum Parameter names for dojo actions,conditions, etc
4611686039404270023 effActionEnum
4611686039404270024 effConditionEnum
4611686039404270025 effTriggerEnum
4611686039404270026 effTargetOverrideEnum
4611686039404270027 effInitializerEnum
4611686039404270034 effParamTypeEnum
4611686039453170103 sklLayoutConnectorDirection directions of connectors
4611686039510470005 edgar_test_byf_slow Tsting response on the system
4611686039510470007 edgar_test_byf_slowb Tsting response on the system
4611686039510470008 edgar_test_byf_slowc Tsting response on the system
4611686039526870418 edgarisajerk
4611686039578270008 utlMathComparisonEnum
4611686039578270029 chrMapNoteType Enumeration of the types of map notes
4611686039911570047 modStatTypeEnum Stat mod types
4611686040145570001 chrInteractionType
4611686040393370017 qstRewardsVisibility Different types of visibility for the quest rewards panel
4611686040393370021 mapExplorationTypes
4611686040393370102 LBClientEnum
4611686040954770004 sssergeymClientEnum
4611686041158370007 vtClientEnum
4611686041184270005 vtSharedEnum
4611686041492170000 cbtToughnessEnum
4611686041492170007 cbtComparisonEnum
4611686041492170011 cbtActorEnum
4611686041492170023 cbtSlotEnum
4611686041563370000 cbtBuffTypeEnum
4611686041585270007 ssboryaClientEnum
4611686041585270010 hydTriggerDeactivateType
4611686041633570000 cbtTypeEnum
4611686041633570006 cbtKnockdownEnum
4611686041826970006 flytext_category flytext categories
4611686041866470007 ssalexk3ClientEnum
4611686041866470016 gmCameraStates
4611686041971870000 insTypeEnum Enumeration of the instance types.
4611686041971870085 ssJenekClientEnum
4611686042035370374 ssJnkmSharedEnum
4611686042613370006 ssfoxClientEnum
4611686042613370052 ssJnkLClientEnum
4611686042712970005 ssJnkLSharedEnum
4611686043257070003 flytext_behavior flytext behaviors
4611686043588270021 prfProfessionType
4611686044396970004 sndGruntEvt
4611686044396970053 prfResult profession operation result code
4611686044410170004 chrBehaviorMoveStateEnum Movement state used by set behave calls to server
4611686044592570074 strVariantType Gender Variants for String Tables
4611686044747770005 guiTooltipColorEnum
4611686044747770031 guiChrPanels list of secondary character sheet panels
4611686044974570000 prfDisassembleType
4611686045615573151 cbtAttributeEnum
4611686046837870021 gmGalaxyMapErrors
4611686046978570023 cbtSpellTypeEnum
4611686047184270031 effProjectileTrajectoryEnum
4611686047184270039 guiPortraitStyleEnum parameters for guiPortrait:UpdatePortrait()
4611686047184270043 utlLosEnum Types of line-of-sight between characters
4611686048022170037 prfProfessionCategoryType
4611686048022170039 optOptionScopeEnum Where this option will be located
4611686048022171295 optTypeEnum
4611686048217870022 effAppearanceActionEnum
4611686048217870024 effAppearanceParamEnum
4611686048217870030 effAppearanceConditionEnum
4611686048217870037 effAppearanceActorEnum
4611686048217870051 effAppearancePriorityEnum
4611686048217870086 effAppearanceProjectileTrajectoryEnum
4611686048438270048 cbtMusicState Combat music state
4611686048741571021 effAppearanceBodyTypesEnum
4611686048774471025 plcPathfindingBehaviorType Each of the possible pathfinding behaviors
4611686049896071020 effAppearanceImplicitVariableEnum
4611686049916571021 cnvPrivacy
4611686049988871020 effAppearanceVariablyTypeEnum
4611686050077771094 sklTreeFailureCode skilltree error codes
4611686050231871030 nppType NPC appearance types
4611686050299071021 wzTeamEnum Warzone Team
4611686050299071023 wzControlStateEnum Warzone Control State
4611686050344471027 qaswAlexmClientEnum
4611686050587171022 prfTaskTypeEnum
4611686050587171072 kajsfhjkashfkjashfjkClientEnum
4611686050587171130 chrPlayMode List of different play modes
4611686050892871058 prfWorkstationType
4611686050972171021 trdStatusEnum Status of a requested or in-progress trade.
4611686051000371029 qaswClientEnum
4611686051026771053 cnvJoinEligibilityStatus Eligibility Status Types
4611686051026771061 prfProfessionDifficultyType
4611686051065271175 chrCompanionVariablePostfixEnum Enumeration to keep track of precomputed companion variable names. IF YOU MODIFY THIS ENUMERATION YOU *MUST* REBUILD THE CHRCOMPANIONINFO PROTOTYPE. If you don't know how to do this you probably shouldn't be modifying this enumeration.
4611686051087871021 socFriendStatus
4611686051087871038 socWinTabType Social Window Tab type for the GUI
4611686051087871043 prfProfessionSubtype profession subcategory
4611686051156871021 trdResult Secure Trade result codes
4611686051481371065 chrLocoAi_State
4611686051563471026 dejaParameterEnum
4611686051651471033 chrMoveAutoTestPathStyle
4611686051686671061 guiRegisteredPaths Actionscript paths that are registered and cached to avoid having to do seraches through the hierarchy each time. guiRP_Root is a special case that does not require registration.
4611686051775571042 sndBankStatusEnum Load status of a sound bank
4611686051880971050 strGuiMiscEnum Enums for strings in sts.gui.misc, mapped with the datatable strGuiMiscEnumToStringId
4611686052136271091 qstCompanionGlobalVariableEnum
4611686052162972206 itmEnhancementCategory
4611686052236571078 prfSchematicResearchChance
4611686052350871026 qstStatusUpdateTypeEnum
4611686052492331194 itmEnhancementModificationType
4611686052911731191 itmEnhancementResult
4611686053415631291 itmEnhancementStationType
4611686053680031193 msbSkin Mission board skin
4611686053680031206 msbStateEnum Mission board state enum
4611686054011931193 itmGiftType
4611686054011931204 chrCompanionGiftInterest
4611686054011931255 chrCompanionAffectionRank
4611686054636331192 chrRegenTypeEnum The behavior of our regen. Generally there will be one per class
4611686055050031217 itmEnhancementSubCategory
4611686055272531254 fxUsedInScript Enumeration for mapping to hardcoded FX specs
4611686055272531289 utlVfxKey
4611686055466631194 mmsStatusEnum Players current status in the match making system
4611686055741335190 cbtImpulseCenterEnum
4611686056165231245 PrototypeLoadingBehavior Enumeration of supported loading behaviors for shared and client prototypes
4611686056430831191 ahNetworkEnum Auction house network IDs, configured on a per-terminal basis
4611686056430831196 wzScoreboardStatEnum Statistics, both base and calculated, for the Scoreboard
4611686057021031228 ahSortTypeEnum Sort types for auction search results. Changes must be mirrored in the Auction::AuctionSortType enum on the auction server.
4611686057050331192 cnvActionTypeEnum enums for Hook or Variable as a conversation action
4611686058678731223 scTargetingType The targetting behavior of a space combat vehicle
4611686058777031203 chrFaction
4611686058896131191 scDamageTrailEnum Damage trail type
4611686059011431192 scDifficultyEnum Difficulty level of the active space combat mission
4611686059276331193 wzRewardEnum Possible types of warzone rewards
4611686059297231191 npcCreatureType
4611686059383931205 itmAuctionSubcategoryEnum
4611686059383931206 itmAuctionCategoryEnum
4611686059662631192 cbtSpamFilterType
4611686060437332440 gldEvent Enumeration of all possible guild events, such as member login or promotion.
4611686060593232378 itmRestrictionType
4611686060793431199 ahSearchIdEnum IDs for tracking different sets of search results in the UI, HSL, and the auction server.
4611686061050431191 qstShareResult Result of a share request
4611686062321531192 ablDescriptionTokenTypeEnum the different types of tokens for descriptions
4611686062484931198 scUpgradeValueType Upgrade types enumeration
4611686062692231192 qstCreditAmountType
4611686062700531203 pcTargetEnum Utility enum for primary and focus target
4611686062907131192 optOptionAvailableEnum option availability category
4611686063186931192 pvpDuelingStateEnum Enum defining the dueling state a player is in
4611686064201931191 grpRollPriority
4611686064222431193 gmPlanetState Hints for GUI about the planets
4611686064243731191 cnvPolishLevelEnum Level of polish enumeration for conversations
4611686064262831191 chrBodyTypeEnum
4611686065405431191 gldWindowStateEnum Valid top-level states of the guild window.
4611686065405431192 gldWindowCreationSubstateEnum Valid substates of the guild window while in the Creation state.
4611686065405431193 gldWindowTabIndexEnum Tab indices for the guild window while in the Guilded state.
4611686065610531267 q_edgar_byf_07 some junk goes here
4611686065957431192 guiDialogAlignmentEnum Alignment options for createDialog invoke.
4611686066107831194 socOverheadChatType chat types used for color differentiation
4611686067118331191 scUpgradeWeaponType An entry for each upgradable weapon type name
4611686067285431218 qstRewardsType
4611686068424831191 phsGatewayStateEnum enumeration for the state of an instance gateway, relating to a particular player character
4611686068424831192 phsEjectReasonEnum why a player got ejected from an instance
4611686068424831193 phsTypeEnum Enumeration of the instance types.
4611686068843031193 prfSkillResult
4611686069586731191 fxTargetColors Targeting vfx have different colors based on targeters attitude to target
4611686069677131191 scShipMovementType How do we process movement and updates?
4611686070072131192 optGroupMapNotesModeEnum Mode to indicate how group map notes should appear on the map
4611686070436131191 ctlTargetSelectionEnum What kind of targets to select
4611686071546547391 conOwnerType Enum used to tell the gui what type the owner of a container type is
4611686071691153992 kynFacingModeType Facing modes for kyn movement: normal, forward, target
4611686073013608591 itmRollState Roll state as the group loot transaction proceeds.
4611686073170845191 mpnIconDrawStates If / how to draw a mapnote icon on the map.
4611686073860114791 cbtDemeanorEnum Represents state on whether an entity can be attacked, supported, or neither
4611686073930719591 cbtCreatureType Creature types used for combat conditionals
4611686074629095283 dynDoorPathState Door path state
4611686075692863391 arbTimerEnum Names of arbiter timers. Needs to be in sync with arbTimers datatable
4611686075758872391 decelType Causes for deceleration in movement for AI
4611686077667233791 ahResult Auction House result and error codes
4611686078179865198 mpnConditions List of all mapnote types. Needs to include everything in the enum in MapNoteTemplate.cs
4611686078192873791 malErrorCode Mail error codes
4611686080270197596 CharacterSelectTransitioningEnum where character select is transitioning to
4611686080308412392 MapIconType List of the map icon types, for use by mapOracle's map icon system.
4611686080942381593 cnvForceRewardTypeEnum Indicates if this reward affects light or dark side alignments
4611686081837036191 chrRelativeColor Enum values used to coordinate coloring of effects and nameplates
4611686082743523591 TreeBackgroundColorType
4611686083182756194 cnvJoinState invited, local, holocom, declined
4611686083611568191 pvpLocationTypeEnum Determines the pvp behavior for a location (region or area)
4611686083755877994 sysInputEvent
4611686084319687782 chrGenderEnum Supported Character Genders
4611686084388592791 socSocialListType Who, Friends, Ignore, etc.
4611686084523098791 conDraggerTargets A listing of all possible dragger sources and destinations
4611686084660108191 cmdSlashCommandRestrictedConditionsEnum Conditions that restrict the usage of certain slash commands
4611686084928028391 trvTravelTypeEnum Type of travel
4611686085479255191 aisAvailabilityEnum Area instance availability for travel enum
4611686085950661591 grpMsgTypeEnum group message types to broadcast
4611686086145961591 ccsState Enumartion of character creation states. Each state represents a step in the character creation wizard
4611686087463469992 ccsStageMarkType Mark types for character creation
4611686088490169991 qstRelativeDifficultyEnum describes relative diffuclty of quests vs player
4611686088654869991 effEventTargetDetailsSideEffects
4611686089551969998 CLODLevel Combat LOD level
4611686089551969999 CLODState Combat LOD State
4611686090794369991 mntResult Result of various mount validations
4611686092320569994 chrResourceTypeEnum
4611686092875369992 rpcBand Remote call bands
4611686093816269994 ablAbilityType The source of the ability
4611686094465569993 movieEnum Used to reference movies in script without having to reference an asset directly
4611686094465569996 movieStateEnum Movie state taken from enum MoviePlayerState in C++
4611686096417569994 chrWeaponVisibilityEnum Supported character weapon visibility types
4611686096982469991 MapIconDrawLimits Indicates which map types this icon can appear on
4611686101506370021 spnResult
4611686113878025042 gldRankPermissionsEnum Bit indices for each guild rank permission.
4611686124347725041 socMsgType signals to client for message and string table types
4611686141819825041 chatChannelEnum An enumeration for the chat channels
4611686141823655041 mapMapTypes Map types enum.
4611686141849325041 qckLinkType
4611686141984440002 hcaAssetKeyEnum Key to be referenced in scripts for hardcoded asset mapping
4611686142092720002 scUpgradeOperatorType Special operation action when applying a given upgrade
4611686142609550000 tutTutorialEvent Tutorial enumeration
4611686143414010000 csrCSPortalRequestEnum CS Portal client requests to the CS knowledge database
4611686143414010001 httpRequestEnum HTTP request types: GET, PUT, POST, DELETE
4611686170009670001 chrCompanionResult Result of a summon request or dismissal
4611686170044610000 cnvMissionBoardResult result codes for mission board requests
4611686170421340000 chrCompanionMasterCompanionAwayStatusType The different types of why the companion is away
4611686175682550001 chrAlignmentEnum Enumeration of the different alignment types.
4611686188185230000 optValidationResultEnum result of option value validation
4611686188245260000 guiTooltipNumberFormatEnum
4611686188567180000 strWellKnownTextVariant This enum mirrors the C# enum WellKnownTextVariant. It is uesd to specify which variant of localized text or voiceover to retrieve.
4611686188819843251 cbtOutcome
4611686189006413252 resourceRegenRate
4611686198325860000 csrCmdIds CS Command Ids
4611686198479220000 malMailTabEnum The tabs of the mail gui window
4611686225997150002 chrCompanionStatus
4611686226097910002 phsFlashpointDifficultyEnum The possible kinds of flashpoint difficulty settings.
4611686226383610528 chrCurrencyTransactionTypeEnum Transaction identifiers to describe what sort of transaction caused a currency change event.
4611686226567770000 cdxTypeStyle Enum for the codex to have a different visual appearance
4611686227489920000 utlVfxAttachmentStyleEnum Describes different styles of attaching a visual effect to a utlVfxComponent
4611686238648112311 phsRaidMemberPhaseEntryRule Possible restrictions for raid members entering various phase types.
4611686245047800000 hyperlinkType Hyperlink Types
4611686245047800002 hyperlinkErrorType Hyperlink Error Types
4611686246224010000 enumSTBLoadState State of mass-load of STB data at startup. Used to block progression from Char Select/Create
4611686246443690000 ConPersistentContainerType Types of persistent containers (required for db)
4611686246477640000 FXPriority defines priority levels for the FX priority system used to cull FX for performance
4611686246477640001 FXChannel defines FX channels used by FX Priority System to prevent too many FX of the same type from running
4611686246742660000 cmdRestrictedConditions Restricted conditions for slash commands enumeration
4611686247413660000 fxeLoadState FXE Load states on the client
4611686247443240000 legacyDisplayType different
4611686247459340001 appSlotParam Enumeration of parameters that can be used for appearance shaders. Enumeration values will be used as strings in C++, so precision is necessary
4611686247664520000 enumNPCGender NPC gender, including proper and improper, and Neutral genders
4611686250044750000 phsShipLeavingMessage Describes the type of message to displayed to a group member inside a hangar phase when the owner leaves on his ship.
4611686250205590029 lgcLegacyRelationship Type of legacy relationship a character has with another character in the legacy (child, friend, ally etc.).
4611686250306680000 csrTicketState Enumeration of ticket states
4611686252551980000 tutEnabledEnum An enumeration to store if the tutorial system is enabled or if the field has not yet been initialized
4611686280579390000 grpInviteStatusEnum The status of the invite for the player which determines which invite message to display.
4611686281363400002 trvAreaInstanceTransferAllowedResultEnum enum for checking whether area instance transfer is allowed
4611686281555440000 stgActorHoloState not, temporary, permanent
4611686282017990000 aitCharacterInstanceTransferStageEnum area instance transfer character instance transfer stage enum
9223372036862306550 cbtDamageType type of damage
9223372036862800329 tgtTargettingRule different types of targetting
9223372077243570006 gldResult Result values for guilds.


id name description
30002 maxCameraCollisionPitchDegrees pitching back when the camera hits the ground
40005 InputCameraZoomTarget Integer value of the mousewheel stop I want to zoom to.
40010 InputCameraForceFirstPerson data
40020 InputCameraWheelStops the number of stops when zooming with the mouse wheel
40021 InputCameraWheelZoomSpeed speed at which the camera moves
40022 InputCameraVerticalMouseSpeed factor mult by vert speed
3758000003 name
3758000004 Script
3758000006 _currentAreaInstance
3758000262 character_position
3758000263 character_rotation
3775000024 x x coordinate
3775000025 y y coordinate
3775000026 r red color value
3775000027 g green color value
3775000028 b blue color value
3775000029 a alpha color value
3775000030 l float
3775000031 min minumum value
3775000032 max maximum value
3775000033 top top of the window
3775000034 bottom bottom of the window
3775000035 left left of the window
3775000036 right right of the window
3775000042 guiColor color value
3775000043 guiPosition an xy position
3775000044 size an xy size
3775000045 set has this been set
3775000047 horizontal horizontal
3775000048 vertical vertical
3775000050 center center
3775000051 vcenter vcenter
3775000052 singleLine no word wrap
3775000053 wordBreak wordbreak
3775000060 visible visibility flag
3775000061 enabled enabled flag
3775000062 minimumSize minimum size of control
3775000063 maximumSize maximum size of control
3775000064 anchor anchoring flags of a control
3775000065 dockMode docking mode of control
3775000067 opacityModifier opacity modifier of control
3775000068 texture texture FQN of control
3775000069 guiScale scale of control
3775000071 tiling tiling directon(s)
3775000072 defaultStatePresentation uv of control in default state
3775000073 disabledStatePresentation uv of control in disabled state
3775000074 hoverStatePresentation uv of control in hover state
3775000075 selectedStatePresentation uv of control in selected state
3775000076 selectedDisabledStatePresentation uv of control in selected and disabled state
3775000077 children children controls contained within this control
3775000078 build to instruct the ghost class to build set to true
3775000080 ignoreMouseEvents Ignore Mouse Events
3775000081 parent ref to the node of the parent
3775000082 type the name of the prototype
3775000083 popup is this control a popup
3775000084 inheritDisabledState inherit Disabled state from parents?
3775000085 inheritSelectedState inherit Selected state from parents?
3775000086 inheritHoveringState inherit Hovering state from parents?
3775000087 gotoTopOnMouseDown is this control a popup
3775000088 copy is this a copy
3775000089 prototype the prototype that this node was created from
3775000090 inheritedFrom the prototype that this node inheritedFrom
3775000091 protoCopiedFrom the prototype that this was copied from
3775000092 treePath the path
3775000093 text anchors to right flag
3775000094 textFormat text formating options
3775000095 autoSetHeight automatically size height of label
3775000097 resize resize flags of a control
3775000102 owner Set this to the ScrollablePanel which should be affected.
3775000103 scrollDirection One of UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT. The direction which this button moves its ScrollablePanel
3775000104 isHorizontal if horizontal set to true, if vertical set to false
3775000108 area area
3775000109 guiOffset offset
3775000110 scrollsBy amount to scrollby in pixels
3775000111 scrollButtonRepeat scrollButtonRepeat
3775000112 scrollbarAutoHide scrollbarAutoHide
3775000114 checked Checked or not
3775000118 maxLen the maximum length
3775000119 isMultiLine true for multiline false for a single line
3775000120 historySize the number of history items to track
3775000122 guiRange the min/max range
3775000123 increment the amount to increment the value by
3775000124 forceInteger force the value to be an integer
3775000126 goesDown value goes down rather then up
3775000129 pos the position value
3775000130 padding the amount of padding on each side
3775000133 columns the number of columns
3775000137 source the source node
3775000139 lastPopup last popup
3775000141 alt alt key pressed
3775000142 ctrl control key pressed
3775000143 shift shift key pressed
3775000144 keyCode keyCode of the key that was pressed
3775000146 key A key
3777000002 TexturePartIndex
3777000004 TextureBankName
3777000013 TextureLayerName
3777000014 TexturePieceName
3777000015 TexturePaletteIndex
3777000016 TexturePaletteName
3777000026 wrappedControl The control that the wrapper is wrapping
3777000027 cover cover for this wrapper
3777000028 newControl Is this a new control(true), or is it part of the prototype(false)
3777000029 visFake
3777000031 modifier reference to modifier
3777000032 movebox reference to movebox
3777000033 selectedControl The currectly selected control
3777000034 hover The GUIControl under the mouse
3777000035 mouseDownPos The x,y position of the mouse when the button was pressed
3777000036 bDrag Flag set for drag events
3777000037 updateInfo
3777000038 GUInodeList List of GUI controls
3777000039 confirmDelete Display Confirm box on delete
3777000041 GUIeditorPtr A pointer to the GUIeditor
3876000001 gluedtonode
3876000002 worldspaceoffset
4492000013 toFunction
4492000014 args
4680000001 fadeDistance blah blah, gui controls fade out at this distance
6202000001 textPadding
6342000025 camOffset
6342000026 camName
6342000031 lookAtNextPause
6342000032 zoomPause
6342000033 panPause
6342000096 iconFQN
6342000106 camPath
6342000109 wheelDelta
8343000011 autosetarea autosetarea
8343000025 textDefaultColor text default color
8343000026 textDisabledColor text disabled color
8518000002 cursorName cursor name
8636000001 readOnly read-only flag
11628000030 allowMultipleSelections Boolean for GUI Select Boxes which determines whether multiple simultaneous selections are possible
11628000059 GUIPopupTimer Timer for GUI Popup elements
11628000060 GUIPopdownTimer Timer until GUI Popup elements go away
14774000143 toScript Destination script for a remotecall.
15078000022 controlToAnimate
15078000023 timeIndex
15078000030 GUIanimationArgs Arguments for GUI animation
15567000005 GUIanimationMode
15765000002 animation
15848000020 repeatCnt
16311000015 GUIAnimationTimer
16720000006 originalFloatValue
16720000048 selected selected flag
16720000050 ignoredragdropevents ignore drag/drop events flag
16869001164 myTimer Generic timer field
16869001166 timerData generic data storage for a generic timer class
17622000053 _tgtType Type of target
17622000054 _tgtID id of single target node
17622000055 _tgtIDList list of ids for a multinode target
17622000056 _tgtBone Name of bone to target on the specified targetID
17622000057 _tgtPosition position in space to target
17622000058 _tgtPositionList list of positions
18334000029 textureFilter texture filtering
18334000031 displayfont display font
18334000081 skipTextureAlphaTest skip texture alpha test
21227000002 GUIPopupClosedTimer Timer saying this Popup has closed, don't reopen
21694000004 guiRotation rotation
24923000040 allowMove allow GUIMovePanel to move
26343000142 handled Indicates that an event has been handled.
26343000143 LeftButton Indicates the LeftButton was down for the ServerMouseEvents class.
26343000144 RightButton Indicates the RightButton was down for the ServerMouseEvents class.
27042000068 allowDuplicateSelectBoxItems Determines whether a select box may contain duplicate items
27042000071 autosortSelectBox Determines whether a select box gets automatically resorted
28802000001 allowStickyBottom
30667000018 fileName
30667000019 cineScript Name of the script handling the stuff happening during this cinematic
30667000020 cineServerScript Server script to call when we are done playing the cinematic
30667000021 cinePath Path that the camera will follow during the cinematic
30667000022 cineMusic Music to be played during the cinematic
30667000023 cineBanner Banner to display when the cinematic is complete
30667000034 cineStatus status of the cinematic
30667000060 bnTimer timer for display of banners
30667000067 bnFadeInTime fade in time
30667000068 bnFadeOutTime fade out time
30667000069 bnDisplayTime display time
32102000009 _dfCaster the caster
32102000010 _dfTarget the target
32102000011 _dfTimer its a timer doof
32102000019 moveResizeControlTimer
32102000021 currentCmd
32967000055 bnLaunchedFrom notes what system launched the banner so we know who to call at end
40667000001 layer
41742000156 rowColor1 Default color for rows.
41742000157 rowColor2 Default alternate color for rows.
41742000158 columnSortOrder Hierarchy by which columns are sorted
41742000159 reverseSortOrder Sort by reverse alphabetical (or whatever) order
42148000005 firstGUIListItemClicked Holds a reference to the last item clicked in a select box
42271000324 gmNoteDrawString One drawstring from the Input_Drawing script.
45220000005 dropShadowAlpha drop shadow alpha
45220000007 columnWidths the width of each column
45220000012 autoCenter auto centering
45220000020 interrupt prevent input event from being processed normally
46319000014 GUILayerStates List of currently stored GUI Layer states
46319000015 GUILayerStack All currently stored layer states
46319000016 GUILayerPushedBy System which requested an archived layer state
46319000022 processMarkup should GUILabel process markup
46721000004 alphamask alpha mask for GUI controls
48817000019 proxyForID Id of the hbnode that represents the player for this particular playerData node.
48817000023 ccCollapsed Tracks if a control is collapsed or not
48817000204 LastMousePosition Stores last known position of mouse
48817000271 argsList
48817000272 animationScript
51295000079 anlScript Script to call to inform of the animation note
51295000081 anlAnimatingNodeID ID of node involved in listening for animation note
51295000084 anlListeningNodeID node listenings for a particular animation
51295000087 anlNote the text of the note we are listening for
52230000021 _sndFadeTimer timer to handle fadeing of a sound
52230000022 _sndFadeStart Start volume of fade
52230000023 _sndFadeStop Stop volume of fade
52970000072 textInputTimer Timer to delay handling of text input box keypresses
52970000189 tabScrollingTimer timer to scroll tab groups left and right while dragging
52970000191 LastControlID Last gui control the mouse dealt with
52970000192 PathVisualizers
54314000073 _collectionID The node ID of a collection representation on the client
54314000087 GUIListItemWithFocus Holds a reference to the item in a select box or GUICollection that has focus
54314000116 command an input command
61787000145 _dfDynData Used for passing in dynamic data for use in an Fx
63957000029 tooltip
63957000139 tooltipSingleton
65617000079 glomClass
65959000004 territoryCoreList
65959000060 ddtControlID ID of the control being dragged
65959000074 ddtLastControlEntered Last gui control entered
65959000077 ddtIsDragging true means we are currently dragging
65959000306 ddtOffset offset position of mouse and drag control
66944000077 LastControlPosition Last known position of control when we started tracking the mouse
66944000089 LastOffset difference between mouse and control position
68019000075 NPEnode
68019000076 NPEfields
68019000094 SOPEtype
68019000104 baseGUIClass
69388000001 dormant
69388000316 trStageName
69388000317 trStartStageZoom
69388000318 trTargetStageZoom
69388000319 trIgnoreStageZoom
69388000320 trStartStageRotation
69388000321 trTargetStageRotation
69388000322 trIgnoreStageRotation
72512000095 _dfDelay time to delay
72512000106 justification Determines GUI placement
72512000139 anlSequence animation sequence
72512000141 anlTime time of the note
73908000005 savedXML
74467000038 lastRacialMorphPosUpdate
74866000006 SOPEparentGUI ID of the SpecOracle Collection GUI that asked this property editor to show up
74866000052 altKey true if alt key is pressed
74866000053 ctrlKey true if alt ctrl is pressed
74866000054 shiftKey true if shift is pressed
76877000730 _trCounter counts how many repitions this ransform has done
76877000731 _trCurveType curve type
76877000734 _trDuration time it takes to go from start to target
76877000738 _trName name of this transform
76877000743 _trRepeatCount how many times do we repeat the transformation
76877000744 _trReverse if true we start transforming back to the start position
76877000745 _trReverseCurveType Curve to use while reversing
76877000746 _trReversing when true transform is going from target to start instead of start to target
76877000751 _trTotalFrameTime total frame time
78163000077 showFileDialogTitle
78163000078 showFileDialogFilter
78163000079 showFileDialogStartPath
78163000080 showFileDialogIconView
78163000081 showFileDialogCallback
78844000144 opacity object opacity (0..1)
79220000083 _dfSpecKey ID of fx spec
79220000084 _dfPreloading true if meant only for preloading
79220000109 anlMatchSequence if true we need to match the seq
79220000110 anlMatchNote if true we wnat to match the note
84231000374 _tgtCenterPoint center point of a circle
84231000375 _tgtRadius radius of a circle
84231000376 _tgtStartPoint start point of a line
84231000377 _tgtEndPoint end point of a line
84377000127 _dfPreLoadScript script that requested the preload
86567000240 syncedAnimationID
86567000243 controlsToAnimate
91905000098 sndVolume volume
91905000099 sndStartOffset startoffset
91905000100 sndFadeInLength fadeinlength
91905000101 sndFadeOutLength fadeoutlength
91905000102 sndVolumeOutsideCones volumeoutside cones
91905000103 sndInnerAngle innerangle
91905000104 sndOuterAngle outerangle
91905000108 sndIs3D is3d
91905000109 sndAmbientType ambienttype
91905000110 sndSoundSize predetermined size of the sound
91905000111 sndResource path and filename of sound to play
91905000112 sndPosition position in the world to place the sound
91905000113 sndRotation rotation of sound
91905000114 sndLoader used to poll for when sound resource is loaded
93305960023 _AreaName Name of the current area. Used on $BASECLIENT.
93305960024 _RoomName room name as dictated by the engine.
93385110014 anlInterrupted true if animation ends before note is heard
93408070015 _lastLoadPercent Used by system.node.baseclilent to track progress while loading between areas.
93468800113 _InputGameInvertMouseX
93468800114 _InputGameInvertMouseY
93468800115 _InputGameMouseSensitivity
93490351840 button4
93490351842 button5
93490351845 midbutton
93490351848 MouseTarget
93490351856 MouseEventType
93531460204 _SavedInputLayers
93531460244 _AreaID Stores the areaID of the current area. Used on $BASECLIENT.
93531460245 _InstanceID Stores the instanceID of the current area. Used on $BASECLIENT.
93545621261 _cmiCategory
93545621264 _cmiDisplay
93545621268 _cmiData
93545621382 _cmiServerScript
93545621384 _cmiClientScript
93545621603 _cmiTarget
93580181132 _HeroicMouseEvent if the mouse event is Heroic, it is from a HeroBlade client and may have more than one target node
93580181136 _HeroicMouseTargets
93615190075 editableDropdownBox Determines whether a dropdown's header may be directly edited
93631480238 _InputCameraStack
93631480297 layerStatePopWasDelayed Indicates that a pop was requested for this state archive out of turn
93631480322 allowTitlebar Prevents a window from having a titlebar
93631480323 allowCloseButton Gives a window a standard close button
93631480440 _fadeAlertTimer Timer to autofade alert boxes.
93631480477 _action stored action from HEControlPanelGUI
93631480482 _GUIEditorClassDefaultPrototypeForFieldCache
93631480510 _dirtySortOrder Determines whether this list needs to be sorted
93631480511 _selectBoxSortTImer Delay timer to sort select boxes once all modifications are made
93631480529 _alertData Holds a noderef containing CallScript parameters for alert buttons.
93664910025 _GUIEditorTypeHasFieldCache Cache of HasField results in GUIEditor
93664910028 _GUIEditorExcludedFields List of excluded fields
93664910031 searchableCollection Determines whether a collection interface is searchable
93664910050 _viewingGMNote
93729620028 allowDragging Determines whether a GUI can be dragged
93828480273 _whoAreaID area person is in
93828480274 _whoAreaInstanceID instance person is in
93859100043 _cmgrSelectionTimer Ensures that parts are loaded before building texture bank panel in Clean Engine CMGR
93859100078 resizeable Determines how a window may be resized
93912340011 _iconMakerPathPrefix Provides a chance for the iconmaker to provide a game-specific iconpath prefix
93921220308 styleSetSpecKey spec key
93934850025 cameraControllers
93934850026 CurrentCameraController
94051390057 _AiDebugTarget
94051390071 _AiDebugCloseAction
94051390076 _loadingIconTimer Handles loading icon animations and stuff
94052891211 _mt_timerState for use with MarshalAppendFieldEx
94052891222 _mt_realTime for use with MarshalAppendFieldEx
94052891225 _mt_suspended for use with MarshalAppendFieldEx
94052891231 _mt_startTime for use with MarshalAppendFieldEx
94052891233 _mt_stopTime for use with MarshalAppendFieldEx
94052891237 _mt_lastFired for use with MarshalAppendFieldEx
94052891241 _mt_elapsedTime for use with MarshalAppendFieldEx
94052891244 _mt_pausedTime for use with MarshalAppendFieldEx
94052891249 _mt_script for use with MarshalAppendFieldEx
94085530013 _sndFadeIncrement determined by time and start and target
94120480071 _nodeCollectionLocation Location in which an hsl node collection is located
94156210007 trTextureList
94156210060 _showCrudButtons Toggles whether or not create/remove/update button panel should be shown
94156210068 _GUICrudButtonLocation Location for the create/remove/update/destroy buttons.
94181690009 _GUIShowControlHeader Toggle determining whether or not a header panel should be displayed for a gui control
94220190015 _GUINodePropertyEditorCellFieldName The name of the field for which an editor cell is acting as an editor
94265900039 scrollable Determines directions a panel may scroll
94283660010 _GUITextureViewerDefaultState Storage for GUI Editor texture settings
94283660011 _GUITextureViewerDisabledState Storage for GUI Editor texture settings
94283660012 _GUITextureViewerHoverState Storage for GUI Editor texture settings
94283660013 _GUITextureViewerSelectedState Storage for GUI Editor texture settings
94283660014 _GUITextureViewerSelectedDisabledState Storage for GUI Editor texture settings
94293410085 _NewControlType Indicates that this is not an existing controlType, the user clicked Create New.
94293410106 _marqueeStartingPosition Point at which marquee was first placed
94293410114 _GUITextureViewerInvertedMarquee Notes whether texture viewer is inverted in either direction
94334620029 _fxHandle reference to an fx instantiation
94345480066 _dfHandle ID assigned to the fx
94355830272 allowHelpButton Should a help button be displayed in the window
94355830273 allowMinimizeButton Should a minimize button be available in the window
94447630113 sortableCollectionColumnType Designates an entire column as being of a particular type
94501240140 _textureViewerDragStart Handles right-click dragging of texture
94769420092 _accountName The name of the account
94819540064 _hotSpotItemCheckable Is the Hot Spot Item Checkable
95075570006 _isAreaLoadComplete $BASECLIENT field that stores whether or not the _area_load has finished, toggles to false during _area_unload.
95259791629 AdditiveBlending enable/disable additive blending
95296300014 _hotSpotCheckableItems A List of all the items the Hotspot knows as being able to be checked
95392302379 _cmiAction Arbitrary String which provides the associated script an Action Command when the Context Menu Item is selected
95507470004 italic sets GUILabel to use italic text
95519150003 _marqueeStartingSize Size to which marquee was last manually altered
95614700026 linktag tag for link handling in GUILabels
4611686018429050004 InputCameraIsBlocked occlusion
4611686018429050005 InputCameraWasBlocked occlusion
4611686018434320018 utlDatatableRows rows in a datatable
4611686018434320019 utlDatatableIndex index for datatable on primary key
4611686018434390019 utlDatatableHeadings heading names in this datatable
4611686018434550009 gfxFilename the name of the root gfx file
4611686018434550137 guiHudElementBaseSize the base desired size
4611686018434550138 guiHudElementBasePosition the base position
4611686018434550142 guiHudElementReady has it been initialized
4611686018434550143 guiHudElementLastParentSize the last parent size
4611686018434630015 grpLeader id of group leader
4611686018434630023 grpMemberIdToInfo Map of player character ID to group member info.
4611686018434630737 grpMemberName group member name
4611686018434723052 grpMemberCharacterId group member's character id
4611686018434723053 grpMemberCompanionId id of group member's companion
4611686018434723054 grpMemberCompanionSpec spec of group member's companion
4611686018434725614 grpMemberCompanionName name of group member's companion
4611686018437240003 guiHud2 the whole flash hud
4611686018437240016 guiApi the guiApi singleton
4611686018437327428 debugLevel level of debug logging
4611686018437650207 gfxLoaded is loaded
4611686018437650219 chrPlayerId the id of the player the chrPlayerCharacter node represents
4611686018437750513 socFriendLevel character level of friend
4611686018437750514 chrXp character experience points
4611686018437755011 value generic string value
4611686018438380503 chrXpNeeded needed for next level
4611686018443030026 sysInputHandlerLoaded is loaded
4611686018443030032 sysInputHandlerCameraPivotEnabled enabled
4611686018443030043 sysChatTimestamp timestamp
4611686018443030044 sysChatText the text
4611686018443030051 sysChatListenerChannels list of channels we care about
4611686018443030055 sysChatListeners the listeners
4611686018443030065 guiChatTabListeners the listener plumbing for the chat tabs
4611686018443030181 gfxMaintainKeyboardFocus maintain
4611686018444485471 grpMemberCompanionLevel group member companion level
4611686018446150018 guiFlyTextTimeElapsed time elapsed on this fly text
4611686018446150023 guiFlyTextLabelNode none
4611686018446150025 guiFlyTextList wtf
4611686018459190434 itmIsBound whether or not item is bound to owner
4611686018459670028 sysInputHandlerStoredCameraRotation the rotation
4611686018461500053 sysInputHandlerMaxZoom max distance
4611686018471760061 itmOracleAssetInstances map of character id to map of slotname to asset instance id
4611686018471760062 itmOracleFxHandles map of character id to map of bonename to id
4611686018479690044 sysCharacterSelectionChars chars for outfits
4611686018479690048 guiCSSChar the visible char
4611686018481900009 sysInputHandlerMouseAccumX mouse x
4611686018481900010 sysInputHandlerMouseAccumY accum
4611686018481900022 sysCharacterSelectionAreaLoaded area loaded
4611686018482710012 guiCSSReady re
4611686018483436403 staCurrentBrain current brain state
4611686018483970074 sysBaseClientAreaLoaded b
4611686018483970112 ctlIsMovingForward boolean
4611686018483970113 ctlIsMoving moving
4611686018483970227 ctlLastCmdStartTime to allow cmdStop to be ignored if it comes too late
4611686018483970231 ctlLastCmdStartNodeUnderMouse node that was last clicked on
4611686018484027589 staFighting whether the char is fighting
4611686018484055532 effCustomData data that can be passed at runtime to a custom effect (as opposed to read from datatable)
4611686018499870001 ccsGuiValidName whether we've checked the name with the server
4611686018499870002 ccsGuiLaunchWhenReady tells the event code to Play when the server messages have come in
4611686018499870019 ccsGuiIsReady set what the hud's been loaded
4611686018500180755 jwwFlurryCount s
4611686018511360001 ccsGuiZoom whether the camera is zoomed to headshot
4611686018511360024 cbtFlytextLevel amount of flytext to generate
4611686018511360025 cbtSpamLevel amount of combat spam to generate
4611686018513836101 grpMemberGroupId id of group character is a member of
4611686018552360014 sysTravelDelayTimer timer used by sysServerRequests to delay travel requests while fadeout occurs
4611686018752520001 ctlMinCameraPitch minimum camera pitch
4611686018763930050 guiCssHeading heading
4611686018763930051 musEnabled true if music should play
4611686018763930085 sysBaseFxDisabled whether to disable playing FX
4611686018765140346 grpMemberEffectsPositive effect id to effect spec
4611686018765140347 grpMemberEffectsNegative effect id to effect spec
4611686018765140348 grpMemberCompanionEffectsPositive effect id to effect spec
4611686018765140349 grpMemberCompanionEffectsNegative effect id to effect spec
4611686018934090052 ctlIsRotatingCount count
4611686018934090077 ctlWasCanMove was can move last movement update
4611686018934090142 phyPosition position of physics object
4611686018934090298 guiMSSlotName
4611686018934090299 guiMSPartName
4611686018934090300 guiMSCharacter
4611686018935673126 staAutoAttack true if character is in auto attack mode
4611686018961611415 staMobility ff
4611686019013950158 utlSyncBooleanServer the server boolean
4611686019013950159 utlSyncBooleanClient the client boolean
4611686019013950160 utlSyncStringClient client string
4611686019013950161 utlSyncStringServer server string
4611686019013950183 utlSyncFloatServer float
4611686019013950184 utlSyncFloatClient float
4611686019013950204 utlSyncNoderefClient noderef
4611686019013950205 utlSyncNoderefServer node
4611686019013950263 ablUserCacheAngle angle to target (relative to user facing)
4611686019033156611 utlDelayedCallTimer
4611686019040940017 guiApiTargetRangeCache cache of last target range sent to flash
4611686019044571321 cnvChildNodes list of child nodes, available on all conversation nodes
4611686019044571365 cnvNodeNumber numeric id of a node within a conversation
4611686019044571529 cnvConversationName name of the conversation
4611686019044722026 cnvInstanceCurrentNodeNumber current node in a conversation instance
4611686019044750113 strTableName name of a given string table
4611686019044750119 strTableLoaded indicates whether this string table has been loaded from the repository yet
4611686019044820878 cnvLinkTarget number of node linked by a cnvLinkNode
4611686019052400018 qaMoveTestCounter list loop iterator
4611686019052400019 qaMoveTestTargetList List of targets to walk to
4611686019055152666 chrGender character's gender
4611686019058286803 grpMemberConversationId id of conversation instance
4611686019058287024 grpMemberConversationOwnerId owner of conversation group member is currently in
4611686019058500344 cnvIsPcNode for dialog nodes, checks if it belongs to a pc or an npc (blue or red)
4611686019061601600 cnvIsMultiplayerConversation is this conversation multiplayer
4611686019066580597 grpMemberConversationState group member's conversation state
4611686019085778356 grpMemberCompanionPosition group member companion's position
4611686019087510017 sysBaseCharControlDebugNotes do note debugging
4611686019087510027 ablUserCacheIsLucid is lucid
4611686019093994683 cnvIsEmpty Is this dialog node an 'empty' node?
4611686019112067712 plcModel
4611686019112068714 utlTemplateId
4611686019112068715 utlTemplateComment
4611686019112068836 utlTemplateXmlData
4611686019119300124 spnSpecList
4611686019119300134 spnIsQuestSpawner
4611686019119300135 spnAutoStart
4611686019125220138 chrScale the visual scale of the creature, 1 is the default
4611686019146630087 qstVariableName
4611686019146630088 qstVariableValue
4611686019148683832 qstQuestDefinitionName full name of this quest definition
4611686019148686605 qstMaxCount max number of a items in a qstItemVariableDefinition
4611686019157990513 qstHook hook/event name
4611686019157990631 qstReqFaction required faction for the quest
4611686019157990639 qstReqMinLevel required minimum level for a quest
4611686019157990796 qstCanBeFailed whether this step can fail the quest
4611686019157990798 qstFailTime timer, in seconds, before failure is triggered
4611686019157990836 qstTaskStringid stringid of the tracking string to display on the client
4611686019157992533 cnvActionHook action hook to call on this line
4611686019167675280 qstVariableGUID unique identifier of a quest variable definition
4611686019167675410 qstQuestDefinitionGUID unique identifier of a quest definition (32-bit)
4611686019175565953 qstIsRepeatable whether this quest is repeatable
4611686019191269452 qstStringVariableValue value field for variables that carry a string value
4611686019193751274 effScheduleEntryFunctionName function name
4611686019193751275 effScheduleEntryParams parameter list
4611686019215770527 effNumber effect schedule number
4611686019220580008 guiDeathScreenAbilityValid Is the ability valid for display
4611686019220580009 guiDeathScreenDisplayIndex which index this ability is being displayed in
4611686019220580010 guiDeathScreenAbilityList list of valid abilities for the death screen
4611686019220580011 guiDeathScreenAbility reference to the ability
4611686019220580012 guiDeathScreenTimer update timer for death screen
4611686019220580025 spnSpawnerSpec The spec of the spawned's spawner
4611686019222040657 effIsHidden is effect hidden
4611686019222040658 effIsPassive is effect passive
4611686019222040659 effDuration duration of effect
4611686019222040660 effIsDurationRealtime does timer tick when offline
4611686019222040661 effInterval tick rate of effect
4611686019222040662 effInitialCharges number of charges when effect is first applied
4611686019222040663 effMaxCharges max charges effect can have
4611686019222040664 effStackLimit max number of separate instances of effect per target
4611686019222040665 effStackLimitIsByTag limit by tag
4611686019222040667 effStackLimitIsByCaster by caster
4611686019238860017 qstTimerExpire game-time when the timer will expire, if one is active
4611686019241777060 qstBranchId branch id
4611686019241777922 qstStepId step id
4611686019251960008 guiDebugInspectTarget Target for the debug inspect window
4611686019251960017 guiDeathScreenCustomData extra custom data to be cached
4611686019251960018 guiDebugInspectTimer timer to update the debug inspect window
4611686019251960019 ablUserCacheTarget The target for which the cache is valid
4611686019251960046 strTableConvoSummaryPhrase summary phrase for PC lines
4611686019251960047 strTableConvoSummaryID summary word for PC lines from the generic_lines conversation
4611686019251960055 qaMoveDriverChr who is moving
4611686019251960058 qaMoveDriverTargetPos Target position
4611686019251991207 cnvGenericNodeNumber node number of the generic line that this line uses in the cnv.misc.generic_lines conversation
4611686019252400044 qstSequenceId sequence id of quest update messages received from server
4611686019263330339 spnSpawnerType
4611686019265406429 qstTaskShowTracking should the client display tracking info for this task?
4611686019265407020 qstTaskShowTrackingCount should the player see the counter on task tracking for this task
4611686019288790006 strLoadVoiceoverOnParse
4611686019308240006 qaMoveDriverRunTime timed run
4611686019308240210 sysInputCameraFovTarget target fov
4611686019315790042 strTableStringHasVoiceover indicates when a string int he table has accompanying voiceover
4611686019329270617 effTargetId default target of the effect
4611686019389691022 effSlotType indicates container effect goes in
4611686019412350021 guiFlyTextString The text of a flytext entry
4611686019412350022 guiFlyTextColor The color of flytext entry
4611686019412350024 guiFlyTextStyle The style of the flytext
4611686019431920009 guiFlyTextSize enum for size of the fly text
4611686019431920011 guiFlyTextDataList list of flytext data structs
4611686019433040026 guiActionChanged dirty flag
4611686019433625837 tmrDuration timer duration
4611686019451660005 mathInterpolatorValue Used in Math Interpolator class
4611686019451660006 mathInterpolatorTarget Used in Math Interpolator class
4611686019451660007 mathInterpolatorRemainingTime Used in Math Interpolator class
4611686019451660008 mathInterpolatorTotalTime Used in Math Interpolator class
4611686019451660009 mathInterpolatorSpeed Used in Math Interpolator class
4611686019451660010 mathInterpolatorAcceleration Used in Math Interpolator class
4611686019451660019 mathInterpolatorFloatX float interpolation value used for X component of Vector3
4611686019451660020 mathInterpolatorFloatY float interpolation value used for Y component of Vector3
4611686019451660022 mathInterpolatorFloatZ float interpolation value used for Z component of Vector3
4611686019453790020 qaMoveDriverTimebase Determine run based on time
4611686019453790021 qaMoveDriverLocbase Determine run based on location
4611686019453790027 qaMoveDriverState_Stuck Time counter for character stuck
4611686019453790029 qaMoveDriverStuckLoc Location of last stuck place
4611686019453790030 qaMoveDriverNumResets Number of allowable unstuck resets
4611686019453829615 ablIsPassive True if the ability is passive
4611686019453829628 ablAiType AI type for this ability
4611686019453829629 ablIconSpec Icon for this ability
4611686019453829630 ablGlobalCooldownTime Global cooldown override for this ability
4611686019453829631 ablCooldownTime Cooldown time for this ability
4611686019453829657 ablCastingTime Casting time for this ability
4611686019453829658 ablChannelingTime Channeling time for this ability
4611686019453829660 ablForceCost Force point cost for this ability
4611686019453829661 ablEnergyCost Energy point cost for this ability
4611686019453829662 ablActionPointCost Action point cost for this ability
4611686019453829663 ablMinRange Minimum range of this ability
4611686019453829664 ablMaxRange Maximum range of this ability
4611686019453829666 ablTargetArc Arc the target of this ability must be in
4611686019453829670 ablTargetRule Target rule type for this ability
4611686019453829671 ablCombatMode Combat mode the user of this ability must be in
4611686019453829868 ablAutoAttackMode Auto attack action caused by this ability
4611686019459100011 chrSelectedTargetHighlightEnabled selection highlight enabled
4611686019459100048 guiNameplatesEnabled show names or not
4611686019459100104 ablUserCacheActionPointsF cache
4611686019459100105 ablUserCacheEnergyF energy
4611686019459100106 ablUserCacheForceF force
4611686019543460028 effDoesPersistAfterDeath if true, effect not removed from target when it dies
4611686019564250021 utlTemplateLoaded
4611686019564250026 utlTemplateTagMap
4611686019604800152 cnvRandomCondition Random percent chance of this node being executed.
4611686019618390058 cnvQuestStatus desc
4611686019618390073 qaMoveTestCamera Cam node
4611686019650361147 cnvBarkEventCondition Bark event handler condition.
4611686019661482653 brkLastBarkTime Tracks when a bark was last played on a bark component.
4611686019674493755 cnvLevelConditionMax Maximum level for which a node will be executed,
4611686019674493758 cnvLevelConditionMin Minimum level for which a node will be executed.
4611686019681780010 ctlLastCmdStart last cmd for which a start was received
4611686019699521188 cnvOracleMode conversation runtime config switches
4611686019704160062 spnUseable whether this spawned item is useable on the current quest step
4611686019704160063 spnLootable whether this spawned item is lootable
4611686019704160077 utlOracleHeldMessages a message store area for nodes that have not yet been created
4611686019704160083 ablUserCacheGlobalTimerRunning is the global timer running
4611686019705520624 effTargetDefaultId default target id
4611686019711221702 qstTaskId id of this task
4611686019711221703 qstLootTasks map of tasks that have already performed their loot roll to the object that it was rolled on
4611686019716180705 qstItemMin minimum number to drop
4611686019716180847 qstItemMax maximum number to drop at once
4611686019729670004 sysBaseClientEventLog test logging info
4611686019758530022 qaMoveDriverLocList List of vector3 locations
4611686019763970254 conEquipmentComponentHasRangedWeapon w
4611686019763970255 conEquipmentComponentHasMeleeWeapon w
4611686019772720001 sysBaseClientLogEvents whether I'm logging events
4611686019793570009 qaMoveDriverPrintLevel Print level setting. (1=high)
4611686019794470009 guiNameplatesShowIds whether to show node ids in names
4611686019802850004 strTableConvoSummaryWord summary word for PC lines
4611686019802850024 sysBaseCharControlNoteNames note names
4611686019802850037 guiFlytextTimer timer for when to show a new flytext
4611686019802850058 guiApiPosCache cache of controlled char position
4611686019802850090 chrSelectedTargetFxHandles fx cache
4611686019802850091 chrSelectedTargetFxActiveHandle active
4611686019802850098 chrSelectedTargetPrtSpec prtSpec
4611686019802850099 chrSelectedTargetPrtSpecIndex index
4611686019802850117 conEquipmentComponentMeleeWeaponSocket bone name for sheathing melee weapon
4611686019802850118 conEquipmentComponentRangedWeaponSocket bone name for stowing ranged weapon
4611686019859710001 qaMoveTestCamSpeed Speed of the camera
4611686019869830004 qaMoveTestCamDistance Distance from character to camera
4611686019869830013 qaMoveTestCamAngle Camera angle (saved)
4611686019890580001 sysInputHandlerSetCameraRotation
4611686019920401430 grpMemberCompanionClass group member's companion character class
4611686019985950022 qaMoveDriverPreviousDistance Store previous distance to target
4611686019993244790 qstTaskForceConversationAssociatedObject object that should force a conversation on a given quest task
4611686019993680008 qaMoveTestChr who is moving
4611686020073980011 mapName
4611686020073980015 mapPageMinCoord
4611686020073980016 mapPageMaxCoord
4611686020073980059 effEventReadyToExecute ready
4611686020073980061 effEventEffectAppearance
4611686020073980063 effEventHandle
4611686020073980066 effEventOraclePendingEvents events not yet executed
4611686020073980067 effEventOracleCompletedEvents executed events that have not yet been deleted
4611686020073980068 effEventOracleTimer timer
4611686020073980079 effEventHasExecuted done
4611686020073980091 effEventOracleLastHandle last used handle
4611686020073980095 effEventExpiration time to die
4611686020073980111 effAppearanceName name (temporary)
4611686020074012684 effEventCaster The caster of the subEffect
4611686020074012687 effEventSubEffectNumber which sub effect
4611686020074012691 effEventResult the total result
4611686020074012819 effEventTargetDetails list of results for each target
4611686020074012821 effEventTargetDetailsEffectId the id of the effect node
4611686020074013135 effEventTargetDetailsTarget the target
4611686020074013136 effEventTargetDetailsResult the result
4611686020074013137 effEventTargetDetailsActionDetails list of action details
4611686020074013138 effEventActionDetailsDamage amount
4611686020074013139 effEventActionDetailsDamageType type of damage
4611686020074013140 effEventActionDetailsDamageEffective effective amount
4611686020074013141 effEventActionDetailsDamageAbsorbed amount
4611686020074013142 effEventActionDetailsHealing healing
4611686020074013143 effEventActionDetailsHealingEffective effective
4611686020074013144 effEventActionDetailsThreat threat
4611686020074013147 effEventActionDetailsModStatValue value
4611686020074013148 effEventActionDetailsExp exp
4611686020074013149 effEventActionDetailsValue generic value
4611686020074013151 effEventActionDetailsResult result
4611686020668180062 mapPageGUID string id of the page's display name
4611686020668180126 effAppearanceEvent Reference to the event that is running this appearance
4611686020668180127 effAppearanceTargetDetailsIndex Index in to the target details array for the event
4611686020668180143 effAppearanceVariableValues the variable values created primarily through the Roll action
4611686020668180158 effAppearanceMultinodeFXCache the cached targets for multinode FX
4611686020668180183 mpnRepositoryRequestMap Maps repository request IDs to their corresponding area.
4611686020668180195 mpnMapNoteInfoTable All map note infos indexed by their area and the corresponding MapNoteInstance on the server.
4611686020816971584 ablIsValid true if ability successfully loaded
4611686020819070011 qaMoveTestOneFrame Keeps time measurements to determine FPS
4611686020819070014 qaMoveTestCycleCounter Cycle counter for FPS calculations
4611686020819070015 mapContainers
4611686020819070163 mapCurrentPageAreaId
4611686020819070171 mapTags
4611686020819070182 effAppearanceSubAppearanceMax The highest sub appearance number in the schedule [unused by effAppearanceSubSchedule?]
4611686020819688350 effEventTargetDetailsIsDeathBlow is death blow
4611686020838494329 ablIsHidden is hidden
4611686020865370756 ablIsCustom is custom
4611686020952000059 effOracleFXHandlesForEffect registry of looping fx handles for future cleanup
4611686020952000130 effAppearanceTargetPlayedAnim index of which subappearance issued a play anim for the target
4611686020952000131 effAppearanceCasterPlayedAnim index of which subappearance a caster play anim came from
4611686020952000134 effAppearanceSubAppearanceExecuted map to determine whether a sub appearance has been executed in the current pass
4611686020952000152 staCharacterCoverStartPos where we started
4611686020952000153 staCharacterCoverStartRot starting rotation
4611686020952000154 staCharacterCoverStartTime start time
4611686020952000155 staCharacterCoverDurationSeconds how long to get there
4611686020953070756 ablAppearanceSpec casting appearance
4611686021106980617 effEventTargetDetailsApplyAppearance Flags a target to display or not the appearance
4611686021188710003 tstCombatActor who is attacking
4611686021188710006 tstCombatPriority priority
4611686021188710007 tstCombatInterrupt interrupt priority
4611686021188710008 tstCombatAction anim action
4611686021188710009 tstCombatAllOrNone all or none
4611686021188710010 tstCombatAttacker attacker item
4611686021188710011 tstCombatDefender defender
4611686021188710012 tstCombatItems list
4611686021188710013 tstCombatDelay how long until this item fires
4611686021264420017 ablUserCacheIsDead is dead
4611686021264420018 ablUserCacheIsStunned is stunned
4611686021264420021 ablUserActionUsableCache2 cache of non-noderefs
4611686021264420034 conLootHopperFXHandle Current fx being played on a loot hopper.
4611686021264420038 staCharacterCoverReached may go away
4611686021264420040 conLootHopperFXTimer Timer to delay the display of the loot sparkle.
4611686021280890001 staCharacterCoverDirection dir
4611686021337056540 qstXpLevel
4611686021395495666 qstDifficulty
4611686021548492499 chrMeleeDistance distance to stand from 'center' of melee
4611686021622020007 effAppearanceTriggerExecuted map to determine whether a trigger has been executed
4611686021622020010 sysInputHandlerOffsetWorldTarget target
4611686021622020021 ctlCoverDeferredMovementTimer timer
4611686021622020023 ctlCoverMovementDirection_c world space desired movement direction
4611686021622020035 ctlCoverWasMoving ff
4611686021700750896 qstMapNoteAsset FQN of the map note this qst var is associated with.
4611686021702789823 staCharacterCoverObject Current cover object for this character
4611686021860902175 ablUserTarget target of the ability
4611686022034990007 cbtCoverDebug level
4611686022034990015 ctlLastCmdStartPosition x,y mouse was at when last cmd issued
4611686022034990025 stunAnimEffect the effect a registered stun anim came from
4611686022034990026 stunAnimName name of a registered stun animation
4611686022034990027 stunAnimPriority priority of a registered stun animation
4611686022034990029 staStunAnims a registry of stun animations for the character
4611686022109610001 qaMoveTestLocList List of locations to port to
4611686022146150487 plcDespawnOnUse
4611686022150193696 utlDatatableHeadingsIndex Index of heading names to column indices
4611686022221010074 utlMeshDataVertexes triangle verts
4611686022221010083 utlMeshIndexes transient
4611686022221010087 utlMeshGeneratorVertexesStatus how far along we are
4611686022221010088 utlMeshGeneratorEdgeStatus how far along we are
4611686022221010092 utlMeshDataIndexUses uses of indexes
4611686022221010099 utlMeshDataProcessingComplete complete
4611686022221010112 utlMeshGeneratorVertexesStartTime time
4611686022221010113 utlMeshGeneratorEdgeStartTime started
4611686022221010141 utlMeshTriEdges 3 edges
4611686022221010142 utlMeshTriNormal normal
4611686022221010143 utlMeshTriVerts 3 verts
4611686022221010144 utlMeshEdgeTris 2 tris
4611686022221010145 utlMeshEdgeVerts 2 verts
4611686022221010148 utlMeshTris some tris
4611686022221010152 ctlCoverWasJumping jumping out of cover
4611686022221010158 utlMeshGenerator generator
4611686022347910004 effAppearanceTriggersOnAnimationNote OnAnimNote triggers
4611686022347910005 effAppearanceTriggersGuaranteed anim note triggers that must always execute regardless
4611686022347910010 effAppearanceSchedule parsed effect appearance schedule
4611686022411690006 qaMoveTestGridJump Allows the camera to jump between grid points
4611686022411690008 utlMeshDataInspectEdgeIndex which edge to inspect
4611686022411690015 utlMeshCoverPosition_w position
4611686022411690016 utlMeshCoverFwd_w normal forward
4611686022411690017 utlMeshEdgeCovers covers
4611686022411690018 utlMeshEdgeCoversEvaluated ok
4611686022411690037 utlMeshCoverGenerator cover generator
4611686022411690038 utlMeshCoverGeneratorStartTime when started
4611686022411690039 utlMeshCoverGeneratorStatus how far
4611686022411690063 utlMeshLastPosition_w last position
4611686022411690064 utlMeshLastRotation_w last rot
4611686022411690065 utlMeshLastScale_w last scale
4611686022411690069 utlMeshDataCoverInvalid cover is invalidated
4611686022411690070 utlMeshDataCoverInvalidTime when to actually start regenerated cover
4611686022411690080 utlMeshCoverGeneratorStage stage
4611686022411690082 utlMeshCoverStandPosition_w where
4611686022411690083 utlMeshCoverStandable ok
4611686022411690084 qaMoveTestLocListIter Iterator for Loc List
4611686022462471005 plcConvo Conversation resource for this placeable.
4611686022465650004 chrBehavior chrBehavior
4611686022465650042 chrBehaviorDesiredHeading degrees
4611686022465650043 chrBehaviorDesiredPitch degrees
4611686022465650044 chrBehaviorMoveVector normalized
4611686022465650046 chrBehaviorClientTime last server message received
4611686022465650061 chrBehaviorStartPosition pos
4611686022465650062 chrBehaviorYaw yaw degrees
4611686022465650063 chrBehaviorLastState last state send/recv
4611686022465650068 chrBehaviorRecvStateHistory history
4611686022465650081 staCharacterCoverEvaluationTimer timer that counts when the in cover icons should next be updated
4611686022465650082 staCharacterCoveredTargets targets that are currently determined to be in your cover cone
4611686022465650091 chrBehaviorGhost ghost
4611686022465650099 chrAssetRegisteredRequests map of registered specs to the system that registered it
4611686022537691174 staWeaponState character's visual weapon state
4611686022543170005 chrBehaviorGhostStateQueueTimes queue times
4611686022543170006 chrBehaviorGhostStateQueueData data
4611686022543170007 chrBehaviorChasePointHistory list
4611686022543170016 chrBehaviorYawSpeed yaw speed (degrees/sec)
4611686022543170022 chrBehaviorTimeDiffMovingAverage seconds
4611686022543170023 chrBehaviorStartTime hack
4611686022543170029 chrBehaveSimulatorLatency seconds
4611686022543170030 chrBehaveSimulatorLatencyRandom seconds
4611686022556292872 qstTaskHolocomConversation whether the npc who issues the progress/end hook for this task talks via holocom
4611686022562053433 ablUserClearCasting >0 if casting costs are currently waived
4611686022574733965 staWeaponMode weapon mode character is in
4611686022576750004 qstHolocomWaiting True if this quest has a holocom call waiting
4611686022576750009 qaMoveTestOutput Output string for FPS
4611686022576750014 qstHolocomCalls List of current holocom calls in the order received
4611686022576750015 qstHolocomCallQuestId Quest ID making this call
4611686022576750016 qstHolocomCallCaller Name of the caller
4611686022576750032 chrBehaviorMoveDirDegrees mdd
4611686022629533167 npcHolocomConvStarter ID of the player who called this NPC
4611686022647350004 effAppearanceSubScheduleHasTrigger whether a given sub schedule has a trigger or not
4611686022679362498 staStance visual stance character is in
4611686022690470000 chrBehaviorSendCounter count
4611686022690470004 ablUserCacheIsCoverAffected whether the target is cover affected
4611686022690470005 chrBehaviorGhostOwner ghostowner
4611686022690470006 chrBehaviorReachedPoint got it
4611686022713150002 chrBehaviorHistoryNextCursor the next point (where we are running to)
4611686022746150009 chrBehaviorChaseHeading chase heading
4611686022746150010 chrBehaviorEndPosition end position
4611686022746150016 chrBehaviorJump jump
4611686022778430001 chrBehaveRenderChar 0=none,1=local,2=remote,3=all
4611686022778430002 chrBehaveRenderSim 0=none,1=remote,2=server,3=all
4611686022778430010 chrBehaviorSimulate simulate
4611686022778430025 chrBehaveRenderCombat 0=none,1=local,2=remote,3=all
4611686022825710039 chrBehaviorLookaheadDegrees degrees
4611686022825710043 sysInputHandlerMouseSmoothing smoothing factor
4611686022825710048 chrBehaviorBankingRotation_w rotation
4611686022916990014 strTableStringIsAlienVO indicates if a string in the table has alien voiceover accompanying it
4611686022932430734 dbgPrimitive_alpha
4611686022932430739 dbgPrimitive_radius
4611686022932430742 dbgPrimitiveName
4611686022932430747 dbgPrimitive_node
4611686022932430750 dbgPrimitive_height
4611686022932430753 dbgPrimitiveType
4611686022932430759 dbgPrimitive_solid
4611686022932430760 dbgPrimitive_angledegrees
4611686022932430763 dbgPrimitive_rotation
4611686022932430769 dbgPrimitive_color
4611686022932431058 dbgDrawContextName
4611686022932431063 dbgDrawContextActive
4611686022932431066 dbgDrawContextPrimitives
4611686022932431140 dbgDrawContexts
4611686022975970810 dbgPrimitive_points points
4611686023039510004 chrSelectedTargetDisableFX Flag to disable the target selection fx.
4611686023062810000 qaMoveTestPrintLevel Level of importance
4611686023062810001 qaMoveTestOutputFilename Name of output file
4611686023062810004 ablUserRightClickAbility ability spec of ability assigned to right-click
4611686023100570003 chrBehaviorLocalGameCameraOffset offset
4611686023100570005 chrBehaviorIsGlancing glancing
4611686023100570006 chrBehaviorGlancingTime t
4611686023100570007 effEventHitNoteOverriden whether the effect event had its hit note specified in the schedule
4611686023100570008 effEventHitNote The hit note for the event to be executed on if overriden
4611686023131530000 qaMoveTestCamRotationLimit Limit of rotations while gathering FPS info
4611686023131530001 qaMoveTestSampleRatePerSecond Sample rate per second
4611686023212670010 qaMoveTestTimeDelay Delay (in seconds) between FPS gathering points
4611686023212670011 qaMoveTestTimeElapsed Time elapsed for FPS delay
4611686023212670022 chrLooterDoLootAll next loot attempt flagged as loot-all
4611686023216136268 ablIsLineOfSightChecked LOS check flag
4611686023225427792 chrLooterCurrentLootHopper current loot hopper being accessed for looting
4611686023260530027 tstCombatCustom custom
4611686023510210012 chrBehaviorWaypointArrivalTimeClient client's desired arrival time
4611686023510210013 chrBehaviorWaypointPosition_w world position
4611686023510210014 chrBehaviorWaypointHeading_w heading
4611686023510210015 chrBehaviorWaypoints list
4611686023510210016 chrBehaviorWaypointsCursor which one we are heading toward
4611686023510210022 chrBehaviorWaypointDuration seconds
4611686023628010014 chrBehaviorAutoFaceNode auto face
4611686023628010023 cbtCoverVisDebug Toggle to display/hide cover visibility
4611686023806770000 effAppearanceSubAppearanceEverExecuted a persistent version of effAppearanceSubAppearanceExecuted
4611686023814710003 effAppearanceTriggersRepeatable anim note triggers that cannot be executed more than once
4611686023868490020 effAppearanceResultOverriden whether the result is overriden for a given target details index
4611686023868490021 sndAmbienceEnabled on/off flag
4611686023868490026 effAppearanceUseTargetDetailsResultOverride whether we should be considering the override value or not
4611686023947030000 effAppearanceCasterEverPlayedAnim tracks whether any animations were played for an effect caster
4611686023950190007 chrBehaviorRecorderStates a list of states that were either generated (local), or received (remote)
4611686023950190008 chrBehaviorRecorderStartTime start time
4611686023950190009 chrBehaviorRecorderPlaybackIndex index
4611686023950190012 chrBehaviorRecorder recorder
4611686023950190017 chrBehaviorRecorderMode state
4611686023950190082 cnvQuestIsMultiplayer single/multiplayer toggle for a quest icon
4611686024113010010 chrBehaviorPreCollisionPosition_w p
4611686024113010099 chrBehaviorCombatMoving is combat moving
4611686024113010150 phyAppleWrapperNode node
4611686024113010151 phyAppleWrapperAssetSpecName asset spec name
4611686024113010152 phyAppleWrapperFxId fx id for apples
4611686024113010155 phyAppleManagerActives active apples
4611686024113010161 phyAppleWrapperFxHandle apple fx handle
4611686024113010162 phyAppleWrapperTimestamp last modified
4611686024113010163 phyAppleWrapperActive is it active
4611686024113010168 phyAppleManagerIndex index
4611686024113010175 phyAppleCache cache of apples
4611686024175945914 qstDebugFastForward Whether the fast forward buttons should be enabled for this character.
4611686024240234109 qstStepBranchAssociations IDs of branches that this step can branch to
4611686024388435598 chrStealthIsStealthed whether the character is in stealth
4611686024429015552 ablUserTargetPosition position of last ground-targeted ability activated
4611686024429018188 effTargetPosition position effect was targeted at (if not at a node)
4611686024429024906 effEventTargetPosition world position for ground targeted aoe effect
4611686024438910010 stgMarkPosition a position on a stage
4611686024438910011 stgMarkRotation the rotation of an object on a stage
4611686024438910013 stgMarkLabel the label (in director's terms) of a mark on a stage
4611686024438910019 sysBaseLootFxDisabled disable loot sparkles (primary intended for making movies)
4611686024438910026 stgTemplateActorMarkList a list of actor marks on a stage
4611686024438910027 stgTemplateCameraMarkList a list of camera marks on a stage
4611686024438910028 stgTemplateLightMarkList a list of light marks on a stage
4611686024438910031 cnvQuestIndicatorsEnabled enable flag for quest indicator icons over characters
4611686024438910034 cbtCoverIconsEnabled enable flag for showing icons over targets in your cover cone
4611686024454077020 chrNPCStealthSuspicionLastToArouse last person that we got suspicious about
4611686024557010000 stgLiveActors Cloned actors mapped by original character ID
4611686024557010007 stgOracleLiveStage The current live stage, if any
4611686024579070000 sndAreaSoundBanks
4611686024579070011 sndMusicTargetArea
4611686024587250006 guiMouseCursorAttachmentPosition current world space position of the mouse cursor attachment
4611686024587250007 guiMouseCursorAttachmentAssetInstance asset instance of model attached to cursor
4611686024587250016 guiMouseCursorAttachmentSpec currently active mouse cursor attachment spec
4611686024587250017 guiMouseCursorAttachmentState state of active mouse cursor attachment
4611686024587250019 guiMouseCursorAttachmentFxHandle handle of FX currently attached to mouse cursor
4611686024587250024 gpvPendingUpdate Flag to notify viewer that we've updated fields.
4611686024587250033 ablOracleModalAbilityGroupCounts how many abilities belong to a given modal ability group
4611686024616496160 material bogus material field to fix undo
4611686024694830001 stgLength length of a stage
4611686024694830002 stgWidth width of a stage
4611686024944730003 stgOracleDebugArgs Debug values for staging (session based)
4611686025044130017 effOraclePreviewEffectAppearanceTimer timer for use in effect appearance previewing
4611686025044130026 effOraclePreviewEffectAppearanceSpec spec of appearance currently being previewed
4611686025044130027 effOraclePreviewEffectAppearanceIsLooping true if preview of appearance should loop
4611686025068830026 stgUnLockedStages List of stages that are available for editing in game.
4611686025085150001 stgReloaded A flag used by the gpv system to test if the stage has been reloaded.
4611686025120550007 staCharacterRectificationTimer timer for delayed rectification
4611686025128290001 guiGfxCcsCharacter the character
4611686025128290004 effOraclePreviewEffectAppearanceCaster id of caster of appearance being previewed
4611686025128290005 effOraclePreviewEffectAppearanceCasterPosition starting position of caster of appearance being previewed
4611686025128290006 effOraclePreviewEffectAppearanceResult effect result code to use for appearance being previewed
4611686025128290007 effOraclePreviewEffectAppearanceTargets map of target id to starting position for appearance being previewed
4611686025128290010 guiGfxCCSCharacterLoading is character loading
4611686025128290045 stgPreviewLockX flag to test if x axis is locked when moving camera.
4611686025128290046 stgPreviewCamera Camera to attach to.
4611686025128290050 stgPreviewOldCamera Remember the camera mode we were in before leaving camera preview.
4611686025128290053 stgPreviewActiveStage Stage currently being previewed.
4611686025128290088 stgMarkLeash Mark this is leashed to.
4611686025128290089 stgMarkLeashDistance Leash distance if this mark is leashed.
4611686025128290138 utlMeshEdgeNormals list of normals, 1 per edge
4611686025128290143 utlMeshEdges list of edges
4611686025157507330 phsMapNote id of the mapnote node that is the exit point, and carries the localized name, of this instance
4611686025228550038 effOraclePreviewEffectAppearanceDuration duration in seconds
4611686025244450004 stgPreviewAspectGuideEnabled Flag determines whether to display the aspect ratio guide lines.
4611686025244450006 stgPreviewOverlayEnabled True if the thirds overlay should be turned on.
4611686025262337644 cbtRewardLockState used in cbtRewardComponent on client gom only
4611686025262338206 effAppearanceResultOverride the override result value for a given target details index
4611686025292730010 sysInputHandlerLoading loading
4611686025292730033 effAppearanceTriggersOnTargetAnimationNote OnTargetAnimNote triggers
4611686025327970001 stgPreviewLockY LockY camera movement.
4611686025327970002 stgPreviewLockZ Lock Z camera movement.
4611686025327970003 stgPreviewLockYaw Lock yaw for stage camera.
4611686025327970004 stgPreviewLockPitch Lock pitch for stage camera.
4611686025327970005 stgPreviewLockRoll Lock roll for stage camera
4611686025327970009 qaMoveTestCurrentPoints list of current vector3 points
4611686025327970010 qaMoveTestNextPoints List of next vector3 points
4611686025327970011 qaMoveTestSpawnPoints List of spawn points for the VM test
4611686025383290039 stgPreviewCinematicMode Controls whether the normal gui is replaced with the cinematic preview mode.
4611686025468010001 qaMoveTestWorstVMValue List of VM values
4611686025468010002 qaMoveTestWorstVMFragValue array of the fragmented VM sizes
4611686025468010003 qaMoveTestWorstVMLoc array of vm sample locations
4611686025470270003 stgMarkPreviewAnimation Animation to play while previewing mark.
4611686025470270004 stgMarkPreviewLoop Flag to determine if animation should play while previewing.
4611686025470270005 stgMarkPreviewActive Flag to determine whether mark should spawn npc while previewed.
4611686025470270013 staCharacterStealthVisibility map of characters that the local player can see
4611686025470270071 stgMarkPreviewSpecString Arg string used to determine which npc to spawn.
4611686025470270083 stgMarkPreviewCurrentActor Reference to spawned actor for this mark.
4611686025506970064 qaFPSTestCamera camera node
4611686025506970065 qaFPSTestCamDistance camera distance from char
4611686025506970066 qaFPSTestCamSpeed camera speed as it rotates char
4611686025506970067 qaFPSTestPrintLevel print message by importance level
4611686025506970068 qaFPSTestCamAngle camera angle to char
4611686025506970069 qaFPSTestTimeDelay time delay between fps sampling
4611686025506970070 qaFPSTestSampleRatePerSecond fps sample rate per second
4611686025506970071 qaFPSTestOutputFilename output filename
4611686025506970072 qaFPSTestCamRotationLimit camera rotation limit
4611686025506970073 qaFPSTestGridJump grid jump flag
4611686025506970074 qaFPSTestLocListIter location list iterator
4611686025506970075 qaFPSTestOneFrame counter for determining one frame
4611686025506970076 qaFPSTestOutput string storage for output (large)
4611686025506970077 qaFPSTestTimeElapsed counter for time elapsed since last sample
4611686025506970078 qaFPSTestLocList list of fps sample locations
4611686025506970079 qaFPSTestFrameCounter frame counter
4611686025506970096 stgPreviewHideActors Flag to hide all preview actors.
4611686025506970104 qaVMTestPrintLevel print messages by importance level
4611686025506970105 qaVMTestCamera qa camera
4611686025506970106 qaVMTestCamDistance camera distance from char
4611686025506970108 qaVMTestCamSpeed speed of the camera rotating around char
4611686025506970109 qaVMTestCamRotationLimit camera rotation limit for FPS metrics
4611686025506970110 qaVMTestSampleRatePerSecond FPS sample rate per second
4611686025506970114 qaVMTestSpawnPoints list of spawn points for vm metrics
4611686025506970115 qaVMTestCurrentPoints list of currently evaluated spawn points
4611686025506970116 qaVMTestNextPoints list of future spawn points to be evaluated
4611686025506970117 qaVMTestLocList list of locations for vm sampling
4611686025506970118 qaVMTestOneFrame counter for one-frame event
4611686025506970119 qaVMTestTimeDelay time delay between vm sampling
4611686025506970120 qaVMTestTimeElapsed counter of time elapsed since last sampling
4611686025506970121 qaVMTestFrameCounter frame counter
4611686025506970122 qaVMTestOutputFilename output filename
4611686025506970123 qaVMTestGridJump flag for char porting while cam is on
4611686025506970124 qaVMTestLocListIter port location list iterator
4611686025506970125 qaVMTestOutput string storage for output (large)
4611686025506970182 utlListOfString a list of string
4611686025506970183 utlIndex an integer index
4611686025506970190 utlDateTime a datetime
4611686025506970196 stgMarkPreviewDelayUpdate Timer to postpone preview updates until resources are ready.
4611686025506970198 stgMarkPreviewAnimPlaying Flag tracks if anim is already playing.
4611686025529234791 tstFixtureStrings
4611686025529234801 tstFixtureSetupAssetSpecFqns
4611686025529234885 tstFixtureSetupAreaInvalidInstanceId which instance id we need to leave
4611686025529234886 tstFixtureFloats dictionary of floats
4611686025529234887 tstFixtureTestName the name of the function that will be called
4611686025529234888 tstFixtureVerbosity how verbose
4611686025529234889 tstFixtureTimeout how long we can wait to setup/teardown (in seconds)
4611686025529234890 tstFixtureTearDownCallCount number of teardowns
4611686025529234891 tstFixtureTestCallCount how many times called
4611686025529234892 tstFixtureIntegers dictionary of integers
4611686025529234893 tstFixtureSetupInstances the instances in our bucket
4611686025529234894 tstFixtureSetUpCallCount how many types has setup been called
4611686025529234895 tstFixtureSetupAssetSpecs the specs in the bucket
4611686025529234896 tstFixtureBooleans booleans
4611686025529234897 tstFixtureSetupArea what area to goto
4611686025529234898 tstFixtureIds dictionary of ids
4611686025546395765 tstFixtureSetupCharacters the created characters
4611686025546395774 tstFixtureSetupCharacterSpecFqns list of client characters to create
4611686025546397502 tstFixtureSetupState the state
4611686025560974701 tstFixtureReferenceId id of account running test
4611686025576605799 effEventOracleEventMap Shared DOM Placeholder
4611686025576606990 utlTemplates Shared DOM Placeholder
4611686025606270002 effAppearanceTriggersRepeatableMap lookuplist of anim not triggers that cannot be executed more than once
4611686025690519843 sndFootstepMap Shared DOM Placeholder
4611686025690519901 camFollower Shared DOM Placeholder
4611686025690520134 curLookAt Shared DOM Placeholder
4611686025690520256 staCharacterCoverIcon Shared DOM Placeholder
4611686025717630005 utlMeshWhichIndex index
4611686025717630006 utlMeshWhichIndexForTri tri index
4611686025717630007 utlMeshVertNumberInTri vert number (1,2,3)
4611686025717630008 utlMeshVertNumberInTri_plus plus
4611686025717630009 utlMeshVertNumberInTri_minus minus
4611686025771210021 cvrBuilderRegionsPending regions to rebuild
4611686025771210023 cvrBuilderStarted started
4611686025771210024 cvrBuilderStartTime started
4611686025771210037 cvrBuilderPurgeCoverPoints cover points to purge
4611686025771210038 cvrBuilderPurgeRegions regions to purge
4611686025771210051 cvrBuilderCollectedPurges collected
4611686025771210071 utlBoxMin min
4611686025771210072 utlBoxMax box max
4611686025771210073 utlBoxTransform box transform
4611686025771210075 cvrBuilderBoundsCompleted bounds
4611686025790290008 cvrBuilderFinished finished
4611686025803870216 cvrOracleTestBuilderId which object to test
4611686025803870217 cvrOracleTestBuilderLastTransform last transform
4611686025803870295 cvrOracleBuilderSingleton the singleton builder for the gui
4611686025877970030 stgCameraAutoSpeaker Speaker mark this auto cam is attached to.
4611686025877970031 stgCameraAutoListener Listener for this auto cam.
4611686025877970032 stgCameraAutoMirror Flags if the camera should be mirrored across the plane of action.
4611686025877970033 stgCameraAutoTemplateFQN Camera template
4611686025877970069 stgTemplateAutoCameraList List of auto cams.
4611686025877970070 stgCameraAutoID MarkID
4611686025915590016 effAppearanceTriggersOnProjectileCollideByName OnProjectileCollide triggers, indexed by name
4611686025915590017 effAppearanceTriggersOnProjectileNearByName OnProjectileNear triggers, indexed by name
4611686025915590032 tstFixtureInternalTeardownCalled has been called
4611686025915590049 stgCameraSpeaker Speaker
4611686025915590050 stgCameraListener Listener
4611686025915590051 stgCameraDOFNear Depth of field near distance.
4611686025915590052 stgCameraDOFFar Depth of field far distance.
4611686025915590053 stgCameraDOFFocus Depth of field arc in degrees.
4611686025915590054 stgCameraFOV Field of view.
4611686025915590082 stgLiveMarkToActorMap A mapping of which actors are standing on which mark.
4611686025915590106 cvrBuilderFinishing finishing (waiting for server)
4611686025915590112 cvrBuilderEffectedRoomsMap what rooms have rebuild boxes
4611686025929514679 tstFixtureEditRequests requested from $EDIT
4611686025952330048 nppBodyType Body type for an NPC appearance spec
4611686025952330064 cvrVisualizeTimer controls updates of the visualization of cover points
4611686025952330068 cvrBuilderBoundsBox the box
4611686025952330069 cvrBuilderBoundsRoom the room
4611686025952330081 cvrVisualizerInUseAssetNode the node for an in use asset
4611686025952330083 cvrVisualizerInUseAssets the assets currently being used to visualize the available cover points
4611686025952330153 cvrBuilderCoverPointsCreated the auto cover points that were actually created
4611686025952330156 tstFixtureSetupRemoteWasCalled was setup remotely
4611686025952330167 cvrVisualizerVisualizing whether the system is visualizing because a button is held down
4611686025959781176 utlPos pos
4611686025959781182 utlRot rotation
4611686025959781185 utlScale scale
4611686025959781222 cvrBuilderPointTransform transform
4611686025959781228 cvrBuilderPointDirection direction
4611686025959781504 cvrBuilderPointRoom room
4611686025991710023 cvrVisualizerMode the always on visualizer mode
4611686025991710045 cvrBuilderPointPerfectionOffset how far from perfect are we
4611686026015590033 cvrBuilderBoundsAABB AABB for optimization
4611686026015590038 stgCameraCategory Type of shot for camera.
4611686026042943103 cvrBuilderPoints
4611686026066640320 qstBranchIsAlternateEnding true if this branch represents an alternate ending for the quest
4611686026105883984 ablUserCacheTargetOk
4611686026105884133 ablUserCacheCombatModeOk
4611686026175330003 cbtComputeCoverVisInstanceList list of instances to consider for vis building
4611686026175330004 cbtComputeCoverVisPhase which phase the compute cover vis is in
4611686026175330005 cbtComputeCoverVisListIndex index in to cover node list
4611686026175330006 cbtComputeCoverVisListIndex2 another index in to the cover list
4611686026175330007 cbtComputeCoverVisMap the actual visibility as figured out
4611686026175330013 staCharacterCoverOverrideRotationEvent the event handle of the last event to override rotation
4611686026207090009 staCharacterCoverExposedState the cover expose state the character is in
4611686026207090013 preNpcPreviewSpec Spec of the NPC currently being used to preview NPC appearances
4611686026218116286 cnvOverrideType Each dialog node can override whether that branch of the conversation is multiplayer vs singleplayer.
4611686026242697764 cnvConversationNameOverride
4611686026243774542 effStackLimitIsMultiTarget should stack limit be counted across all targets
4611686026247079264 qstIsBonusQuest a flag to indicate whether this quest is a bonus quest
4611686026255090003 staCharacterCoverIconFxHandle handle of fx attached to cover target
4611686026255090004 cvrVisualizerInUseAssetFxHandle the fx handle attached to the in use asset
4611686026255090012 cvrSettingsStepSizeHorizontal step size
4611686026255090013 cvrSettingsLengthThreshold length threshold
4611686026255090014 cvrSettingsFaceSeparation face sep
4611686026255090015 cvrSettingsVerticalThreshold vertical threshold
4611686026255090016 cvrSettingsHorizontalThreshold horizontal
4611686026255090028 cvrBuilderInstanceNode the node
4611686026255090030 cvrBuilderInstancesProgress how far along the instances are we
4611686026255090035 cvrBuilderInstanceBox the box to render
4611686026255090036 cvrBuilderInstanceStartTime what time it finished building
4611686026255090039 cvrBuilderConsolidationProgress how far along the consolidation are we
4611686026327490005 chrBehaviorBearingOffsetDegrees offset to apply to morpheme bearing variable
4611686026363970021 cvrBuilderInstanceTriNormals tri normals
4611686026363970022 cvrBuilderInstanceVerticals vertical edges
4611686026363970023 cvrBuilderInstanceHorizontals list of horizontals
4611686026363970024 cvrBuilderInstanceCurrentEdge currently processing edge
4611686026363970025 cvrBuilderInstanceEdgePairs edge pairs
4611686026363970026 cvrBuilder the cover builder
4611686026363970028 cvrBuilderInstanceVertexes verts
4611686026363970029 cvrBuilderInstanceIndexes the mesh
4611686026363970071 cbtCoverChooseDebug whether to show the debug visualization of what cover point is being chosen
4611686026381922606 cvrBuilderPointEdgePoint edge point
4611686026410550004 chrBehaviorCover the cover behavior
4611686026410550037 chrBehaviorCoverState the state
4611686026525870004 cvrDebuggerInstance the instance to debug
4611686026525870005 cvrDebugger the debugger
4611686026525870012 cvrDebuggerBuilder the builder
4611686026525870024 cvrDebuggerDirty is dirty
4611686026525870025 cvrDebuggerDirtyTime time
4611686026525870026 cvrDebuggerBox last box
4611686026525870040 cvrSettingsDebugVisibility debug
4611686026525870041 cvrSettingsDebugBounds debug
4611686026525870042 cvrSettingsDebugStandability debug
4611686026525870043 cvrSettingsVisibilityThreshold threshold
4611686026525870044 cvrSettingsVisibilityDistance distance
4611686026525870045 cvrSettingsSlipDegreesThreshold slip
4611686026525870046 cvrSettingsFootRadius foot
4611686026525870053 cvrDebuggerSettings the settings
4611686026525870057 cvrDebuggerHorizontalEdgeLock lock
4611686026525870058 cvrDebuggerVerticalEdgeLock locked
4611686026525870059 cvrDebuggerAltDown alt down
4611686026539819747 hydScriptMap mapping of hooks to hydScript's
4611686026544687792 grpMemberIsAFK Flag identified is a party member is afk.
4611686026548753579 chrPlayerIsAFK Flag determines if character is afk.
4611686026557990001 cvrSettingsHorizontalPitchThreshold t
4611686026567367447 hydScriptBlocks ordered list of script blocks that may run on this script
4611686026567369455 hydActionBlocks list of actionblocks to execute within a scriptblock
4611686026567369621 hydConditionBlock the conditions associate with this scriptblock
4611686026567774112 hydAction action in the OAV triples
4611686026567774127 hydValue value in the OAV triplet
4611686026567774554 hydActions list of actions to play in this actionblock
4611686026596290008 cvrBuilderInstanceRoom the room
4611686026642410002 effAppearanceProjectileInstance HBNode of projectile that last triggered a trigger
4611686026643586509 hydActionTime time for this actionblock
4611686026656750000 cvrBuilderServerStatus from the server
4611686026656750001 cvrBuilderInstanceIsSpeedTree tree
4611686026656750020 cvrBuilderCollectInstancesRoomIndex the last completed instance collected
4611686026656750022 stgPreviewApplyAutoHeightAdjustment Flag to control auto height adjustment while previewing a camera.
4611686026656750023 chrBehaviorCoverHideTime when the character started hiding
4611686026667660006 cvrBuilderNodes nodes to builder around
4611686026667660007 cvrSettingsFaceSeparationSpeedTree specifically for speedTree
4611686026667660009 cvrSettingsStepSizeVertical step size on vertical edges
4611686026667660024 stgPreviewHeightAdjustTimer Timer to delay the reapplication of auto height adjustment during camera preview.
4611686026682090014 cvrVisualizerUnusedAssetList list of all the unused invisible anchor points
4611686026682090017 preTargetList Lookup list of IDs currently used by the preview system
4611686026690260014 cvrBuilderHandle handle to c++ side
4611686026690260025 cvrBuilderConsolidationStartTime datetime
4611686026690260028 cvrBuilderEntireArea is the entire area
4611686026690260032 cvrBuilderInstancePoints points generated
4611686026690260044 cvrBuilderInstanceNeedsExclusionChecks candidate points will need exclusion checks
4611686026690260045 cvrBuilderInstanceNeedsWriteBoundsChecks needs to check write bounds checks (is not fully enclosed)
4611686026690260048 cvrBuilderEffectedRooms the reasonably sorted list of effected rooms
4611686026690260054 cvrVisualizerPendingAssetList the list of cps awaiting the instance to be valid
4611686026690260055 cvrVisualizerAssetSpec the asset spec for the visualizer node
4611686026690260058 cvrBuilderIgnoreSpecs specs to ignore
4611686026690260080 tstCombatRanged is the action ranged
4611686026690260081 tstCombatFullRotate whether the combatant is full rotated
4611686026756570003 cvrBuilderSpecTimes total time taken building a given spec
4611686026756570004 cvrBuilderSpecCounts counts by spec
4611686026756570006 guiPaperDollBackdropTexture FQN of backdrop texture for the paper doll.
4611686026756570008 staCharacterLastChooseCoverTime when the choose cover object function was last caled
4611686026756570009 staCharacterLastChooseCoverDirection the last direction that the choose object cache is based on
4611686026756570010 staCharacterLastChooseCoverNode the node that was last chosen
4611686026756570011 staCharacterLastChooseCoverList the list of cover points last generated around character
4611686026756570012 staCharacterLastChooseCoverPosition where the character was last time we cached
4611686026860770018 mpnDynamicMapNotes set of dynamically-created map notes sent from server for this area
4611686026914850033 mpnTemplateFQN Name of template this map note gets its properties from.
4611686026914850575 mpnInitialized Flag to test if the data for this map note info has loaded.
4611686026914850597 mpnServerMapNoteID Each MapNoteInfo is a mirror of the server version of this node.
4611686026914850620 mpnPosition World position of map note on the server. This can be in any area.
4611686026914850723 mpnRotation Rotation of map note.
4611686026990070039 hydActionBlockTimer timer that says when to run the next ActionBlock
4611686026990070041 ablUserCacheTargetIsDead is target dead
4611686027086670008 mpnShowDevOnly Show the 'dev only' map notes
4611686027152384722 hydFQN FQN of the toolbox object
4611686027152384753 hydHintID this field provides an initial 'hint' that can be used to find game-world objects (e.g. the spawner an NPC is expected to spawn from)
4611686027202942998 testx
4611686027202943010 testy
4611686027202943049 testINTEGER
4611686027202943081 testTIMEINTERVAL
4611686027202943091 testSTRING
4611686027202943106 testBOOLEAN
4611686027202943133 testLIST
4611686027202943142 testVECTOR3
4611686027202943149 testENUM2
4611686027202943161 testCLASS
4611686027202943174 testDATETIME
4611686027202943187 testTIMER
4611686027202943190 testFLOAT
4611686027202943199 testID
4611686027202943216 testLOOKUPLIST
4611686027443270003 prePreviewFlags Generic flags for the preview oracle
4611686027462983864 tstCowInt
4611686027462983879 tstCowFloat
4611686027462983890 tstCowString
4611686027462983906 tstCowID
4611686027462983917 tstCowBool
4611686027467625403 tstCowEnum
4611686027467626940 tstCowBoolList
4611686027467627558 tstCowEnumList
4611686027467628044 tstCowFloatList
4611686027467628366 tstCowIDList
4611686027467628689 tstCowIntList
4611686027467630033 tstCowStringList
4611686027467631926 tstCowStringMap
4611686027467633616 tstCowIntMap
4611686027467634882 tstCowIDMap
4611686027467635374 tstCowFloatMap
4611686027467636801 tstCowBoolMap
4611686027467638601 tstCowEnumMap
4611686027607639355 effEventTargetDetailsTravelTime How long the server thinks it will take the projectile to the target
4611686027705370053 vehPosition Where the vehicle is at
4611686027752475802 tstReplicationFixtureID
4611686027752476478 tstReplicationTest
4611686027795870010 effEventOracleDependentAppearances mapping of events to the events whose appearances depend on it having executed
4611686027828670001 hydActionBlockQueue
4611686027828670020 hydActiveMethodCB
4611686027828670022 hydActiveNodeCB
4611686027828670024 prePreviewWindow UI preview window
4611686028344400366 dbgContext_remainingTime how long before the context should clean itself up
4611686028407277365 vehRotation the vehicles rotation
4611686028425970004 staCharacterLastChooseCoverTarget the character's selected target last time the list of cover objects was generated
4611686028457775599 phsPhaseInfoPlayers List of players in this phase.
4611686028457775626 phsPhases Map of phase IDs to phsPhaseInfo objects
4611686028503684620 phsPhaseInfoOwner Owner of this phase info.
4611686028550591408 spnVehicleOwner the player who is controlling the vehicle
4611686028572844847 phyParabolaP0 parabola
4611686028572844916 phyParabolaV0 parabola
4611686028583293638 phyBallisticParabola ballistic
4611686028583293734 phyBallisticTime ballistic
4611686028583294020 phyBallisticWaypoints ballistic
4611686028601482738 effIsReverse whether to swap the caster and target or not
4611686028616175113 staCharacterOwnedVehicle vehicle controlled by the player
4611686028642276325 FxSpecName Name of an FX Spec
4611686028642276343 FxRespawnDelay How often to replay the Fx
4611686028644776872 vehPathName The path the vehicle is on
4611686028644778130 vehPathCompletionRatio Distance along path
4611686028685279908 phyBallisticWaypointQueue queue
4611686028697086156 phsPhase Phase ID of this entity
4611686028721175735 phyBallisticTimestamp timestamp
4611686028726270008 vehAutoShotTimer timer that keeps the shooting going
4611686028729674514 phyBallisticDuration seconds
4611686028739383731 chrBallisticSimulator sim
4611686028739383867 phyBallisticNode what node is moving
4611686028765681170 chrBallisticLastReactionTime last
4611686028828892042 phyBallisticG gravity
4611686028926770016 effAppearanceTargetDetailsIndexPrevious
4611686029003970014 vehRotationOffset_o Offset of rotation from path
4611686029003970030 plcPosition
4611686029003970031 plcRotation
4611686029003970036 plcModelAssetSpec
4611686029003970042 plcProp
4611686029003970043 vehAngularVelocity Current angular velocity of the vehicle
4611686029003970046 phyBallisticWaypointQueueMarshalled marshalled
4611686029082870032 FxRandomDelay Random delay added to respawn time
4611686029082870033 FxMaxSpawnDistance Max distance at which the FxPlaceable will spawn FX
4611686029082870034 FxSpawnVolume Volume within which the FxPlaceable will spawn FX
4611686029082870036 FxCanSpawnOffscreen Determines if the FxPlaceable will spawn FX when offscreen
4611686029082870039 FxLifetimeControl Controls lifetime of spawned FX
4611686029082870041 _dfName The spec name
4611686029135370003 vehDesiredPositionOffset_o The desired positional offset as a ratio -1 to 1
4611686029135370004 vehRotationThrottle The throttle values
4611686029135370006 conContents
4611686029152870018 FxMinSpawnDistance Min distance at which the FxPlaceable will spawn FX
4611686029152870031 vehMotionVelocity
4611686029203070004 vehDesiredRotationOffset_o
4611686029203070006 vehMotionThrottle
4611686029292670015 stgActorNpcSpec NPC spec for this actor, empty if not an NPC
4611686029370470004 plcRoom
4611686029370470007 plcPropOwner
4611686029370470026 vehDebugRender
4611686029370470044 RoomBoundName the name of a room bound
4611686029434570001 hydOptions
4611686029523567024 effPreviousSubEffectResult previous sub-effect result (within one effect)
4611686029670182931 hydConditions The raw condition OAV lines made by the user in the hydra editor
4611686029670182949 hydConditionOperator how to compile multiple conditions: AND, OR or NOT
4611686029753870011 phyBallisticKnockdown does knockdown
4611686029771036131 stgActorCurrentMark Current mark I'm standing on.
4611686029771036446 stgActorOriginal Actor I was created from.
4611686029813270001 chrBallisticLanded landed
4611686029813270007 effAppearanceCasterPlayedAnimStr
4611686029813270009 effAppearanceTargetPlayedAnimStr
4611686029813270010 cbtShowAnimNamesEnabled
4611686029845070016 appPaletteSaturation Saturation value of a palette
4611686029845070017 appPaletteContrast Contrast value of a palette
4611686029845070018 appPaletteBrightness Brightness value of a palette
4611686029845070019 appPaletteHue Hue value of a palette
4611686029845070022 appRequestedItemAppearances Appearances requested for items that were not ready at request time
4611686029854284826 hydConditionArguments The arguments needed by the hydConditionCompiled expression
4611686029901641252 phsPlayerJoinOverrideMap Track which phase the player has requested to join for this instance.
4611686029944370003 itmStackCount
4611686029944370004 itmStackMax
4611686030083970004 conMaxSize maximum size the container is allowed to grow to
4611686030163270040 eqpEquipment container for the equipment that a player/npc is wearing
4611686030163270046 conSharedData data shared with all containers of the same type
4611686030221870000 appPaletteSpecular Specular value (rgba) of a palette
4611686030270570003 hydWait if wait is set for this action
4611686030311870000 hydAbilityTargets object/target pairs for Use Ability actions
4611686030340975013 cnvRootStageSpecList All stage specs used by this conversation
4611686030368870005 itmSoundType Sound set for this item.
4611686030368870006 itmIcon Icon for item.
4611686030368870010 itmSlotTypes Slots this item can be put into.
4611686030368870012 itmBaseLevel Item's base level.
4611686030368870013 itmBaseQuality Item's base quality.
4611686030368870015 itmBindingRule How this item binds.
4611686030368870016 itmMinimumLevel Level required to equip or use this item.
4611686030368870018 itmUniqueLimit Maximum number of this item a player can own.
4611686030368870021 itmConversation Conversation for this item.
4611686030368870022 itmMaxDurability Maximum durability for item.
4611686030368870028 hydActionWaitTimer timer used for holding the Action Queue
4611686030368870030 itmValue Value of an item at vendor.
4611686030368870041 chrBehaviorWPStyle How is the character getting to the waypoint?
4611686030434370016 conContentsRepPrevious temporary copy until we get field deltas in replication
4611686030472070008 FxPause Pauses FxPlaceable which cause it to stop emitting new FX
4611686030472070010 invEquipment
4611686030472070013 invQuest
4611686030472070032 staCharacterLastChooseCoverFromTargetList the list of cover points last generated against selected target
4611686030512270004 cbtCoverShowAll whether to show all nearby and target-based cover points
4611686030566380010 cnvRootMirrorMap Camera mirror state for each stage spec
4611686030687670006 jwwRingTargetIds
4611686030770589198 chrPetIsInteractive can pet be directly controlled?
4611686030770589397 chrPetMasterId id of pet's master
4611686030770595732 chrPets pets owned by this master
4611686030773082021 chrCompanion
4611686030840770030 m_bAcceptsLocomotion Can the char have locomotion applied while this state is active?
4611686030871970000 m_chrStateMan The aesthetic state manager.
4611686030871970001 m_chrState_LocoMachine Locomotion states.
4611686030905970025 m_chrLoco_Start_Time Time time the target was set.
4611686030905970026 m_chrLoco_Target_Time The time the target needs to reached.
4611686030905970027 m_chrLoco_bUpdated If true the target has been updated and needs new values calculated.
4611686030905970032 m_chrLoco_bGotTarget Target has a valid entry.
4611686030905970043 phsCloseJoinInstancePopupTimer Poll for closing the join instance popup when the player moves away from the gateway.
4611686030905970046 phsActiveInstancePopup Last instance for which the join instance popup was shown.
4611686030912070000 phyOracleRenderDebug Toggle to display / hide physics debug rendering
4611686030912070080 musVisitedRegions tracks what regions have been visited this session, for purposes of determingin which music event to play
4611686030912070081 musDelayTimer
4611686030912070082 musPlayTimer
4611686030912070085 musCurrentRegionName
4611686030912070096 jwwNode
4611686030912070110 staCharacterRollLeftCoverNode currently selected node for rolling between cover points to the left
4611686030912070111 staCharacterRollRightCoverNode currently selected node fro rolling betwee cover points to the right
4611686030912070123 m_chrLoco_LastGotTarget Use to find out if we have old target info to transition to.
4611686030912475398 cnvIsAmbient whether node is flagged as ambient
4611686030981070006 grpInviteDialogTimer Timeout for group invite dialog.
4611686030981070014 m_chrLookAt_Interest_Head How interesting is the target to the head?
4611686030981070015 m_chrLookAt_Interest_Body How interesting is the target to the body?
4611686030981070024 m_chrLookAt_TargetNode The node ref to look at. If target is a point this will be 'None'
4611686031022270047 ablAbilityDataAIChanceToUse
4611686031022270054 cvrVisualizerModeLocked Locks the visualizer mode from being changed
4611686031022270085 m_chrStateMachine_NextState The next state to be set.
4611686031022270086 m_chrStateMachine_CurState The current valid state.
4611686031022270087 m_chrStateMachine_PrevState The last valid state.
4611686031022477486 hydObjectSearchScope specifies how the hydra system should locate the referenced object(s)
4611686031029979983 vehRoom
4611686031078870002 m_chrStateMachineStateInfo State machine state info.
4611686031078870007 m_chrStateMachine_Callback The script that holds the handlers for the state machine.
4611686031079276726 hydObjectType this field identifies the general type of in-game entity to search for when locating hydra 'objects' [in the context of a Hydra Object-Action-Value (OAV)]
4611686031089070005 m_chrBehaviorMan_Version If this version number is less than the current version the manager will be recreated.
4611686031089070063 chrBehaviorFloorY
4611686031107278191 plcStatePackage
4611686031142870062 stgMarkPreviewLastAnimPlayed
4611686031142870068 vehCameraPitch
4611686031142870070 vehCameraPullback
4611686031142870071 vehCameraLookAtOffset
4611686031142870072 vehFireRate
4611686031142870073 vehFireDistance
4611686031142870074 stgMarkPreviewAnimLoopTimer
4611686031142870076 phyBallisticSkid
4611686031142870081 phyBallisticSkidDrag
4611686031142870105 effSubEffectEppDependent Description Whether the appearance is dependent on the calling effect having executed
4611686031142870106 effSubEffectEppSpec Appearance spec for the sub-effect
4611686031142870108 effSubEffectEppDetails map of sub effect number to appearance details
4611686031167597807 musPriorityLevel prioriity of current music
4611686031239070001 m_chrLoco_Target_Duration How long should it take to get to the target in seconds?
4611686031239070002 m_chrLoco_Target_CurDuration The current time cursor
4611686031293970015 effContainerPositive positive effects
4611686031293970016 effContainerNegative positive effects
4611686031293970017 effContainerOther positive effects
4611686031327270009 chrBallisticHasKnockedDown Flag set when action is issued to knock down the target
4611686031327270012 ctlCameraShakePrevOffset
4611686031327270013 ctlCameraShakeMagnitude
4611686031327270065 _dfScale scale applied to entire FX
4611686031327270066 musLastEvent
4611686031327270073 ctlCameraShakeDecay
4611686031327270082 m_chrLookAt_DidSupportCheck The version number the support check was done on.
4611686031359470029 spnQuestUseable can this item be used to advance a quest
4611686031359470042 stgActor
4611686031359470043 stgAppearanceSpec
4611686031359470044 stgAssetSpecRequests
4611686031359470068 stgAssetIsLeft
4611686031412377564 plcAlwaysUsable
4611686031461370016 repArgs Generic Arguments for the Replication Event
4611686031479070007 itmOracleFxHandlesByItem map of character id to map of itemid to FXid
4611686031499670014 staAnimLoop looping animaiton to run when proximity is creates this character on a client
4611686031499670045 spnParentAnchorId
4611686031499670053 plcPrevHydraState
4611686031657870003 pcVisible
4611686031657870004 ccVisible
4611686031657870010 appModelId Unique ID for this model
4611686031657870011 appModelBaseFile Base file for this model
4611686031657870012 appModelAttachments Attachments by index for this model
4611686031694070008 stgWeaponComponentEquippedAreLeft
4611686031694070009 stgWeaponComponentEquippedAppearanceSpecs
4611686031694070011 stgWeaponComponentEquippedInstances
4611686031694070012 appModelMap Appearance models mapped by ID
4611686031694070046 appPaletteMetallicSpecular Metallic specular value (rgba) of a palette
4611686031694070054 appAppearanceSlotType Slot ID for this appearance slot
4611686031694070055 appAppearanceSlotModelID Model ID for this appearance slot
4611686031694070056 appAppearanceSlotMaterialIndex Material index for this appearance slot
4611686031694070057 appAppearanceSlotAttachments List of attachment indices for this appearance slot
4611686031694070058 appAppearanceSlotHuePrimary Primary garment hue for this appearance slot
4611686031694070059 appAppearanceSlotHueSecondary Secondary garment hue for this appearance slot
4611686031694070062 nppAppearanceSlotList List of slot data on this appearance
4611686031694070072 appModelSlotType Slot type for this model
4611686031694070073 appModelIndexSlotType Slot type for this model index
4611686031753695688 cnvHydraCinematics
4611686031805970000 guiFadeToBlackActive
4611686031805970007 stgWasStageLayerVisible
4611686031805970015 stgWeaponComponentIsDrawn
4611686031805970016 stgWeaponComponentIsOn
4611686031805970028 sysBaseClientSoundBankCountdown
4611686031805970034 sndBankDecayTimer Timer which checks for any decayed soundbanks that are no longer referenced.
4611686031927970013 utlPreloadList
4611686031927970014 utlPreloadSpec
4611686031927970016 utlPreloadType
4611686031997970000 effStackLimitRelevantTags
4611686032061470000 sysBaseClientAudioInitialized
4611686032061470006 AnimatedPosition Local space position animation
4611686032061470007 AnimatedScale Local space scale animation
4611686032061470008 AnimatedRotation Local space z axis rotation animation
4611686032061470010 ProjectionTexture fqn of texture to project
4611686032159670028 conContainerDataSlots map of slottype to the number of slots with this type
4611686032421570000 stgPreferredMarks For testing/preview: a mapping of player account id's to stage marks. This will cause the stage system to attempt to populate the stage by placing the specified player on the specified mark (setting persists for the lifetime of the area).
4611686032421570009 ProjectionColor color to multiply against projection texture
4611686033020570046 staCharacterUsingPortableCover Flags character as being in portable cover
4611686033020570058 FxTargetID Target for FxPlaceable
4611686033020570059 chrIsMe hack to test if this is my player-character until the login sequence is fixed to work with replication
4611686033280570008 ProjectOnObjects Project texture onto objects?
4611686033280570009 ProjectOnHeightmaps Project texture onto heightmaps?
4611686033280570011 ProjectOnCharacters Project texture onto characters?
4611686033280570012 nppAppearanceSlotMap Map of slot types to lists of slots
4611686033280570016 staKnockedDown Is the character knocked down
4611686033280570022 ProjectionType Projection method to use
4611686033352170005 vndVendorCanRepair
4611686033453170000 vndCurrentVendorItems
4611686033453370048 phsExitMapNoteID specifies the ID of the mapnote (within the area specified by insExitAreaName) you'll travel to when booted from an instance/flashpoint
4611686033507470002 vehInstanceOwner
4611686033507470003 vehInstance
4611686033507470006 vehNewOwner replicated owner variable, can't use spnVehicleOwner or else we lose ability to detach from previous owner
4611686033507470022 cbtWeaponAppearanceSpec Name of spec to use for weapon appearance
4611686033507470034 chrBallisticSimulatorVelocitySpringForce the strength of the spring that keeps that character's pose matched with the instantaneous velocity, zero is infinite
4611686033507470035 chrBallisticSimulatorPoseVelocity velocity currently being used to render the character pose attitude
4611686033653670111 ablAbilityDataRanks
4611686033664870011 tstEventSimplePrivate
4611686033786470001 hydQueueNode noderef of the hydObjectComponent
4611686033786470002 plcDisableOnUse disables placeable after initial use
4611686033786670013 hydActionWaitHandle Animation Handle this this queue is waiting to complete
4611686033786670015 vehPlayerUsable
4611686033861670007 phyBallisticTesterOffset velocity offset
4611686033861670017 phyBallisticTesterDirty dirty!
4611686033861670018 vndItemPrice
4611686033861670023 itmStackVendor
4611686033861770000 chrUsedPlaceables count of players placeables OnUsed calls
4611686034028470000 appPcsCustomizationSlots Appearance slots for this customization set
4611686034054470003 appPcsSliderMap Map of slider options and names by head
4611686034054470011 vndCurrentVendorId
4611686034054470022 ablTargetArcOffset
4611686034088170071 ccsSliderSelectionMap Slider selections mapped by slot type
4611686034088170093 chrBehaveMetricsFrameNumber
4611686034088170094 chrBehaveMetricsPreAnimUpdateCount
4611686034088170095 chrBehaveMetricsLookAtKnobsCount
4611686034088170096 chrBehaveMetricsPostAnimUpdateCount
4611686034088170097 chrBehaveMetricsCombatNavigationCount
4611686034088170104 chrBehaveMetricsEnabled
4611686034088170106 chrBehaveMetricsHandleIdleCount
4611686034088170107 chrBehaveMetricsNavigationHeadingCount
4611686034155970043 chrBehaveMetricsKeepalive
4611686034155970068 itmPropInstance Propbucket node created for this item
4611686034206270002 invBuyback
4611686034206270003 chrBehaveMetricsAmbientCount
4611686034206270006 ablUserCacheForceMaxF
4611686034206270026 itmFxHandle ID for an FX that is active on this item
4611686034206270079 chrBehaviorDirectionRangeKnob
4611686034275370007 effReplicationDummy TEMP: Dummy var to trigger replication of effEvents.
4611686034302770005 vehBurstLength
4611686034343870019 mpnMapTriggers Map triggers this map note resides in.
4611686034343870022 ablUserCacheHealthF
4611686034343870023 ablUserCacheHealthMaxF
4611686034343870024 ablUserCacheEnergyMaxF
4611686034343870025 ablUserCacheActionPointsMaxF
4611686034398370001 plcConversationItemInitiator Character that started the convo with the item.
4611686034423470003 mpnMapTags Set of map tags this map note belongs too.
4611686034423470007 mapPageMapTags Map tags to display this map page.
4611686034423470030 hydIgnore a debug tool for ignoring lines. commenting out for designers.
4611686034424570029 taxRouteCost
4611686034424570031 taxRouteDestination
4611686034424570035 taxRoutes
4611686034497270003 qstIsHiddenQuest wether to show quest updates to the player
4611686034570170001 hydOracleShowDebug Toggles showing debug broadcast string actions in Hydra
4611686034604770067 chrMotion_character
4611686034604970000 cnvIsTransmission whether node is flagged as transmission
4611686034617570003 effEventOracleTransactionEventMap Lookup for effEvents by transaction.
4611686034617570006 phyOracleShowAnimFramesEnabled toggles display of animation frame numbers during physics
4611686034617570011 ablAbilityDataAutoAcquire
4611686034617570014 chrBallisticSimulatorLastFrame tracks the last frame of animation we are blending from during the simulation
4611686034617570015 chrBallisticSimulatorNextFrame tracks the next frame that we are blending to
4611686034670170000 taxKnownTerminals
4611686034685070012 spnFamilyName2 Name of the family associated with a spawner
4611686034720470019 chrHasIncomingPhyPath flag that the character has incoming physics path and needs to ignore out-of-band movement commands
4611686034720470067 staCurrentBrainRepPrevious
4611686034720470068 staPreviousBrain
4611686034720670003 spnFamilyToColor Lookup list of colors indexed by family name
4611686034789370005 chrBehaveRenderTarget toggles rendering the character's current target
4611686034789370007 chrBehaveSkippedCharUpdates Tracks the characters that did not receive updates during the last frame
4611686034789370024 ippColorScheme Color scheme model ID for this appearance
4611686034789370030 ablSkillPoints
4611686034814070005 staCharacterUsingPortableCoverLocal Client authoritative version of staCharacterUsingPortableCover
4611686034814070006 staCharacterCoverObjectLocal Client authoritative version of staCharacterCoverObject
4611686034814070007 staCharacterPrevCoverObjectLocal Last cover object the player was in.
4611686034814070010 staCharacterReservedCover List of cover points reserved for this player.
4611686034814070025 appOracleLoadedModelSlots Map of model index files that have been loaded
4611686034814070036 appRequestedModelSlots List of specs waiting on each model slot
4611686034816770000 chrQuickTravelForbidden indicates when Hydra has explicitly forbidden quick travel
4611686034851770003 appDependantSlotLoads List of slots that are waiting on another slot to load
4611686034851770039 svyQuestionNumber SurveyQuestionNumber
4611686034851770040 svyQuestionOptionValuesList SurveyQuestionAllOptionValues
4611686034851770041 svyQuestionOptionStringIDList SurveyQuestionAllOptionTextIDs
4611686034851770042 svyQuestionTextID SurveyQuestionTextStringID
4611686034851870005 svyIntroStringID Intro string id for surveys
4611686034851870006 svyTitleStringID Title string id for surveys
4611686034851870008 svyQuestionMaxChars Max Chars for this question
4611686034851870009 svyQuestionType Question type
4611686034912670001 svyQuestionList listOfQuestions
4611686034912670015 splinePositions Spline Positions
4611686034912670016 splineRotations Spline Rotations
4611686034912670017 splineSpeeds Spline Speeds
4611686034940470000 ablTrainerNPCId ID of the NPC trainer that was activated
4611686034956270012 effIsDurationHidden
4611686034963470052 chrBehaviorConstructed
4611686034963470057 chrBehavior_DesiredHeading_w
4611686034963470060 chrBehavior_DesiredPitch_w
4611686034963470113 plcUsableVFX VFX to be played when Usable
4611686034963470179 ablTrainableNextRank Next trainable rank
4611686034963470183 plcUsableFXHandle handle for the active Usable FX
4611686034963470188 ablTrainableReqLevels list of levels new ranks are granted
4611686034963770041 spnEncounterSpawnerIdsToFqns Lookup list of spawer alphabet IDs to their FQNs used by an encounter
4611686034978572523 arl2Spheres List of points to draw spheres
4611686034990370313 qstUsedPlaceables Used to track DisableOnUse for placeables
4611686035041970001 plcDisableForTime After use, disable for a set time period
4611686035046870015 guiTaxiPrevTerminalNetwork
4611686035046870016 guiTaxiCostNetwork
4611686035046870025 taxTerminalSpec
4611686035127270005 m_chrBehaviorJumpMan Manages jumping, falling, and slipping behavior
4611686035127270031 utlVfxDetailsHandle
4611686035127270033 utlVfxDetailsHover
4611686035128171095 plcTaxiTerminalSpec
4611686035150170137 qstTaskObjects list of associated objects
4611686035155170005 chrBehaveRenderLoco
4611686035170370000 chrBehaviorJumpManOwner owner of the jump manager
4611686035170370011 chrBehaviorJumpManState tracks the character's current state
4611686035170370013 sysInputHandlerCameraOffset
4611686035170370015 sysInputHandlerCameraOffsetTarget
4611686035170370024 utlVfxHidden
4611686035170370048 chrBehavePcMoveRefactor
4611686035170370053 chrPcMoveTestDate
4611686035170370066 chrPcMoveTest_timer
4611686035179770010 qstAbandonedBranch
4611686035197170054 ablUserLastResult
4611686035197170055 ablUserLastResultMessageTime
4611686035197170095 chrBehaviorDelegate
4611686035197170111 chrBehaviorDelegateType
4611686035197170148 cbtWeaponEpp
4611686035199970002 stgCameraRedirectPrimaryCameraID the camera that must be active/selected in order for this stgCameraRedirect to be considered
4611686035199970003 stgCameraRedirectFocalMarkID the actor mark upon which this stgCameraRedirect is based
4611686035199970004 stgCameraRedirectRedirectCase the right-hand-side of the condition that must be met in order for this stgCameraRedirect to be utilized
4611686035199970005 stgCameraRedirectAlternateCameraID the camera to defer to if all conditions are met
4611686035199970009 stgCameraRedirectType the left-hand-side of the condition that must be met in order for this stgCameraRedirect to be utilized
4611686035199970010 stgCameraRedirectList the list of all redirected camera shots based on BODYTYPE, GROUPSIZE, etc.
4611686035222770009 qstFailObjects List of failure objects for this step
4611686035289070001 chrBehaviorStates
4611686035369070001 guiTaxiSourceTerminal
4611686035372170000 guiTaxiLaunchedFromHydra
4611686035382070036 chrBehaviorChasePosition_w
4611686035382070091 chrCurrentNppSpec NPP spec currently in use by this NPC
4611686035382070100 utlSkyNet_sessionId
4611686035382070116 utlSkyNet_runId
4611686035382070121 effIcon Icon for effect.
4611686035458470007 spnEncounterSelectedSpawners Selected encounters and spawners sent to C#
4611686035510670017 splineId Spline ID
4611686035510670023 vehPathSpline
4611686035528070006 vehPathTravelReverse
4611686035566570000 guiApiRotCache used to track player rotation changes
4611686035566870031 vehPathCircular
4611686035566870056 effCharges Current charges on this effect.
4611686035566870060 itmOracleItmAppearanceDatatable
4611686035619970012 plcUsableVFXHandle handle of currently playing VFX
4611686035637570005 chrBehaviorJumpManAirControlFactor percentage of normal movement control to be applied while in flight
4611686035637570006 chrBehaviorJumpManImpulse Initial impulse to be applied to the character upon jumping
4611686035637570007 chrBehaviorJumpManFallDmgMinDist Falling height from which the character will begin taking damage
4611686035637570008 chrBehaviorJumpManFallDmgTerminalDist Fall height from which the character will die
4611686035637570010 chrBehaviorJumpManShowDebug Flag to toggle jumping debug printing and drawing
4611686035639970006 chrDisableForTimes holds the dateTime and id of placeables that disable for time
4611686035676670006 hydOracleUtlHydraAnimationsDatatable
4611686035692070001 vehType
4611686035692070004 chrBehavior_bearingDegrees_o
4611686035727770007 plcInstigatorOnly true if using this placeable only disables it for the instigator
4611686035768870001 effEndTime
4611686035768870002 svEvtSurvey survey
4611686035768870003 svEvtChar surveychar
4611686035768870004 svEvtTarget surveytarget
4611686035821970006 mapPageMiniMaxCoord
4611686035821970007 mapPageMiniMinCoord
4611686035840770012 svyGUID surveyGUID
4611686035951570008 ParentMapTag Specifies what MapTag name owns the MapNote
4611686035951570009 ShowGhosted When true causes MapNote to appear ghosted on maps other than the ParentMapTag
4611686036061570000 mpnGhosted If true, this note should be ghosted (if ghosting enabled for note)
4611686036103070001 ShowOffmapArrow If true, qualifying notes that are off the mini-map will get an arrow on the edge of the mini-map pointing toward the note. Currently, must be quest note to qualify.
4611686036114370000 effEventTransactionId
4611686036114370002 effEventCalledByTransactionId
4611686036114370003 effEventOracleProjectileByTransaction
4611686036226470028 staCharacterBrainStateChanged_HE15
4611686036226770124 phsExitAreaID ID of the area to which a player is sent when removed from an instance.
4611686036226770125 phsImplicitlyPhasedAreaID ID of the area that is the Flashpoint. Only set on instances of type insTypeFlashpoint.
4611686036348870000 stgTransientPosition Position of a transient stage
4611686036348870001 stgTransientRotation Rotation of a transient stage
4611686036348870004 stgTransientSpec spec of the transient stage
4611686036388570615 guiApiUpdateClockTimer How long until we will update the UI's time again.
4611686036388870022 stgLiveCurrentStageList Map of stage instances in use by stage spec
4611686036431570000 guiApiTickPostLoadUpdate In the next tick after PostLoad completes, tell the UI that now everything should be ready for them.
4611686036462970002 staCharacterCanMove
4611686036477270006 appOraclePkgOutfitDatatable
4611686036477270012 chrPlayerEntityLocks
4611686036477270017 chrPlayerEntityLocksRepPrevious
4611686036477270024 chrBehaviorIdleStartTime Time character started idling
4611686036501870013 tmrContainer
4611686036529370002 qckContainer
4611686036553070037 svEvtPostCommand postsurveycommand
4611686036553070049 slashBugCategories bug_list_categories
4611686036596670008 svyListeners surveyListeners
4611686036619970029 ShowQuestBreadcrumbOnly If true, this map note will only appear on the map if it's needed for the breadcrumb system.
4611686036620170003 conSlotOwnerMap List of owners for each slot, sorted.
4611686036620170006 conLootContainer
4611686036620170081 guiTaxiWaitingOnRequest
4611686036620170083 vehSoundPlayEvent
4611686036620170084 vehSoundStopEvent
4611686036620170085 vehSoundSpeedVar
4611686036620170086 vehSoundAccelVar
4611686036620170089 vehSounds
4611686036620170090 vehLastSpeed
4611686036864570031 ctl_WasMoving
4611686036864670106 mpnConnectionDist Distance from this map note to the one linked by mpnConnectionNoteRef.
4611686036864670107 mpnConnectionNoteRef Ref to the map note this map note is connected to.
4611686036869770015 qstCheckpointInstance The name of the instance associated with this quest step, if any.
4611686036869770017 qstCheckpointShowTracking True if the tracking string override for Associated Instances should not be used.
4611686036934670009 qstPendingRewardsList List of pending quest rewards
4611686037004070002 staCharacterReplicationCreated
4611686037004070004 staCharacterAnimAgentReady
4611686037069770001 cnvPosture
4611686037076170001 mpnBreadcrumbText Quests text to be added to the tooltip.
4611686037076170004 mpnMapConnectionsAreaId AreaId for which the current connections were built.
4611686037124970002 _GameState player game state
4611686037160270007 stgActorLookat_Target
4611686037216070003 vehPlayerAttached
4611686037275470001 vehSoundNode
4611686037290370012 stgActorName Name of the stage actor
4611686037343270048 plcIsAnimAgentReady _OnAnimAgentReady has been received for this placeable.
4611686037343270054 plcHydraState Current hydra state of the placeable.
4611686037343270055 plcStatePackageTemp Lame replicated field - should be shared prototype.
4611686037350270016 chrBehavior_Paused
4611686037539970006 cnvAlienVONodeNumber The proper node in the Alien VO conversation that this node points to.
4611686037539970007 cnvAlienVOConvoFQN The FQN of the Alien VO file a node points to.
4611686037615570004 effEventIsExecuting Flags when the event is currently being executed.
4611686037686270007 chrCurrentInteraction
4611686037707470010 sysInputHandlerLastPlayerYaw
4611686037707470011 sysRegionPollingTimer timer for polling the region system around the local player
4611686037707470016 vehPathCameraLastPlayerYaw
4611686037731170006 cnvAlienConversationsRequired Conversations the cnvOwner will use.
4611686037735970014 chrCompanionSummonable
4611686038108070002 dynState Dynamic state of visual
4611686038108070003 dynMagName Mag name for visuals that have mags
4611686038108070005 dynPosition relative local position of visual in dyn
4611686038108070006 dynRotation relative local position of visual in dyn
4611686038108070007 dynScale relative local position of visual in dyn
4611686038108070010 dynVisualList List of visuals associated with a dynamic placeable
4611686038108070012 dynStateNameToListOfVisualStates Lookup list of state name to list of states of visuals
4611686038108070085 modStatMinimum
4611686038108070101 dynPropToVisualListIndex noderef of prop to its associated dynamic visual list index
4611686038108070102 dynPlaceableCBNode userd by dynPropBucketCB
4611686038108070103 dynVisualIndex userd by dynPropBucketCB
4611686038125770001 dynVisualFqn fqn of visual belonging to a dynamic placeable
4611686038125770006 dynCurrentState Current state of a dynamic placeable
4611686038188670018 ablUserEffectEvent_Client
4611686038375170008 modStatComputed The sum of the base and mods for each stat
4611686038375170009 modStatBase
4611686038375170011 modStatDescriptions
4611686038375170012 effEventActionDetailsModStatEnum
4611686038375170013 itmEquipModStats
4611686038375170032 modStatComputedRepPrevious
4611686038485570001 ccsCharHeading desired heading of the character in the CCS
4611686038497270000 plcdynStartState dyn start state stored on placeable
4611686038497270001 plcdynEndState dyn end state stored on placeable
4611686038497370000 qstTaskIndicatorOverride does this step have an indicator override
4611686038561170000 plcIsDoor Indicates if this placeable will have a door pathobject
4611686038577070000 cbtOracle_ScriptHandleForAction
4611686038577070006 musHydraBanksReady
4611686038577070007 musAreaBanksReady
4611686038577070008 musHudReady
4611686038625170035 mpnRebuildNoteConnections
4611686038762170000 qstStateFlags various flags associated with this quest state
4611686038762170012 statHealth
4611686038774670008 DoNotBreadcrumb
4611686038776181190 qstTaskMapNoteList List of map notes to display during this step
4611686038778370960 qstReqPrivacy required privacy for eligibility
4611686038906770008 chrBehave_RemotePlayerMoveRefactor
4611686038906770020 chrBehaviorState_IsFwd
4611686038919070007 stgPlacedActors All stage actors that have been manually placed at a valid stage mark.
4611686039012170008 effEventCalledByTargetDetailsIndex
4611686039079570013 mapLastRequestedAreaXMLID
4611686039107870005 spnAttackable Client side field to indicate wheter a dynamic placeable can be attacked or not
4611686039107870012 dynVisualName name of the visual element
4611686039107870024 ctlSprintEnabled
4611686039107870029 ctlFallingDamageEnabled
4611686039107870043 jwwFootstepPositions
4611686039107870044 jwwFootstepColors
4611686039170170004 grpLootRule
4611686039170170007 conLootRule
4611686039170170008 conLootTurn
4611686039170170022 areaAreaId
4611686039170170023 areaDisplayNameId
4611686039191370000 plcdynLootState dyn loot state stored on placeable
4611686039207085026 ablTrainerGUISlotTrained slot number of the GUI var
4611686039207085031 chrRespecCount
4611686039217670318 itmModPkgMinLevel
4611686039217670320 itmModPkgMaxLevel
4611686039246370001 mapAreas
4611686039246370012 preNPCPreviewIDs list of all current preview NPCs
4611686039246370029 itmModifiedStats
4611686039246370039 modStatBaseRepPrevious
4611686039264570000 dynFxRespawnDelay Respawn delay for the FX belonging to a dyn
4611686039264570001 dynFxRandomDelay Respawn delay for the FX belonging to a dyn
4611686039264570002 dynFxSpawnVolume Respawn delay for the FX belonging to a dyn
4611686039264570004 dynFxNameToProperty Field type says it all
4611686039264570008 dynAttackableInstanceOwner Points to my owner dynAttackable
4611686039264570013 dynAttackableInstance Refers to my asset instance
4611686039264570022 dynAttackableOwner dynPlaceable node that owns this attackable
4611686039264570023 dynAttackableVisualIndex dindex of my visual index
4611686039264570024 dynAttackablePosition Position of the dynamic attackable
4611686039264570025 dynAttackableRotation Rotation of the dynamic attackable
4611686039325670001 npcAppearanceOverride Override for npc appearance
4611686039377470026 dynLightType Type of light for the dynamic placeable
4611686039377470027 dynLightColor Color of light for the dynamic placeable
4611686039377470030 dynLightRampMap Ramp map of light for the dynamic placeable
4611686039377470031 dynLightIlluminationMap Illumination map of light for the dynamic placeable
4611686039377470032 dynLightFalloff Falloff of light for the dynamic placeable
4611686039377470033 dynLightIntensity Intensity of light for the dynamic placeable
4611686039377470034 dynLightRange Range of light for the dynamic placeable
4611686039377470035 dynLightCastsShadows Casts shadows or not
4611686039377470036 dynLightShadowAngle Shadow angle of light belonging to a dynamic placeable
4611686039377470039 dynLightNameToProperty definition says it all
4611686039392670001 stgActorNameId Internationalized Name ID for the Actor
4611686039392670011 chrForceAlignmentLight
4611686039392670012 chrForceAlignmentDark
4611686039392670028 chrForceAlignmentTier
4611686039392670032 chrBackground Background spec (stable ID) for this character
4611686039404270002 effSubEffects
4611686039404270011 effActions
4611686039404270014 effConditions
4611686039404270022 effInitializers
4611686039404270028 effActionName
4611686039404270029 effConditionName
4611686039404270032 effInitializerName
4611686039404270035 effBoolParams
4611686039404270036 effStringParams
4611686039404270037 effIntParams
4611686039404270038 effFloatParams
4611686039404270039 effFunctionTags List of tags for a given function
4611686039407570017 qstTaskHideBannerText Wether or not the banner text will be displayed for this task
4611686039407770010 chrForceAlignmentLightTiers
4611686039407770011 chrForceAlignmentDarkTiers
4611686039407770013 chrForceAlignmentTiersPrototype
4611686039407770014 chrForceAlignmentTierThreshold
4611686039443070000 qstTaskHolocomStringid String id for holocom call name
4611686039453170092 sklLayoutSlotID
4611686039453170094 sklLayoutConnectorIDList
4611686039453170095 sklLayoutRank
4611686039453170096 sklLayoutInfoList
4611686039453170098 sklTreeLayoutsList
4611686039453170100 sklLayoutConnectorList
4611686039453170101 sklLayoutConnectorSlotID gui var slot ID
4611686039453170104 sklLayoutConnectorDir direction of connector
4611686039453170112 sklLayoutGridX
4611686039453170113 sklLayoutGridY
4611686039453170114 sklLayoutConnectorPosList
4611686039462170000 chrForceAlignmentTierAchieveMessageColor
4611686039462170001 chrForceAlignmentTierRelinquishMessageColor
4611686039462170007 qstRewardsConvoForceAlignmentPrototype
4611686039496770000 effEventActionDetailsActionEnum
4611686039496771518 effTags
4611686039503070000 effEventTriggerName
4611686039535570002 dynAbilityOwner Owner of the ability
4611686039535570003 dynAbilityVisualIndex Visual index of ability in dynPlaceable
4611686039535570004 dynAbilityPosition Position of ability in dynPlaceable
4611686039535570005 dynAbilityRotation Position of ability in dynPlaceable
4611686039577370000 sklLayoutPos
4611686039578270025 itmAlignmentRequired
4611686039578270026 itmRequiredAlignmentTier
4611686039578270032 chrMapNoteRefCount Current reference count to this map note
4611686039578270033 chrMapNoteSpec The spec of the map note or spawner
4611686039581670202 qstReqAlignment
4611686039581670204 qstReqAlignmentTier
4611686039627170009 dynAbilityInstance Prop of the dynAbility on client
4611686039674270003 sklLayoutTreeID
4611686039674270004 sklLayoutConnectorTargetSpec
4611686039674270024 ablContainer_AbilityPackageCacheDirty
4611686039674270030 guiApiUnspentSkillPoints
4611686039674270031 sklLayoutInfoUnlocked
4611686039674270046 sklTreeIDToSpecList
4611686039825170001 guiApiGfxUpdateAbl_LastHighestTrainableSlot
4611686039879670004 qstIsClassQuest
4611686039898470007 ablContainer_AbilityPackageTabsDirty
4611686039898470008 ablContainer_AbilityPackageTabs
4611686039898470011 guiApiGfxUpdateAbl_LastAbilityTabCount
4611686039911570001 chrBehaviorPhysicsFalling
4611686039911570013 guiApiGfxUpdateAbl_GuiAbilityPageDirtyFrame
4611686039911570027 guiApiGfxVars_AbilityPageEnabledCache
4611686039911570030 sklLayoutReqSkillTreePoints
4611686039911570051 sklTreeNumSkills
4611686039911570052 sklTreeNumConnectors
4611686039911570055 guiApiGfxUpdateTrainer_LastTrainableCount
4611686039912470001 modStatDisplayName
4611686039996770000 qstTasks
4611686039996770001 qstSteps
4611686039996770003 qstBranches
4611686039996770004 mpnAlwaysShowMapLinks
4611686040042870000 qstTaskCountMax cached/replicated copy of what the completion variable needs to call this step complete
4611686040042870006 qstStateTaskCount cache of the variable evaualtion for each of the tasks on the current step
4611686040145570002 chrCurrentInteractionType
4611686040145570013 appModelMaterialList List of materials by mesh index, indexed by asset material id
4611686040250270005 npcIdleAnimationClass Class of animation of the NPC, spawner of this NPC shall use one of the list of animations of this class as the idle animation for the NPC on the NPCs on enter idle
4611686040304970000 mpnClientDynamicNote
4611686040304970002 mpnQuestNotes
4611686040304970003 appModelSkinMaterialIndex material index to be used for skin materials (-1 if no skin)
4611686040304970004 appModelSkinHueIndex material index to be used for skin hue (-1 if no skin)
4611686040347470000 stgPreviewAnimHandles Lookup list of anim handles to mark ID
4611686040347470006 svEvtVariables miscsurveyvars
4611686040393370005 spnEncounterFamilyName Family name of encounter
4611686040393370015 appModelChildSkinMaterials Materials to set as skin materials for other slots when this model is applied
4611686040393370018 qstQuestRewardsVisibility Reward panel visibility for this quest
4611686040393370022 mapExplorationType
4611686040393370031 mapLocalMap
4611686040393370032 mapCurrentMap
4611686040393370039 areaExplorationType
4611686040393370046 stgCameraDOFBlur The blur amount from 0.0 to 1.0 for what is out of focus
4611686040393370047 stgCameraDOFTimer The amount of time in seconds that it takes to transition to full blur/focus in DOF effects
4611686040393370075 mapAtlasShowAll
4611686040393370076 mapHideFoWMasks
4611686040393370082 appAppliedModels Models applied to this object
4611686040393370088 appSkinMaterialModel Model containing the skin materials for this appearance user
4611686040393370094 spnRenderFlag
4611686040393370119 cmdEmoteCommand slash command
4611686040393370121 cmdEmoteFirstPersonNonTargettedStringId
4611686040393370122 cmdEmoteThirdPersonNonTargettedStringId
4611686040393370123 cmdEmoteFirstPersonTargettedStringId
4611686040393370124 cmdEmoteSecondPersonTargettedStringId
4611686040393370125 cmdEmoteThirdPersonTargettedStringId
4611686040393370126 cmdEmoteAppearance
4611686040393370127 cmdEmoteAppearanceMin
4611686040393370128 cmdEmoteAppearanceMax
4611686040619270016 modStatMaximum
4611686040619270017 modStatIsMetaStat
4611686040883670024 appAppliedDefaultModels Models applied to this object as defaults
4611686040883670035 staEnterIdle Boolean that indicates whether the NPC has entered the IDLE state or not, used to play client side idle animation On Enter Idle
4611686040883670041 cmdEmotesList
4611686040952170013 appOracleMaleDefaultSlots Cached appearance slots for used for male defaults
4611686040952170016 mpnIgnoreFoW draw note even if covered by fog of war
4611686040988570014 sysBaseCharControl_EventCallbackTestScript
4611686040988570015 sysBaseCharControl_EventCallbackTestFixture
4611686040988570043 chrBehave_MetricsAccumulator
4611686040988570044 chrBehaveMetricsAccumulator_gameElapsedTotal
4611686040988570054 chrBehaveMetricsAccumulator_target
4611686040988570055 chrBehaveMetricsAccumulator_duration
4611686040988570074 utlSkyNet_tickCount
4611686040988570077 utlSkyNet_posCache
4611686041303070003 npcTitleDisplayNameStringId
4611686041303070007 npcTitlesLookupList
4611686041303070012 mapCurrMinimapTitle Local map name or local Fog of War area name.
4611686041303070013 mapUpdateTimer
4611686041492170003 cbtToughnessEnum
4611686041502770004 lhSharedField
4611686041502770005 lhClientField
4611686041502770030 guiFlyTextEnabled
4611686041612371582 gmDestinationMapKey
4611686041612371584 gmDestinationNode
4611686041615870509 cnvHasAutoGeneratedScript True if this dialog node has cinematic script that has been auto-generated.
4611686041633570009 phyBallisticTesterKnockdownEnum How to Knockdown
4611686041633570018 cbtTrackingAbilityUse
4611686041633570019 ablContextOpened
4611686041734970002 cnvAbortConversation If this is true, the conversation will abort as if the player hit Escape when this dialog node is reached
4611686041821970000 ablOpenContextType
4611686041821970002 ablOpenContextSpec
4611686041821970004 ablOpenContexts
4611686041821970005 ablContextAccumulatedTimes
4611686041821970006 cbtProfileAbilityContexts
4611686041866470005 ssalexk3SharedField
4611686041866470006 ssalexk3ClientField
4611686041866470013 gmSceneStack
4611686041866470017 gmCameraState
4611686041866470038 gmClickedNodeStack
4611686041866470048 jeroSharedField
4611686041866470049 jeroClientField
4611686041866470060 ssdronkinSharedField
4611686041866470061 ssdronkinClientField
4611686041931570012 ssJnkmSharedField
4611686041931570013 ssJnkmClientField
4611686041932070001 cnvAmbientAudibility
4611686041936870005 ablContextTimesOpened
4611686041936871466 mpnIconAsset
4611686041971870002 svEvtLastResults lastsurveyresults
4611686041971870023 effTargetActiveSnare The currently active snare on the target
4611686041971870057 effTargetActiveHaste The currently active haste on the target
4611686041971870086 chrAnim_Ready
4611686042048570000 hydConditionWeight Relative probability for this block to execute, weighted against all such eligible script blocks.
4611686042106870000 plcdynLootDropCredit Boolean indication whether to drop credit loot or not for dyn
4611686042106870001 plcdynLootLevel Level of loot for dyn
4611686042273070000 oedStarPosition position of the star
4611686042273070001 oedStarName name of the star
4611686042273070002 oedStarBrightness brightness of the star
4611686042402170000 chrBehavior_ActionDesiredTransformLastActionHandle
4611686042402170007 chrBehavior_ActionDesiredTransformsByHandle
4611686042402170023 chrCharacter_WhenCanStopUpdatingBehavior
4611686042402170030 staCharacterEnemyCount Current number of enemies
4611686042464870000 nppAppearanceSlotMap_ForPrototype
4611686042513270000 modStatDataPrototype
4611686042613370059 cnvMapIconAdded
4611686042613370151 staCharacter_HydraLoopingAnimActions
4611686042613370169 staCharacter_HydraAnimActionsToRetry
4611686042613370174 staCharacterBaseStatesConfigured
4611686042613370175 staCharacterHydraLoopingAnim
4611686042788570000 stgTemplateLightMarkList_ForPrototype
4611686042788570001 stgTemplateCameraMarkList_ForPrototype
4611686042788570002 stgTemplateActorMarkList_ForPrototype
4611686042788570003 stgTemplateAutoCameraList_ForPrototype
4611686042903670000 stgTemplateNodeCache
4611686042903670016 cbtComputeCoverCloseMap
4611686042911570252 qstCnvHookString
4611686042911570254 qstCnvHookQueue
4611686042955270002 mapDataContainerMapDataList
4611686042969670010 mapLastPCPositionWhenQuestMapIconsWereUpdated
4611686043204170001 phyOracleShowCharacterColliders flag for rendering collider bounds around characters on client
4611686043242970006 ccsCharacterByType
4611686043242970029 pltPathSpline spline id of the platform path
4611686043242970039 pltPathCompletionRatio simulation path completion ratio
4611686043242970042 pltPathCircular cached path is circular identifier
4611686043365970006 pltPath platform path reference
4611686043378770000 jww_StartPos
4611686043378770001 jww_StartTime
4611686043478570000 cnvOracleShowSubtitles Client-side subtitle toggle for conversations
4611686043588270004 sysCssSelectedCharacterName Name of the currently selected character
4611686043588270022 prfProfessionLevelRequired
4611686043588270023 prfProfessionRequired
4611686043588870010 chrForceAlignmentNeutralTier Neutral tier information
4611686043620470005 jww_projectile
4611686043620471506 qckQuickbarOffsets stores offsets for each quickbar to index into single quickslot container
4611686043620471514 utlSkyNet_resolvedIp
4611686043620471524 guiApiGfxUpdateChr_OldHealthPercentageSelf
4611686043620471525 guiApiGfxUpdateChr_OldHealthPercentageCompanion
4611686043635770004 qstAllPlcPlaceables
4611686043635774652 tmrDatatable
4611686043635774654 itmWeaponType
4611686043635774656 itmModel
4611686043635774657 itmFxSpec
4611686043635774658 itmBoneName
4611686043635774659 itmStowedOffset
4611686043635774660 itmStowedRotation
4611686043635774661 itmStowedScale
4611686043635774662 itmDrawnScale
4611686043635774663 itmDrawnRotation
4611686043635774664 itmDrawnOffset
4611686043635774666 itmDynamicData
4611686043635774668 itmAppearances
4611686043635774669 itmAppearanceDatatable
4611686043639270001 BlobShadowSpec
4611686043639270002 gmQuestsByArea Lookup list by areaID, of list of quest name strings
4611686043654570002 pjdDebugFlags
4611686043654570036 cssCharHeading desired heading of the character in the CSS
4611686043654570050 ablTrainerOracleListOfTrainers
4611686043654570070 ablTrainerOracleUtlTrainerList
4611686043654570073 chrSummaryLastSaveTime Time the summary was last saved
4611686043654570085 spnRelationServerMapNoteId The server id of a mapnote a spnSpawned node is related to
4611686043654570091 guiHudManualPopup Has the hud opened a manual popup?
4611686043654570097 dynVisualNameID Name ID of the Visual Element for Localization
4611686043654570099 dynVisualCachedLocalizedName Stores the localized placable name
4611686043654570102 cnvHolocomScale how to scale a holocom projected character in a conversation - lookup in utlHolocomScale table
4611686043654570120 chrVisibleHarvestables Cached list of visible harvesting nodes
4611686043654570121 prfHarvestableVFX Visual FX reference to use if harvestable
4611686043654570124 prfHarvestableFXHandle Handle for the active harvestable FX
4611686043654570138 prfSchematicYellow
4611686043654570139 prfSchematicGreen
4611686043654570140 prfSchematicGrey
4611686043654570142 prfSchematicItemNumber
4611686043654570143 stgLiveActorFXHandles handles of FX attached during the stage. all removed at end of stage
4611686043654570146 brkIsSilenced Flag to set if the barker can bark
4611686043654570147 qstStateIsAbandoned flag to indicate that a quest has been abandoned
4611686043793870008 serSharedField
4611686043793870009 serClientField
4611686043810770010 gmGalaxyShowAll Show unexplored and hidden planets / regions
4611686043836570000 hydCompletionCB optional callback - when Transient script ends, this can fire
4611686043919070005 hySharedField
4611686043919070006 hyClientField
4611686043955470100 itmCombatStance
4611686043989870000 gmRegionParticleID
4611686044018370062 brkRoundRobinTable Information about round robin barks that have been played
4611686044019870001 vehPrimaryAbilityNode cached primary attack ability
4611686044019870008 vehNextWaypointIndex The next waypoint index we are likely to hit
4611686044019870009 vehFractionList The fractions of the waypoints in this path
4611686044019870017 vehCurrentBurstLength Amount of accumulated blaster shots on the current burst
4611686044019870018 vehMaxBurstLength Max blaster shots on the current burst
4611686044019870037 scShipCollisionEffectNode Effect for collision events
4611686044019870041 scShipIsColliding If true, the ship has collided with something
4611686044019870042 scPathOffset
4611686044019870043 scPathAnchorOffset
4611686044019870045 scPathAnchorRotation
4611686044019870063 scShipSpeed
4611686044019870073 scIsOracleInitialized
4611686044019870078 scWorldRelative
4611686044067770024 ssEvgenySharedField
4611686044067770025 ssEvgenyClientField
4611686044067770060 guiFlyTextFontScaleList font size multipliers
4611686044067770061 guiFlyTextFontColorList list of font colors per category
4611686044095570000 conSlotByID
4611686044096170146 qstVariableGUIDs List of IDs of all variable definition associated with this quest definition.
4611686044096471470 ssadronkinnSharedField
4611686044096471471 ssadronkinnClientField
4611686044096471513 guiChrAccuracyBase
4611686044096471514 guiChrAccuracyBonus
4611686044096471515 guiChrAccuracyPenalty
4611686044100470002 hydVfxToId Lookuplist of fx spec to it's ID
4611686044100470019 dynFqn FQN of dyn as opposed to plc
4611686044100470020 namStatsMinimumFragmentsPerName
4611686044100470021 namStatsMaximumFragmentsPerName
4611686044100470022 namStatsAverageFragmentsPerName
4611686044100470024 namFragmentProbableNonTerminatingConnectionList
4611686044100470025 namFragmentProbableTerminatingConnectionList
4611686044100470026 namFragmentImprobableNonTerminatingConnectionList
4611686044100470027 namFragmentImprobableTerminatingConnectionList
4611686044100470028 namFragmentText
4611686044100470030 namTypeName
4611686044100470031 namTypeStats
4611686044100470032 namTypeFragmentList
4611686044100470033 namTypeBeginningFragmentList
4611686044100470034 namTypeEndingFragmentList
4611686044100470038 namRandomNameGeneratorTypeLookupList
4611686044138870002 conSlotsByTimer
4611686044188870000 taxTerminalID Saved ID for the terminal component that launched the Taxi interaction
4611686044220370000 chrLastAreaVisited Used by the Ship system to store where the player should be returned to (usually, the docking station) from exit ship actions (exiting combat, leaving the ship, or traveling to a planet)
4611686044220370003 chrCurrentAreaVisited Used by the Ship system to track where the player was before entering the ship. Used in conjunction with chrLastAreaVisited to manage where to return players depending on how they exit the ship.
4611686044249670056 cnvBarkRoundRobin If the child nodes of this are to be done in round robin order for barks
4611686044278470003 cbtArmorPerLevelTable
4611686044352070000 namFragmentDoubleEnding
4611686044352070001 namFragmentDoubleBeginning
4611686044352070043 sndGruntManagerTimer Tick timer to check pending grunts and do other management tasks
4611686044396970006 sndGruntBaseProbability
4611686044396970007 sndGruntDecayPerUse
4611686044396970008 sndGruntRegenPerSec
4611686044396970010 sndGruntProbabilityTable
4611686044396970016 sndGruntPercentageDataPrototype
4611686044396970019 sndGruntPercentageTracker
4611686044396970034 pltTrigger trigger volume associated with this platform
4611686044396970050 namTypeVowelStartEndingFragmentList
4611686044396970051 namTypeConsonantStartEndingFragmentList
4611686044396970052 namFragmentVowelEnding
4611686044396970060 pltVolumeTriggerValid specefies whether we have a valid associated trigger volume
4611686044396970062 pltVolumeTriggerExtent x width, y height, z depth
4611686044396970066 sndGruntPriority
4611686044396970068 sndGruntOwnerLastPlayed
4611686044396970076 pltPathTraversalStyle
4611686044396970108 chrSummaryRandomNameTable
4611686044396970109 chrPlayerCachedPrefixTitle
4611686044396970110 chrPlayerCachedSuffixTitle
4611686044404870000 qckMainBarPreCoverPageIndex tracks main quickslot bar's return index for exiting cover
4611686044404870004 staCharacterTakingUsefulCover flag indicates whether character's current cover point is useful cover against current target
4611686044404870084 qckEnabledQuickbars stores which quickbars are visible on screen
4611686044410170005 chrBehaviorMoveState Keeps move state for sendign data to server
4611686044475570000 chrIsAlien true if this player is an alien
4611686044592570010 vndOracleUtlVendorList
4611686044592570019 pltPlatformPausedRep
4611686044592570026 prfProfessionNameId
4611686044592570028 prfProfessions
4611686044592570037 prfProfessionRequiresTool
4611686044592570049 sndGruntOwnerLastPlayedTime
4611686044592570070 chrBehaviorPlatformOn
4611686044592570072 chrBehaviorPlatform
4611686044592570073 pltRef
4611686044592570075 strTableVariantStrings All variant strings
4611686044592570076 chrBehaviorPlatformOffset
4611686044592570079 pltResidents
4611686044603970007 qweSharedField
4611686044603970008 qweClientField
4611686044603970024 effFloatListParams
4611686044632070008 PortalTag
4611686044632070016 gmSpinObjAssetID AssetID of last spin object added to prop bucket
4611686044706770004 ssLukaBSharedField
4611686044706770005 ssLukaBClientField
4611686044706770010 modStatModifiersRepPrevious
4611686044715170001 cnvPreviewNodeList list of conversations nodes setup for preview
4611686044715170002 cnvPreviewFQN conversation fqn being previewed
4611686044715170003 cnvPreviewStartNode the start node of the conversation preview
4611686044715170004 cnvOraclePreviews maps a player to the conversation they are previewing
4611686044973170005 scShipBlasterCooldown cooldown flag for blaster operation
4611686044973170009 scShipBlasterCooldownTime Cooldown time between flurries
4611686044973170010 scShipBlasterFireRate projectile fire rate
4611686044973170011 scShipBlasterLastAbility last ability used as a blaster
4611686044973170014 scShipBlastersTriggered true if we are firing our blasters
4611686044973170023 scShipBlasterTarget Current blaster target
4611686044973170062 scPathImportClipboard A hack to get around lack of copy/paste between areas
4611686044973170066 scShipPaintedTargets selected targets for missiles
4611686044973170068 scShipIsPaintingTargets is the ship selecting targets for missiles
4611686044974570007 prfTiers
4611686044974570008 prfTierInfoPrototype
4611686044974570011 prfProfessionInfoPrototype
4611686044974570012 prfDisassembleInfoPrototype
4611686045262970006 gmGuiSystemObj Pointer to scaleform movie drawing object used to draw solar system for a planet
4611686045262970011 gmHyperspaceTimer
4611686045342570036 stgLiveStartInvisibleFlag flag to determine if start invisible has been run
4611686045342570038 spnServerMapNoteIdToSpnRelationMapNoteLookupList
4611686045446671579 ssartSharedField
4611686045446671580 ssartClientField
4611686045527170000 qstTaskMapNoteNodesLookupList
4611686045539670017 aniOracle_ShowMorphemeChars
4611686045539670019 aniOracle_MorphemeRigBoneColors
4611686045539670021 aniOracle_MorphemeRigBoneIgnore
4611686045539670023 aniOracle_MorphemeRigBoneSizes
4611686045546170001 cbtStandardDamageHealing
4611686045594071476 ssilSharedField
4611686045594071477 ssilClientField
4611686045615573155 ccsHeadOffset Lookat offset from the camera bone
4611686045615573156 ccsCameraOffset Camera offset from the lookat position
4611686045615573157 ccsZoomHeadOffset Lookat offset from the camera bone (zoomed in)
4611686045615573158 ccsZoomCameraOffset Camera offset from the lookat position (zoomed in)
4611686045615573159 ccsTablePrototype
4611686045615573160 grpMemberCompanionStats
4611686045615573170 aniOracle_ShowSwitchChars
4611686045615573175 effEventOracleRecursionCount
4611686045645770001 chrPlayerMoveState_IsFwd
4611686045645770005 chrPlayerMoveState_EndPosition
4611686045645770006 chrPlayerMoveState_Heading
4611686045645770008 chrPlayerMoveState_MoveVec
4611686045645770013 chrPlayerMoveState_Warp
4611686045673770004 grpMemberCompanionAttributes
4611686045673770015 ccsHorizontalOffset Horizontal camera offset for character creation
4611686045673770016 cssHorizontalOffset Horizontal camera offset for character selection
4611686045688970004 sserSharedField
4611686045688970005 sserClientField
4611686045726370028 aniOracle_ShowMixerChars
4611686045726370043 tagTable
4611686045799970020 spnEncounterSpawnerFqnToProto lookuplist indexed by spnSpecId of spnDispenserTemplate
4611686045896070027 sysBaseGuiComponentsToLoad Total number of GUI components to load (used for load system feedback)
4611686045896070028 sysBaseGuiComponentsLoaded Current number of GUI components loaded (used for load system feedback)
4611686045906970020 chrClassShortName
4611686046080470020 chrBehavior_ActionHasLaunched
4611686046080470021 chrBehavior_ActionLaunchedTime
4611686046080470022 chrBehavior_ActionLandTime
4611686046080470051 effContainerTagMap
4611686046080470063 mpnTaxiOrWonkaDestLink Keeps a ref to the destination mapnote for a taxi / wonkavator while building breadcrumbs. Used to turn on breadcrumbs in the taxi map / wonka GUI.
4611686046080470071 effContainerEffectlessTags
4611686046356770021 cbtWpnDataStats
4611686046356770022 cbtWpnDataDamageType
4611686046356770023 cbtWpnDataIsRanged
4611686046356770024 cbtWpnDataIsTwoHanded
4611686046356770025 cbtWpnDataRequiredTags
4611686046356770038 cbtWeaponPerLevelDataPrototype
4611686046356770039 cbtWeaponDataPrototype
4611686046576170025 ssitSharedField
4611686046576170026 ssitClientField
4611686046888970020 chrClassDataName
4611686046888970021 chrClassDataIcon
4611686046888970032 chrClassDataPrototype
4611686046888970044 hydAnimationDisplayName
4611686046888970045 hydAnimationDescription
4611686046888970046 hydAnimationAction
4611686046888970047 hydAnimationFlags
4611686046888970048 hydAnimationAnimInputs
4611686046888970049 hydAnimationCameraExclusions
4611686046888970050 hydAnimationWaitTime
4611686046888970051 hydAnimations
4611686046888970052 hydAnimationInfoPrototype
4611686046917570024 sspdSharedField
4611686046917570025 sspdClientField
4611686046972370027 sgShipSpaceEffect ship navigation effect
4611686046972370036 scEnvFxSpaceDust handle for the space dust effect
4611686046972370037 scEnvInstance DOM placeholder
4611686046972370038 scEnvPlayerShip Reference to the ship controlled by the player
4611686046972370052 scEnvironmentRef A reference to the level environment node
4611686046972370054 scEnemyShipIsBoss Should this enemy ship be displayed as a boss
4611686046972370066 scShipEngineFX fx id used for a ship's engine thruster
4611686046972370072 scParentVehicle Parent vehicle, in case we are attached to somebody else
4611686046978570021 strTagMap
4611686047164770020 plcDisableTime
4611686047164770021 plcDespawnTime
4611686047184270020 spnFamilyMaxPercentage Max family percentage
4611686047184270021 spnFamilyMinPercentage Max family percentage
4611686047184270023 spnFamilyNameToPercentages Family name to percentages
4611686047184270025 cvrBuilderDebugDraw
4611686047184270028 spnFamilyDatatableCache Spawn family datatable cache
4611686047184270029 cvrOracleDebugDraw
4611686047184270041 effAppearanceProjectileDeflected tracks whether appearance projectile hit world instead of target
4611686047184270042 effAppearanceProjectileHitLocation tracks the hit location of the appearance's projectile
4611686047583570025 vehIsParent True if this vehicle can be parent of other vehicles
4611686047583570027 scParentBone Name of the parent bone this node is attached to
4611686047585370031 sortingTestInteger
4611686047666470029 ssaSharedField
4611686047666470030 ssaClientField
4611686047848770030 scPrimaryTarget The target of the primary weapon
4611686047848770037 scShipDependancies List of parent-child relationships amongst ships
4611686047848770050 scShipHeavyLoaded The number of missiles currently loaded
4611686047878370020 cbtVisRenderDebug toggle for line of sight debug rendering
4611686048022170040 prfProfessionCategory
4611686048022170041 optDescriptionScope Where this option lives
4611686048022170049 sndBankReferences
4611686048022170068 optDescriptionDefaultValue The default value of a particular optoin
4611686048022171296 optDescriptionType
4611686048022171318 optOptionStoreNode Holds a reference to the option store
4611686048042270022 statStamina current stamina
4611686048178170024 jrbTargetBone
4611686048217870027 effAppActionName
4611686048217870032 effAppConditionName
4611686048217870034 effAppearanceActions
4611686048217870035 effAppearanceConditions
4611686048217870039 effAppFloatParams
4611686048217870040 effAppIntParams
4611686048217870041 effAppTimeIntervalParams
4611686048217870042 effAppStringParams
4611686048217870050 effAppBoolParams
4611686048217870052 effAppPriorityAttackerOk
4611686048217870053 effAppPriorityDefenderOk
4611686048217870054 effAppPriorityDefenderDeath
4611686048217870055 effAppPriorityAttackerDeath
4611686048217870056 effAppPriorityAttackerCrit
4611686048217870057 effAppPriorityDefenderCrit
4611686048217870058 effAppPriorityAttackerMiss
4611686048217870059 effAppPriorityDefenderMiss
4611686048217870060 effAppPriorityAttackerParry
4611686048217870061 effAppPriorityDefenderParry
4611686048217870062 effAppPriorityAttackerImmune
4611686048217870063 effAppPriorityDefenderImmune
4611686048217870064 effAppPriorityAttackerResist
4611686048217870065 effAppPriorityDefenderResist
4611686048217870067 effAppPriorityClasses
4611686048217870069 effOracleEffectAppearancePriorities
4611686048217870076 effAppStringListParams
4611686048217870077 effAppIntListParams
4611686048283070025 artSharedField
4611686048283070026 artClientField
4611686048283070030 jrbTimeVal time flag used for whatever
4611686048283070031 jrbFloatTimeVal
4611686048283070032 jrbTimeInterval
4611686048317370711 effIgnoresCover flags effect as ignoring whether player is in cover or not
4611686048371470021 chrCompanionCurrentEqp
4611686048438270026 sndBankName
4611686048438270027 sndBankReady
4611686048438270028 sndBankRefCount
4611686048438270031 sndBanks
4611686048438270032 sndBankCallbacks
4611686048438270047 cbtCurrentEncounter Noderef of current encounter relevant to combat music
4611686048438270051 cbtCurrentMusicState Music state of combat music
4611686048502771030 sndBankDecayTime
4611686048502771032 cbtIntroMusicTimer 3 second timer for combat music intro
4611686048502771048 spnEncounterMusicCombatIntro Intro combat music for encounter
4611686048502771050 spnEncounterMusicCombatMain Main combat music for encounter
4611686048502771051 spnEncounterMusicCombatSuccess Success combat music for encounter
4611686048502771071 chrCompanionPermaIconFxActiveHandle
4611686048502771082 cbtCurrentEncounterAnchor ID of current encounter anchor to do distance checks against
4611686048502771091 cbtMusicDistanceCheckTimer Check for distance from encounter and stop combat music when too far from encounter
4611686048502771095 optDescriptionCallbackMethod
4611686048556371022 ablContainer_AIUsableAbilitiesList list of usable abilities for the ai
4611686048556371023 sysDelayedTravelDestination destination of a delayed travel command
4611686048647871020 optDescriptionLocalizedNameTag
4611686048647871021 optDescriptionLocalizedPageTag
4611686048647871022 optDescriptionLocalizedTooltipTag
4611686048753471022 effAppearanceCasterEverPlayedAmbient
4611686048753471029 effAppearanceTargetEverPlayedAmbient
4611686048774471022 plcParentAnchor A reference to the anchor of the spawner that created this object
4611686048774471026 plcPathfindingBehavior Indicates what type of pathfinding behavior this placeable will have
4611686048776671020 optDescriptionRequiredFields
4611686048776671023 optDescriptionValueSet
4611686048776671024 optDescriptionRequiredValues
4611686048799671022 scRateOfFire Rate of continuous fire for blasters
4611686049891271020 plcIsMailbox Tells if this will have a mailbox component attached
4611686049916571022 cnvPrivacyCondition
4611686049916571055 chrCompanionMasterIsInPrivate
4611686049922171025 chrCompanionWantsPrivate
4611686049922171026 chrCompanionWantsShip
4611686049922171029 optStringField
4611686049985371033 jww_crashyList
4611686049993972628 malAllMailboxesInArea All mailboxes around the player
4611686050064871020 scPlayerNoiseCounter A timer value to control player stationary wobble
4611686050064871022 scPlayerLastMouse To keep track if the player has moved the cursor
4611686050077771041 jww_AString
4611686050077771044 jww_Sub_strings
4611686050077771045 jww_Sub_stringMap
4611686050077771046 jww_Sub_String
4611686050077771047 jww_Sub
4611686050077771048 jww_Subs
4611686050077771061 cvrBuilder_Instance
4611686050077771086 cvrBuilderInstanceWrapper_cbi
4611686050077771087 cvrBuilder_InstanceWrapper
4611686050166671054 qstTaskShipIndicatorOverride
4611686050166971027 chrCompanionMasterCompanionAwayUntil
4611686050212071021 cnvTreeDialogNodes_Prototype
4611686050212071022 cnvTreeLinkNodes_Prototype
4611686050231871031 nppNppType Type of the NPC appearance
4611686050231871034 npcOutfitSpec
4611686050231871035 npcOutfitPortraitSpec
4611686050231871036 npcOutfitSoundsetSpec
4611686050231871037 npcOutfitFootstepSpec
4611686050231871038 npcOutfitRadius
4611686050231871039 npcOutfitCharSpecs
4611686050231871040 npcOutfitNppSpecs
4611686050231871042 appNppApplied True if an NPP has been applied to this appearance user
4611686050231871043 appNppTypeApplied Ttype of NPP applied to this appearance user
4611686050231871044 npcOutfitRecords
4611686050231871047 prfSchematicNameId
4611686050231871048 appAllowItemAppearances True if this user allows item appearances
4611686050231871062 guiFloatingPopUpForNodeId
4611686050249271022 dbsTestSharedInt Shared and replicated integer value
4611686050250171020 dbsTestAreaInt Shared int that's replicated to the area
4611686050299071024 arbControlStates Warzone Control States
4611686050299071025 arbGameState Game State
4611686050300672183 aniOracle_BonesToRender
4611686050300672184 aniOracle_BonesToRenderFlytextTime
4611686050300672189 aniOracle_ControlWasDown
4611686050300672192 aniOracle_LastHoverBone
4611686050300672197 tmrGlobalCooldownTimer_Client
4611686050300675595 jrbSlopeTestActive flag that enable slope hugging prototype
4611686050300675618 jrbSlopeTestType
4611686050300675627 kynMsg_EndTime
4611686050300675628 kynMsg_StartTime
4611686050300675629 kynMsg_EndPos
4611686050300675630 kynMsg_EndYaw
4611686050313771038 ablHeatCost
4611686050331971021 itmImpactClass
4611686050331971025 npcOutfitImpactClass
4611686050331971031 spnIsCompanionSpawner
4611686050331971038 chrCompanionCurrentShipSelection
4611686050344471025 qaswAlexmSharedField
4611686050344471026 qaswAlexmClientField
4611686050374471029 pltManualMode
4611686050406271029 optDescriptionPreChangeCallback
4611686050406271036 optResolutionToRefreshMap
4611686050406271040 optDescriptionBuildValueSetMethod
4611686050406271044 chrNPCIsShipCompanion
4611686050427171030 optDescriptionDisplayOrder
4611686050442571022 cbtRenderBoneDebug debug bone name for rendering bone positions
4611686050587171023 conContainerDataSlotStarts
4611686050587171044 staWeapons
4611686050587171057 kajsfhjkashfkjashfjkSharedField
4611686050587171058 kajsfhjkashfkjashfjkClientField
4611686050587171070 ssuygufjhfjhfSharedField
4611686050587171071 ssuygufjhfjhfClientField
4611686050587171087 ssDprivSharedField
4611686050587171088 ssDprivClientField
4611686050587171096 chrSocialScore Player social score value
4611686050587171097 chrSocialScoreTier Player social score tier
4611686050587171099 chrSocialScoreTierThreshold
4611686050587171100 chrSocialScoreTierName
4611686050587171102 chrSocialScoreTierAchieveMessageColor
4611686050587171103 chrSocialScoreTierAchieveAppearance
4611686050587171107 prfSchematicTime
4611686050587171121 chrSocialScoreTiers
4611686050587171131 chrCharacterPlayMode character's play mode
4611686050587171140 chrSocialScoreTiersPrototype
4611686050732571026 invBank
4611686050842271022 jrbEnableSlopeHugRoll
4611686050842271037 chrStandDebug_Enabled
4611686050842271044 chrStandDebug_Pos_w
4611686050842271047 jrbRenderSlopeTestDebug
4611686050850971025 effIntListParams
4611686050892871030 chrLastProfessions list of old professions and their levels to see what has changed
4611686050892871036 socFriendCharId friends list character id
4611686050892871037 socFriendComment friends list character comment
4611686050892871039 socCharacterFriendList list of all Friends of Character (single account)
4611686050892871041 socSocialComponent character's social data
4611686050892871042 socFriendCharName name of a friend in Friends List
4611686050892871059 prfWorkstationRequired
4611686050892871066 itmSocialScoreRequired
4611686050892871067 itmRequiredSocialScoreTier
4611686050898571091 chrCompanionTableSpecList
4611686050898571092 chrCompanionTableCompanionQuest
4611686050898571148 chrCompanionTablePrototypeHandle
4611686050968872178 chrMoveDebug_Enabled
4611686050968872179 chrMoveDebug_Pos_w
4611686050968872192 chrMoveDebug_Yaw
4611686050968872198 chrMoveDebug_Activated
4611686050968872200 jrbSlopeTestLerpVal
4611686050968872201 jrbSlopeTestTargetRot
4611686050968872203 jrbSlopeTestRotLastFrame
4611686050968872205 jrbUpdateConvexHull
4611686050968872206 jrbConvexHullTestPoints
4611686050968872207 jrbConvexHullPosition
4611686050968872219 jrbConvexHullPointVelocities
4611686050968872220 jrbPause
4611686050968872228 jrbPrintTestValues
4611686050972171022 trdStatus
4611686050972171023 trdOfferId Unique ID of the player's current trade offer.
4611686050972171026 trdPartner Current or requested trading partner.
4611686050977771022 chrCompanionInfo_starting_affection
4611686050977771023 chrCompanionInfo_minimum_affection
4611686050977771024 chrCompanionInfo_maximum_affection
4611686050977771026 chrCompanionInfo_threshold_list
4611686050977771027 chrCompanionInfo_romance_list
4611686051000371027 qaswSharedField
4611686051000371028 qaswClientField
4611686051026771038 chrCompanionMasterIsViewing
4611686051026771047 prfProfessionIconSpec
4611686051026771052 chrCompanionShipList
4611686051026771057 chrShipCompanionOwner
4611686051060071021 cbtWarzoneTeam Warzone Team assignment
4611686051061071103 chrCompanionInfoPrototypeHandle
4611686051065271045 qstRewardsAffectionData
4611686051087871023 socIgnoreCharId Ignore List character id
4611686051087871024 socIgnoreCharComment Ignore List character comment
4611686051087871026 socIgnoreCharName name of character to ignore in Ignore List
4611686051087871027 socCharacterIgnoreList Ignore List character container
4611686051087871046 prfProfessionSubtype
4611686051094471034 scIsShipEnabled Is the ship currently active
4611686051158171038 ssadsSharedField
4611686051158171039 ssadsClientField
4611686051165471025 ssPSherbakovSharedField
4611686051165471026 ssPSherbakovClientField
4611686051171371033 chrSelectedTargetPrioritizedTarget
4611686051171371057 vehLastPositionSent The cached off location where our vehPosition was last replicated. Used in the distance check for sending to the server our location
4611686051188971021 grpMemberIdToInfoRepPrevious Temp workaround until replication delta information is implemented.
4611686051238871022 invTrade Items offered for secure trade
4611686051254471025 ssAlexgSharedField
4611686051254471026 ssAlexgClientField
4611686051302271026 ssdmitriySharedField
4611686051302271027 ssdmitriyClientField
4611686051302271029 pltPathHoldTimes
4611686051356471025 socLFG Looking For Group indicator for the player
4611686051356471026 cmdEmoteLoop
4611686051356471027 socAFKState indicates player is Away From Keyboard
4611686051356471028 socAFKMessage player entered description of their AFK state
4611686051356471029 socDNDState indicates player is asking for Do Not Disturb
4611686051356471030 socDNDMessage player-entered description for their DND state
4611686051356471031 socLFGMessage player-entered description for LFG
4611686051401171023 qstSimpleIntVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051401171025 qstSimpleBoolVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051401171026 qstConstVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051401171027 qstCounterVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051401171028 qstItemVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051401171029 qstInstanceVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051401171030 qstMapNoteVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051401171031 qstUtilityVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051401171032 qstUtilityIntVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051401171033 qstComplexVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051401171034 qstLinkVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051401171035 qstStringIdVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList Used to store variable data in prototype form
4611686051448371035 eqpShadowedOwner
4611686051448371036 pltRegionRef
4611686051463271021 sndFootstepOutfit
4611686051468471029 sscatSharedField
4611686051468471030 sscatClientField
4611686051468471042 SSdebySharedField
4611686051468471043 SSdebyClientField
4611686051481371033 chrBehaviorRemoteAi_KynMsgHistory
4611686051481371038 kynMsg_StartPos
4611686051481371042 kynMsg_ClientElapsed
4611686051481371044 kynMsg_StartYaw
4611686051481371053 chrLocoAi_EndPos
4611686051481371054 chrLocoAi_EndYaw
4611686051481371055 chrLocoAi_EndTime
4611686051481371056 chrLocoAi_Active
4611686051481371066 chrLocoAi_Speed
4611686051481371071 chrLocoAi_LastTurnSpeed
4611686051481371079 effAppearanceAnimPlayed
4611686051586371035 trdMoney Amount of money offered for trade
4611686051624071034 scTargettedEnemy Currently targetted enemy
4611686051651471034 chrMoveAutoTest_PathStyle
4611686051651471035 chrMoveAutoTest_Radius
4611686051651471036 chrMoveAutoTest_Center
4611686051651471037 chrMoveAutoTest_Segments
4611686051651471038 chrMoveAutoTest_Counter
4611686051651471039 chrMoveAutoTest_StepElapsed
4611686051651471040 chrMoveAutoTest_Enabled
4611686051651471049 chrMoveAutoTest_Char
4611686051651471050 chrMoveAutoTest_SegmentPos
4611686051651471051 chrMoveAutoTest_SegmentYaw
4611686051651471052 chrMoveAutoTest_SegmentPoints
4611686051651471053 chrMoveAutoTest_SegmentYaws
4611686051651471057 chrMoveAutoTest_SegmentDuration
4611686051651471067 jrbSlopeTestRotTarget
4611686051686671022 cmdEmoteAppearancePerFaction
4611686051686671023 cmdEmoteAppearancePerGender
4611686051686671035 optOptionsRequireDeviceReset
4611686051686671039 pltTrgResidents
4611686051686671040 pltRegPos
4611686051686671056 ssjoySharedField
4611686051686671057 ssjoyClientField
4611686051707971034 conLockedObject
4611686051775571021 jrbInitialRotation
4611686051775571022 jrbTargetRotation
4611686051775571033 jww_TestClipPoint
4611686051775571040 jww_LastBox_n
4611686051775571043 sndBankStatus Load status of a specific sound bank
4611686051880971025 conDraggerToken Encoded guiIconButtonId token for the current drag-n-drop operation
4611686051880971026 _cmiIcon Icon to display for the menu item
4611686051880971027 _cmiArgs Arguments that get sent back in the action callback
4611686051880971029 _cmiSelected flag to indicate if the menu item is selected
4611686051880971044 _cmiChildrenNodes Children menu items
4611686051880971052 strGuiMiscEnumToStringId
4611686051888871026 scEngineFXName Cache the name of the engine VFX for later use
4611686051888871047 scSpawnInstigator The object that was responsible for my spawning. (Player or Spawner)
4611686051888871055 scShipHeavyInventory The number of missiles available to be loaded
4611686051888871057 scFormationsDataPrototype A reference to the formations data prototype
4611686051888871068 scSpawnDelay spawn delay value for sihp encounters
4611686051888871069 scSpeedScale speed scale value for sihp encounters
4611686051888871073 scIsBoss Tells if a given ship is a level boss, used for encounter prototype
4611686051888871078 scEncountersDataPrototype Reference to the encounters datatable prototype
4611686051888871084 scSecondaryAbilityAmmo Number of times we can cast the secondary ability per mission
4611686051888871085 scCanShootPlayer true if this ship can shoot the player
4611686051888871089 scHitPoints ship's initial health
4611686051888871093 scShipDataPrototype pointer to the ship data prototype
4611686051888871098 vehHideOwner Defines if a vehicle should hide its owner
4611686051888871099 vehFaction Faction alignment for the vehicle
4611686051888871100 vehAIAwarenessRadius Vehicle awareness radius
4611686051888871102 vehAbilitiesPackage Abilities package descriptor
4611686051888871103 vehSoundPackage sound package descriptor for vehicles
4611686051888871104 vehAppearancePackage appearance package descriptor for vehicles
4611686051917971024 _cmiDisabled flag to indicate if the menu item is enabled
4611686051951771027 OMaySharedField
4611686051951771028 OMayClientField
4611686051965771027 chrMoveDebug_Style
4611686051965771030 chrMoveAutoTest_MoveStyle
4611686051965771059 pccTestInt
4611686052121471027 guiApiGfxGuiLoadingComplete
4611686052121471028 guiApiGfxPlayerLoadingComplete
4611686052121471045 mpnDoNotDisplay
4611686052121471046 utlVfxDetailsSpec
4611686052121471047 prfProfessionSubtypeInfo
4611686052121471055 prfDisassembleCategory
4611686052121471064 chrMoveDebug_ShowBounds
4611686052136271089 cnvIsConversing
4611686052236571068 appOracleFemaleDefaultSlots Cached appearance slots for used for female defaults
4611686052236571082 prfResearchChance
4611686052236571083 prfResearchInfoPrototype
4611686052324471034 OmabSharedField
4611686052324471035 OmabClientField
4611686052333771054 plcDisabledForEveryone
4611686052350871027 qstWaitingForUpdateQueue Priority queue for quest updates.
4611686052350871029 qstPriorityCount
4611686052350871031 qstStatusUpdateType
4611686052350871032 qstStatusUpdatePriority
4611686052350871033 qstPendingStatusUpdates
4611686052433031197 spnReplicatedPlaceables
4611686052433031198 spnReplicatedNpcs
4611686052433031200 chrDisableForTimesRepPrevious
4611686052433031201 chrUsedPlaceablesRepPrevious
4611686052433031213 plcTemplateAsset
4611686052453231192 ctlCameraShakeHandle
4611686052453231195 dynFxLifetimeControl
4611686052453231196 dynFxMinSpawnDistance
4611686052453231197 dynFxMaxSpawnDistance
4611686052453231198 dynFxCanSpawnOffscreen
4611686052456831191 cnvAlienConversationsRequiredLookup lookup list that holds unique alien conversations and body type combinations
4611686052476131191 qstShouldScheduleAllStatusUpdate
4611686052477731196 ssRenatSharedField
4611686052487731192 spnVehicleDataPrototype pointer to the vehicle data prototype
4611686052492331196 itmEnhancementModificationType
4611686052492331203 itmEnhancementInfoPrototype
4611686052492331207 itmEnhancementCategory
4611686052492331212 itmHasAppearanceSlot
4611686052492331237 sysHudMouseVisibility
4611686052492331242 itmSetBonusDisplayName localized display name for the set bonus
4611686052492331245 itmSetBonusItemCount how many items make up a complete set
4611686052492331247 itmSetBonusesPrototype
4611686052492331306 cnvCurrentMissionBoardQuestCount Used to track the number of mission board quests accepted
4611686052492331312 itmEnhancementColor
4611686052492331317 itmSetTablePackageItems List of items in the package
4611686052492331319 itmSetTableItemDescQuantity Number of items to give of a given spec for item packages
4611686052492331321 itmSetTableItemDescEntitlements Entitlements list for a given item spec
4611686052492331322 spnEncounterTotemVFX The VFX to play client side on an encounter totem
4611686052493131327 cnvActionList all hydra animation actions for this conversation
4611686052493131332 cnvActiveCharActionLists
4611686052493131333 cnvActiveNPCActionList
4611686052498831192 plcMissionBoardPkg Mission board package from plc
4611686052511431198 prfSchematicResearchChances
4611686052551431251 chrSpeciesScalePrototype Static field that holds the species scale datatable prototype
4611686052585031362 cnvAlienConvosRequiredLookup lookup list that holds unique alien conversations and body type combinations
4611686052728131192 guiFlyTextParentNode
4611686052728131193 guiFlyTextPosition
4611686052728131194 guiFlyTextXOff
4611686052728131197 guiFlyTextTime
4611686052728131198 guiFlyTextCat
4611686052728131199 guiFlyTextBehavior
4611686052745331194 phsRepublicExitAreaID Optional ID of the area to which a Republic player is sent when removed from an instance. If absent, insExitAreaID is used.
4611686052745331195 phsRepublicExitMapNoteID Optional ID of the mapnote to which a Republic player is sent when removed from an instance. If absent, insExitMapNoteID is used.
4611686052758131196 jrbWantsToWarp
4611686052758131199 guiFlyTextDataQueue
4611686052758131200 guiFlyTextDataQueueTimer
4611686052758131201 guiFlyTextManagerLastFlewTimeForCat
4611686052766531191 grpMemberShadowNode Shadow node for this group member, if connected.
4611686052766531196 chrBackgroundID Background stable ID for this character
4611686052789231191 dbgDrawClientsByName
4611686052789231192 dbgDrawClientsByFamily
4611686052789731191 mapAreasDataAreaId areaID for a given map area
4611686052789731193 mapAreasDataExplorationType
4611686052789731195 mapAreasDataObjectList all of the area data objects
4611686052789731199 mapAreasDataDisplayNameId string table ID for a given map area's name
4611686052909731452 guiApiGfxEIApi
4611686052915631192 qstQuestDefinitionUpdateTime timestamp of last prototype update
4611686052915631194 qstQuestMapNoteUpdateTime list of timestamps of when quests where last updated
4611686052927831194 trdRejectionTimes Game time for recent rejected trade requests.
4611686052930131202 chrKnownMedCenters
4611686052930131212 guiCSSApi reference to the CSS gui node
4611686052930131214 guiCCSApi reference to the CCS gui node
4611686052930131307 cnvCurrentUsers
4611686052930131308 cnvTreeTrackers
4611686053046031192 chrLookat_LookVector_w
4611686053046031193 chrLookat_LookVector_o
4611686053046031194 chrLookat_LookVector_w_Valid
4611686053046031195 chrLookat_LookTarget
4611686053046033577 chrBehaviorDestination_Waypoint The position of a destination
4611686053046033578 chrBehaviorDestination_Yaw The angle at a destination
4611686053046033579 chrBehaviorDestination_Duration The time it will take to reach destination
4611686053046033581 chrBehavior_Path A path made from destination data
4611686053056331195 sspafnutiiSharedField
4611686053056331196 sspafnutiiClientField
4611686053128531191 spnRelationMapNoteLinked
4611686053183531192 chrCompanionInfo_number
4611686053183531195 npcOutfitVoiceProcessing
4611686053186731211 qstTempPendingStatusUpdates temp queue of objects needing quest indicator calulations
4611686053186731212 qstTempPriorityCount temp priority for objects needing quest indicator calculation
4611686053186731213 qstTempWaitingForUpdateQueue temp queue of objects needing quest indicator calulations
4611686053186731222 stgActorSoundSet Soundset used by the stage actor
4611686053186731226 sysBaseCharControl_LastEventCharacter
4611686053186731227 sysBaseCharControl_EventCountForLastEventCharacter
4611686053186731232 sysBaseCharControl_LastEventCharacterFrame
4611686053318231191 qstQuestMapNoteNodes map note nodes for all tasks
4611686053318231193 chrBehavior_ActionLaunchedHandle
4611686053354631237 jfSharedField
4611686053354631238 jfClientField
4611686053415631198 stgOracleCraftingStage Currently active ship crafting stage
4611686053415631205 stgCraftingStageSpec The stage spec of the crafting stage this belongs to
4611686053415631213 stgCraftingOpenMarks List of open marks on the ship crafting stage
4611686053415631239 stgActorWorldVisible If the stage actor is actually visible to the world (such as at ship crafting tables)
4611686053415631254 prfCraftingTblAnimation Animation to play on the stage actor for a given crafting table
4611686053415631257 prfCraftingTables
4611686053415631266 cnvActiveVFXList
4611686053415631270 cnvActiveAppearanceList list of appearances for each conversation chain
4611686053415631279 chrBehaviorLocalPlayer_LastMoveState
4611686053415631285 chrCompanionInfo_profession_modifiers
4611686053415631293 itmEnhancementStationTypes
4611686053415631298 prfProfessionModifiersSkill
4611686053415631299 prfProfessionModifiersEfficiency
4611686053415631300 prfProfessionModifiersCritical
4611686053415631302 itmEnhancementStationInfoPrototype
4611686053415631312 spnEncounterTotemVFXHandles Stores noderefs and the corresponding vfx ids on them
4611686053415631313 spnEncounterShowTotemVFX determines whether or not we render encounter totem vfx
4611686053415631338 cdxLevel
4611686053415631342 prfCraftingTblModifiers List of modifiers a given crafting table can have
4611686053415631373 chrShipCompanionIsCrafting
4611686053415631374 chrProfessionsQueuedCompanions
4611686053532031202 scCriticalHitLevel the kind of critical hit displayed by a ship. Zero means none
4611686053532031203 scShipEnvironmentFXQueue queue of extra appearances triggered on ships
4611686053557231192 npcTemplateVisualDataCharSpec
4611686053557231194 npcTemplateVisualDataScaleAdjustment
4611686053557231200 npcTemplateVisualDataWeight
4611686053557231201 npcVisualDataList holds a list of possible visuals for a NPC
4611686053579531208 chrBehaviorCover_CounterRotationComplete
4611686053647731197 chrBehaviorCover_CounterRotationSkipOneFrame
4611686053647731212 mapExteriorAlwaysWorld
4611686053680031197 msbIcon Icon of the mission board
4611686053680031198 msbSkinInfo Skin of mission board
4611686053680031199 msbSpecToInfo MSB Spec to info
4611686053680031214 sndSurfaceTypes
4611686053680031218 itmMissionBoard Mission board info for item
4611686053680031228 qat_Counter
4611686053680031253 qa_UpdatingPerFrameCallback
4611686053680031284 qaStringContainer_Strings
4611686053680031315 plcItmMissionBoardInfo Mission board info of item stored in placeable created by the item
4611686053680031318 qat_RunningForwardTime
4611686053680031323 qat_Timer
4611686053680031369 prfTrainerProfession
4611686053680031382 cnvMissionBoardLocalizedName Mission board localized name stored on participant
4611686053680031392 cnvMissionBoardAssetSpec Asset spec of mission board owner
4611686053680031393 cnvMissionBoardNameId Mission board name Id stored on participant
4611686053710231192 npcTemplateVisualDataRadius
4611686053770731202 socWhoFilters_Name who list filters on Names
4611686053770731203 socWhoFilters_Class who list filters on Classes
4611686053770731204 socWhoFilters_Planet who list filters on Planets
4611686053770731205 socWhoFilters_Zone who list filters on Chat Zones
4611686053770731206 socWhoFilters_Guild who list filters on Guilds
4611686053770731208 socWhoFilters_Level who list filters on Character Levels
4611686053770731209 socWhoFilters_LFG who list filters on LFG flags
4611686053770731211 socWhoFilters_BatchStart who list filter batch processing
4611686053770731212 socWhoFilters_BatchEnd who list filter batch processing
4611686053770731213 socWhoFilters_Player who list filter processing - player doing the request
4611686053770731215 socWhoFilterInputRequestList client-side list of filter requests
4611686053770731217 socWhoFilters_FilterList who list filter tokens
4611686053770731233 socWhoFilters_WhoList who list for distributed filtering
4611686053770731235 chrClassType class type as index to string table
4611686053963331191 phsArbiterNodeRef Client side caching of the Arbiter's NodeRef for INSTANCEREGION
4611686053985331204 cnvMissionBoardIsMsbItem indicates whether mission board is an item or not
4611686053986632118 socOnlineStatus friends list online status
4611686054011931206 cnvMissionBoardStringTablesStatus String table status of every mission board asset
4611686054011931207 cnvMissionBoardInfo Mission board info of asset(placeable or item)
4611686054011931208 cnvMissionBoardSelectedNodes Selected conversation dialog node ids
4611686054011931217 cnvMissionBoardCnvSpec Spec of cnv relevant to mission board
4611686054011931236 qat_CharacterReplicationCreationTimes
4611686054011931239 qat_CharacterLifespansTotalSecs
4611686054011931242 qat_CharacterLifespansCount
4611686054011931247 prfTrainerPackageSpec
4611686054011931253 itmGiftType
4611686054011931258 itmGiftAffectionRank
4611686054011931262 qat_CharacterLifespanLog
4611686054011931263 chrCompanionInfo_gift_interest_unromanced_map Map of gift type to how much it means to unromanced character
4611686054011931264 chrCompanionInfo_gift_interest_romanced_map Map of gift type to how much it means to romanced character
4611686054011931273 ccsSliderDataTitle Title of a CCS slider
4611686054011931275 ccsSliderDataSelected Index of selected option on a CCS slider
4611686054011931276 ccsSliderDataLocked Locked state of a CCS slider (true=locked)
4611686054011931292 cdxImage
4611686054011931306 prfMissionDescriptionId
4611686054011931307 prfMissionCost
4611686054044331197 ddSharedField
4611686054044331198 ddClientField
4611686054044331203 ssSharedField
4611686054044331204 ssClientField
4611686054044331226 grpMemberId Character ID for this group member.
4611686054056831196 wzArbiterUITypesMap Mappings of instance names to warzone ui types (indices)
4611686054056831197 wzArbiterUIElementsMap Mappings of ControlStates to UI elements
4611686054056831204 wzArbiterUITypesDataPrototypeNodeRef
4611686054056831205 wzArbiterUIElementsDataPrototypeNodeRef
4611686054113131195 cbtShieldTable
4611686054113131199 prfMissionUnlockable
4611686054113131200 prfMissionRewardLight
4611686054113131201 prfMissionRewardDark
4611686054113131202 chrPlayerMoveState_Jump
4611686054113131219 itmOracleItemBeingEnhanced
4611686054208831200 spnAnchorToFlyTextId Anchor to appropriate flytext Id for encounter child spawners
4611686054208831201 cdxFaction
4611686054208831215 chrPlayerMoveState_MoveVecSet
4611686054208831216 chrPlayerMoveState_EndPositionSet
4611686054208831217 chrPlayerMoveState_HeadingSet
4611686054208831221 chrPlayerMoveState_IsFwdSet
4611686054208831223 chrPlayerMoveState_WarpSet
4611686054208831225 chrPlayerMoveState_JumpSet
4611686054208831245 effPreviousAppearanceResult_OfConditionsOnly
4611686054208831246 chrBehaviorPreviousMoveState
4611686054208831248 effAppearance_isShortCircuitingElseConditionals
4611686054208831254 spnRenderSpawnerDisplayNames Used to indicate whether to render flytext over spawners
4611686054208831257 itmGiftQualityMap
4611686054208831258 itmGiftCategoryInterestMap
4611686054208831259 itmGiftDeltaRankMap
4611686054208831274 prfTrainingCost
4611686054208831278 spnOracleDebugTimer Timer for rendering debug features
4611686054334231196 socOverheadChat_OwnerName name of the player who owns overhead chat
4611686054334231197 socOverheadChat_OwnerId id of the player who owns overhead chat
4611686054334231198 socOverheadChat_Message text displayed as part of overhead chat
4611686054334231200 socOverheadChatRequestList Overhead Chat message requests
4611686054334231201 socOverheadChat_StartTime internal timer for overhead chat
4611686054334231202 socOverheadChatTimer system timer for controlling overhead chat
4611686054334231208 socFriendsListUpdateTimer timer for friend update request processing
4611686054334231210 socFriendsListRequest_name name of friend being updated
4611686054334231211 socFriendsListRequest_alertState alert state of friend being updated
4611686054334231212 socFriendsListRequest_chatStatus chat status of friend being updated
4611686054334231214 socFriendsListRequests update requests for online state of friends
4611686054344731192 mapAreasDataDefaultZoneName
4611686054344731193 mapAreasDataDefaultZoneID
4611686054344731195 chatGroupChannel current registered group chat-channel name
4611686054344731196 chatRaidChannel current registered raid chat-channel name
4611686054344731197 chatAnnounceChannel current registered announce chat-channel name
4611686054344731198 chatGuildChannel current registered guild chat-channel name
4611686054344731199 chatGuildOfficerChannel current registered guild-officer chat-channel name
4611686054344731200 chatGuildAnnounceChannel current registered guild-announce chat-channel name
4611686054344731201 chatCustomChannel current registered custom-user-channel chat-channel name
4611686054344731202 chatGeneralChannel current registered general-channel chat-channel name
4611686054344731203 chatTradeChannel current registered trade-channel chat-channel name
4611686054344731204 chatPVPChannel current registered pvp-channel chat-channel name
4611686054344731205 socChatZoneChannelName current Chat Zone channel
4611686054344731206 socChatZoneNameID current Chat Zone string table id
4611686054344731208 socChatData collection of chat channel information
4611686054435231202 itmGiftCategoryInterestBarkMap
4611686054435231210 cdxCompletionBonusPlanetLookupList bonuses for planet completion
4611686054435231215 chrCompanionAffectionValueToRankMap
4611686054435232481 modMetaStatComputed_Shared Replicated computed modStat values
4611686054449831199 scRewardPending The player is waiting to acknowledge a space combat reward
4611686054449831215 scFailureGUITimer timer for delaying display of space combat failure UI
4611686054449831230 scFXHandle A handle for an instance of an FX, used on the space combat game
4611686054449831233 scFXSpec Name of an FX used on the space combat game
4611686054449831236 scAttachableInstance Instance of an attachable node for FX playing on the space game
4611686054460631192 stgActorOriginalScale
4611686054527931201 socReplicationFlag indicates whether initial replication of the socComponent has been handled
4611686054527931202 socSocialComponent_prevRep client-only copy of socComponent for tracking replication changes
4611686054577831191 socDebugAreaName server's idea of area name
4611686054577831207 grpGatherYourPartyItemId ID of the Gather Your Party item for which the group member is readied.
4611686054577831209 grpMemberDataNode Node containing area-authoritative data for a player to be shared with all groupmates in the same area.
4611686054665331194 spnOracleDebugRenderFlag Debug render flag, when set allows for rendering debug info for spawners
4611686054665331201 effEventTargetDetailsNextActionIndex Index of next action detail to use for multi-play appearances
4611686054665331208 cnvMissionBoardPosition Mission board position stored on participant
4611686054673431199 itmMessageSender who sent this email
4611686054673431200 itmMessageRecipient who received this email
4611686054673431201 itmMessageSubject the subject this email
4611686054673431202 itmMessageBody the main text this email
4611686054717831191 cnvMissionBoardDistanceCheckTimer Timer for doing a distance check on how far you are from the mission board
4611686054717831192 cnvInvisibleBitField
4611686054754632435 sndSoundsetPackageSoundsets
4611686054754632436 sndSoundsetPackageImpactClass
4611686054754632437 sndSoundsetPackageFootstepClass
4611686054754632440 sndSoundsetPackageRecords
4611686054754632441 sndSoundsetPackageSpec
4611686054754632443 nppSoundPackage
4611686054754632458 svyShowPercent Percent chance that the survey will show
4611686054754632459 svyShowMinTime Min time before a player sees this survey
4611686054754632476 plcTemplateUseDistance Use distance for a placeable
4611686054754632479 plcdynUnlockedState dyn unlocked state stored on placeable
4611686054754632497 staLoopWeaponMode
4611686054754632502 statHealth_RepPrevious
4611686054754632510 prfTrainerNPC
4611686054781331192 cbtShowAblNamesEnabled
4611686054788431191 chrRegenRecentlyInCombatCount
4611686054788431192 chrRegenTickRate
4611686054788931191 chrRegenHealthTimeAccumulator
4611686054906631192 npcIdlePackageSpec
4611686054906631193 npcIdlePackageAnim
4611686054906631194 npcIdlePackageEpp
4611686054906631195 npcIdlePackageWeaponMode
4611686054906631197 npcIdlePackageMap
4611686054906631198 npcIdlePackagePrototype
4611686054918532354 tstCowClass
4611686054997933679 dynIsLockableChest
4611686055007031440 conSlottedSharedIsPublic public loot
4611686055044431195 scAttachableEffectQueue List of attachable effect objects, to be handled by the space combat oracle
4611686055044433642 scUserBlasterAppearance Appearance used to display a blaster shot when a ship is driven by the user
4611686055044433643 scUserHitAppearance Hit effect used by a custom blaster appearance when a scheduled impact happens
4611686055044433645 scCasterShip A ship that casts an attack over another
4611686055044433654 scQueuedPathNode
4611686055044433655 scTargetPathNode
4611686055050031207 cbtDebugMusic To render flytext for combat music in a sincere attempt to avoid the house is one fire when its not bugs
4611686055050031209 chrCompanionModifiers
4611686055050031216 prfCompanionSelected
4611686055050031219 itmEnhancementSubCategory
4611686055050031233 effEventTargetDetailsAppearanceResultNumber Index of which WeaponDamage/SpellDamage/Damage result we're evaluating for the appearance
4611686055050031235 jww_blanketOuter
4611686055050031236 jww_blanketResults
4611686055050031237 jww_blanketPositions
4611686055050031243 prfCurrentCrewSkill
4611686055050031245 chrCompanionStoredCnvState
4611686055050031247 stgActorImpactClass
4611686055050031296 prfHoverDisassemble
4611686055050031300 prfDisassembleOn
4611686055050031314 chrCharacterPhaseMode
4611686055050031317 staIdleEppEvent
4611686055050031318 effEventRefCount
4611686055164532386 malMailWindowShowing True if the mail window is showing
4611686055248332357 socWhoFilters_MatchBits bit-field indicator of types of filter matches
4611686055272531195 chrGroundingDebug_LastPos_w
4611686055272531200 chrGroundingDebug_Handle
4611686055272531257 fxUsedInScript mapping of fxID to fx specs for hardcoded FX references
4611686055272531258 fxUsedInScriptPrototype
4611686055272531287 effEventTargetDetailsNextActionExecutionIndex
4611686055272531290 utlVfxDetails
4611686055272531302 qstIcon_Single
4611686055272531303 qstIcon_Multi
4611686055272531304 qstIconMap_Multi
4611686055272531305 qstIconMap_Single
4611686055272531306 qstIconDetails
4611686055272531307 qstIconDetailsPrototype
4611686055272531308 cvrVisualizerInUseAssetFXID the enum reference for the FX spec of an in use asset
4611686055272531309 cvrVisualizerFxIds which hardcoded fx to use per state
4611686055432331193 phsAlwaysEnter
4611686055432331254 effSubEffectEppOnApply
4611686055432331257 phsInstanceDataPrototype
4611686055441931200 chrStatAdjustmentNameToAdjustmentsMap
4611686055460731193 socAFKTimer inactivity timer for auto activation of AFK
4611686055524431205 scDamageTrailFX fx id used for a ship's smoking trail when it receives damage
4611686055551032354 ssMmxSharedField
4611686055551032355 ssMmxClientField
4611686055598831192 effEventTargetDetailsAppearanceWeaponDamageSkipped Number of times a WeaponDamage action has been skipped so far. This will decrease as they are eventually executed
4611686055598831202 mapDataContainerAreaID
4611686055598831273 guiApiGfxUpdateChr_inspectId
4611686055598831274 mapLookupListOfPlaceableConversationOwners
4611686055598831275 prfTemporaryProfession
4611686055598831324 itmEnhancementStationType
4611686055598831372 prfProfessionCommandLine
4611686055598831399 gwsDebugFlags debug field
4611686055598831411 guiApiCCPositionCache cache of last cc position when it was sent to flash
4611686055636531195 ssmcseemSharedField
4611686055636531196 ssmcseemClientField
4611686055745631191 socOverheadChat_KillFlag set when the chat object needs to be removed early
4611686055802031191 gmSpinAssetID
4611686056057732355 sstemaSharedField
4611686056057732356 sstemaClientField
4611686056057732361 ggtSharedField
4611686056057732362 ggtClientField
4611686056057732367 hhSharedField
4611686056057732368 hhClientField
4611686056279931207 ssEUglovSharedField
4611686056279931208 ssEUglovClientField
4611686056309031196 gmSpinObjResetZoom
4611686056317331203 scShipAttackRange Maximum attack range in space combat
4611686056318631195 spnSpawnedAppearanceEvent
4611686056318631201 effEffectEvents
4611686056430831192 ahNetwork
4611686056430831201 wzScoreboardPlayers Map of scoreboard player IDs to Names
4611686056430831202 wzScoreboardStats Scoreboard Stats for all participants
4611686056430831203 wzScoreboardCommendations Count of commendations awarded to participants
4611686056430831294 chrFactionPackageRepublicPCsAttitude
4611686056430831295 chrFactionPackageEmpirePCsAttitude
4611686056430831305 ahItemToSell An item that an Auction House user is preparing to sell.
4611686056430831321 chrFactionPackageDisplayName
4611686056430831325 modStatDisplayNameStringID
4611686056456531192 malUsingDebugSlashCommands Control variable for using debug mail commands
4611686056491031195 ssadronkinSharedField
4611686056491031196 ssadronkinClientField
4611686056523431196 aniMetricsAccumulator_noteElapsedMax
4611686056523431197 aniMetricsAccumulator_nodesEvaluatedTotal
4611686056523431198 aniMetricsAccumulator_elapsedTotal
4611686056523431199 aniMetricsAccumulator_blendsTotal
4611686056523431200 aniMetricsAccumulator_transformsTotal
4611686056523431201 aniMetricsAccumulator_lastFrame
4611686056523431202 aniMetricsAccumulator_target
4611686056523431203 aniMetricsAccumulator_noteElapsedMin
4611686056523431204 aniMetricsAccumulator_noteElapsedTotal
4611686056523431205 aniMetricsAccumulator_memTotal
4611686056523431206 aniMetricsAccumulator_duration
4611686056523431207 aniMetricsAccumulator_frames
4611686056523431208 aniMetricsAccumulator_elapsedMax
4611686056523431209 aniMetricsAccumulator_elapsedMin
4611686056523431210 aniMetricsAccumulator_notesProcessedTotal
4611686056523431211 aniMetricsAccumulator_memMin
4611686056523431212 aniMetricsAccumulator_gameElapsedTotal
4611686056523431213 aniMetricsAccumulator_memMax
4611686056523431223 aniOracle_aniMetricsAccumulator
4611686056523431224 aniOracle_aniMetricsEnabled
4611686056523431246 ctlOracle_AutoForwardEnabled
4611686056523431247 ctlOracle_AutoRunEnabled
4611686056523431271 cvrSettingsPrepForConsolidationOnly
4611686056623931192 scBlasterSpeed The blaster bolt speed, extracted from the Ability
4611686056721531199 plcTemplateUseDistanceSq square of placeable use distance
4611686056726831198 scEnemyIndex ship type index for spawned enemies
4611686056853931195 cvrSettingsStringDataForConsolidation
4611686056868931195 SSbugggSharedField
4611686056868931196 SSbugggClientField
4611686056897131197 sndTestEvent
4611686056897131204 sndTestBank
4611686056897131206 mapWorldMapAreaId
4611686056897131207 mapWorldMap
4611686056943431203 chrAppearanceItemOverrides List of item specs to replace default appearance slots on the client.
4611686056943432418 chrBehaviorJumpMan_LaunchActionHandle
4611686056958331191 FxUseTargetSpawnVolume Flag to use the spawn volume of the target placeable for TARGET
4611686057021031194 stcCodexCategoryTotalsPrototype
4611686057021031206 cbtThreatLogging
4611686057021031212 cbtThreatLoggingPersist
4611686057021031213 effEventTargetDetailsWeaponDamageCount Number of WeaponDamage actions
4611686057021031214 ahAuctionId
4611686057021031215 ahItemForSale
4611686057021031216 ahBuyoutPrice
4611686057021031217 ahEndTime
4611686057021031218 ahSellerName
4611686057021031221 ahTotalLength
4611686057021031222 ahAuctions
4611686057021031223 ahPage
4611686057021031225 ahPageSize
4611686057021031229 ahSortType
4611686057290331238 scShipTypesPrototype scShipTypes prototype
4611686057331031195 gmSpinObjRotSpeed
4611686057369931209 strLoadCallbacks List of all nodes waiting for strings to be loaded
4611686057369931215 conSwappingDragger Guard for clearing the dragger when swapping icons
4611686057369931218 chrCharacter_LastStuckPosition tracks the last location that the character was detected as being stuck
4611686057526131191 effAppearanceTriggersOnProjectileTimeoutByName Map of triggers for OnProjectileTimeout, indexed by name
4611686058411531203 cvrBuilderTotalEdgesProcessed
4611686058411531204 cvrBuilderTotalVerticalPointsChecked
4611686058411531205 cvrBuilderTotalHorizontalPointsChecked
4611686058411831532 qstIsHiddenFromOwnerQuest certain quests are tracked but not displayed
4611686058435931191 scResponsiblePlayer The player this vehicle is relative to
4611686058495531191 scSecondaryAbilityROF
4611686058495531193 scDeathAppearance Appearance played on ship death
4611686058670731191 chrBehaviorJumpMan_InitialJumpMoveVectorXZ
4611686058671931193 mpnAssetID used to look up the new name string for the note
4611686058774831191 mmsQueueStatus Current queue status for the local player
4611686058777031204 ahDepositRates Map of auction duration (in hours) to deposit fee (percentage of buyout price)
4611686058850431192 prfMakersMark
4611686058892231205 cbtTemporaryFactions
4611686058896131196 scDamageTrailOverride Cusom damage trail effect name
4611686058896131197 scDamageTrailType Damage trail category
4611686058911231192 chrFactionSpecToPackageMap
4611686058911231194 chrFactionPackageDefendedFactions
4611686058911231211 chrValor PvP experience points
4611686058911231212 chrValorRank A characters PvP level
4611686058911231214 chrFactionPackagesPrototype
4611686058911231216 ahSortDescending
4611686058911231227 chrValorNeeded Amount of valor needed to reach next valor rank
4611686059140631206 taxFaction factions which can use this terminal
4611686059196731197 invMail Accessor for the mail container
4611686059197131691 npcFaction
4611686059229031191 scHighlightAppearance
4611686059276331199 wzScoreboardRewards Clients keep track of warzone rewards in this map
4611686059288731191 musAreaEntered
4611686059383931191 arbGameFinished Boolean flag for whether the match has ended
4611686059383931199 wzArbiterUIMapNotesStateMap Mapping of ControlState names and wzControlState values to Arbiter Map Note icons
4611686059383931217 arbMapNoteLocations Arbiter Map Note locations by registered entity
4611686059383931218 arbMapNoteControlStateNames Map of registered ArbiterMapNote entity IDs to control state names
4611686059383931219 itmSubcategoryMap
4611686059390932409 tst_replicationAwarenessBoolean name of the field says it all
4611686059390932433 hydAnimationLocoNetwork
4611686059393431193 chrBugIsWindowOpen
4611686059393431194 chrBugInputFlags
4611686059518031200 staConversationHidden Visibility state that is set while server-side NPC is hidden during conversation.
4611686059578331204 chrLocoAi_CustomLocoNetworkSupportsMovement cache's whether or not the character's loco network supports movement
4611686059578331211 chrCharacter_CustomLocoNetwork
4611686059578331216 effEventOracleEffectWaitingForEventMap
4611686059583931194 arbMapNoteEntityId
4611686059583931195 arbMapNoteIcon
4611686059583931196 arbMapNoteLocation
4611686059583931198 arbMapNoteClientCache Client cache of Arbiter Map Note data
4611686059628631191 scLastPlayerAimPoint Last projection of the mouse onto the movement plane
4611686059662631200 cbtSpamChatLog
4611686059715032530 prfCraftingTblStageSpec
4611686059715032531 prfProfessionAbilitySpec
4611686059715032532 prfProfessionCompanionAbilitySpec
4611686059715032533 prfSchematicMaterials
4611686059715032534 prfSchematicResearchMaterials
4611686059715032535 prfSchematicItemSpec
4611686059893231199 stgInputStanceMapping input stance name to global constant lookup
4611686060004431193 prfDisassembleLoot
4611686060004431194 dynLootPackage
4611686060004431195 plcdynLootPackage Loot package associated with a dynamic placeable
4611686060004431196 conEntitySpec what specific type of containable entity is this (e.g. item spec)
4611686060004431197 ablCooldownTimerSpecs cooldown timers
4611686060033632411 conSlotsBySpec
4611686060083431191 cnvChorRecordVOToSkynet
4611686060121031202 malLastReadMessageID Last read mail message ID
4611686060121031209 wzScoreboardClientUsedCommendation Cached value for whether this client has sent a commendation to the server
4611686060178331191 gldInviteDialogTimer Timeout for guild invite dialog.
4611686060178331193 gldIsVerifying True if guild creation verification is underway.
4611686060202131195 plcCnvChorNeedsOwner know when to try to trigger loads off of replication of glommed class data
4611686060430131192 conContainerSpecName name of the class of container
4611686060430131193 itmSetTableItemDescSpec Item's spec for an item package
4611686060430131194 itmSetTablePackageMap Maps from package spec to the actual item package data
4611686060430131195 tmrDurations
4611686060437331191 gldRankIndex Index into gldRanks indicating this rank's relative power.
4611686060437331192 gldInviteID ID of Guild to which the player is currently invited.
4611686060437331194 gldRankName Name of this guild rank.
4611686060437331198 gldRanks Ordered ranks of a guild.
4611686060437332433 gldMasterInteractionTimer Client-side timer validating distance to guildmaster during interaction.
4611686060437332456 gldLocalPlayerGuild Cached reference to guild of the local player character.
4611686060437332466 gldMemberName Name of the guild member.
4611686060437332473 gldCreationDate Date upon which the guild was created.
4611686060593232379 itmRestrictionCtxType
4611686060593232381 itmProfessionRestriction
4611686060593232382 itmSkillRestriction
4611686060593232395 itmLevelDeltaRestriction
4611686060593232396 itmRestrictionOwner
4611686060593232399 chrOldLevel
4611686060731431207 wzScoreboardPlayerTeams Team assignments for players
4611686060731431211 wzBadgeId
4611686060731431213 wzBadgeThreshold How much of the scoreboard stat is needed to unlock this badge
4611686060731431214 wzBadgeIdBitmask Cached bitmask for this badge's Id
4611686060731431216 wzBadgeMap Map of badges
4611686060751631197 scPlayerCullingScale
4611686060751631198 scPlayerCullingGrannyFade
4611686060751631199 scPlayerCullingNodes
4611686060793431191 ahSearchResults Local player's current auction house search results
4611686060793431192 ahSales Local player's currently active auctions. Populated only during a valid interact with an auction terminal.
4611686060793431193 ahLastSearchTime Game time, in seconds, of the player's last search request to the Auction House.
4611686060793431200 ahSearchId
4611686060850731191 chrCharacterActionBundleHandles
4611686060898231191 stgActorFoleyEnabled
4611686060901031216 scVOSelectionRules List of VO rules for speaker selection
4611686060902431191 tstCombatNowOrNever
4611686060902431192 chrBehaviorGhost_PlayerMoveStates
4611686060932331193 mmsLastQueueState Was the local player queued as solo or group last time he was queued for a warzone
4611686060932331194 mmsAutoQueue Should the matchmaking system requeue the local player after end of warzone
4611686061050431192 qstStepIsShareable is this step shareable
4611686061050431194 qstShareRequestSourceCharId
4611686061050431196 qstShareRequestBranchNum
4611686061050431197 qstShareRequestStepNum
4611686061050431199 qstQuestStringTableCallbackNodes
4611686061108531194 pvpFlagged This represents whether the entity is flagged for PvP
4611686061108531204 wnkPackageID
4611686061108531205 wnkDisplayNameStringID
4611686061108531206 wnkDestinationNameStringIDs
4611686061108531207 wnkDestinationDescriptionStringIDs
4611686061108531209 wnkPackages
4611686061108531211 wnkPackagesPrototype
4611686061108531214 wnkCurrentFloor
4611686061132531191 wnkDestinationGUIDs
4611686061152931193 scVOSpec Conversation spec definition for a VO actor
4611686061152931195 scVOSections List of common bookmarks used on VO barks
4611686061152931199 scVOSelectedActor Reference to a currently selected actor
4611686061152931200 scVOCompanion Reference to our current VO companion
4611686061152931202 scVOActors List of available VO actors
4611686061152931208 scVOConversationName Name of the conversation resource used for this actor
4611686061152931213 scVOSoundBank name of the sound bank needed by a particular VO actor
4611686061183631191 ablOracle_AbilityCache
4611686061183631192 spnSpawnedSpec the spec name of the currently spawned thing
4611686061183631193 vndItemSpec
4611686061183631194 ablPackageSpec
4611686061183631195 ablPackageAbilitiesList
4611686061183631198 ablAbilityDataPackage
4611686061183631199 ablAbilityDataSpec
4611686061183631207 spnMedCenterModel
4611686061183631209 spnMedCenters
4611686061183631210 plcSpec
4611686061183631211 sklPackageSpecList
4611686061184831192 stgCameraOffsetsPrototype
4611686061184831197 mpnOwners
4611686061184831198 grpMemberDynMapNoteCache
4611686061184831207 qstActiveTimerExpirations map of quest IDs to their timer data
4611686061193531191 vndItemCost
4611686061193731191 npcTemplateVisualDataMeleeWeapon
4611686061193731192 npcTemplateVisualDataMeleeOffWeapon
4611686061193731193 npcTemplateVisualDataRangedWeapon
4611686061193731194 npcTemplateVisualDataRangedOffWeapon
4611686061234531194 scPlayerSplinePosition
4611686061234531195 scPlayerSplineRotation
4611686061234531196 scVOSoundBankReady True when then sound bank for this character is fully loaded
4611686061234531197 scVOActorName The human-readable name of a VO actor
4611686061234531204 scVOBaseRandomTime base time interval for random barks
4611686061234531205 scVOVariableRandomTime Variable time interval for random barks
4611686061234531206 scVORandomTimer Timer for triggering VO random events
4611686061234531216 scVOCooldownTimer Voice over cooldown timer for normal events
4611686061234531217 scVOCooldownTime Cooldown time between barks
4611686061292531194 wzRewardEntryCap Maximum number of times the reward can be earned
4611686061358531198 scInBarrelRoll
4611686061358531199 scBarrelRollTimer
4611686061358531204 scVOIsPlaying True if we are currently playing something
4611686061358531210 scVOPendingBarks List of pending barks, by actor
4611686061358531216 scAccessories Accessories attached to this parent vehicle
4611686061394531191 sndSoundsetPackageSwingType
4611686061394531193 stgActorSwingType
4611686061438631201 gldMessageOfTheDay Message of the Day for a guild.
4611686061438631202 gldDescription Player-supplied description of a guild.
4611686061602331191 wzRewardEntryAmounts Entry reward types and amounts
4611686061602331192 wzRewardEntries Warzone reward entries
4611686061628231192 qstEmptyShareRequest
4611686061628231193 qstShareRequestTargetCharId
4611686061628731191 tipTipId id of the tip
4611686061628731192 tipStringId string id of the tip
4611686061628731193 tipIcon icon of the tip
4611686061628731195 tipMinLevel minimum level to display tip
4611686061628731196 tipMaxLevel maximum level to display tip
4611686061628731198 tipTipList list of all tips
4611686061654031194 chrSpecPath character spec path
4611686061654031195 chrSpecBounds bounds of a given character spec
4611686061654031196 chrSpecMeleeDistance how far apart a character should be in melee combat
4611686061654031197 chrSpecPrototype prototype pointer for chrSpec datatable
4611686061669731191 stgCameraOffsets
4611686061701931192 effOraclePreviewEffectAppearanceEvent
4611686061737531202 gldMemberAreaID Area ID of a guild member.
4611686061753531192 hydAreaIdToPlanetAliasTable
4611686061754131192 hydAreaIdToPlanetAliasDataRef Maps area IDs to area alias strings
4611686061865731191 mpnIconMode
4611686061865731196 conOwnerNode The node that is considered to be the owner of this container (not always the parent)
4611686061870631191 ablContainer_AbilityPackageCache
4611686061870631192 ablEffectIDs
4611686061870631193 effEventEffectSpec the effect spec
4611686061870631194 effContainerSpecMap
4611686061870631195 effContainerAblSpecMap
4611686061870631196 effAbilitySpec ability that applied the effect
4611686061870631197 ablTrainerPackageSpecList List of packages this trainer can train
4611686061870631199 ablTrainableDataLists lists of trainable data indexed by package and ability spec
4611686061870631200 ablUserAbilitySpecShared
4611686061870631202 ablUserAbilitySpecShared_Previous
4611686061870631203 ablUserAbilitySpecShared_Previous_Replicated
4611686061870631204 plcAbilitySpecOnUse
4611686061934231203 scFirstShot True if this is the first shot in a burst of many
4611686061943231191 wnkRestrictedFloors List of restricted wnkavator floors
4611686061988131201 vehAppModel Member for the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062099731191 chrCompanionTrackerFactionQuestID
4611686062111631191 vehAppScale Member for the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062111631192 vehAppEnterAnimation Member for the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062111631193 vehAppIdleAnimation Member for the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062111631195 vehAppExitAnimation Member for the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062111631196 vehAppSpawnAppearance Member for the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062111631197 vehAppDespawnAppearance Member for the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062111631198 vehAppDespawnTime Member for the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062111631207 vehAppPortrait Member for the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062111631208 vehAppDamagePortrait Member for the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062111631212 vehAppearanceData List of entries into the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062111631213 vehAppearancePrototype Pointer to the vehAppearancePackage prototype
4611686062112031192 vehAppScaleTable Table of scale values for different character frame types
4611686062125631191 chrClassContainerTablePrototype To cache classContainerTablePrototype on $STATIC
4611686062140131191 plcAbilitySpecOnLoot
4611686062140131192 ablUserPrecastingAbility ability that player has activated, but needs to select a target for
4611686062140131193 itmUsageAbility FQN for ability to use when item is used.
4611686062140131194 ablOracleSharedAbilities
4611686062140131197 itmSetBonusSetItems map of the items in the set to the item that is the primary item for that slot
4611686062140131198 itmSetBonuses map of set bonus spec to set bonus details
4611686062140131199 itmSetBonusPrimaryItems list of primary items for this set
4611686062140131200 itmEquipSetBonus The set bonus that the item belongs to, if any
4611686062140131201 itmSetBonusBonuses map of number of pieces required to ability spec
4611686062140131202 itmSetBonusEquippedItemsClient client version of which equipped item is satisfying the part of the set
4611686062140131203 itmSetBonusUnusedItems equipped items that belong to a set but aren't counting towards the slot currently
4611686062140131204 chrCompanionInfo_equipment_container
4611686062140131205 ablUserCacheTimersRunning all timers running
4611686062140131206 itmEquipAbility FQN for ability to apply when item is equipped.
4611686062140131207 cbtWpnDataRequiredAbility
4611686062140131213 cdxPlanets
4611686062140131217 cdxGrantedCodicesCategoryTotals Total codices granted per category (represented by localization string ID)
4611686062140131218 cdxCompletionBonusCategoryLookupList bonuses for category completion
4611686062140131219 cdxGrantedCodicesPlanetaryCategoryTotals per planet category totals
4611686062140131221 cdxCompletionBonusPlanetCategoryLookupList
4611686062140131223 plcCodexSpec
4611686062140131224 qstItemSpecId item to be tracked by a qstItemVariableDefinition
4611686062321531193 ablDescriptionTokenType What type our token is
4611686062321531194 ablDescriptionTokens
4611686062321531196 ablDescriptionTokenMultiplier
4611686062321531197 serverTypeIsPvP True if server is PvP, otherwise server is PvE
4611686062359531191 grpMemberPosition Updated from C++ server code! Notifies remote group members of current position.
4611686062359531195 gldRankDescription User-defined description of a guild rank.
4611686062385331192 cbtOverrideClientLos
4611686062405931193 gldRosterInitialized True if the guild roster tab has been populated this UI session.
4611686062484931192 scUpgradeTracker List of unlocked upgrade IDs
4611686062484931193 scMovementHistory Attempt at predicting client movement behavior
4611686062484931199 scUpgradeType Field for upgrade datatable prototype
4611686062484931204 scUpgradePrototypeHandle Handle for the ship upgrade prototype
4611686062484931206 scUpgradeValue Member for the ship upgrade prototype
4611686062608331191 chrSpecBlobShadowVec blob shadow bounds for this skeleton (x/y ellipse, z offset)
4611686062692231194 qstReqInventoryItems required inventory specs for a quest
4611686062692231195 qstReqEquippedItems required equipped items for this quest
4611686062692231196 hydScriptFQN FQN for this hydra script
4611686062692231197 phsConditionalHydraScript FQN of hydra script containing phase lock conditional and/or phase-entry hydra actions
4611686062692231198 qstTaskIndicatorOverrideList list of objects that will receive the indicator
4611686062692231201 chrNonPlayerCharacterSpec spec id this npc was created based on
4611686062692231202 chrCompanionInfoData
4611686062692231203 utlTemplateInheritFrom
4611686062692231204 stgMarkPreviewNPC NPC spec to spawn while previewing
4611686062692231208 appNPCAppearanceNodeCache
4611686062692231209 appCurrentNppSpec currently applied npp spec on this object
4611686062692231210 chrAppearanceNppOverride overrides the costume npp, which is a higher priority than the base npp since it hides eq.
4611686062692231211 itmUniformNppSpec npp spec for a uniform appearance given by an item
4611686062692231213 chrClassPrototypes
4611686062700531194 tgtPrimaryTargetID ID of a tgtTargetableComponent
4611686062700531196 tgtTargetIsTargetable This flag determines if an entity currently can be targeted
4611686062700531197 pcFocusTargetID Replaces the tgtPrimaryTargetID when the user has toggled on the focus target modifier
4611686062715631191 sysChatMessageCount Counter to keep track of the number of chat messages a player has sent within a time interval. Currently only applies to /say and /yell. Used to prevent chat spamming
4611686062715631192 sysChatMessageCountResetTime When sysChatMessageCount will be reset
4611686062722731193 scMovementHistoryTimeDelta Milliseconds since last update
4611686062722731197 scUpgradeParamDescriptor information about contained upgrades for ships
4611686062722731203 scUpgradeName Human readable name for a ship upgrade
4611686062748031191 guiAssetsLoadedTimer Timer to check on loaded assets while loading screen is up
4611686062748031192 guiApiGfxAssetLoadingTimer a timer to detect when the client has finished loading assets
4611686062748031193 guiApiGfxAssetLoadingTimerZeroCounter a counter to wait for zero disk activity as asset loading completes and is checked
4611686062748031194 guiApiGfxFadedOut fade count
4611686062907131191 cssGuiZoom css camera zoom state
4611686062907131193 optDescriptionAvailable when the option is available for display/modification
4611686062996031191 cbtLosVisualizerEntities
4611686062996031192 cbtLosVisualizerMode
4611686063131931191 guiAPiGfxNewFadeOut faded out under old fadeout
4611686063146031191 guiGfxLoadingFadedOut fade count
4611686063146031192 guiGfxLoadingAssetLoadingTimer a timer to detect when the client has finished loading assets
4611686063146031193 guiGfxLoadingAssetLoadingTimerZeroCounter a counter to wait for zero disk activity as asset loading completes and is checked
4611686063146031194 guiGfxLoadingNewFadeOut faded under new system
4611686063186931193 pvpDuelingState The player's dueling state
4611686063227631196 stgWeaponNameToWeaponTypeToPosture Type says it all
4611686063237431198 scPlayerCameraRotation
4611686063237431199 scPlayerMousePosition
4611686063237431200 scPlayerCameraPosition
4611686063252231191 qstComponentHadRewardsOpen Tracks if the mission rewards window was open when they player entered combat
4611686063286731191 gldMemberLastOnlineTime Time at which guild member was last online.
4611686063292131191 sndLastContinuousMovementSurface
4611686063292131192 sndContinuousMovementSoundTimer
4611686063297031191 gmDestAreaId This is the ID of the planet being viewed, or the planet that was traveled to.
4611686063300131191 pvpDuelingPartner node ID of the character you are involved in a duel with
4611686063306331191 stgWeaponPosturesDatatableCache cache for datatable prototype
4611686063306331197 stgWeaponNameToWeaponTypeToTransition Type says it all
4611686063306331199 plcdynDisturbedState Distrubed state of the dyn stored on the placeable
4611686063306331200 plcdynDisturbBeforeLoot Indicates whether a dyn should go to the disturbed state before going to the looted state when trying to loot a dyn
4611686063308331193 npcCharacterCompanionOverride the character companion fqn to override
4611686063308331199 npcTemplateVisualDataAppearance
4611686063308331200 npcClassPackage
4611686063335631192 strPseudoLocalizationWidthRatio
4611686063354231191 cnvIsAttachToSpeaker
4611686063354231195 stgActorPrimaryMeleeSwitch
4611686063354231196 stgActorPrimaryRangedSwitch
4611686063403931191 ahSelectedAuctionId
4611686063440631191 gldOfflineMembersShown True if the guild roster displays offline members.
4611686063440631192 gldInviteMessage Localized message displayed on guild invite dialog.
4611686063525431192 guiFadeToBlackTimer Timer to auto fade back in from black if 'Fade From Black' is not called
4611686063541731191 gldMemberRank Rank to which this guild member belongs.
4611686063577631191 gldMemberID Character ID to which this guild member info belongs.
4611686063586731196 guiOverheadChat_ownerId owner player id, overhead chat
4611686063586731197 guiOverheadChat_message message to be displayed, overhead chat
4611686063586731198 guiOverheadChat_lifetimeTotal total display time, overhead chat
4611686063586731199 guiOverheadChat_lifetimeRemaining remaining display time, overhead chat
4611686063586731200 guiOverheadChat_type display type, overhead chat
4611686063586731201 guiOverheadChat_killFlag set for early abort, overhead chat
4611686063586731203 guiOverheadChats_MessageNodes list of nodes awaiting status checks, all overhead chat
4611686063586731204 guiOverheadChats_MessageUnusedPool list of currently unused objects, all overhead chat
4611686063586731205 guiOverheadChats_MessageForNodes chat objects in play, all overhead chat
4611686063586731207 guiOverheadChat_color color of text, overhead chat
4611686063586731208 socOverheadChat_Attached indicates when the message node is succesfully attached to speaker
4611686063689131193 scShieldEnergy current shield energy level
4611686063689131194 scShieldMaxEnergy Maximum energy capacity for our shields
4611686063778431202 gldInfoInitialized True if the guild info tab has been populated this UI session.
4611686063778431203 gldManagementInitialized True if the guild management tab has been populated this UI session.
4611686063793131191 guiGfxLoadingProgressBarOn Whether or not the progress bar is visible
4611686063793131192 guiGfxLoadingRepositorAssetCount Number of assets being loaded from the repository
4611686063798731191 cvrOccupyingCharacters List of character currently occupying this cover point.
4611686063870231196 gldMembersRepPrevious Previously replicated gldMembers field to simulate replication deltas.
4611686063980631191 sndSoundsetPackageContinuousMovement
4611686064080231192 scBarrelRollDirection Direction of the barrel roll
4611686064088931191 simCombatProfileClientHSL
4611686064118431191 simCombatProfileFrameCount
4611686064118431192 simCombatProfileElapsedTime
4611686064187531196 chrBackgroundSpecMap Maps background fqns (stable IDs) to data on that background
4611686064187531198 chrBgDataMalePCS The pcs FQN (prototype ID) for a given background - male
4611686064187531199 chrBgDataFemalePCS The pcs FQN (prototype ID) for a given background - female
4611686064187531200 chrBgDataAblPackage The ability package FQN (prototype ID) for a given background
4611686064187531201 chrBgDataRace The race of a given background
4611686064187531202 chrBgDataDisplayNameID The display name ID to look up in a string table for the GUI
4611686064187531208 chrBackgroundTablePrototype $STATIC access to the chrBackgroundTablePrototype
4611686064194631191 effDurationAddedDelay additional random duration
4611686064194631192 effDurationAddedDelayMaxToughness
4611686064201931193 grpRoll
4611686064201931194 grpPriority
4611686064201931198 grpPendingItemRollsRepPrevious
4611686064215931191 grpItemRollsRepPrevious
4611686064215931192 plcSoundPackage
4611686064215931194 vehSoundStartEvent
4611686064217131191 stgAssetIsMelee Boolean indicating whether a stage asset is melee or not
4611686064217131192 stgWeaponComponentEquippedIsMelee Indicates whether equipped weapon is melee or not
4611686064221631191 chrClassDataNameId
4611686064221631195 chrAdvancedClassDataNameId
4611686064221631198 chrAdvancedClassDataPrototypeRef
4611686064222431191 gmGuiRef Pointer to the Galaxy Map gui, if it has been created.
4611686064222431192 phsShipExitLocked The ship exit can be locked when the owner goes on space combat missions. Party members must wait, or use an escape pod.
4611686064222431194 utlGM_AreaID
4611686064222431195 utlGM_PlanetName
4611686064222431196 utlGM_RegionName
4611686064222431197 utlGM_PlanetDescId
4611686064222431198 utlGM_PlanetPosition
4611686064222431199 utlGM_IsSpaceCombat
4611686064222431200 utlGM_PlanetMesh
4611686064222431201 utlGM_PlanetZoom
4611686064222431202 utlGM_SubRegionName
4611686064222431203 utlGM_FactionControl
4611686064243731192 cnvPolishLevel Indicates level of polish in conversation
4611686064243731193 cnvRenderPolishLevel Boolean indicating whether to render polish level in conversations or not
4611686064243731194 cnvPolishLevel_FlyTextId Fly text Id for display of polish level
4611686064243731195 cnvName_FlyTextId Fly text Id for display of name
4611686064262831192 chrBgDataRaceIsAlien If this given background's race is non-human
4611686064380931191 itmNameEncoded A localization safe way to send an item name
4611686064389831194 cdxUncountedTestData flag to indicate codex is test data
4611686064529431191 chrCreatureTypeList
4611686064622031192 gmUtlGMDatatableProtoRef This allows the galaxy map to only look up the datatable prototype once.
4611686064669831271 qa_byf_test_field
4611686064718031191 pcSelfTargetEnabled Override for self targeting
4611686064718031192 pcFocusTargetEnabled Override for focus targeting
4611686064731531191 strShowLocalizedStrings
4611686064731531192 strPseudoLocalizationActive
4611686064745131192 grpCharacterId
4611686064745131193 grpPendingCharacters
4611686064745131195 grpCommitTimer
4611686064752931191 guiReloadUINextFrame Used to reload the UI on next frame.
4611686064818331191 chrBgDataSpec The spec 'fqn' for a given background
4611686064818331192 chrForceAlignmentTierPrevRep Client side tracking of the previous alignment tier replicated
4611686064833231191 grpItem
4611686064833231192 grpLootThreshold
4611686064833231195 itmWinnerId Character who won the group roll.
4611686064833231196 sndVoiceProcessingMap
4611686064833231198 sndVoiceProcessingIdToString
4611686064833231199 cnvVoiceEffectId
4611686065118631191 stgOracle_RecordStageAnimActions
4611686065370331191 gldMemberLevel Character level of the guild member.
4611686065405431194 gldWindowTabIndex Index of the currently selected tab in the guild window.
4611686065410031192 malMessageCredits Credits attached to the mail message
4611686065410031193 malMessageFlags Flags of the mail message
4611686065410031195 malMessageDataCache Cached mail message data
4611686065410031196 malMessageItemCount Item attachement count of the mail message
4611686065431631191 cbtFaction Stable ID of a that this node belongs to faction
4611686065453431191 cbtFactionString Should only really be used for debug dump purposes
4611686065459931191 utlGM_GalaxyMapDataList utlGalaxyMap datatable data, indexed by planet_Name column
4611686065459931200 utlGM_GalaxyRegionsList utlGalaxyRegions datatable data
4611686065459931204 utlGMReg_RegionName
4611686065459931205 utlGMReg_NameId
4611686065459931206 utlGMReg_FactionCtrl
4611686065459931207 utlGMMoon_AreaID
4611686065459931210 utlGMMoon_PlanetName
4611686065459931211 utlGMMoon_Angle
4611686065459931212 utlGMMoon_Reverse
4611686065459931213 utlGMMoon_Radius
4611686065459931215 utlGMMoon_fHoursPerDay
4611686065459931216 utlGMMoon_fDaysPerYear
4611686065459931217 utlGMOrbit_AreaID
4611686065459931218 utlGMOrbit_OrbitName
4611686065459931221 utlGMOrbit_fY
4611686065459931222 utlGMOrbit_fX
4611686065459931223 utlGMOrbit_Width
4611686065459931224 utlGMOrbit_Height
4611686065459931225 utlGMPlanet_AreaID
4611686065459931226 utlGMPlanet_DaysPerYear
4611686065459931227 utlGMPlanet_HoursPerDay
4611686065459931228 utlGMPlanet_OrbitName
4611686065459931229 utlGMPlanet_Angle
4611686065459931230 utlGMPlanet_Reverse
4611686065459931231 utlGMPlanet_Selected
4611686065459931232 utlGMPlanet_PlanetName
4611686065459931233 utlGM_GalaxySystemMoonList
4611686065459931234 utlGM_GalaxySystemOrbitList
4611686065459931235 utlGM_GalaxySystemPlanetList
4611686065765231195 scVOPlayer Reference to the pc actor node
4611686065765231196 scVOPredicate VO string that is appended to an actor spec
4611686065765231198 scProtonTargetTimer On-target timer for proton torpedoes
4611686065765231202 scTrackedProtonTarget Currently tracked target for proton torpedoes
4611686065871431191 plcTemplateNoGlow Boolean that indicates whether this placeable should never glow or not
4611686065874331191 ctlSendGuiGameClicks A boolean to tell whether the GUI cares if we click on the game world or not
4611686065904731191 chrPreviousInteraction previous interaction node id
4611686065957431191 gldMOTDDisplayed True if the Guild MOTD has been displayed this session.
4611686066026931191 shdShardUp shard up status
4611686066026931192 shdShardQueueWait shard queue wait
4611686066026931193 shdShardLoadFactor shard load factor (0 to 100)
4611686066026931194 shdShardNumberOfFriends shard number of friends
4611686066026931197 guiShardRefreshTimer shard refresh timer
4611686066026931198 chrAFKAutoLogoutTimer afk auto logout timer
4611686066037331192 cbtEnemiesAttackers list of characters that have aggro on me
4611686066107831191 socOverheadChatList currently active Overhead Chat messages
4611686066107831192 socOverheadChat_Duration lifetime of bubble, in seconds
4611686066107831193 socOverheadChat_FadeFlag set when the SWF object is fading out
4611686066107831196 socOverheadChat_Type overhead chat type - mostly indicates output color
4611686066145831191 pcTargetList Cached list of valid targets for the local player
4611686066196731192 guiApiGfxInterestBySpec map of all specs that the GUI has interest in so that when they change we know to notify the GUI
4611686066560531194 modStatIsClientMetaStat
4611686066560531195 modStatClientMetastats
4611686066893031191 prfSchematicMaterialOrder
4611686066922131210 pvpDuelDistanceCheckTimer Timer for making sure the player hasn't run too far from the duel origin
4611686066961231192 chrSafeZone Whether the character is in a safe zone
4611686066961231193 chrAFKAutoLogoutQuit afk auto logout is a quit
4611686066961231194 chrAFKPreLogoutTimer afk prelogout timer (the long timer)
4611686066961231195 mapSafeZone map is considered safe for log off
4611686067050831191 scUpgradeData List of available upgrade configuration values, indexed by the id name's stable identifier
4611686067118331193 scUpgradeSTAT The stat modified by this upgrade
4611686067119131191 scVulnerability bit wise vulnerability information for ships
4611686067119131194 scNpcBarksPrototype Pointer to the npc barks prototype
4611686067119131196 scBarkSpec relationship table for character fqn - vo bark conversation
4611686067128931192 cnvKeyToAppearance Lookup list of cnv appearance key to it's appearance
4611686067128931193 cnvUseDebugAppearance Boolean indicating whether to use debug appearance or not
4611686067128931194 cnvCurrentDebugAppearance Appearance Id of current debug appearance
4611686067128931195 cnvKeyToAppearanceId Lookup list of cnv appearance key to it's appearance Id
4611686067180131191 pcTargetListTimeStamp Time stamp from when the target list was last populated and culled
4611686067180131194 pcFocusTargetIsActive Overrides target operations to affect the focus target instead
4611686067220831191 cdxGrantedCodicesPlanetaryTotals
4611686067220831194 cdxIsPlanetCodex Whether this is a planet codex
4611686067302531193 conContainerDataSlotExpansions The additional slots granted at each expansion level.
4611686067302531194 conContainerDataExpansionType The slot within this container that is allowed to expand.
4611686067302531195 conContainerDataSlotExpansionCosts The cost to upgrade the capacity of this container by expansion level.
4611686067322031191 tmrContainerSlotTypes cache of tmrTimer container slot types
4611686067322031192 ablContainerSlotTypes container types for abilities
4611686067322031193 conEmptyContainerSlotTypes default empty list of container slots
4611686067322031194 effContainerSlotTypes cached slot types per effect type
4611686067406731191 hydEmptyActionBlockList an empty list of hydra action blocks to return a reference to in error cases
4611686067406731192 utlEmptyIDList multi purpose empty ID list
4611686067406731193 effEmptyEffectList empty effect list used for returning references
4611686067406731194 utlEmptyStringList utility empty list for returning references to
4611686067406731196 utlEmptyIntegerList utility empty list for returning references to
4611686067406731197 ablEmptyTrainableData an empty default trainable data to return references to
4611686067406731199 vndEmptyItem empty vendor item to return references to
4611686067406731200 chrEmptyStunAnimInfo a dummy stun anim info with priority -1 to return references to
4611686067414331192 prfSchematicSpecId
4611686067414331194 prfSchematicSpecVariation
4611686067414331195 prfSchematicSpecTier
4611686067414331198 prfOriginSchematic source schematic of crafted item
4611686067414331199 prfLearnedSchematic
4611686067441531191 grpEmptyMemberInfoList empty list for returning refrences to
4611686067497031192 prfDisableDisassemble
4611686067523531192 chrCompanionSpecToSimpleNameIdentifier Maps NPC spec IDs to simple companion names such as 'vette'
4611686067559031191 spnBonusShareUseable Field indicating whether the placeable is bonus quest sharable or not
4611686067559031196 qstIsBonusQuestShareable Indicates whether bonus quest placeable usability should be shared with your groupmates
4611686067560831191 socUseOverheadChat Cached OptionsMenu value
4611686067560831192 socUseChatOverSelf Cached OptionsMenu value
4611686067591431191 gmUtlGMRegionProtoRef This allows the galaxy map to only look up the regions datatable prototype once.
4611686067591431192 gmUtlGMSysMoonsProtoRef This allows the galaxy map to only look up the regions datatable prototype once.
4611686067591431193 gmUtlGMSysOrbitsProtoRef This allows the galaxy map to only look up the regions datatable prototype once.
4611686067591431194 gmUtlGMSysPlanetsProtoRef This allows the galaxy map to only look up the regions datatable prototype once.
4611686067600431191 chrCompanionSimpleNameToSpec Maps simple name (IDs) to companion NPC specs
4611686067600831191 chrCompanionSimpleNameIdentifierToString Maps simple name identifiers to their strings
4611686067605331191 ablUsesSpellPushback Identifies if this ability is susceptible to spell pushback
4611686067605331194 ablUserSpellPushbackCount Incremented when pushback happens. Mainly used to notify client pushback has happened via replication system
4611686067633131191 cbtLosShowCollisionMeshes
4611686067732031191 dynAssetWaitingCount
4611686067789031191 ahDepositTablePrototype
4611686067789031193 chrNameWithGender Character name with appended localization gender tag
4611686067789031194 grpMemberNameWithGender Group member name with appended localization gender tag
4611686067791231191 pcAutoTargetHostiles Option set to toggle if the player wants to auto target the nearest enenmy on ability usage
4611686067791231192 chrSelectedFocusTargetFxActiveHandle
4611686067808231191 scFormationOffsets list of offsets for a given formation
4611686067808231192 scFormationBones list of bones for turret and accessory attachments
4611686067808231193 scShipType Index into either scShipTypes.id, or spnVehicle.id
4611686067808231194 scShipFormation References scFormations.id
4611686067808231195 scEncountersData Array of encounters indexed by encounter id
4611686067808231196 spnVehicleData Array of vehicle data indexed by spec id
4611686067808231197 vehSpec the spec id of the currently spawned thing
4611686067808231199 scCollisionEffect prototype id of the effect to play during a collision
4611686067808231201 scSecondaryAbility id of the secondary ability for space combat ships
4611686067808231202 scShipData list of ship data entries indexed by spec id
4611686067808231203 scBlasterDamageAbility ID of the ability casted on blaster damage
4611686067808231206 scUpgradeParamHash parameter hash for ship upgrades
4611686067808231207 scUpgradeParamHashByID parameter hash for ship upgrades that can be stored as ids
4611686067841531194 ablPushbackBase Base amount of pushback
4611686067841531195 ablPushbackPrototype reference to pushback prototype
4611686067858431191 scShipTypes map of ship types to specific ship ids
4611686068023431251 cnvRewardForceAmount Amount of force to award
4611686068023431252 qstRewardsPerLevelData Maps reward amounds ('low','high', etc.) and quest levels to the actual amount value
4611686068023431253 cnvRewardAffectionRewards Maps companion names to affection awards
4611686068023431254 chrCompanionTableNameList List of companion simple names for a player class
4611686068023431255 qstRewardsAffectionPrototypeHandle Prototype for per level data on affection rewards
4611686068023431256 cnvRewardCredits Amount of credits to award
4611686068149731191 chrFactionPackageOpposingFactions
4611686068149731192 spnMedCenterFaction
4611686068149731193 cbtPersonalAttitudesList list of attitudes lists. Phases stack on top of the global attitude
4611686068149731194 cbtActiveAttitudesRepPreviousList prev version of cbtAttitudesList for rep protection
4611686068222031193 phsPhasedInstanceToAnchor List of spnAnchors associated with a phase
4611686068399531191 chrCharacter_PreloadActionBundleHandles
4611686068408231191 chrCompanionCnvState
4611686068415931191 ablDescriptionTokenEffect What effect are we going to strip the information out of? -1 for all
4611686068415931192 ablDescriptionTokenSubEffect What effect are we going to strip the information out of? -1 for all
4611686068504731191 pcInheritTargets Option set to toggle if the player wants to inherit hostile targets from friendly targets
4611686068504731192 pcTabTargetIgnoreNPC Option set to toggle if the player wants to ignore all NPC during tab target
4611686068504731193 pcClearTargetOnTerrainClick Option set to toggle if the player wants de-select his target when clicking on the terrain
4611686068585531193 cnvTreeNpcIDToData Maps NPC specs used in a conversation to their data
4611686068585531195 cnvDefaultSpeaker Default speaker for conversations
4611686068585531196 cnvSpeaker Speaker prototype ID for a conversation dialog node
4611686068585531198 cnvIsCCListenerNode If this node has a CC listener
4611686068585531199 cnvListener Listener prototype ID for a conversation node
4611686068758931191 cnvStagePresetMarksPCs Maps player indexes to their stage presets
4611686068758931192 cnvStagePresetMarksCCs Maps companion indexes to their stage presets
4611686068758931193 cnvStagePresetMarksNPCs Maps npc specs to their stage presets
4611686068758931195 cnvMarkTemplate Stage template for a mark
4611686068758931196 cnvMarkName Name for a mark
4611686068758931197 cnvMark Holds data on a stage mark
4611686068758931198 cnvAssignmentPresetName Name(id) of the stage mark assignment preset to indicate character locations for this line of dialog
4611686068758931201 qstHuntingRadiusNameMap Maps radius names to radius sizes in meters
4611686068758931202 qstHuntingRadiusProto $STATIC field for prototype access
4611686068758931203 mpnHuntingRadius Hunting radius name (ID)
4611686068758931204 mpnHuntingRadiusBonus Hunting radius bonus name (ID)
4611686068825931192 shdShardPVP Indicate whether this is a PVP shard
4611686068825931193 shdShardName name of the shard
4611686068825931196 guiShardQueueTotal total in log in queue
4611686068842331193 prfMissionRewardLightCritical
4611686068842331194 prfMissionRewardDarkCritical
4611686068842331195 prfMissionFaction
4611686068842331197 prfIsCritical
4611686068843031191 prfProfessionBaseCriticals
4611686068843031192 prfProfessionBaseFailures
4611686068843031194 prfAffectionCriticalMinimum
4611686068843031195 prfAffectionCriticalMaximum
4611686068843031196 prfAffectionEfficiencyMinimum
4611686068843031197 prfAffectionEfficiencyMaximum
4611686068921131191 npcTemplateVisualDataSpecieScale
4611686068921131192 chrSpeciesScaleLookup Maps a species to a scale
4611686068921131193 chrSpeciesNameLookup Maps a species to its debug name
4611686068950731398 prfMissionResultStringId
4611686068950731399 prfMissionResultMap
4611686068965431191 utlGM_SpaceCombatNameId
4611686068965431193 utlGM_HyperspaceHydraId
4611686068968131191 stgTemplateAutoCameraRedirectList_ForPrototype Auto camera redirect list cache
4611686068968131192 stgTemplateAutoCameraRedirectList Auto camera redirect list
4611686069084231191 stgLiveStageCameoNpcs Maps the original ID of a NPC to their cameo ID
4611686069184131191 arbScores Scores for the Warzone match
4611686069290331191 effEventHasHandledResponseCounter
4611686069367231191 chrSafeZoneOverride debugging override of safe zone
4611686069420131191 chrCharacter_PreloadAnimationsRequested
4611686069420131192 chrCharacter_PreloadCombatAnimationsRequested
4611686069640831192 chrTemplateVisualIndex visual index being used for this npc
4611686069640831193 chrAppearance Defined appearance for this NPC
4611686069677131192 scShipBehavior How we update/move this ship
4611686069923931369 cnvTreeNpcDataNpcInStartNodes Lookup list of start nodes that this NPC can eventually appear in
4611686069989931191 grpMemberGender Group member gender
4611686070068531192 itmOracleStatDisplayOrder
4611686070068531193 itmOracleStatDisplayOrderLookup
4611686070068531195 grpItemRolls
4611686070068531197 conPendingItemRolls List of eligible rollers who have not yet rolled on this loot.
4611686070068531198 guiColorNames
4611686070072131193 optGroupMapNotesMode Cache for if group map notes should be displayed
4611686070080231191 chrProfessionsShipCraftingTableSpec The player's currently selected ship crafting table spec
4611686070080231192 prfCraftingTableSpecMap Maps crafting table specs to crafting table information
4611686070090531191 guiColorValues
4611686070090531192 guiColorTablePrototype
4611686070094731191 cnvIsVoteWinDisabledForHolocom True if this vote node cannot be won while participating via Remote Holo.
4611686070106231192 effIsInstant Instant effects never go into effContainers.
4611686070113331191 guiActionResult Result of the action's check
4611686070168531247 phyBallisticParabolaP0
4611686070168531248 phyBallisticParabolaV0
4611686070276231191 conSrcContainer Dragger source container
4611686070276231193 conSrcSlotCount The quantity of what we're currently dragging.
4611686070299431192 socOverheadChat_AttachPending indicates we are actively trying to create an overhead chat object
4611686070334031191 scPathError Delta T scalar to speed up/slow down ships to mainatin synchronicity with the server
4611686070456531191 scTargettedNode A vehicle being targetted by a weapon system
4611686070456531194 scProtonTarget Information about the target of a proton torpedo attack
4611686070456531199 scAuthorizedProtonTarget A proton target that has been cleared to be fired upon
4611686070619031191 chrPlayerUnifyColors True will set colors based on the chest's color scheme
4611686070619031192 appModelColorSchemeHues Primary/Secondary hues for each slot in a color scheme
4611686070646631192 scTargetEffect An optional effect to attach to a target
4611686070646631193 scAvailableProtonTorpedoes Number of proton torpedoes available
4611686070852431191 pcTargetRanges List of distances to targets found in pcTargetList
4611686070852431192 pcTargetCycleIndex Index (into pcTargetList) for cycling of targets
4611686070852431193 pcTargetCycleTimeStamp Timestamp for when the target cycle was last cleared
4611686070852431195 pcTargetCullType Flag to remember what how the target list was culled last time
4611686070908731191 effOraclePreviewEffectAppearanceNumAttacks Number of weapon damage actions to add to this preview appearance
4611686071294936991 scAuthorizedTarget A target that has been authorized to fire upon
4611686071490547391 qstTaskMapIconOverride display questgiver mapnote for this quest step?
4611686071490547392 qstTaskMapIconRadius questgiver mapnote draw radius
4611686071490547393 cnvShowMapIcon Should this conversation owner have a mapnote?
4611686071490547394 cnvMapIconRadius Should this conversation owner have a mapnote?
4611686071495847391 chrCompanionInfo_portrait
4611686071571449192 phsNameID Stable identifier for phase name
4611686071571449194 phsCurrentInstanceNameID what instance is the player currently in.
4611686071571449195 phsActiveInstancePopupID Last instance for which the join instance popup was shown.
4611686071571449196 qstCheckpointInstanceID The name SID of the instance associated with this quest step, if any.
4611686071571449200 phsActiveInstances oracle's list of active instances
4611686071571749259 phsPhasedInstanceToTrigger List of trigger instances associated with a phase
4611686071691353992 chrBehaviorDestination_speed
4611686071693053993 kynMsg_MoveSpeed Speed of moving character
4611686072190484794 prfOracleTrainerList
4611686072308091391 plcPlatform_Timer
4611686072308091392 cbtDefender_LastFlinchTime
4611686072432196991 spnVehicleActionBundleHandle Handle for the action bundle used for loading the vehicle owner's vehicle-related animations
4611686072432196992 spnVehicleActionBundleSatisfied True if all animations for the vehicle owner's vehicle-related animations have been loaded
4611686072432196993 spnVehicleSetupCompleted True if vehicle has completed initialization, false otherwise.
4611686072613499031 prfSchematicCraftingTime
4611686072613798791 prfMaterialSchematicMap
4611686072943207391 phyBallisticTesterMode client, server, both, none
4611686072977307391 qstInstanceNameID SID name of the instance of an instance variable
4611686072996807391 effStartTime
4611686073013608592 itmRollState Group loot roll state.
4611686073044712791 guiGfxLoadingAssetTimeoutAt time to give up on loading assets and fade in
4611686073077022391 chrSummaryUnifyColors Unify color setting for this character, for display in char select
4611686073170845192 qstTaskMapIconLocalOnly Can the questgiver mapnote be seen on maps other than the map that the questgiver is on?
4611686073170845193 cnvMapIconLocalOnly Should conversation owner show a map icon only on the same map that he's on?
4611686073270165592 mapAOI_MissionGiverRadiusSq How far away to draw mission giver icons on the map.
4611686073270165594 mapAOI_DefaultAOIList Indexed by AreaID, contains default map icon AOI for each area.
4611686073276065791 chrPlayerCharacter_IsFollowingTarget
4611686073296565791 effIsInterruptible
4611686073377069991 guiChrBonusFromRtg
4611686073400671991 qstHideTimer True if the quest timer should be hidden from the player
4611686073429173793 prfProfessionAbilityTag
4611686073430473991 scDumbMissileAbility Ability used to fire dumb missiles into space
4611686073486878791 pvpDuelOrigin Center point for where the duel was issued
4611686073486878792 pvpDuelBannerFxHandle Handle id for duel banner Fx
4611686073544281991 phyBallisticTesterServerWaypointQueue Last ballistic waypoint queue computed by physics tester tool using server ballistics
4611686073544281992 phyBallisticTesterClientWaypointQueue Last ballistic waypoint queue computed by physics tester tool using client ballistics
4611686073544281994 phyBallisticLastGenerated Last time a test ballistic was generated via rpc call to server
4611686073572882001 dcvCombatSystemsPrototype Designer Combat Values Prototype Reference
4611686073572882066 dcvArmorDamageReductionMax
4611686073572882067 dcvArmorDamageReductionAdditive
4611686073572882068 dcvArmorDamageReductionLevelMultiplier
4611686073572882069 dcvCCPresenceHealthMaxBonus
4611686073572882073 dcvArmorDamagereductionEffectiveArmorMin
4611686073572882074 dcvPCAttacksNPCDefenseBonusBase
4611686073572882075 dcvPCAttacksNPCDefenseBonusLevelDifferenceThreshold
4611686073572882076 dcvPCAttacksNPCDefensePenaltyLevelDifferenceThreshold
4611686073572882077 dcvAutoHitThresholdSpell
4611686073572882078 dcvAutoHitThresholdWeapon
4611686073572882079 dcvStealthBaseDetect
4611686073572882080 dcvStealthDetectFrontFalloff
4611686073572882081 dcvStealthDetectSideFalloff
4611686073572882082 dcvStealthDetectBackFalloff
4611686073572882083 dcvStealthDetectLevelDifferenceMod
4611686073572882084 dcvStealthDetectStealthRatingMod
4611686073572882085 dcvStealthDetectDetectionRatingMod
4611686073572882086 dcvStealthDetectWeakNPCMod
4611686073572882087 dcvStealthDetectStandardNPCMod
4611686073572882088 dcvStealthDetectStrongNPCMod
4611686073572882089 dcvStealthDetectBossNPCMod
4611686073572882090 dcvStealthDetectPlayerMod
4611686073572882091 dcvStealthDetectAutoDetectRadius
4611686073572882092 dcvStealthDetectAutoDetectMod
4611686073572882093 dcvStealthDetectNPCThreshold
4611686073595981991 phyWaypointP0 Ballistic waypoint position
4611686073595981992 phyWaypointV0 Ballistic waypoint velocity
4611686073603681992 nppMovementSoundsetOverride Movement override for our SoundPackage data
4611686073603681993 nppArmorSoundsetOverride Armor override for our SoundPackage data
4611686073603681995 sndSoundsetPackageArmorType
4611686073603681996 nppVocalSoundsetOverride Regional overrides for vocal soundsets. Key is the locale, i.e. en-us
4611686073607581992 clientCharacterUnifyColors Unify colors setting for client-side character
4611686073677294591 chrPlayerCharacter_targetToFollowLastPosition
4611686073709994591 chrPlayerCharacter_targetToFollow
4611686073736796391 spnMedCenterNameId id of name - str.plc.generic.medcenters
4611686073744897791 scUpgradeStatHint Numerical hint for item-based stat boosters
4611686073770901992 qa_EatTimeAmount Timer delay amount for wasting time
4611686073895619391 shdShardAddress shard address
4611686073924219593 guiSSReady gui ready
4611686073924219596 guiSSShardDictionary shard name to shard dictionary
4611686073936819591 cbtCreatureType Creature type used for dojo conditionals
4611686073936819592 ablEffectZero Cached noderef to the zero effect prototype
4611686074004219791 stgActor_PendingActionBundles
4611686074046124991 mapDefaultAOIsPrototype Holds map icon default AOI radius datatable.
4611686074134730191 qstLoadingBlurbPriority quest loading blurb priority
4611686074134730197 chrSummaryCodexStory Codex Story
4611686074134730199 qstCodexStory Codex Story
4611686074246082991 prfProfessionSubtypePrototype
4611686074249583791 dcvThreatHealingMod
4611686074249583792 dcvThreatDamageMod
4611686074249583793 dcvThreatSpellDamageMod
4611686074249583794 dcvThreatWeaponDamageMod
4611686074249583795 dcvAITargetSwitchMeleeThreshold
4611686074249583796 dcvAITargetSwitchRangedThreshold
4611686074249583798 dcvStealthDetectPlayerThreshold
4611686074249583799 dcvRegenHealthTickRate
4611686074249583800 dcvRegenRecentlyInCombatTime
4611686074249583801 dcvRegenEnergyLess20PercentMod
4611686074249583802 dcvRegenEnergyLess40PercentMod
4611686074249583803 dcvRegenEnergyLess60PercentMod
4611686074249583804 dcvRegenEnergyLess80PercentMod
4611686074249583805 dcvRegenHeatDecayGreaterEqual20Percent
4611686074249583806 dcvRegenHeatDecayGreaterEqual40Percent
4611686074249583807 dcvRegenHeatDecayGreaterEqual60Percent
4611686074249583808 dcvRegenHeatDecayGreaterEqual80Percent
4611686074419694991 scAIRange The maximum range at which this scVehicle cares about potential targets
4611686074579794991 cbtDemeanorCacheMap Cached values for Demeanor
4611686074732594991 sndAmbienceCrowdSize tracks the number of character contributing to ambient wallah
4611686074732594992 sndAmbienceRegionsMap maps stable id of a region name to an audio event name
4611686074862007191 npcMapIconOnLocalMapOnly Should this NPC (vendor / trainer) have a map icon only on the same map as the NPC?
4611686074862007192 vndVendorIconOnExtraMaps Should the vendor's map icon only show on the same map as the vendor?
4611686074862007195 ablTrainerIconOnExtraMaps Should trainer's icon show up only on the same map as the trainer?
4611686074873607191 cnvIsJoinDisabledForHolocom True if this start node cannot be joined via Remote Holo.
4611686074933907191 scUpgradeStringID Localization string ID for a given upgrade. Maps into str.gui.spacecombat_items
4611686074934407191 scUpgradeStatMap maps an enum to a list of available upgrades, indexed by level
4611686074981107191 chrNPCStealthSuspicionIsSuspicious Is this NPC suspicious of someone
4611686074981107192 chrNPCStealthSuspicionEppEvent event for suspicious appearance
4611686075066707591 stgActor_PostureSnappedFrameNumber
4611686075165020591 dcvPVPPrototype Designer Constant Values Prototype Reference
4611686075193720591 chrLocoAi_PrevEndPos Contains previous movement direction
4611686075379744391 plcFaction
4611686075501750991 scMultiStrafe strafing value for multiplayer space combat
4611686075501750992 vehBurstAbility Vehicle primary weapon
4611686075576551191 dcvStealthDetectBroadcastRange
4611686075576551193 dcvStealthDetectPCNextCheckTimeMin
4611686075576551194 dcvStealthDetectPCNextCheckTimeMax
4611686075576551195 dcvStealthDetectNPCNextCheckTimeMax
4611686075576551196 dcvStealthDetectNPCNextCheckTimeMin
4611686075576551197 dcvStealthDetectFailNPCNextCheckTimeMin
4611686075576551198 dcvStealthDetectFailNPCNextCheckTimeMax
4611686075576551199 dcvStealthDetectTickCount
4611686075576551201 dcvStealthDetectMaxFailures
4611686075576551202 dcvStealthDetectTickRate
4611686075576551203 dcvStealthDetectNPCThresholdIfSuspicious
4611686075601755667 qstAssociatedInstanceIDs SIDs for Names of the phased instances associated with this quest, if any.
4611686075720169791 scLinearSpeed Velocity for space combat ship using scMovement_Linear behavior
4611686075730071591 phyBallisticFootHit
4611686075838313591 chrPlayerLoaded Player Character has loaded into the area
4611686075838313592 npcCodexSpec codex to grant on killing this npc
4611686075838313593 chrBackgroundCodexStory codex story for a background
4611686076120584191 chrBgDataIcon Icon for the background
4611686076154898392 grpHopper
4611686076186910191 arbCountdownTimer Client side timer for displaying a countdown of the first arbiter timer to the center screen
4611686076186910192 arbCountdownCounter Counter used together with the countdown timer
4611686076256069999 chrSpecColliderWidth Width of character's collider
4611686076256070000 chrSpecColliderHeight Height of character's collider
4611686076256070001 chrSpecColliderDepth Depth of character's collider
4611686076256070002 chrSpecColliderBottomClearance Bottom clearance of character's collider
4611686076256070003 chrSpecColliderStepupHeight Step up height of character's collider
4611686076325077593 effNameStringId string id of effect name
4611686076325077594 effDescriptionStringId string id of effect description
4611686076391498591 scFXHardcodedSpec references a hardcoded string that represents the desired effect
4611686076520224003 scBlasterTimeQueue List of targetted blaster timestamps, ordered by target
4611686076536125591 guiSSFirstConnect is this the first time this client has been here
4611686076583943053 utlVersion Version of the node. Persitsed as a 16-bit integer where the bits 1-15 are the version and bit 16 is the versioning error flag
4611686076660227391 chrStaminaImmunityEndGameTime Game Time when stamina based PvP crowd control immunity ends
4611686076974513991 scActivateTime The time on the server when we were created
4611686076974513992 effTimeStamp Creation timestamp for this effect on the server
4611686077084026392 mpnPlaceableSpec
4611686077114826991 chrForceAlignmentMax
4611686077114826992 chrForceAlignmentMin
4611686077153527991 malCurrentUnreadCount How many unread mail messages the player currently has
4611686077153527994 malShowNewMailChatOnLogin Gate to show new mail message on character login
4611686077163128792 itmModifierPackages lookuplist of modifier packages
4611686077163128793 itmModifierPackagesPrototype cached prototype for itmModifierPackageTable
4611686077163128794 itmModifierSetID stable ID of the modifier set for the item
4611686077163128795 itmModPackage The chosen mod package for the item
4611686077197545997 mapSubmapTag Tag of current submap region the player is in (empty string if the player isn't in a submap region).
4611686077240356192 optDescriptionGUIOption Indicates option affecting GUI behavior
4611686077420191391 dcvPCAttacksNPCDefenseBonusMax
4611686077445813791 stgActorArmorType armor type wwise switch
4611686077747334591 optOptionsCallbacksCalled flag used to keep track of if we've called all our callbacks or not
4611686077747334592 optOptionsServerOptionsReceived flag used to keep track of if we've received our server options or not
4611686077909490191 ahTweakablesPageSize Page size for auction search results
4611686077909490193 ahTweakableTablePrototype
4611686077961016393 prfSchematicZero
4611686077971716391 chrCompanionInfo_affectionMultiplier
4611686078087823191 chrBehaviorLocalPlayer_lastHeading
4611686078179865194 mpnConnectionWonkaDestId wonkavator mapnote floor id
4611686078179865195 mpnConnectionWonkaPackage wonkavator mapnote package id
4611686078179865199 mpnConditionEType Replaces mpnConditionType with an enum, this is the type of the mapnote.
4611686078192873792 malCostToSendText Postage cost for sending plain text emails.
4611686078192873793 malCostToSendItem Postage cost for sending plain text emails.
4611686078289578791 effAppearanceCasterEverPlayedHitProjectile tracks whether appearance ever played a projectile
4611686078475872193 effEffectCasterRank Rank of this ability from the caster
4611686079684826391 sysChatListenerTabIndex The index of the tab which the chat listener represents.
4611686080036026791 brkResourceName
4611686080160245591 dcvRegenHeatDecayLess20Percent
4611686080160245592 dcvRegenGainAmmoLess20PercentMod
4611686080160245593 dcvRegenGainAmmoGreaterEqual20PercentMod
4611686080160245594 dcvRegenGainAmmoGreaterEqual40PercentMod
4611686080160245595 dcvRegenGainAmmoGreaterEqual60PercentMod
4611686080160245596 dcvRegenGainAmmoGreaterEqual80PercentMod
4611686080160245597 dcvRegenGainAmmoBase
4611686080178955991 chrRequestLeaveShip Flag to indicate the player is trying to exit their ship
4611686080192650591 effAppearanceTriggersOnAppearanceEnd List of subappearances triggered immediately before the appearance is removed. Useful for things such as popping weapons back in, especially for looping anims where you don't want to pop out/in every time the loop ends/begins
4611686080192650592 effAppearanceExecuted flag to indicate if this appearance was ever executed
4611686080266183991 chrBehaviorDesiredVelocity
4611686080270197594 cdxPlaceableMonitorList list of placeables to monitor for disabling usability on codex grant
4611686080270197595 guiGfxLoadingFadeTimer timer to track fade state
4611686080270197597 sysCharacterSelectionTransitioningTo
4611686080308412393 mapIconType
4611686080308412394 mapIconMaxDistSq
4611686080308412396 mapTrackedIconObjects Indexed by the id of the object that the Icon is for, this is a list of all map icons being tracked by the mapOracle.
4611686080362381991 chrPlayerMoveState_SyncTime
4611686080665002393 chrCreationClassEnabled Whether the class is enabled for character creation
4611686080665002394 chrCreationClassStartingArea The starting area for class
4611686080665002398 chrCreationTablePrototype Cached prototype for the character creation datatable
4611686080665002399 chrCreationClassFaction Faction for a given character creation class
4611686081031899591 conContainerDataSlotExpansionLevels The minimum character levels required to purchase expansions of this container
4611686081363236394 cnvRewardForceType alignment of the reward for this line
4611686081593566791 chrPreviousInteractionType Tracks the previous interaction type replicated
4611686081627295191 utlTweakableIntegers
4611686081627295192 utlTweakableFloats
4611686081627295193 utlTweakableInfoPrototype
4611686081702393791 chrLooterUserOptionLootAll Quick access to user option Controls_AutoLootRightClick
4611686081708510791 chrForceAlignmentTierAchieveMessage String ID for when you achieve this tier (str.gui.alignment)
4611686081708510792 chrForceAlignmentTierRelinquishMessage String ID for when you lose this tier (str.gui.alignment)
4611686081708510793 chrForceAlignmentTierName String ID for the tier's display name(str.gui.alignment)
4611686082110280593 kynMsg_TurnSpeed
4611686082110280594 kynMsg_TurnAccel
4611686082110280595 kynMsg_MoveAccel Movement Acceleration
4611686082375706591 npcOutfitVoiceStyle
4611686082375706592 stgActorVoiceStyle
4611686082375706593 sndSoundsetPackageVoiceStyle
4611686082427909791 effIsUseableOnTaxi
4611686082728923724 cmdEmoteGroupList List of emote groups
4611686082728923725 cmdEmoteGroupingGroup Default unlocalized emote group string
4611686082728923727 cmdEmoteGroupingCommand Emote command string (i.e. /wave)
4611686082728923728 cmdEmoteGroupingGroupId Emote group localized string ID
4611686082728923729 cmdEmoteGroupingCommandId Emote command localized string ID
4611686082728923730 cmdEmoteGroupingDescriptionId Emote description localized string ID
4611686082736923592 qstSharedNameMap Maps quest names to quest ids
4611686082736923594 qstSharedInformationPrototypeRef
4611686082743523592 sklLayoutBackgroundColor
4611686082991649191 guiGfx_DeathScreenOptionsCache Cache of options set on the death screen gui
4611686082991649192 bugTopicId topic id
4611686082991649193 bugDisplayName display name for gui locatilization
4611686082991649194 bugHidden topic should be hidden from user
4611686082991649196 bugTopicsMap
4611686083045550591 dcvReachModifierMovement The amount of additional reach a character has attempting to execute an ability on a moving creature
4611686083045550592 dcvReachModifierChanneling The amount of additional reach a character has when channeling a spell towards that creature
4611686083045550593 dcvReachModifierStandard The amount of additional reach a character to compenstate for client/server slightly being out of sync
4611686083054250591 chrCharacterLoadedActionBundleHandles List of all action bundle handles that have been preloaded and are satisfied for the character
4611686083182756195 cnvJoinOrganizerRequesterId id of the player that has requested the join organizer
4611686083182756197 cnvJoinOrganizerParticipantState lookup list by the player's group member id's of their invitation state
4611686083191756191 cnvJoinOrganizerCurrentOrganizers lookup list by the npc's id of the noderef of their current join organizer
4611686083194656191 modStat_Fixed Fixed value modifiers for stats, indexed by stat and modifier
4611686083194656192 modStat_PercentOfCurrent Percentage bonus applied to the stat after all fixed mods
4611686083358661991 cnvJoinOrganizerParticipantStateRepPrevious previous lookup list by the player's group member id's of their invitation state
4611686083402866191 arbSharedTimers End times of warzone timers exposed to the client
4611686083420166191 pvpDuelingDialog The state of the dueling dialog message
4611686083463867191 nppVoiceEffectSoundsetOverride Voice Effect Override for our SoundPackage data
4611686083485767191 scShieldRegenRate Number of shield units to regenerate per second
4611686083485767192 scShipID Prototype ID for a space combat ship
4611686083489867192 sndTestConvo
4611686083498367192 ccsCameraLookAt Camera look at point
4611686083611568192 pvpManuallyFlagged Determines whether the player is manually PvP Flagged
4611686083663273392 conSrcSlotObjectID ID of the object being dragger
4611686083755877993 ccsBackground
4611686083755877996 sysInputEvent Input event which is raised for a given input binding.
4611686083755878000 sysLayerList Layers which receive this input event.
4611686083755878002 sysDefaultBinding1 Input keybinding for a particular input event.
4611686083755878003 sysDefaultBinding2 Input keybinding for a particular input event.
4611686083755878004 sysInputBindingRows Row in the input bindings table.
4611686083755878006 sysIsActive Whether this command is currently active.
4611686083755878008 sysLayerName The name of the layer.
4611686083755878009 sysScript The script which actually processes input events for this layer.
4611686083755878014 sysLayers All layers on the client indexed by stable identifier of the layer name.
4611686083755878015 sysScriptName The script which actually processes input events for this layer.
4611686083853982396 npcParentSpecId Npc parent spec Id
4611686083857282391 ablQueuedAbilitySpec The ability that will be executed when the current ability is done casting
4611686083936082392 phsActivePhases All non-unique active phases for this player, by phase type and then instance name ID.
4611686084029482399 phsAuthorityID Character ID to whom these active phases belong.
4611686084048582391 ahDurationDefault Default duration (in hours) for newly created auctions.
4611686084067582391 chrMapNoteList List of mapnotes indexed by the stable id created from the mapnote spec (fqn).
4611686084067582392 chrMapNoteListRepPrevious Copy of the chrMapNoteList, so delta changes can be detected.
4611686084070382391 cnvJoinOrganizerStartNodeNumber index of the starting node in the conversation tree
4611686084286387591 chrRestVolumeEnterTime Timestamp for when a player enters a rest volume
4611686084354288791 ahTweakablesMaxSales Maximum number of listings each character may post at the auction house.
4611686084523098792 conDragSrcTarget Current dragger source type
4611686084523098794 guiApiGfxUpdateAbl_GuiAbilityPageTrainableDirtyFrame Frame count used to update trainable abilities once per frame
4611686084523098796 conEquipmentSlotData_slotPositions Slot indices by slot name
4611686084523098797 conEquipmentSlotData_slotIcons Slot icons by slot name
4611686084523098798 conEquipmentSlotData_slotNames Slot names by slot name
4611686084523098800 conEquipmentSlotDataPrototype Equipment slot information prototype
4611686084597301795 sysLayerId The ID of the layer.
4611686084597301796 sysInputHandlerCmdStack The layer stack for dispatching input events.
4611686084616002993 cnvInstanceOwnerId id of the owner of the conversation
4611686084616002995 cnvControllerId id of the conversation controller
4611686084769620591 sysDefaultBinding3 Input keybinding for a particular input event.
4611686084786020591 itmEnhancementTypes Maps enhancement slot stable identifiers to their properties
4611686084786020592 itmEnhancementCategories Maps enhancement categories to a set of what slots accept that category
4611686084786020593 itmEnhancementType The slot type for a item enhancement
4611686084786020594 itmEnhancementTypeDisplayStringID Display string ID for the enhancement type (str.itm.enhancement.types)
4611686084839221591 mpnFqnStableId Stable ID computed from the mapnote's mpnTemplateFQN.
4611686084952230192 trvTravelOfferingSocialTravel Currently offering a social travel
4611686084952230194 trvTravelPendingInstanceTransfer destination area instance
4611686084952230195 trvTravelType destination travel type
4611686084952230196 trvTravelArgument Argument to help describe travel
4611686085430854793 cnvChoreographerController noderef of the calling controller's interface
4611686085430854795 cnvControllerChoreographer noderef of the choreographer used by this controller
4611686085430854796 cnvChoreographerTimer general timer used by the choreographer
4611686085430854798 cnvChoreographerCameraType Used to set which camera type is used in current conversation line
4611686085430854799 cnvChoreographerCameraCounter Simple integer counter value
4611686085430854800 cnvChoreographerCameraNPCLineCounter used to keep track of consecutive lines spoken by NPC
4611686085430854801 cnvChoreographerCameraSpeakerPos speaker position in world coordinates
4611686085430854802 cnvChoreographerCameraListenerPos listener position in world coordinates
4611686085430854803 cnvChoreographerCameraRotation Current camera rotation
4611686085430854804 cnvChoreographerCameraVector Represents camera look at vector
4611686085430854805 cnvChoreographerCameraPosition Current camera position
4611686085430854806 cnvChoreographerCameraFOV Camera field of view
4611686085430854807 cnvChoreographerCameraSpeaker Current Speaker
4611686085430854808 cnvChoreographerCameraListener Current Listener
4611686085430854809 cnvControllerInstance the conversation instance this is the controller for
4611686085432054792 chrIsHelmetHidden If true the face model is hidden for this character
4611686085434354791 ablTrainerGuiCurrentFilter This is the current filter for the trainer window.
4611686085434354793 guiDialogID A float value returned from actionscript to reference dialogs for updates and removal.
4611686085463654791 svyEnabled
4611686085469954791 chrNpcIsHolocom boolean that describes whether a NPC is holocom relevant or not
4611686085478155191 scLastPositionSentTime The last time we uploaded our position to the server
4611686085479255192 aisAvailability Area instance availability for travel
4611686085479255193 aisNumberOfFriends Number of friends in instance
4611686085479255194 aisNumberOfGroupmates Number of group mates in instance
4611686085479255195 aisNumberOfGuildmates Number of guild mates in instance
4611686085479255197 gldMemberAreaInstance area instance number guild member occupies
4611686085479255198 trvAvailableInstanceList List of running instances of the area the player is in
4611686085479255199 trvInstanceListTime Timestamp for when the area instance list can be requested again
4611686085486655194 grpRaidMemberPartyIndex index of raid party this member belongs to
4611686085486655195 grpRaidMemberIsLieutenant true if this raid member has Raid Assist abilities
4611686085486655196 grpRaidParties a lookup list of member infos, per party
4611686085529856591 appUserIsHelmetHidden Override for if a helmet is hidden (mainly used for stage actors)
4611686085529856592 stgActorCachedVONode Stores the Voice Over sound node for later modification
4611686085664761591 cnvChoreographerCameraLocalRotation local rotation
4611686085664761602 cnvChoreographerCameraLookAtPos look at position
4611686085681761591 chrCharacterBallisticsHandle Handle to ballistic calculation computed by phyOracle
4611686085709661591 chrSpecSupportsDynamicPortrait Flag that indicates if the character spec support dynamic portraits
4611686085827061591 phsRaidPrototypeFQN FQN of this raid prototype.
4611686085827061594 phsAssociatedRaidPrototype Raid Prototype with which this Raid Instance is associated.
4611686085827061596 phsRaidBossInfoList All boss data for this raid prototype.
4611686085827061597 phsRaidBossDisplayNameID ID of the localized display name for this raid boss.
4611686085894061591 utlGM_SpaceCombatQuestID Quest ID associated wtih a space combat mission
4611686085894061592 guiNameplatesShowFilter Bit field of nameplates that should be showing
4611686086019361591 sysOptionName The user preference option that enables persistence/UI presentation for this keybinding.
4611686086019361594 sysKeyCode The input code for this key.
4611686086019361595 sysInternalName The internal name for this key, used in the bindings datatable to setup default bindings.
4611686086019361599 sysKeys All keycodes that can be processed by the input system.
4611686086019361600 sysKeyNameLookup Reverse lookup of non-localized key name to key code for lock server parsing.
4611686086136961591 guiDialogBindID
4611686086145961594 ccsCurrentState Tracks the current step the character creation process is in
4611686086145961596 conSrcSlotProfession
4611686086145961600 ccsChosenFaction Chosen faction for character creation
4611686086145961602 chrSpecs map of character spec to character spec details
4611686086145961603 chrSpecString The string version of a character spec
4611686086145961604 conOracleSlotIndexNameMap Used to map slot indices to possible slot names.
4611686086145961605 appPcsHeadSkeletonMap Map of legal heads keyed by skeleton SIDs
4611686086145961607 chrSpecGender Gender of a given character spec
4611686086145961609 ccsDisplayCharacterNodePerGender Displayed character for each gender in character creation
4611686086145961610 ccsCreationSummaryPerGender Summary data for each gender of the new character
4611686086246461591 chrSummaryBackground character summary background
4611686086284461591 chrBgDataDisplayOrder Order in which this background is displayed, if multiple backgrounds exist per class spec
4611686086318461591 cvrBuilderPointLength
4611686086360061598 qstOverrideBonusOwner The quest id to display a bonus quest's journal entry under instead of the hidden owner
4611686086415761591 mphFlytextID
4611686086492261991 sndTestVerbose
4611686086512361995 sysDefaultCommands The default input bindings for this layer.
4611686086512361998 sysCommands Active/inactive state for all input events received by this layer.
4611686086512361999 sysCommandsByKeyHash Lookup for input command by key hash.
4611686086526761991 sysDefaultCommandsByKeyHash Lookup for default bindings by key hash.
4611686086528761991 sysDispatchKeyHash Key hash for safe onCmdStart/onCmdStop dispatch.
4611686086528761992 sysCommandsByInputEvent Lookup for input command by input event, optimization for per-frame calls.
4611686086528761993 sysInputHandlerCmdStackById Lookup of layer by ID for performance reasons.
4611686086542461993 eabMin
4611686086542461994 eabMax
4611686086542461995 eabPoints
4611686086542461996 eabTriggerId
4611686086542461997 eabTimer
4611686086559762059 eabOMin
4611686086559762060 eabOMax
4611686086562161991 eabLMin
4611686086562161992 eabLMax
4611686086579561992 sysInputHandler_KeybindingsRefreshTimer Timer to setup asynchronous keybindings refresh.
4611686086615061991 pvpCurrentLocationType Cached value for the player's current PvP location type
4611686086714667592 phyOracleBwqResults map of outstanding ballistic requests
4611686086964669991 cnvInstanceStartNodeNumber index of the start node the instance began on
4611686087170469992 ablLastQueueAttempt The last time the client attempted to queue an ability
4611686087199469991 kynMsg_FacingMode
4611686087201869991 guiCSSSelectedIndex The index of the currently selected character
4611686087225169992 ccsStageDetailStage The stage (prototype ID) to use
4611686087225169995 ccsStageDetailMarksPerState Maps character creation states to their given mark details
4611686087428569992 dynPreviewCharacterId The character Id of the player who the dyn preview pertains to
4611686087460869992 grpRaidPartiesComposition lists that define the composition and order of the raid parties
4611686087463469994 ccsStageMarks Maps mark types to their names
4611686087481669992 ablCastTimeEnd Stores the game time in which the currently casting ability should be finished
4611686087481669995 ablCooldownTimer
4611686087481669996 ablCooldownAbilityID The ability ID associated with the cooldown timer
4611686087550369991 dynPreviewInstance The actual dyn instance of a dyn preview
4611686087550369992 dynPreviewClientInstanceID The ID of the preview dyn created for the client.
4611686087591269993 tmrAbilitiesCooldownTimer_Client Clients representation of its cooldown
4611686087665069991 ablCooldownTimerContainer The container which owns ability cooldown timer
4611686087681869991 stgActorLookat_Override Override object to look at
4611686088068669991 ccsChosenBackground Race chosen by the player for character create
4611686088068669995 cdxFactionToClassToPlanetToTotalLookupList Gives totals for an entire planet/class/faction combo
4611686088068669996 cdxEmptyIDtoIntegerMap An empty lookup list to return by reference
4611686088068669997 cdxClassesLookupList Set of valid classes for this codex type
4611686088068669998 chrBgDataClassSpec The class this background belongs to
4611686088068669999 chrBackgroundClassToBackgrounds Maps player classes to backgrounds (stable IDs)
4611686088068670001 itmAppearanceSpecByPlayerClass Appearance spec (ipp) for an item for different player classes
4611686088068670002 itmAppearanceSpec Appearance spec (ipp) for an item
4611686088068670003 chrClassContainerSpecMap Maps character classes to container specs
4611686088068670004 conRestrictedSlots Maps locked slots to a set of required advanced classes
4611686088068670005 phsClassRequirements Set of required classes
4611686088068670006 tipClassDictionary Set of player classes required for this tip
4611686088068670007 chrCreationClassesByFaction List of player classes that each faction has
4611686088068670008 chrCreationClasses Map of class details for character creation
4611686088068670009 tipTipsForClass Maps character classes to lists of loading tip indices
4611686088068670010 ccsAppStartingItems List of starting item appearances per character class
4611686088068670011 ccsStageClassMap Maps character classes to their stage information
4611686088068670012 ccsClassConversationLines Dialog nodes indexed by class
4611686088068670013 ccsChosenClass The class chosen by the user during character creation
4611686088068670014 chrSummaryClass The player's chosen class
4611686088068670017 qstReqClasses Required classes for the quest
4611686088068670018 chrClass Character's class
4611686088069369991 chrViewedSchematics
4611686088069369992 chrViewedProfessionLevel
4611686088077469994 ablActiveRequestId The request ID that the character is currently executing
4611686088077469995 effEventActivateRequestId The Id of the activate request which created the event
4611686088091969991 qstIsRaidShared True if this quest is shared with the raid
4611686088103569991 cnvChoreographerStageSpecsReady have the stages loaded successfully
4611686088103569992 cnvChoreographerLoadedStageSpecsMap Map tracking load state of requested stages
4611686088103569996 cnvInstanceConversationName the name of the conversation asset
4611686088369369991 sysInputKeysPrototype
4611686088369369993 sysInputLayersPrototype Cached prototype for input layers.
4611686088447169991 grpInviteeMemberInfo memberinfo for invitee
4611686088447169992 grpInviterID ID of the inviter
4611686088447169994 grpInviteeIdToInfo map of invitee info
4611686088447169997 grpInviteeIdToInfoRepPrevious previous state of list
4611686088484269991 stgWeaponColor
4611686088484269992 stgWeaponComponentEquippedWeaponColor
4611686088523269991 cmdEmoteAppearancePerClass Maps classes to individual appearance specs
4611686088523269992 chrAdvancedClassDataClassSpec The class this advanced class belongs to
4611686088523269993 ccsChosenGender Default or chosen gender for the player during character creation
4611686088523269994 chrCompanionTableRowData Maps player classes to the companions they can own
4611686088523269995 itmRequiredClasses Set of classes that can use an item. Empty means all classes can
4611686088523269996 wzScoreboardPlayerClasses Cached class specs for players, for UI display
4611686088523269997 chrSummaryItems List of items equipped to the player
4611686088523270003 ccsSliderDataMap List of slider data
4611686088523270004 ccsSliderDataValueList Slider values
4611686088523270005 ccsSliderDataSlotID The slot that this slider affects
4611686088523270006 ccsZoomedIn If the closeup camera is selected or not
4611686088523270007 ccsStageDetailSmoothTransition Enables or disables a smooth transition if the stage spec stays the same
4611686088523270008 ccsLastStage Last stage that the camera got it's position from
4611686088523270011 ccsRotatingChar Which on screen character to rotate
4611686088523270012 ccsSliderSelectionsPerGender Current slider selections for a given gender
4611686088523270013 appPcsSkeletonDisplayList List of body types this customization should display for character creation in display order
4611686088523270014 chrSummarySpec The character spec for this player
4611686088523270015 _characterSpecification Character specification (bmn, bfn, etc.) for a visible character
4611686088523270017 cnvHolocomStageMapping Maps character specs to stages
4611686088523270018 cnvHolocomStageTablePrototype $STATIC field for cachced prototype access
4611686088560669991 cnvChoreographerCinematicPlaying is a cinematic currently playing
4611686088560669992 cnvChoreographerFacialAnimationResult 0=none, 1=VO&FaceFX, 2=VO, 3=FaceFX, 4=TextLengthTimer
4611686088654869992 effEventTargetDetailsSideEffectList The various side effects that this target details created
4611686088688369991 staCharacterCoverPosition position to take cover at
4611686088733469991 cnvChoreographerPendingSoundBanks Map tracking load state of requested sound banks
4611686088758069991 trvDialogID Handle of the dialog box opened by the travel system
4611686088912969991 dcvAbilityMiniqueueThreshold How soon (in seconds) the player can queue up the next ability to be used
4611686089161669992 dynPreviewPropSnapshotPosition World position of the prop at the time snapshot was taken
4611686089161669993 dynPreviewPropSnapshotRotation World Rotation of the prop at the time snapshot was taken
4611686089161669994 dynPreviewPropSnapshotScale Prop's scale at the time snapshot was taken
4611686089161669995 dynPreviewPropUpdateTimer Timer that runs and ticks should be used to detect changes in the props we currently have in our preview
4611686089161669997 dynPreviewDynPropListSnapshot Maps props to a prop snapshot keyed by the prop's ID
4611686089173269991 dynPreviewPropListSnapShotNewest The most recent prop list snapshot. This is used as the snapshot to compare against when the update timer is ticking and helps throttle udpates to the tool from the game.
4611686089205969991 mapMountAllowed Is the player allowed to ride a mount in this map?
4611686089315169991 sysDefaultBindingKeyHash1 The cached key hash for this binding.
4611686089315169992 sysDefaultBindingKeyHash2 The cached key hash for this binding.
4611686089315169993 sysDefaultBindingKeyHash3 The cached key hash for this binding.
4611686089315169994 sysDispatchIsDown Layer field used to pass parameter for input event.
4611686089315169995 sysDispatchHandled Layer field used to store return value for input event handler.
4611686089408069991 chrBgRandomNamePerGender Maps genders to their random name generator prototypes for character creation
4611686089408069992 ccsStageTablePrototype $STATIC cache of stage table prototype
4611686089408069993 ccsAppearanceTablePrototype $STATIC cache of the appearance table prototype
4611686089408069994 chrAdvancedClassSetPerClass Set of possible advanced classes per player class
4611686089408069995 chrAdvancedClassSet Set of possible advanced classes
4611686089408069996 chrAdvancedClassPrototypes Cache of advanced player classes for $STATIC
4611686089408069997 chrAdvancedClass Player's chosen advanced class
4611686089415369991 prfMissionYieldDescriptionId
4611686089441869993 mpnGuiLocalMapNoteList List of notes that the GUI is currently displaying on the minimap.
4611686089441869994 mpnGuiCurrentMapNoteList List of notes that the GUI is currently displaying on the large map.
4611686089453169991 optDescriptionLocalizedTabTag Localized string name of tab this option belongs under.
4611686089551969992 scBlankAttackTimer Client side timer for blank attacks
4611686089551969994 scCombatLODFireRate Combat LOD firing rate
4611686089551969996 scBlasterAppearanceSpec Appearance used by the blaster ability
4611686089551969997 scBlasterAbility A blaster ability
4611686089551970000 scCombatLODState Combat LOD state for a given ship
4611686089700269993 trvInstanceDepopulating Instance depopulating
4611686089700269994 trvInstanceDepopulatingWhen Instance depopulating at this time
4611686089700269995 trvInstanceDepopulatingWarningTimer Timer for peridodically warning the player about instance depopulation
4611686089707969991 chrBehaviorRemotePlayer_ExtrapolateMovement Debug control of extrapolation
4611686089707969992 chrBehaviorRemotePlayer_InterpolateMovement Debug control of interpolation
4611686089717369992 guiApiGfxUpdateAbl_GuiSkillTreePageDirtyFrame Frame count used to update the skill tree page once per frame
4611686089854769992 cnvChoreographerSubtitleShown flag to track if a subtitle is currently being shown
4611686089999269991 sndTestNodeNumbers
4611686089999269992 sndTestMasks
4611686089999269994 strTableBitfield bitfield to store various string table booleans
4611686090174369991 mntDataAbility The ability used when you summon this mount
4611686090174369992 mntDataRequiredLevel Level required to use this mount
4611686090174369993 mntMountInfoPrototype $STATIC cache of mount information
4611686090174369994 mntDataRidingSkill Riding ability needed in use this mount
4611686090174369998 mntDataMap Maps mount specs to their data
4611686090224869992 sysKeyCodeAllowsAnyModifier Key codes which should be dispatched regardless of the current modifier state.
4611686090224869993 sysMatchesAnyModifier Whether this input event should be dispatched regardless of modifier state.
4611686090266869991 itmDurability The amount of durability left as a percentage of the max
4611686090347669991 cnvChoreographerLightweightTimer general timer used by the ambient choreographer
4611686090347669993 cnvChoreographerLightweightNpcIds Maps NPC spec id's to client id's
4611686090347669995 cnvControllerChoicesShown have the choices already been shown
4611686090576169994 scShadowSettingCache Remembers shadow settings before a space combat mission
4611686090669169991 plcUsableWarzoneTeam
4611686090819569991 chrCompanionInfo_gender_male
4611686090949969991 currentAreaID
4611686091103469992 itmMountSpec The mount spec for the item
4611686091275369993 chrCharacter_FallStart
4611686091275369994 chrCharacter_Falling
4611686091275369995 chrCharacter_prevY
4611686091408569991 tstCombat_ItemIndex
4611686091408569992 tstCombatItem_QueuedActionHandle
4611686091593369992 itmPendingEnhancements List of enhancement items that are waiting to be socketed into this item
4611686091665470010 conContainerEventType The original creation spec for the container, or a description based on the summary of the container type.
4611686091667369998 spnDifficultyLevelFlags Bitmask storing the difficulty flags
4611686091676369991 cvrBuilderPointEdgeDirection normalized direction of edge length
4611686091678169991 appAppearanceSlotRandomWeight Weight for random character creation. 0 - 100, with 0 meaning never. Default is 3.
4611686091772969991 cnvOracleForceConversation 0=normal, 1=autoselect neutral, 2=autoselect lightside, 3=autoselect darkside, 10-13=same as 0-3 but with auto skip
4611686091890169995 chrClassDataShieldBonusStat
4611686091894269991 itmEnhancementTypeIconAsset The icon asset that this enhancement type uses for a background
4611686091939270468 optOptionsDescriptionPrototype Cached reference to options descriptions table on $STATIC
4611686092034969991 optDescriptionDebugName Debug name (from data table) of option. Do not use for display.
4611686092038169993 cnvControllerAmbientInstance The conversation instance for this controller
4611686092038169994 cnvAmbientTag tag SID for entry into ambient conversation
4611686092038169995 cnvControllerAmbientChoreographer The lightweight choreographer used by this controller
4611686092038169996 cnvControllerAmbientStartingNode Starting node for this ambient conversation
4611686092038169997 cnvControllerAmbientStartingNodeTagValue The SID for this ambient line we should be playing
4611686092039969992 optStringValues Option values that must be stored as strings. This field is marked for death! Do not use to store additional string options. It remains only to support existing string options that have not yet been changed to a more specific type.
4611686092039969994 optIntegerValues Option values that may be stored as integers.
4611686092039969995 optFloatValues Option values that may be stored as floats.
4611686092086569994 mntDataMaxPitch Maximum angle that this mount will pitch to when aligning itself to the terrain below
4611686092086569995 mntDataMaxRoll Maximum angle that this mount will roll to when aligning itself to the terrain below
4611686092086569996 mntDataAngleLerpSpeed Speed of interpolation between different orientations along the terrain
4611686092216069992 cnvControllerMultiMembers the members in the conversation
4611686092281669991 cnvControllerMultiInitiatorId id of the player that created the controller
4611686092294169991 mmsQueuedWith list of players you are queued with in matchmaking system
4611686092297769991 cnvControllerMultiChoices indexes match cnvControllerMultiMembers: holds the choice by that member, cnvControllerInstance.GetCurrentId() if no choice made, or -1 if choices have not been shown yet
4611686092297769994 cnvSelectedChoiceSelector id of the player who selected this reply
4611686092297769995 cnvSelectedChoiceNode the node selected for this reply
4611686092297769996 cnvControllerMultiSelectorId the player who selected the last reply
4611686092297769997 cnvControllerSelectedChoice index of the reply node chosen
4611686092297770001 cnvJoinOrganizerConversationName name of the conversation this organizer is for
4611686092297770003 cnvJoinOrganizerOwnerSpecId spec id of the npc that owns the conversation
4611686092297770004 cnvJoinOrganizerOwnerId id of the npc that owns the conversation
4611686092302969991 itmEnhancementTypeMount The mounting string that the GUI uses to link and item to a mounting point on an image
4611686092302969992 mntDataSpecString The mount's spec as a readable string
4611686092316969996 chrMountSounds Manages mount sfx
4611686092316969997 mntDataVehSoundPackage sound package to be used for this mount
4611686092320569992 effConditionFailureStringId String id for condition failure message
4611686092320569993 ablUserCustomFailureMessage String id for custom failure messages in last activated effect 0
4611686092320569995 statResourceType
4611686092427569992 itmCurrencyPvpList List of PvP tokens
4611686092427569996 itmCurrencyPvpPrototype
4611686092444369991 optDescriptions lookuplist of option descriptions, where the key is the SID of the option name (Name Column in Table)
4611686092448669991 mntDataVFX VFX to play for a given mount
4611686092448669993 mntAbilityMap Maps mount abilities back to their mount spec
4611686092448669994 chrMountActiveMount The currently active mount
4611686092486669992 ahPendingBuyoutExpectedCost Expected cost of auction being bought out
4611686092494669991 optKeybindingValues Keybinding options, indexed by option ID, where the value is a list of keycodes which execute the input event.
4611686092571069991 utlGM_MinLevel
4611686092571069992 utlGM_MaxLevel
4611686092943969991 prfProfessionTableNameIds
4611686092949869991 staCharacterUsingDynamicCover
4611686093000569992 strLocalizedTextRetrieverStringID The unique identifier that is used to look up an entry in the string table.
4611686093000569993 strLocalizedTextRetrieverBucket This field describes which bucket the localized text is expected to be found within (example: str.cnv.location.x.y).
4611686093000569994 strLocalizedTextRetrieverDesignModeText This field stores the text retrieved from the string table. Once retrieved, it is not expected to change. (NOTE: In design/debug mode the cached text is initialized from the english text embedded within the gameplay asset.)
4611686093000569995 strLocalizedTextRetrieverExpectedVersion This field stores version info. A negative value represents an expected version that has not yet been retrieved. The client will flip this value positive upon successful retrieval. 0.0 is the preview munge override.
4611686093061269991 cnvControllerAmbientSpeakerMap Map of IDs currently in an ambient conversation
4611686093061269992 cnvControllerAmbientNpcList A list of all the NPCs in this ambient conversation
4611686093061269993 cnvAmbientIcon SID of the ambient visual effect
4611686093220269994 sysInputBindingsTables Per-language lookup for default input bindings.
4611686093228169991 phsRaidBossMap Mapping from raid boss prototype identifier to raid boss info index.
4611686093228169992 phsRaidBossLockoutTagID ID of the lockout tag for this raid boss.
4611686093228169994 phsRaidBossVersionMap All versions of this raid boss, indexed by prototype identifier.
4611686093234069991 sysInputBindingsRegistryPrototype Cached prototype for input bindings registry.
4611686093354369992 dynPreviewClientSpecId The asset ID (id from dyn FQN) of the dyn currently being previewed.
4611686093422369991 grpRaidDifficultyLevel diificulty level to configure the phase at
4611686093441469991 cbtGuiUpdateTimer timer to update position of GUI map notes relevant to combat
4611686093441469992 cbtGuiMapNoteAttackers List of attackers we are tracking on the mini-map
4611686093523169992 grpGroupEjectionUpdateTimer A timer for updating the client GUI for displaying how much time is left before group ejection.
4611686093524569997 optEmptyKeybindingsList An empty list to return as a bad reference for invalid keybinding lookups.
4611686093538770006 grpScheduledGroupEjectionTime The time that the player is scheduled to be ejected from the group.
4611686093556769991 dynPreviewInitializedNonReplicatedFields A flag that's set to true once the dynPlaceablePreview has set all of its non-replicated fields from the template.
4611686093620969991 plcPropState An integer that encompasses multiple flags that are used to set properties like 'Collidable' and 'MouseTransparent' on the plc prop
4611686093707069992 ahPendingBuyoutAuction auction pending approval for buyout
4611686093726269991 optDescriptionMinimumValue The minimum allowed value (inclusive) of the option. Not respected unless optDescriptionHasMinimumValue is set.
4611686093726269992 optDescriptionMaximumValue The maximum allowed value (inclusive) of the option. Not respected unless optDescriptionHasMaximumValue is set.
4611686093726269993 optDescriptionHasMaximumValue True if this option has a maximum value restriction
4611686093726269994 optDescriptionHasMinimumValue True if this option has a minimum value restriction
4611686093765369992 ablContainer Known abilities container
4611686093765369993 ablContainerAbilityRanks List of all the combat ability ranks we know
4611686093765369994 ablContainerAbilityLevels Lookup list of ability spec ID's and the last level the player learned that ability
4611686093816269991 ablPackageSpecList List of ability packages used
4611686093816269992 ablContainerGrantedAbilityRanks List of ranks by ability for abilities earned outside of ability packages
4611686093816269993 ablContainerSkillRanks List of ranks by ability for skills
4611686093949069992 chrRegionPollTimer Timer for polling region information for the player
4611686093953769991 appPcsCustomizationSlotNameIds Appearance slot to localized name id.
4611686093953769992 vehStartSound Start movement vehicle sound.
4611686093953769993 vehStopSound Stop movement vehicle sound.
4611686093961069991 chrRegionsByTags Tracks regions based on their tags
4611686094019369991 mntDataChrMountAnimNetwork Mount type used to set character's anim loco network
4611686094146870003 chrDismountDelayTimer Allows for time between when you enter a map that doesn't allow mounts, and when you are kicked off of your mount.
4611686094214869991 chrRestCurrentModifier Tracks the current region's XP modifier
4611686094233569991 cbtSpamFilterBitField Bitfield of flags indicating whether or not specific types of combat log events should be displayed. An enabled bit indicates to display that type. Corresponds to the cbtSpamFilterType enum.
4611686094282269992 ahTweakablesCommissions Dictionary of Auction Network to commission
4611686094377769991 sysRegionTags tags recorded in the last region poll
4611686094465569995 moviesUsedInScriptMap Maps movie enums to their asset
4611686094465569997 utlMovieIsPlaying Tracks if a movie is actually playing
4611686094465569998 utlMovieLastRequest Last movie request made
4611686094465569999 utlMovieWantsIntro If we've got an intro movie request queued
4611686094692669992 trgRegionDebugPointList
4611686094692669993 trgRegionDebugId
4611686094937969991 chrPlayerCanResurrectSelf A flag that gets set to true the first time the player is alive. This is used to gate resurrection options
4611686095124769991 scCanTriggerHydra Can this ship trigger path hydras?
4611686095341269991 itmModPkgNameId
4611686095674469991 cnvRewardTableRowImage1 path to GUI .dds for image1
4611686095674469992 cnvRewardTableRowImage2 path to GUI .dds for image2
4611686095674469995 cnvRewardTableRowMap indexed by reward type
4611686095674469998 cnvRewardTablePrototype prototype for cnvreward.tbl
4611686095674469999 cnvJoinOrganizerHolocomDisabled true if holocom can not be used with this organizer
4611686095692169993 phsUniqueActivePhase This player's one and only unique active phase.
4611686095700069991 staCharacterCoverPositionValid Have we set the coverposition field?
4611686095799869991 vndItemUniqueId
4611686096378869991 mntDataRidingSkillRank Rank of the riding ability required
4611686096417569995 chrSpecWeaponVisibility Weapon visibility type of a given character spec
4611686096601569991 phsUniqueActivePhasedInstanceNameID SID of phased instance name for this unique active phase.
4611686096601569993 grpUniqueActivePhase Unique active phase for this group.
4611686096601569996 phsActivePhaseData NodeRef to current active phase data for this player.
4611686096658169999 itmEnhanceableCache_Value Cached modified item value
4611686096658170000 itmEnhanceableCache_Level Cached modified item level
4611686096658170002 itmEnhanceableCache_Quality Cached modified item quality
4611686096658170003 itmEnhanceableCache_RequiredLevel Cached modified item required level
4611686096658170004 itmEnhanceableCache_RequiresAlignment Cached modified item flag for if it has an alignment requirement
4611686096658170005 itmEnhanceableCache_RequiredAlignmentTier Cached modified item required alignment tier
4611686096658170006 itmEnhanceableCache_RequiresSocial Cached modified item flag for if it has a social requirement
4611686096658170007 itmEnhanceableCache_RequiredSocialScore Cached modified item required social score
4611686096736969991 cnvPlaceableConversationName name for conversations used by placeables
4611686096743369991 cvrVisualizerInUseAssetStatusType the use status of this cvrVisualizer.
4611686096791569992 conSrcSlotAdditionalID additional identifier for dragged object
4611686096791569994 prfCompanionsTotalMinimumLevels
4611686096791569995 prfCompanionsTotalNumber
4611686096791569996 prfCompanionsTotalPrototype
4611686096982469992 mapIconDrawLimitType Indicates what map types the icon can appear on.
4611686096982469995 mapIconIsOnMaps Have we told GUI to draw this icon?
4611686097006369992 itmStatsCached Cached stats for an item for quick lookup.
4611686097035269991 effEffectLoopingEppTimer All looping epp in this effect will be played when timer ticks. Stop it if you don't want it
4611686097106670057 dcvNearbyDistanceForPartyCombatSq The distance squared for you to be considered near a party memeber in combat
4611686097106670058 dcvAllowSelfResWhenDiedFromFallingDamage If true then we allow you to self res after dying from falling damage
4611686097195869991 appPcsSkeletonRandomWeights List of random weights for the body types in display order
4611686097382969993 prfSchematicVariationsPrototype Prototype containing information regarding all of the available variations for schematics, including their associated bit indices, debug names and a reverse mapping of bit index and equip slot to variation ID.
4611686097382970000 chrProfessionsToSchematics Schematics known by player, organized for easy lookup. First index = profession. Second index = schematic name. Value = known schematic information
4611686097465669992 cnvControllerPreviewInstance The conversation instance for this controller
4611686097465669993 cnvControllerPreviewChoreographer The choreographer used by this controller
4611686097704369992 mapUseParentMinimaps When true, we will display the minimap textures for the parent of this map. Used to remove hard black edges on some minimaps.
4611686099932770021 grpMemberIsSyncedWithPhase True if this group member is in-sync with the current unique active phase.
4611686099932770022 gldPendingMessages Guild messages that have arrived while the UI is unavailable, queued up for display once the UI is ready.
4611686100503370021 spnReplicatedCompanionMap Map of companion characters that have been replicated down to the client
4611686100567770021 gldMemberShowAreaInstance show the area instance in the guild roster
4611686100592170156 scExperiencePoints Experience points granted when destroying this ship
4611686100628470027 sndDefaultReverb maps stable id of a region name to a reverb preset
4611686100628470028 sndAmbienceRegionReverb a string containing the reverb preset name for a given audio region
4611686100816670021 chrCompanionGroupLimitBlocked Is the player blocked from summoning a companion by the group limit
4611686100913170021 trdAutoDecline auto decline trade invites
4611686100996670022 itmRatings armor and weapon item ratings
4611686100996670023 itmRatingTablePrototype item armor and weapon ratings table
4611686101091170023 staShouldReviveInstantly True if character should get up instantly when changing BrainState to Lucid from Dead
4611686101102470021 utlMoviePlayMovies If false then all PlayMovie calls will return false and not play the movie
4611686101119670021 chrSummaryAppearanceSlots Mapping of appearance information for each appearance slot on the character. Value is indexable into appPcsCustomizationSlots to retrieve appearance information for the slot. Value can be optimized in the db to be stored as a short.
4611686101119670022 chrPlayerAppearanceSlots Mapping of appearance information for each appearance slot on the character. Value is indexable into appPcsCustomizationSlots to retrieve appearance information for the slot. Value can be optimized in the db to be stored as a short.
4611686101190570021 cnvControllerPreviewTimer Timer to poll for speaker NPC creation
4611686101190570022 cnvControllerPreviewPollingCount How many times we've polled waiting for NPC creation to occur
4611686101190570024 cnvControllerPreviewTemporaryNpc
4611686101259370021 tmrStartTime Sync time at which a timer was started
4611686101259370022 tmrEndTime Sync time end time of timer
4611686101575270024 chrPlayerAppearanceSlotData Client-side list of appearance slot data copied from appearance prototype data on replication. Used to apply appearance data to the character.
4611686101578370029 appEmptyAppearanceSlot Unused appearance slot for us as a bad return value when querying appearance slots fails.
4611686101605370021 npcSoundset
4611686101605370022 npcImpactClass
4611686101605370023 npcSwingType
4611686101605370024 npcContinuousMovement
4611686101605370025 npcVoiceStyle
4611686101605370026 npcArmorType
4611686101945370021 itmEnhancementTypeIsArmor Indicates armor or weapon type. Only relevant to enhancements that are basemods
4611686101966170021 strLocalizedTextRetrieverCachedText This field is used to store text previously retrieved from a string table.
4611686102006770022 cssRenameList List of characters the player must rename because they were bad
4611686102225170021 wzScoreboardActivePlayers Map containing active warzone match players
4611686102353470022 prfSchematicVariationsToIndex defines the index that represents each variation, to be used for lookups within bitfields
4611686102353470024 prfSchematicVariationDebugNamesList list of full variation names indexed by their stable identifier for DEBUG use only.
4611686102353470025 prfSchematicPersistedIndex Non-persisted index that directly corresponds to where this schematic's data is located in the persisted list of schematics.
4611686102431170021 strStringTrackingActive DEBUG tracking field for enabling/disabling display of string table names and string ids
4611686102434170023 grpMembersWhoseRemovalRequiresMyPhaseEjection The IDs of the players who are awaiting countdown to group ejection, the removal of any one of which will cause this player's ejection from his current phase.
4611686102641970022 sysActiveKeyHashList List of the key hashes that are currently activating this command
4611686102697970021 ablTrainableReqClass Required class for an ability
4611686102719470022 conExpansionLevel The current level of additional slots granted to the container.
4611686102721270021 guiFadeEndTime The time at which the current fade to/from black should end
4611686102761070021 scBehaviorProperties Set of binary flags for ship behavior properties. See SPACE_COMBAT_BEHAVIOR_*
4611686102762170021 hydAnimationByDisplayName
4611686102770270021 phsDataImplicitAreaMap Mapping for Implicitely Phased Areas from the AreaID to the phsPhasedInstance prototype
4611686102790670021 sysInputCameraFovValueToRestore FOV value to restore after leaving cover etc
4611686102842470023 locTextRetrieverMap A collection of the localizable components of an asset
4611686102881570021 chrProfessionsToSchematicsCached Client-side copy of known schematics data, used exclusively for comparison against the known schematics list to identify newly-added schematics during replication.
4611686102887370022 prfSchematicVariationIDs Non-persisted list of full variation IDs that can be created from a known schematic. generated on init.
4611686103186370021 qstPendingRewardsAllItems Maps item specs to the number of items they will get for accepting the reward
4611686103218270021 phsNameIdToDefinitionMap mapping from the ComputerStableIdentifier(TriggerParam) to the prototypeID
4611686103580670021 phsPhaseInfoMode chrPlayMode this phase is configured for
4611686103640170025 phsGatewaySpec prop bucket spec for the gateway trigger volumes
4611686103640170027 phsGatewayList list of gateway nodes associated with this phsPhasedInstance
4611686103773970021 chrEffectiveCurrentArea This is the areaID that the fiction is saying the player is on, even if they're really somewhere else (the player is on his ship, docked at Dro for example)
4611686103878270022 sysCharacterSelectionConnectedCharacter NodeRef of the connected character after a disconnect
4611686103892070021 phsHydraLockPass set of instance where hydrachecks have passed - possible to remove with client-side hydra conditions
4611686103922570021 phsPhaseInfoPlayersRepPrevious
4611686104140570021 chrLevel character level
4611686104202070022 gwsInstancePositions Index of all instance positions.
4611686104247270021 cnvParticipantControllerId id of the active conversation controller
4611686113562070021 vndItemBeingSold holds current transacted item, so as to avoid item duplication at vendor via DragBegin after right-click
4611686113729270041 chrCurrentAreaIsShip Used for galaxy map, true if player is on a player ship.
4611686113878025041 gldRankPermissions Bitfield of all permissions this guild rank is allowed.
4611686113878025043 gldMemberClassID ID of the character class of a guild member.
4611686113904025042 utlEmptyPhaseInfoList empty list of phsPhaseInfo noderefs
4611686113904165043 grpRaidMemberActiveRaid NameID of the active raid area the member is in
4611686113940545042 phsGSSID GSS ID for tracked phases
4611686113940545043 phsUniqueActivePhaseEvent When this phase has an active raid event
4611686113940545044 phsRaidBossToBitMap mapping from the raid boss tag to the bit number is the bit-packed storage field
4611686113940545045 phsRaidBossLocks Bit field of the applied Raid Boss lockouts - used with phsRaidBossToBitMap
4611686113940545046 phsUniqueActiveBossLocks Bit field of the applied Raid Boss lockouts - used with phsRaidBossToBitMap
4611686113940565041 phsImplicitPhasedTravelQueue Mapping of character to the raid Area they requested travel to
4611686114075535041 itmEnhancementSlots Maps slot numbers to slot types for enhanceable items
4611686114075765041 itmEnhancements List of item enhancement prototypes. Non-zero if it differs from the default enhancements. An empty list means all default enhancements. The slot type can be found by looking at the same index in itmEnhancementSlots
4611686114081145041 chrName A player character name
4611686114081145042 socPlayerName A player character name, as stored in friend/ignore lists
4611686114093825042 sklSkillTreePackageList Lookup list of all the sklPackageInfo for an advanced class
4611686114104625043 sklAbilityPackageId The Id of the ability package
4611686114104625045 sklSkillTreeColor The color of this skill tree
4611686114104625047 sklSkillTreeLayout The name of this skill tree's layout
4611686114104625049 sklBaseAbilityPackageList Lookup list of all the sklPackageInfo for base class packages
4611686114347625041 itmEligibleLootCharacters List of characters eligible for this loot.
4611686120361425044 sklSkillTreePrefix The text readable skill tree prefix
4611686124014125041 qstAllowAbandonment can this quest be abandoned
4611686124094575041 grpOwner Hopper that is handing out the loot I'm rolling for.
4611686124205695041 cnvRewardTableRowTooltipId1 string id1
4611686124205695042 cnvRewardTableRowTooltipId2 string id2
4611686124237625041 sklSkillTreePrototype Cached reference to the skill tree prototype
4611686124237625043 sklSkillPointsPerLevel Number of skill points the player earns each level
4611686124237625044 sklFirstSkillPointLevel The first level the player earns skill points at
4611686124237625048 sklSkillConstantsPrototype Prototype of the desginer skill constants
4611686124250195041 statResource_RepPrevious Stores resource value of previous replication update.
4611686124250345041 statResource Resource stat used for action points, energy, and force.
4611686124250885042 cmdEmoteCombatActive Whether or not this emote is permitted to be activated in combat.
4611686124430185043 chrPlayerTitlesMapping Maps player title indices to their details
4611686124430185044 titleDetailStringID String ID in the str.pc.title string table
4611686124430185045 titleDetailLegacyPrefix True for prefix titles, false for suffix titles
4611686124430185048 chrPlayerLegacyTitles Maps legacy title string IDs to possible matching player titles
4611686124430185049 chrPlayerTitlesTablePrototype Cached off prototype reference
4611686124430185050 chrPlayerTitles Bitset of unlocked player titles
4611686124430185051 chrPlayerSelectedTitle The currently selected player title
4611686124436275041 scCollisionAABBMin Minimum boundaries for the ship's collision bounding box
4611686124436275042 scCollisionAABBMax Maximum boundaries for the ship's collision bounding box
4611686124436275043 scAABBHalfLenghts Holds half lengths for a collision AABB
4611686124448245041 qstQuestResetCooldown Time until user is able to reset another quest
4611686124452955045 qstPermanentBoolVariableBitIndex Bit index for this variable
4611686124452955046 qstPermanentBoolVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList List of permanent variables owned by this quest
4611686124569125042 phsInstanceAllowAll Flag to indicate unrestricted access to all phases.
4611686124574925041 chrSocialScoreTierTitleId Title to be granted/revoked for this tier
4611686124574925042 chrPlayerCachedTitles Maps unlocked title IDs to their localization strings. Serves as a cache for titles
4611686124574925043 chrPlayerTitlesRepPrevious The previous replication of titles
4611686124628325041 mpnBindPointsByFqnStableId Lookuplist indexed by the mapnote FQN Stable ID, with a list of all BindPoint mapnotes with that FQN.
4611686124642925041 gldWindowGuiInitialized A boolean representing if the guild window has been opened atleast once.
4611686124732525041 chrStealthIsCSRStealthed Deterimes whether CSR character is in stealth
4611686127889025041 cnvJoinOrganizerRequestedState client's requested state that has been sent to the server
4611686133738205043 cosVisualData Visual data for the client only spawmer
4611686133738205044 cosDefaultActive Default activation status of client only spawner
4611686134214345041 cosTemplateVisualDataScale Scale for client only spawners
4611686136183575041 qstPermanentIntVariableDefinition_ProtoVarList list of permanent int variables owned by this quest
4611686136183575042 qstPermanentBoolVariables list of ints used as bit fields for permanent bool variables
4611686139569815042 scSecondaryTarget The target of the secondary weapon
4611686139574445041 scUpgradeTrackerID Bitwise id for a given upgrade
4611686139574445042 scGrantedUpgrades List of numerical IDs for granted upgrades
4611686139574445043 scUpgradeMasks Cached list of masks for all existing and valid upgrades
4611686139893545041 aiHydraOwners Lookup List of all AI Hydra Owners
4611686141817475041 guiShardQueueDialogID shard dialogID that is used when the shard is full
4611686141817475043 guiSSApi Reference to shard selection
4611686141819825042 sysChatListenerActiveChannels A bit field of all the active channels
4611686141823655042 mapType What type of map this is.
4611686141823655043 mapNameSId SId of the map name.
4611686141823655044 mapChildMaps Child maps of this map, indexed by mapNameSId.
4611686141823655045 mapMaps List of all map's data for the area. Indexed by mapNameSId.
4611686141823655046 mapParentNameSId mapNameSId of this map's parent map.
4611686141838445041 grpIsOpen True if this group allows any ungrouped player of the same faction to join it.
4611686141840385041 sklAbiltyTabName Localized string ID for the name of the GUI tab this set of abilities would be displayed in
4611686141840385042 sklAbilityPackageName Localized text ID for the name of the ability package
4611686141849045041 grpMemberMapNameSId Stable ID of player's local map name (not display name).
4611686141849045042 mapIconParentMapId Stable ID of map name (not display name) of the map the icon is in.
4611686141849045043 mapIconParentMapsParentMapId Stable ID of map name (not display name) of the parent map of the map the icon is in.
4611686141849045044 cnvOwnerLocalMapId The map name ID of the conversation owner (used for map icon for this NPC).
4611686141849045045 cnvOwnerParentMapId The map name ID of the parent map of the map that the conversation owner is in (used for map icon for this NPC).
4611686141849325042 qckLinkType The type of link this quicklink is
4611686141853055041 chrRestXp Rest XP is percentage based on the player's current level
4611686141953720053 ablModalGroup Group tag for modal abilities.
4611686141965620000 staAlertedRefCount Is the character in alerted mode
4611686141984440004 hcaUsedInScriptProto Static cache for the hard coded asset prototype
4611686142083190000 socWhoFilters_Background who list filters on Character Backgrounds
4611686142083190002 chrClassListing List of class prototypes
4611686142083190004 hcaAssetMapClient Maps hardcoded asset keys to their details
4611686142083190005 hcaAssetPath Repository path to the asset
4611686142083190006 hcaAssetFqn FQN string for the asset if one was requested
4611686142083190007 hcaAssetProtoID Prototype ID for the asset if requested
4611686142120040001 prfRank Current rank the player has achieved for a profession.
4611686142515820000 sysChatAudibleToneTimer
4611686142517280000 mpnGuiCurrentMapId MapNameSId of the map that the mpnGuiCurrentMapNoteList is for.
4611686142517280001 mpnGuiLocalMapId MapNameSId of the map that the mpnGuiLocalMapNoteList is for.
4611686142517280003 mapLinkAreaId The AreaId for what this maplink links to.
4611686142517280004 mapLinkMapNameSId The map name Stable ID for what this maplink links to.
4611686142517280005 mapLinkSubmapNameSId The sub-map name Stable ID for what this maplink links to. Optional data.
4611686142517280006 mapSubmapTagSId SId for tag of current submap region the player is in (0 if the player isn't in a submap retion).
4611686142517280007 mpnMapLink Map that this note links to.
4611686142517280008 mpnQuestDestPaths Lookuplist indexed by mapNameSId of lookuplist indexed by submapNameSId of list of mapnotes leading from the player's current map to the dest map.
4611686142517280009 mpnConnectionsList Lookuplist indexed by mapNameSId of lookuplist indexed by submapNameSId of mapnotes connection data.
4611686142517280010 mpnTaxiConnectionsList List of taxi terminal map notes linked to by this taxi.
4611686142517280011 mpnWonkaConnectionsList List of wonkavator connections to this wonkafloor for breadcrumbing.
4611686142517280012 mpnConnectionMapLink Map link to map where the connected note is located.
4611686142522600000 optDescriptionBitfieldBitIndex Index into the bitfield integer to use for this boolean option
4611686142526800000 conContainerDataSlotLookUp A look up list for the slot type of a particular slot index
4611686142527280001 qstCompletedQuestsList list of integers used as bitfields to track completed quests
4611686142527280002 qstAlternateEndingVariableID ID of permanent bool variable used to determine if this quest was completed using an alternate ending
4611686142527300049 stgStagesByFqn Non-unique index of all stages by FQN.
4611686142527300050 hydInstancesByTag Non-unique index of all instances by Tag property.
4611686142538380000 mpnParentMapList List of parent map tags for this mapnote. Includes submap tags.
4611686142538380001 mpnParentMapList_submapTag A single sub-map-region tag stable ID, to specify a sub-zone within a map.
4611686142546620000 chrCompanionUnlocked Bitfield to track what companions the character has unlocked.
4611686142556780001 csrUnreadMessagesAvailable Indicates that unread messages are available.
4611686142570480000 spnClientAnchorToClientNpc anchor to npc mapping for client only npc's
4611686142570480002 qstStepClientOnlySpawnerStateEnabled COS enabled via QM
4611686142570480003 qstStepClientOnlySpawnerStateDisabled COS disabled via QM
4611686142570480006 qstClientOnlySpawnerStatesList Client only spawner quest states
4611686142573150003 sklSkillTreeEntryPrereq The ability that needs to be learned before this one can be
4611686142573150004 sklSkillTreeEntryMaxPoints The maximum number of skill points that can be spent on this ability
4611686142573150005 sklSkillTreeLayoutList List of all of skill tree entries and where they are placed in the skill tree
4611686142586600003 chrCompanionQueuedAbility Stores the last ability the companion was commanded to use, until server tells us the result
4611686142586600004 ablUserAutoCastActive Abilities toggled ON for companion AI use
4611686142602660000 mapExplorationId Exploration bitfield index for this map.
4611686142602660002 mapFowGroupId Index into area wide FoW Hex Groups lookuplist and exploration bitfield.
4611686142602660003 mapFowGroupXPLevel Experience level for discovering this part of the map.
4611686142602660004 mapFowGroupXPSecret Is this area secret, thus giving more experience for discovering it?
4611686142602660005 mapFowGroupHeroic Is this a heroic area?
4611686142602660006 mapFowGroupMaskNoDraw Should we draw the FoW mask or not?
4611686142602660008 mapDataContainerFowGroupList Lookuplist indexed by FoW hex group ID, of data for each hex group for the area/planet.
4611686142602660009 mapFowColumnCount Number of columns in the FoW hex grid for this map.
4611686142602660010 mapFowRowCount Number of rows in the FoW hex grid for this map.
4611686142602660011 mapFowStartPos Location where the hex grid will start. Represents center of bottom left hex.
4611686142602660012 mapFowExplorePctOfRadius How large is the discovery area of a hex relative to the radius of the hex.
4611686142602660013 mapFowHexGroupIds The FoW hex group ID of each hex in the grid.
4611686142602660014 mapFowRadius How large each hex on this map should be.
4611686142603860057 dcvCCPresenceMeleeDamageBonus Maps Presence to companion melee damage
4611686142603860058 dcvCCPresenceRangedDamageBonus Maps Presence to companion ranged damage
4611686142603860059 dcvCCPresenceForceDamageBonus Maps Presence to companion Force damage
4611686142603860060 dcvCCPresenceTechDamageBonus Maps Presence to companion Tech damage
4611686142603860061 dcvCCPresenceForceHealingBonus Maps Presence to companion Force healing
4611686142603860062 dcvCCPresenceTechHealingBonus Maps Presence to companion tech healing
4611686142605270017 dcvRTGMinScaleLevel Rating stats will scale as if the owner were at least this level
4611686142605270018 dcvCCPresenceBestDamageBonusComputed The highest of the 4 companion damage bonuses
4611686142605270019 dcvCCPresenceBestHealingBonusComputed The highest of the 2 companion healing bonuses
4611686142609730000 tutQueue List of currently open tutorials
4611686142609730002 tutTutorialSound Sound for tutorial
4611686142609730003 tutTutorialQueueIcon Icon to show when the tutorial is in the queue
4611686142609730004 tutTutorialIcon Icon for the tutorial
4611686142609730005 tutTutorialTitleID Title identifier
4611686142609730006 tutTutorialTextID Tutorial text identifier
4611686142609730007 tutTutorialOverlayInvoke Overlay invoke for this tutorial
4611686142636280000 ablUserModalActiveSpecs_Previous Modal abilities that were active from the previous replication of ablUserModalActiveSpecs.
4611686142653980000 chrClientCharacter_animAction Client only NPCs animation action
4611686142653980001 chrClientCharacter_epp Client only NPCs epp
4611686142653980003 effEventStopSuppressTimer Stop the suppress timer from suppressing
4611686142653980007 spnClientCosFqnToClientAnchors Cos fqn to list of anchors for async loading
4611686142663780000 hydToolbox Objects referenced by the hydra script.
4611686142663780002 cnvInstanceHydraToolbox
4611686142663780004 hydObject SID of the toolbox Object this OAV will be using.
4611686142663780005 hydCompiledIdList List of the runtime IDs of Toolbox objects.
4611686142690320000 mapFowHexIdsLocalToArea Maps local map hex Ids to the area-wide Ids used for saving the character's exploration data.
4611686142690320001 mapFowHexIdsAreaToLocal Maps area-wide Ids used for saving the character's exploration data to local map hex Ids used to create the mask bitfield for determining which fog masks to draw.
4611686142690320002 chrExplorationHistory Lookuplist indexed by area ID. List of Int is a bitfield for exploration history of maps and fog of war on the area.
4611686142690320003 mapIsHeroic Is this map a heroic (group) area?
4611686142690320004 mapFullyExploredXp Indicates how much experience to give the player once all FoW on the map has been explored.
4611686142706730000 modDerivedStatMappingTargetStat Target stat, to be modified
4611686142706730001 modDerivedStatMappingFlatMultiplier Flat Multiplier (Target += Source * Flat)
4611686142706730002 modDerivedStatMappingPercentageDivisor Percentage Divisor (Target += Source / (Level * Divisor))
4611686142706730003 modDerivedStatMappingPercentageCap Limits the percentage increase Source can apply to Target
4611686142706730005 modDerivedStatMappingListData List of stat mappings, indexed by source stat and character class
4611686142706730007 modDerivedStatMappingListPrototype
4611686142720380000 itmTypeBitSet Represents the classes that this item actually uses
4611686142720380001 itmShieldSpec Shield spec for this item
4611686142720380003 cbtMeleeChance Melee chance
4611686142720380004 cbtRangeChance Range chance
4611686142720380005 cbtRangeAbsorb Range absorb
4611686142720380006 cbtMeleeAbsorb Melee absorb
4611686142720380008 cbtShieldStatMap Maps shield spec, quality, and level combinations to shield stats
4611686142720380009 cbtShieldEmptyStats To return if a combination is not found
4611686143414010004 csrHTTPPortalRequests Outstanding HTTP request IDs for requests
4611686160058060000 ablUserModalActiveSpecs List of active modal abilities.
4611686160070590000 sysChatListenerName The name of the listener panel
4611686160080560000 sklSkillTreeEntryId The id of this ability in the skill tree
4611686170009670002 ablTrainerSet A set of trainers that have icons that need updating
4611686170035340000 prfMissionResultsPrototype Static cache of the mission result table
4611686170035340001 stgVirtualStage Virtual stage name for the weapon asset
4611686170044610001 cnvMissionBoardId ID of the placeable used for the mission board
4611686170044870003 cmdLocalSlashLocToCommand localized slash commands matched with their english comrades.
4611686170044870004 cmdLocalSlashIdToCommand absolute IDs of localized slash commands matched to english commands.
4611686170044870005 cmdLocalSlashProto
4611686170421340002 chrCompanionMasterCompanionAwayStatus
4611686170440380001 cdxFactionToClassToCategoryToPlanetToTotalLookupList Maps codex planet totals for a given faction/class/category/planet set
4611686170585580000 spnCachedSpawnAnchors Cached list of all spawn anchors for the current area
4611686170585580003 mpnBreadcrumbTracker Data to track progress of breadcrumb updating
4611686170585580004 mpnBreadcrumbUpdateInProgress True if timer is running and we're in the process of updating breadcrumbs.
4611686170585580008 mpnBreadcrumbSearchList List of mapnote connections to search.
4611686170585580009 mpnBreadcrumbDeadEndMaps List of maps flagged as dead-ends during breadcrumb updating.
4611686170585580010 mpnBreadcrumbDestinationMaps List of destination maps used during breadcrumb updating.
4611686170585580011 mpnBreadcrumbNotesPath mapnote connection data indexed by map name, then submap name, for breadcrumb updating.
4611686170585580013 mpnBreadcrumbUpdateCyclesSinceStart The number of times we've processed breadcrumb updates since the request came in without finishing. At a certain point, we give up and force the update to finish.
4611686172677080000 cnvChoreographerActivated is the choreographer activated
4611686175680520001 scPrevServerTime
4611686175680520004 scServerTimeHistory
4611686175684740000 grpRaidNightmareMode True if nightmare mode is set (Only valid if hard raid difficulty is also set).
4611686175685400001 itmBudgetedAttributes lookup of budgeted attribute based on item quality, level, and percentage
4611686175685400003 itmModPkgAttributePercentages
4611686175685400004 itmBudgetedAttributesPrototype
4611686180639100000 csrWebPortalAddress Server address of the CS web portal
4611686180639100001 csrWebPortalPort Server port of the CS web portal
4611686180736380000 tutTutorialDefinitionLookupList
4611686180736380002 tutTutorialId Tutorial id
4611686180748080385 prfKnownCraftingProfession Cached crafting profession the player currently knows, or prfProfessionNone if no crafting profession is known.
4611686180749350002 scHighlightAbility id of the highlight ability for space combat ships
4611686180753490000 svyOracleCombatTimer Timer used to fire a Survey OnCombatExit.
4611686188182430000 cbtWeaponSpec spec for the cbtWeaponComponent
4611686188182430001 cbtWeaponData
4611686188182430002 cbtWeaponPerLevelData
4611686188185010000 sysChatColors A lookuplist for the colors indexed by the channel
4611686188185010001 sysChatChannel The channel of the recieved message
4611686188185010009 sysChatMessageHistory A list that will store the last 500 chat messages sent to the client
4611686188185010010 sysChatMessageHistoryBegin The start index of the chat history.
4611686188185010011 sysChatMessageHistoryEnd The end index of the chat history.
4611686188185230002 optOptionScopeToBitIndexToOptionName Dictionary to go from bitfield data back to the option it represents
4611686188192160000 guiDelayedFadeTime Tracks the fade time for a fade that has been delayed as the result of streaming
4611686188204560000 cbtWpnDataSpecString
4611686188211270002 hydScriptNode the HydraScript associated with this object
4611686188211270003 hydRunScriptProtoId ID of the prototype for this hydra script
4611686188234570000 sysCCSFullyRandomCharacter Determines if the character should be fully random (development only)
4611686188245260001 modStatDisplayNumberFormat
4611686188262060001 phsRaidLockoutTime Raid lockout time
4611686188262060002 phsRaidLockoutBossesComplete Raid lockout bosses complete as a bitfield
4611686188262060004 phsRaidBitToBossMap
4611686188280560000 prfSchematicVariationsKnown Bitfield of all variations known, tiers 1 2 and 3.
4611686188285380000 qstPendingRewardsListRepPrevious List of rewards from the previous replication event
4611686188309830027 prfSchematicVariationMasterList Map linking all schematics to a map of their possible itmMod indexes.
4611686188338840000 qstPendingRewardsOneItems The player must select one of these
4611686188361190001 dynModelDirectionalShadowCastingStyle
4611686188361190002 dynModelOmniShadowCastingStyle
4611686188361190003 dynModelNameToProperty
4611686188464890000 spnClientAnchorsInProximity Client only spawners in proximity
4611686188470170003 hydQueueObject Toolbox entry that will be referenced for this queue action
4611686188533920046 cbtShieldForcePower Force power stat for shields.
4611686188533920047 cbtShieldTechPower Tech power stat for shields.
4611686188565280001 customChatChannelServerId The id for the channel on the chat server
4611686188568360000 ccsStageDetailPathName Path point to look around for the stage
4611686188575340000 chrLooterUserOptionAreaLoot Flag to enable area loot
4611686188575340001 ablTrainerCosts 3D array of costs sorted by abilityspec, level, and class
4611686188575340002 conLootHopperHighestQuality Quality of the best loot in the hopper
4611686188593220000 grpRaidBossesInitiallyDefeated Raid boss defeat status for this group
4611686188619390000 ccsStageDetailFovLerpTime Time to spend transitioning between FOVs
4611686188619390001 ccsStageDetailPosLerpTime Time to spend transitioning between camera positions
4611686188619390002 ccsTargetFov Target FOV to achieve
4611686188619390003 ccsCurrentFov Current FOV of the camera
4611686188619390004 ccsFoVLerpFactor Measurement in percentages per second that the FOV should lerp by
4611686188619390005 ccsFoVLerpTime Between 0 and 1, this is the amount the FOV should lerp by
4611686188619390006 ccsFoV FOV of the camera during character select
4611686188651010047 ablIgnoreAlacrity Determines whether the ability ignores the alacrity (spell haste) rating of the character.
4611686188651060046 effIgnoreAlacrity Effect initializer to ignore alacrity (spell haste) for the given effect.
4611686188766590001 mapFowGroupGUID Localized name ID for the fog of war hex group.
4611686188776533250 csrUnreadTicketsList List of unread ticket IDs
4611686188846123250 optBitfieldValuesByScope Lists per option scope of bitfield values
4611686188856823250 csrSavedTicketServerDate Used to return the same server date back to the GUI if no tickets were found.
4611686188864343325 prfSchematicDeprecated TRUE if this schematic should no longer be available for use by a player.
4611686189006413250 sysChatGroupAudibleToneTimer
4611686189006413251 itmOracleEnhancementOverwriting
4611686189063063250 sklSkillTreePosition Position to display skilltree in the GUI
4611686189142673704 chrPlayerCharacterRespecNotifyCounter We use this replicated field to notify the client when they should display a popup telling them they've gotten a respec
4611686189149633250 gwsStringToInteger Generic lookuplist variable
4611686189170953281 platformAccountId Platform Account Id
4611686189176593250 csrCSPortalTestInProgress The current CS Portal test in progress
4611686190716040004 customChatChannelName Name of a custom chat channel
4611686190716210000 customChatChannelPassword The password for a custom chat channel
4611686190716210001 customChatChannelId The channel id(4 through 9 or 0) for a custom chat channel
4611686190716210003 chatCustomChannels current registered custom-user-channel chat-channels
4611686198159010000 staEppLoop
4611686198159010001 spnSpawnedEntryAppearance
4611686198165410000 qstQuestBitIndex Global bit index of this quest
4611686198295550000 chrMount_lastYaw
4611686198295550001 chrMount_tiltDir
4611686198352110000 qstMissionIcon Quest log image
4611686198364460000 ProjectOnSpeedTree Project texture onto speedtreenodes?
4611686198364460001 ProjectOnWater Project texture onto waternodes?
4611686198379680001 scHeadingAngles Instantaneous ypr
4611686198396890000 scBaselinePosition The baseline position used to calculate vehPosition
4611686198396890001 scBaselineRotation The baseline rotation used to calculate vehRotation
4611686198471740000 scPathName ship path column from the encounters datatable, used on prototype
4611686198479220001 malMailTab The tab of the mail gui window currently being viewed by the player
4611686198494950000 conLootHopperForceNoRoll Force the items in the box to go right to the owner and not be rolled upon.
4611686198509340000 sysChatShowTimestamp A boolean for the option to turn on chat timestamps
4611686198526690000 cnvInstanceUseOwnerAsSpeaker Flag to determine if the owner of the conversation should always be the speaker (barks)
4611686198536240000 mapFoWLastLargeMapSId Name stable ID of the large map last time FoW masks were updated.
4611686198536240001 mapFoWLastSmallMapSId Name stable ID of the small map (not minimap...) last time FoW masks were updated.
4611686198652050000 chrCharacter_HasBeenDestroyed flag set when replication_destroy is called on the character
4611686198670960000 taxNameId string table ID for the terminal name
4611686198686820000 guiDeathScreenRegionMedCenter
4611686198750740000 chrForceAlignmentTierAchieveAppearance EPP to play when the player achieves an alignment tier
4611686198750740001 chrForceAlignmentTierRelinquishAppearance EPP to play when the player loses an alignment tier
4611686198759720002 effEventIsSynthesized True if the effEvent originated from the client
4611686198766570000 dynPendingActionBundles Map of action bundles that the dyn is waiting on to finish loading
4611686198766570001 cnvChoreographerPendingDyns List of dyns that are loading action bundles
4611686198784940000 plcReplicatedPlatforms
4611686198789520000 scShipQStableW Stable orientation quaternion. Irrational part
4611686198789520001 scShipQStableV Stable orientation quaternion. Rational part
4611686198925910000 gwsCounter Generic integer variable
4611686198931920000 gwsTimeInterval Generic time interval variable
4611686198931920001 gwsIdToInteger Generic lookuplist variable
4611686198931920002 gwsDate Generic date variable
4611686198956090000 kynMsg_InfoFlags Additional status information for the kynapse message.
4611686198961130002 hydNextAvailableRuntimeId A locally unique ID for hydra runtime scripts
4611686198961130004 hydRuntimeScriptId An identifier used by hydScriptComponent to organize runtime execution classes
4611686198961130005 hydRuntimeExecutionMap Map of all the hydra scripts running on this object
4611686198961130006 hydHeartbeatRuntimeScriptIds A list of the runtime script ids that are interested in heartbeats from the hydra orcale
4611686198966000002 ldgScreenName The asset name of the loading screen
4611686198966000003 ldgHasNameplate If the loading screen has a nameplate
4611686198966000004 ldgAreaNameToLoadScreen Area name sid to Loading Screen
4611686199045900001 spnReplicatedAnchorlessNpcs lookuplist of anchorless npcs. For example, follower npcs spawned through quest system
4611686199055360000 tutorialDefinitionTable Table of tutorial definitions
4611686199057660000 hydPrimaryScriptId The primary script running on a hydScriptComponent
4611686199109030000 hydTimeToRuntimeExecutionIdMap A sorted map of absolute time values and the keys of the scripts that need to execute action blocks for that given time.
4611686199109720000 cdxBitIndex Integer-based index for the codex entry.
4611686199109720001 cdxGrantedBitList Bitfield based list of codices granted to the player.
4611686199109720003 cdxBitToFQNList Maps bit indices to FQNs of codex entries.
4611686199109720004 cdxBitToFQNPrototype Prototype of the cdxBitToFQN class.
4611686205862890000 hydActiveToolbox Modifiable Toolbox for a hydra script
4611686205862890002 hydCurrentExecutingScriptId The locally unique ID of the script we are currently executing.
4611686220002230000 tutStatus Bitfield of tutorial events
4611686221720560000 conContainerDataTypeToSlots Maps slot types to the slots that are of that type
4611686221725340001 itmEnhancementDefaults List of default enhancements for an item
4611686221726130000 scProtonTorpedoesReady If true, we are ready to fire torpedoes
4611686223207220000 sysChatProfanityFilter Profanity filter index
4611686225997150000 utlGM_ContentLocked
4611686225997150001 utlGM_ContentAreaName
4611686226002820004 guiDressingRoomActiveItems Active preview items for the dressing room
4611686226051830000 grpTargetMarkIDs Map of group target marker index (1-8) to characterID
4611686226051830001 grpTargetMarksReverseMap Group target marker indices indexed by character ID, such that given a character ID we can look up to what marker the character is assigned.
4611686226083680000 hydAbilityTargetsList Hydra ability lookup list indexed by object of value list of targets
4611686226097910000 phsHideReinforcementMessage If true, the enemy reinforcement system message will be suppressed.
4611686226119570000 conGuiSlotIndexMap mapping from slot name to slot number in the GUI container
4611686226119570001 conGuiSlotNameMap mapping from the slot number to the slot name in the GUI
4611686226128920000 ablEffectZeroNode Noderef to a node copy of the zero effect prototype
4611686226130330001 scEncounterBoneEffectsQueue Queue for processing encounter bone effects. To be processed after the parent's vehInstance has been activated.
4611686226131530000 cdxStoryQuestBitIndex quest blurb bit index
4611686226131530001 cdxStoryClassBitIndex class blurb bit index
4611686226131530002 cdxStoryArcBitIndex arc blurb bit index
4611686226131530003 cdxStoryTitleBitIndex title blurb bit index
4611686226165460000 prfTrainerPackageSpecList The prototype IDs of the trainer packages for a given trainer
4611686226165460001 prfTrainerSchematicList list of schematic prototype IDs the trainer knows
4611686226185040000 chrProfessions The known professions, ranks, and available missions for a player. Can only store 3 professions
4611686226267360000 gldImportOfferMessage Localized message to display on the guild import offer dialog.
4611686226309150000 chrReplicatedPlayers List of players that are being replicated to this client
4611686226309150001 chrOracleCloseObjectsTimer Timer for checking if objects are close to the player(tutorial checks).
4611686226309150002 prfReplicatedHarvestables List of harvestables that are being replicated to the this client
4611686226309150005 tutTutorialControlParameter Tutorial specific parameter.
4611686226309150006 tutTutorialEnabled Enabled/disable an individual tutorial.
4611686226317220000 hydPosition
4611686226317410001 hydQueuedScriptId
4611686226317410005 hydQueuedScriptActions A map of hydScriptComponent ID -> Script ID -> List of queued actions
4611686226317410006 hydQueueTimerToQueuedScriptInfo
4611686226317410008 hydQueueProcessingActions Simple boolean to prevent some recursion nastiness while processing queued actions
4611686226317410009 hydQueuedCallbackNode
4611686226317410012 hydQueuedTimerToCallbackInfoList
4611686226317410013 hydQueueProcessingCallbacks
4611686226320720000 mpnMetadataFullFQN Entire metadata field of a mapnote, represented as a FQN
4611686226320720002 mpnMetadataInt The first (or only) entry in the mapnote metadata field, represented as an Integer.
4611686226320720003 mpnMetadataID The second entry in the mapnote metadata field. Can be 0
4611686226320940002 chrCurrency Assorted currency values accrued by an entity. Index = SimpleID representing currency type, Value = amount
4611686226320940005 chrCurrencyData The currency details of all currency listed in the chrCurrencyTable datatable, indexed by their simpleID.
4611686226320940006 chrCurrencySimpleIDMap Mapping of item IDs representing currency to their simpleIDs
4611686226320940007 chrCurrencyDetailsItemSpec The Item Spec of the item that represents this currency.
4611686226320940008 chrCurrencyDetailsDisplayOrder Indicates the position this currency should take in the list of displayed currencies. 0=top...99=bottom
4611686226320940009 chrCurrencyDetailsAlwaysVisible True if this currency should always be displayed in the GUI. False if it should only display when entity has some.
4611686226320940011 chrCurrencyDetailsMaxValue The maximum amount of this currency that can be held by an entity.
4611686226320940014 chrCurrencyPrototype Static cache of the currency table
4611686226324190000 mapPageMapTagSIds Map tags as SIDs.
4611686226324190001 mapCurrentTriggerTagSId Trigger tad stable ID for current map player is in.
4611686226324190002 mpnTagSIdToNoteLookup List of map notes for each map tag SId.
4611686226324190003 mpnParentMapList_Tag SId of parent map tag.
4611686226324190004 qstTaskMapLink AreaId + mapNameSId + submapNameSId of the location of this mission task (for map breadcrumb system).
4611686226325230001 qstCompanionOverrideStatus quest step override companion status
4611686226325230002 qstCompanionOverrideVariableId quest step override companion status if this variable is true
4611686226325230003 qstCompanionOverridePhaseId quest step override companion status if player is in this phase
4611686226325230005 qstCompanionOverrideNameSID quest step override companion name
4611686226325230006 qstCompanionOverrides all companion overrides for this quest step
4611686226326380001 chrCompanionMasterPerCompanionData List indexed by companion number of per companion data
4611686226326380002 chrPerCompanionEquipment Companion equipment container
4611686226331340000 optEffectiveFloatValues Cache for effective option values while editing in the preferences window.
4611686226331340001 optEffectiveBooleanValues Cache for effective option values while editing in the preferences window.
4611686226343220000 cnvControllerMultiStartNodeIndex the index of the start node
4611686226343220001 cnvJoinOrganizerRequiresAll whether the entire group is required to start a conversation (except non-blocking members)
4611686226452830000 qstHolocomAnswerId Stores id of holocom call being answered
4611686226452830001 cnvMissionBoardSelectedQuests Selected quest ids
4611686226452830002 chrMapNoteQuestList
4611686226452830003 cnvRewardQuest The quest that will receive rewards
4611686226457330000 titleCodex Codex entry to unlock when the title becomes available
4611686226561140000 scLastQuest The active space combat quest
4611686226567930000 pvpToggleFlagTime Time for unflagging in a safe region with no pvp activity
4611686226587350000 cnvCameraList List of all hydra cameras for the this conversation
4611686226591990000 csrPendingTicketBody Holds on to ticket body until the user confirms the ticket.
4611686226603180000 mpnTaxiTerminalBreadcrumbTextList Breadcrumb text is stored here for the taxi map taxi icons. It's here because the taxi terminals are prototypes, so I can't put the text there...
4611686226605440002 phsAccessibleInstancesForQuest accessible instances for quests and playmodes for a particular step
4611686226605440003 qstShareRequestQuestId
4611686226605440004 qstPendingRewardsQuestId Quest ID of the pending rewards
4611686226605440005 qstStateParentQuestId only valid for Bonus Quests. Tracks the parent quest which granted this bonus quest
4611686226614200000 chrCurrencyDetailsDistributeAsCash True if, when dropped, this currency is distributed evenly amongst players. False to follow regular loot behavior
4611686226694240004 mapIconAllowOnExtraMaps Can this icon only draw on the map it's in, or on parent maps as well?
4611686226694240005 rnidFQN FQN of the NPC Spec for this remote NPC.
4611686226694240006 ablTryAgainTimer Timer to try adding a map icon for this trainer later, when the area is ready.
4611686226694240007 rnidAblPackageSpecList For ability trainers, list of package spec IDs for this trainer.
4611686226694240008 vndTryAgainTimer Callback timer, to init vendor map icons again later (when the area is loaded enough for it to work this time).
4611686226707510001 phsScaledFx The scaled fx that appears over a phase gateway.
4611686226707510002 phsUnscaledFx The unscaled fx that appears over a phase gateway.
4611686226707510003 phsGatewayFxList Handles setting up the collision and fx of a phase gateway
4611686226707510004 phsCollisionStatePerInstance A cached value of whether the volumes for the a given phased instance have collision turned on or not.
4611686226709170000 stbCallbackMap callback scripts for Binary String Table load notifications
4611686226709170001 stbIsLoaded load state of binary string tables
4611686226709170002 stbLoadStateMap binary string table load state
4611686226721820000 cnvBaseFxaListProto Reference to the prototype that holds the base set of FXAs
4611686226903740000 dcvStaminaThreshold Stamina threshold
4611686226903740001 dcvStaminaDecay Stamina spent per second
4611686226941400000 cnvRewardCreditType The type of the converstion reward credits
4611686226948880001 qstPendingNonItemRewards Non-item pending rewards
4611686227015390000 rddRaidInformationPrototype Static reference to the raid information prototype
4611686227277540001 qstTimerLength Length of time the timer should be set for
4611686227277540002 qstTimerStart When the timer was last started
4611686227277540003 qstActiveTimerExpirationsPrev Previous quest timer values from replication
4611686227316560000 utlStaticInitialized Whether $STATIC has been initialized
4611686227593750000 magDebugUtilLoadDelayTimer A timer for introducing an arbitray delay to let assets load.
4611686227593750002 magDebugUtilModels Maps MAG asset FQNs to model instances
4611686237767290040 scCamUp Whatever direction is up for the player ship camera at the moment
4611686237767290041 scHorizonAlignment Amount of degrees necessary to align our ship to the horizon level
4611686237812370096 chrCurrencyDetailsShowInGUI Whether or not this currency should ever appear in the Currency GUI.
4611686237812370097 chrCurrencyCache Client-side cache of currency data to identify deltas during replication update events.
4611686237954100040 vehBoneName The name of a bone on a vehicle
4611686237986130040 chrCompanionInfo_appearance_class effective character class of the companion for item appearance purposes
4611686237986130041 chrCurrencyDetailsGroupToken true if this currency should drop for each member of the party
4611686237986130042 chrSocialScoreTierAchieveMessageId string id for social tier achievement message
4611686237992280041 chrAdvancedClass_Cached Cached value for the chrAdvancedClass to use to compare during replication_update
4611686238090090054 conCurrencyGrantedImmediately The amount of currency granted immediately to the player upon opening the container.
4611686238100240040 itmConsumedOnUse whether item is consumed on use
4611686238115720040 tutPhaseLookupList
4611686238115720042 tutorialPhaseListTablePrototype Table of the tutorial phase list.
4611686238119270040 cssCanDeleteCharacters True if player is allowed to delete characters. Can be false while deletions are being processed.
4611686238139630040 cnvControllerMultiSelections list of nodes played by the conversation
4611686238139630041 cnvControllerMultiCurrentSelection current entry from cnvControllerMultiSelections being played
4611686238304840718 chrPlayerCharacterSocialHandicap Small boost for people bad at social interactions.
4611686238304840719 itmMarkedAsLootableByOnly The ID of the character allowed to loot this from the hopper. Different from itmEligibleLootCharacters as this value only indicates who can pick it up, not who it can eventually be given to.
4611686238304840721 chrPlayerCharacterSocialHandicapFlatBonus A flat stacking bonus added to a player's roll for each consecutive conversation loss
4611686238321900831 cssMustRenameLegacy
4611686238391541110 phsRaidLockoutMaskPerDifficulty Raid lockout mask for each difficulty level.
4611686238402461262 chrCompanionSpecMap Mapping of companion spec overrides to their base spec
4611686238402461263 chrCompanionSpecMapPrototypeHandle Prototype containing mapping of overridden companion specs to base specs
4611686238502172255 grpWorldPhaseConflict True if the group invitee has world phases that conflict with existing group members.
4611686238627792312 scDebugClientFireFlag client-fire debug flag as bit-field
4611686238816092311 _dfPriority Priority of the FX
4611686238816092312 _dfChannel Stacking Channel for the FX
4611686238876022311 phsPhaseGuest Denotes that this entity is a guest in a phase. Guests do not have all the rights a normal phase occupant has.
4611686238934852314 itmRequiredAlignmentInverted True if the required alignment tier restriction is inverted such that any tier not at or above the restricted tier is valid
4611686238934852317 itmEnhanceableCache_RequiredAlignmentInverted Cached modified item required alignment is inverted
4611686239021552311 phsUniqueActiveFlashpointDifficulty The difficulty setting of this unique active phase, valid only if it is a flashpoint.
4611686239048472311 EMPTYDIALOGNODE empty version of the node
4611686239048472312 EMPTYLINKNODE empty version of the node
4611686239048472313 cnvInstanceTreePrototype noderef of the conversation tree for this instance
4611686240382310004 gdrCharSourceCompanion Source companion number for this dressing room character
4611686240382310008 guiDressingRoomCharacter Current dressing room character
4611686241840920000 taxTeleportObjId ID of an object instance in the area. If this value is not empty, then the player is teleported to the lcoation of this object instead of flying along a path.
4611686244422020001 scAttemptedProtonTarget True if we were tracking a proton target, in spite of whether we lost it or not
4611686244428860000 frInitialSelections The initial selections for the character when they entered the facial reconstruction panel
4611686244428860001 plcIsFaceClinic Tells if this will have a facial reconstruction clinic component attached
4611686244647470001 conContainerSlot_db Slot index for containable entities (required for db adapter)
4611686244754020000 qstQuestDefinitionFqnId ID based on FQN hash
4611686244754020001 qstVariableFqnIds List of variable FQN hash IDs
4611686244754020002 qstSharedQuestIdToFqnIdMap map from QuestId to FQN hash ID
4611686244754020004 qstVariableFqnId unique identifier of a quest variable definition using fqn hash id of parent quest
4611686244754020005 qstVariableDefinitions loaded quest variable definitions
4611686244754020006 qstCachedGlobalCompanionVars
4611686244754020007 qstCachedCompanionTrackerVars cached list of postfix variables for companions per character class
4611686244754020008 qstCachedCompanionVarsToCompanion map of companion quest variables to companion number
4611686244754020009 qstCachedCompanionVarsToPostfix map of companion quest variables to companion variable postfix
4611686244754020010 qstCachedCompanionVarsByClass map of companion variables by class
4611686244754020014 qstActiveQuestsList currently active quests
4611686244754080001 chrCompanionTableTrackerCompanion
4611686244754080002 chrCompanionTableTrackerFaction
4611686244754080003 chrCompanionTableTrackerGlobal
4611686244754080005 cnvNodeQuestHooks List of quests that have any sort of quest hook when traveling down this starting node of a conversation branch
4611686244754080006 cnvActionQuest the quest the the hook belongs to
4611686244754080007 qstActiveQuestsListRepPrevious temporary cope of the last qstActiveQuests lists until replication gets deltas
4611686244754080008 mpnDynamicallyAddedMapNotesFromQuests list of quest IDs, for quests that have added dynamic map notes
4611686244754080009 qstLinkVariableTarget target variable of a link
4611686244754080012 qstVariables variables owned by a quester
4611686244754080013 qstConversationVariables conversation variables owned by a quester
4611686244754080014 qstPermanentIntVariables lookuplist of permanent integer variables
4611686244754080015 qstSuspendedRepeatList set of repeatable quests that are on cooldown
4611686244754080018 qstBonusSharableIdToShadow Bonus quest IDs of groupmates (ones that you don't have) mapped to their shadow (to obtain position info later)
4611686244754080019 qstShareRequestList
4611686244754080020 qstActiveTimers lookuplist indexed by quest id of times for active timers
4611686244754080023 qstFailedQuestsRepPrevious
4611686244754080030 qstCnvHookQuestId
4611686244765300003 brkEventMap
4611686244767570001 ablUnverifiedActivations Map with pending ability activation requests that have not yet been confirmed by the server
4611686244767570002 effCurrentAppearanceSpec Spec id for the current casting appearance
4611686244767570003 effCurrentAppearanceRequest Request id for the current casting appearance
4611686244767570004 effEventDoNotCancel If this flag is set the casting apperance will not be canceled even if the server tells the client to do so.
4611686244777000000 rddInformationIndexToRaidId map from raid index number to raid prototype id
4611686244777000002 rddRaidIndex rdd asset index
4611686244777000003 phsRaidBossLockouts Dictionary from raid index to lockout structure
4611686244778450001 scFormationLeader The leader of the current formation
4611686244778450002 scParent The parent vehicle we MUST be parented to
4611686244778450003 scChildren Ships which are attached to or moved by this ship
4611686244844110000 brkSummonQueue
4611686244902420001 scBlasterQueueMinTime The minimum time left before the next blaster impact
4611686244921010001 qstComplexVariableExpressionCompiled postfix compiled expression for complex variable
4611686244921010002 cnvActionExpressionCompiled postfix compiled expression
4611686244921010003 cnvConditionPreviewCompiled postfix compiled condition for when previewing
4611686244921010004 cnvConditionCompiled postfix compiled condition
4611686244921010005 qstReqExpression variable expression representing the completed or currently on quest requirements
4611686244965040003 rnidPosition Location of the NPC.
4611686244965040004 rnidObjectId ID of the NPC.
4611686244965040005 vndListRemoteVendors List of all vendors on the area server, replicated to each client.
4611686244965040006 ablListRemoteTrainers List of all ability trainers on the area server, replicated to each client.
4611686244965040007 prfListRemotePrfTrainers List of all prf trainers on the area server, replicated to each client.
4611686244967040000 phsNormalModeAccessQuestIDs IDs of all quests that grant NORMAL MODE access to this flashpoint.
4611686244969940001 hydQueuedScriptOwner
4611686244969940002 hydQueuedPrototypeId
4611686244969940003 arbProcessingHydraHooksReference
4611686244970440000 hydPendingQueueTimerToQueuedScriptInfo
4611686244970440001 hydPendingQueuedTimerToCallbackInfoList
4611686244970440002 hydPendingTimeToRuntimeExecutionIdMap
4611686244974120000 cnvBaseFxaMap Maps a char spec to a base FXA
4611686244988230000 dcvMinimumQueueLevel Minimum level needed to queue for warzones
4611686244997090000 cnvJoinOrganizerPhaseId id of the phase that the conversation owner is in
4611686245036440000 chrBackgroundUtilityToBackground Maps quest utility variables background fqns for qst.misc.utility checks
4611686245047800001 currentHyperlink Current Hyperlink Object being displayed
4611686245059810000 cnvNodeQuestGrants List of quests that can start when traveling down this starting node of a conversation branch
4611686245059810001 cnvNodeQuestEnds list of quests that can end when traveling down this starting node of a conversation branch
4611686245059810002 cnvNodeQuestProgress list of quests that can progress when traveling down this starting node of a conversation branch
4611686245113400000 cdxTypeStyleType Visual style of codex
4611686245116930000 hydQueueProcessingRefCounter
4611686245116930001 hydQueuePendingTimeRemovalList
4611686245116930002 hydQueuePendingCallbackTimeRemovalList
4611686245116930003 hydQueueProcessingCallbackRefCounter
4611686245133230001 qstStepJournalEntryStringIdList journal entry to add on step completion
4611686245204840001 phsScaledFxHandle The handle of the scaled fx that plays on a gateway.
4611686245204840002 phsUnscaledFxHandle The handle of the unscaled fx that plays on a gateway.
4611686245292980000 guiSSFailedConnect is the client returning here because of a shard error and disconnect
4611686245311100000 rnidIconOnExtraMaps Should this remote NPC only show a map icon on the map that the NPC is in?
4611686245311100001 mpnShowUntrackedMissionNotes Should we show mapnotes for missions that are not tracked?
4611686245325250505 qstStepClientOnlySpawnerStateVariableId COS variable id for QM
4611686245327260001 qstTaskAutoCompleteVariable Variable that will cause this task to automatically complete
4611686245341980000 tgtPrimaryTargetID_client Client authoritative primary target ID. Only used on client.
4611686245349170003 cnvFxeLoaderFacialAnimPendingCount Count of FXEs that are still pending. Conversation can't start until this hits 0
4611686245544790000 grpMapNoteList Local cache of map notes indexed by FQN SID such that given an SID we can lookup what group members have the map note.
4611686245544790001 mapFoWLastMiniMapSId Map name stable ID of the mini map last time FoW masks were updated.
4611686245601370001 effIsPaused A boolean indicating if a effect duration is paused or not.
4611686245656190000 mpnDoNotDisplayOnMinimap Do we want this note to show up on the minimap?
4611686245661950037 scFiringDelay Delay to fire first shot
4611686245679750001 itmRequiredValorRank valor rank required to equip the item
4611686245679750002 itmEnhanceableCache_RequiresValor cached modified item flag for if it has a valor requirement
4611686245679750003 itmEnhanceableCache_RequiredValorRank cached modified item required valor rank
4611686245745640000 staCharacterCanRotate Whether the staCharacterComponent can rotate or not.
4611686245750220098 ippVOSoundTypeOverride Sound set override for this appearance. If provided, will be used in place of the item's assigned sound set.
4611686245760280008 vehBoneModelMap Maps vehicle models spec ids to their bone data.
4611686245760280010 vehBoneDataPrototype Reference to the vehicle bone data prototype.
4611686245784050001 vehBoneDataMap Maps bone names to bone data
4611686245827200000 phsOwnerOfShipToBeBoarded When travelling to a ship, this specifies the owner of the ship phase.
4611686246196570000 guiHoloCamDelayTimer
4611686246203700000 guiQuickTravelMapInitialized True if the Quick Travel map has initialized world map coordinates.
4611686246203700001 guiQuickTravelDataInitialized True if the Quick Travel map has initialized bindpoint data.
4611686246204860000 qstCategoryDisplayName Quest category display name
4611686246213320000 chrPetIsVanity Is this a vanity pet?
4611686246215360002 appAlignComplexion complexion model ID
4611686246215360003 appAlignHue skin palette hue multiplier for alignment change
4611686246215360004 appAlignSat skin palette saturation multiplier for alignment change
4611686246215360005 appAlignBright skin palette brightness multiplier for alignment change
4611686246215360006 appAlignCont skin palette contrast multiplier for alignment change
4611686246215360007 appAlignmentAppearanceProto Prototype for appAlignmentAppearanceData
4611686246224010001 stbLoadState STB load tracking
4611686246224010003 guiGfxLoadingStringTableTimer a timer to tick for detection of when string tables finishing loading
4611686246225250000 stbTableList list of fqn names as loaded from Manifest
4611686246230870000 csrLiveChatStartTime Time at which CSR started chat. Used to indicate pending CSR chat in GUI
4611686246230870001 csrLiveChatActive Indicates that a live chat is underway
4611686246256580002 scAcceleration Previous Acceleration used to sync to server position
4611686246272900002 chrCurrencyCategoryDetailsDisplayOrder The position the category should be displayed 0=top...99=bottom
4611686246272900004 chrCurrencyCategoryData Currency Category details of all the categories listed in the chrCurrencyCategoryTable datatable indexed by simple_id
4611686246272900005 chrCurrencyCategoryPrototype Static cache of the currency category table
4611686246272900006 chrCurrencyDetailsCategorySimpleId The simple id that references a category in chrCurrencyCategoryTable for which each currency is assigned to
4611686246272900007 chrCurrencyCategoryDetailsLocId The localization id for the currency category as referenced by the string table str.sys.currencycategory
4611686246277650000 chrSummaryAlignmentDark Dark alignment level of the player
4611686246277650001 chrSummaryAlignmentLight Light alignment level of the player
4611686246298760000 chrClassDataAdvancedQuestID This is the ID of the advanced class quest FQN set in the chrAdvancedClassTable datatable
4611686246337530130 cdxFactionToClassToPlanetToCategoryLookupList Used to obtain the list of categories for each (planet+faction+class).
4611686246431350000 mpnBindpointsMap IDs of all bindpoint mapnote FQNs, indexed by their associated variable ID from the bindpoints global quest.
4611686246431350002 mpnBindpointsPrototype Cached reference to bindpoints prototype.
4611686246443690001 conContainerType type of persistent container (required for db)
4611686246486300000 cnvChoreographerNpcSpecIds map of npc specs used by the initial node
4611686246486300001 cnvChoreographerLoadBlockingNode conversation node that the choreographer blocks on waiting for delayed actors
4611686246486300002 cnvChoreographerPlayerReferenced are the players used by the initial node of the conversation
4611686246487410000 dynPreviewUseSelectedSpawner Whether or not the previewer should try to use the selected spawner when beginning preview
4611686246489530000 mpnBindpointsReverseMap Client-only reverse mapping of variable IDs from the bindpoints global quest, indexed by mapnote FQN ID.
4611686246492530001 socLFGRepPrevious
4611686246742660001 cmdConditions List of restricted conditions for command
4611686246742660002 cmdIsPublic Boolean indicating whether slash command is public
4611686246742660003 cmdIsCsr Boolean indicating whether the command is for CSR
4611686246742660004 cmdIsCohort Boolean indicating whether the command is for cohort
4611686246742660005 cmdScript Script name where the appropriate command is going to be executed
4611686246742660006 cmdHasWorldFlag Boolean indicating whether world flag exists for the command or not
4611686246742660007 cmdDisallowPartialMatch Boolean indicating whether partial match should be not allowed for a command or not
4611686246742660010 cmdClientCommandToParams Lookup list indexed by the command to it's params
4611686246780380001 sysCurrentLogoMovie Current intro movie being played
4611686246780380002 sysWasFromLaunch Cached parameter passed to ShowShardSelect
4611686246783360000 csrMessageOfTheDayKBID Id of the KB Article to be displayed in the message of the day section.
4611686246784220000 scPlayingEffects List of attached effects running on this ship
4611686246807690000 scBaseFacingDirection The base direction in which this ship is facing
4611686246940640000 chrCharacterNameToID Map of character names to character ids
4611686246968630003 cnvAlienSubtitlesSecondsPerWord A lookuplist that stores how long alien VO subtitles should stay up in seconds per word
4611686246968630004 dcvConversationPrototype Designer constant values prototype reference for conversation system
4611686247017230000 cnvCurrentDebugBodyType Debug body type as set by SetPlayerSpec
4611686247038860002 lgcAccountLegacySurname The legacy name, set by the player when they unlock the legacy.
4611686247038860003 lgcAccountLegacyLevel The legacy level for this account + server / character.
4611686247038860004 lgcAccountLegacyXp The legacy xp for this account + server / character.
4611686247072770000 pltCollidingChars
4611686247072770009 chrBehaviorStatePlatform
4611686247072770010 chrBehaviorStatePlatformOffset
4611686247072770012 chrPlayerMoveState_PlatformOffset
4611686247133420000 mapIconPos Position of the map icon
4611686247133420001 mapIconTypeStr Icon type in string form.
4611686247133420002 mapIconFullDrawState Should this icon draw on the large map?
4611686247133420003 mapIconMiniDrawState Should this icon draw on the minimap?
4611686247179240000 chrPlayerMoveState_Platform
4611686247188850000 chrSpecHeightOffset Variable offset used to adjust camera in paperdoll view to frame this character.
4611686247209800000 cmdClientSlashCommandsTableProto Client slash commands datatable prototype cache
4611686247209800001 cmdFunction Function to be invoked via the table
4611686247209800002 cmdInputParam Player input string passed as param
4611686247209800004 cmdCallScriptParamsNode Used to pass params for cmd call scripts
4611686247258860000 phsHardModeAccessQuestIDs IDs of all quests that grant HARD MODE access to this flashpoint.
4611686247260510000 bnkActiveTabIndex Index of the currently active bank tab.
4611686247269980001 itmEnhancementExtractionCosts costs to extract item mods based on quality and level
4611686247269980002 itmEnhancementExtractionCostsPrototype prototype for item mod extraction costs
4611686247275220000 scDeathYPRDPS The degrees of yaw, pitch, and roll to apply per second on death
4611686247275220002 scDeathVeer The amount of veer to apply on death
4611686247282040001 ablUserCacheIsFrozen Is frozen by login immunity, conversation state, holocall state, etc.
4611686247306370001 cssLegacyName
4611686247405460000 cnvTreeRootNode_Prototype the root node information from the tree
4611686247413660002 cnvFxeLoaderMountStateMap Maps FXE names to specific char specs so they can be bound together
4611686247413660003 cnvFxeLoaderLoadStateMap Maps FXE names to load state
4611686247415380000 scLowestFPS
4611686247433090000 guiLoadingStagesPrototype Prototype of loading screen stage progress data.
4611686247433090001 guiLoadingStageProgress cached loading progress for each stage of loading into an area. Necessary, because we receive updates from multiple systems at a time, and data must be consolidated to show a single status update
4611686247443240002 chrLegacyDisplay Legacy display option
4611686247459340000 conSlottedBeingCreated Indicates that the container is executing its Replication_Created behavior
4611686247534080000 scDebugClientFireOnly debug flag for turning off server AI firing
4611686247664520001 chrNPCGenderComplete npc gender, including proper and improper, and Neutral genders
4611686247751560001 scCPOTracked flag to indicate that this node has been registered with the client promixity octree (CPO) system and is being tracked
4611686247888620002 grpMemberFlashpointAccess A map indexed by phased instance naame ID of all flashpoints this group member has access to, and whether it is normal or hard mode acceess
4611686250009090000 scParentBoneID ID of the parent bone this node is attached to
4611686250017470000 scPreviousSyncTime
4611686250017470001 scAccumulatedTime
4611686250017470002 scExtrapolationDelta
4611686250017470003 scPathErrorTrend
4611686250017470005 scServerMultiplierTrend
4611686250017470006 vehSplineSpeedList list of spline node speeds for quick access
4611686250060290000 vehEmptyAppearanceData For returning a default vehAppearanceDataTemplate reference
4611686250060290001 vehEmptyBoneModelData For returning a default vehBoneModelData reference
4611686250072890000 appAlignEye Eye model to use for this alignment
4611686250072890001 appModelSithComplexion1 Model ID of first Sith Corruption complexion to use for this model
4611686250072890002 appModelSithComplexion2 Model ID of first Sith Corruption complexion to use for this model
4611686250079470001 effEmptyAction For returning a default effAction reference
4611686250171520000 spnVehiclePortrait GUI image of the ship, if any
4611686250171520001 spnVehicleDamagePortrait GUI image for the vehicle when damaged, if any
4611686250198740000 ldgOverlayName The asset name of the Flash overlay with localized text.
4611686250205590031 lgcLegacyRelationshipWithCharID Char ID of the character in the legacy that this character has a relationship with.
4611686250205590032 lgcLegacyRelationshipType Relationship type (child, friend etc.) between two characters in the legacy.
4611686250208700000 mpnShowBreadcrumbPathLogs When true, debug logs are printed showing how the breadcrumb path was selected.
4611686250208850000 chrMissionPool list of current available missions indexed by profession and tier
4611686250208850001 chrLastMissionPool temporary copy of chrMissionPool to check for delta
4611686250208850002 prfCurrentMissionTier currently selected mission tier in the crew skill available missions
4611686250250090000 appAllowSithAppearance True if this user allows Sith appearances
4611686250250090001 chrPlayerAllowSithAppearance Allow for the pallor and jaundice of sith corruption
4611686250250090002 chrSummaryShowSithAppearance Show sith corruption
4611686250267200026 scDeltaMultiplier client/server desync compensation multiplier for the time delta
4611686250306040002 utlShipUnlockedQuestVariable The quest variable ID indicating the player has acquired his ship.
4611686250353070000 guiLoadingStageCompletionTotals List of all the stages the game passes through while loading the player into an area, and their contribution to the total loading percentage.
4611686250376310000 utlShipInfoPrototype
4611686250376310002 utlShipInfoMap Maps character class ID to info about the player ship for that class.
4611686250399240000 npcHolocomStageId The stage to use for this holocom conversation
4611686250402560000 utlGM_SpaceCombatBreadcrumbQuests List of quest ids that should be breadcrumbed in the tooltip for this space combat mission area.
4611686250406450000 gldNotes Replicated notes (either Member or Officer) regarding a member of the guild.
4611686250406450002 gldOfficerNotesInfo Replicated guild officer notes container.
4611686250406450003 gldMemberNotesInfo Replicated guild member notes container.
4611686250412060000 grpNodeMasterLootItem Item that the master looter of this group is currently contemplating
4611686250412060001 grpNodeMasterLooterContainer ID of the hopper being master-looted from
4611686250432170000 hydNeedsRuntimeToolboxCompilation Tells the hydra runtime to compile the toolbox anytime an action block executes and our last compile time was past a hard coded threshold
4611686250460450002 itmItemSpecialLootOwner This loot is marked specifically for someone, courtesy of the kind raid boss.
4611686250460450003 guiApiGfxShowLootWithOwner Should the next item rendered in the GUI be passed in the destined owner name?
4611686250475470000 prfTierMinimumLevel minimum level per tier
4611686250475470001 prfTierMaximumLevel maximum level per tier
4611686250475470002 prfDisableCritical whether the ability for schematic to have with critical successes is disabled
4611686250475470003 qstComponentReceivedRewardWhileBusy received mission reward, most likely from crafting, during conversation
4611686250542950000 cbtActiveAttitudesList list of active/applied attitudes, which may include those of groupmates. Phases stack on top of the global attitude
4611686250546120001 scHeadingReference Reference world space position for enemy heading
4611686250546120002 scHeadingDirection Ship heading direction
4611686250546120003 scShipQCurrentW Current quaternion frame, float part
4611686250546120004 scShipQCurrentV Current quaternion frame, vector part
4611686250552270000 scDisableClientCPO flag to disable client-side proximity shell system for targetting
4611686250632530000 qstOracleTmpInts Variable IDs of qst.utility.misc.tmp_int*
4611686250634360000 itmSetTableItemDescMailSubjectID The localized string ID for the subject of the mail message sent to the player containing this item
4611686250634360001 itmSetTableItemDescMailMessageID The localized string ID for the message of the mail sent to the player containing this item
4611686250634360212 itmSetTableItemDescMailSenderID The localized string ID of the sender of the mail message sent to the player containing this item.
4611686250677960001 accEntitlementGameInfo The Game Info description of the account entitlement.
4611686250677960002 accEntitlementDateCreated The datetime that this entitlement was created for the account.
4611686250678590000 prfSchematicsLastViewedForTarget The player who was last used to view the schematics of. Generally 0 for the client player.
4611686250704350001 lgcXpDataLevelThreshold How much legacy experience is required to finish a given legacy level.
4611686250704350003 lgcLegacyXpRecords Lookuplist indexed by level. Contains legacy level / experience data, divided by level.
4611686250704350005 lgcLegacyXpDataProto NodeRef of prototype for lgcLevelAndXpData datatable.
4611686250706130001 accountEntitlements List of account entitlements
4611686250773920000 chrDestinationPlanetName The short name of the destination planet.
4611686250824680000 ablCachedAblPlayerVendor Cached noderef to the vendor ability prototype used for calculating distances
4611686250933840000 chrSummaryIsHelmetHidden Mirrored helmet option on the summary for character select
4611686251165580001 chrLegacyUnlockMissionIdList ID of the mission(s) that unlock the Legacy for a player.
4611686251168780000 cnvTreePrototype cnv prototype
4611686251168780001 scVOTreePrototype Reference to the actor's conversation tree
4611686251244340000 dcvCursorOverrideMinDistance The minimum distance (in dekameters) the player needs to be to allow the mouse cursor will 'pass through' non-hostile characters in order to use placeable objects, conversation NPC's, etc.
4611686251334950000 chrUpdateSocialCenterPlayerCountTimer Timer to update the number of players online in this instance, as displayed in the social center GUI.
4611686252060330000 malViewingEscrowID ID of the escrow being viewed
4611686252060330001 malViewingItemServerIds List of server ids of items being viewed.
4611686252060330002 malViewingItemLocalIds List of local ids of items being viewed.
4611686252060770000 itmEnhanceableCache_Calculated Has the enhanceable cache been calculated yet?
4611686252088150000 scVOExternalEventCookie Reference to the currently playing sound
4611686252134110365 itmGenderRequired The gender required to use/equip the item. If set to chrGenderNone, no requirement exists.
4611686252283490000 conEquipmentSlotData_slotRequires class restrictions for this slot
4611686252297580001 kwpTimer debug timer
4611686252297580002 kwpItemList debug list of item specs
4611686252297580003 kwpCharacter debug character
4611686252297580004 ahItemLevel level of item in auction
4611686252297580005 ahItemRarity rarity of item in auction
4611686252297580006 ahItemName composed name of item in auction
4611686252297580007 ahAuctionSearchResults list of auctions received from an auction server search
4611686252521330000 csrPendingTicketCategory Holds on to ticket category until the user confirms the ticket.
4611686252552210000 scClientTargetingArc vehicle targeting arc for client firing
4611686252567000000 shdShardRegion The Region where the server is. Values can be: 1 west 2 east 3 europe, 1-4, 0 means platform returned no value (4 means placeholder)
4611686252954520000 accEntitlementConsumed
4611686253024800000 sysChatReplyTarget previous message sender for /reply
4611686253338080000 chrOldXp Old XP value of the character, so deltas can be detected.
4611686253713580000 wzScoreboardEndTimeStamp Time reference used to calculate how long the warzone has ended for
4611686253713580005 dcvScoreboardReopenTime Time for when to reopen scoreboard at the end of match once it's closed
4611686253713580006 dcvScoreboardWarzoneExitTime Time for when the Exit Warzone will be available after a match end
4611686253727270000 ablCastDuration stores the actual cast time for the current cast in progress
4611686254354850000 contextMenuAdditionalCommands This is a context menu container to group additional commands to help with managing large menus
4611686254510860000 chrPlayerCharacterMovementTetherLeashLength Maximum distance character can move from previous position in one update
4611686256561490000 cbtRewardQuestOnly Characters eligible for quest loot only.
4611686280022760012 cvrVisualizerVisualizingBeforePause
4611686280229540000 csrLiveChatCSRHandle CSR's chat handle
4611686280230380000 chrLegacyData NodeRef to local player's copy of the account legacy data.
4611686280299160000 _BaseClientScriptErrorMessageLabel Label shown a script error is triggered
4611686280299160001 _BaseClientScriptErrorMessageTimer Timer tracking how long to display a script error message GUI
4611686280425360000 cnvPlanetUtilityToName Maps is_on planet varIds to planet names
4611686280437670001 InputCameraZoomTargetActual Float distance from the player I want to zoom to.
4611686280437670003 InputCameraWheelAction Set to true on frames where the mouse wheel is moved.
4611686280510160000 tutTutorialMinLevel Minimum level required for the tutorial to fire
4611686280543120000 effAppPriorityAttackerCast Priority level for attacker anticipation anims
4611686280543120001 effAppPriorityDefenderCast Priority level for defender anticipation anims
4611686280578290000 shdShardLanguage The servers language setting that platform is sending - this value is being passed as a string en, fr, or de
4611686280578290001 shdShardWeight Weight that live team adds for each shard
4611686280579390001 grpInviteStatus The current status of the current invite for the player
4611686280845750001 scVOSecondaryPredicate Alternate predicate in case a better semantic translation is found for certain languages
4611686280846010000 scTubeSizePixels player vehicle spline movement area in screen-space pixels
4611686280846010001 scTubeExtentsDirty player vehicle spline movement area in screen-space pixels
4611686280846010002 scScreenSize cached current screen size
4611686280974910000 optRenderScopeOptionDefaults Map of default values for client render options.
4611686280997560000 spnCLientCosFqnToAnchorRefCount Cos fqn to anchor ref count
4611686281018600007 ahItemSubCategoriesIndexToLocIdMap auction house item subcategory map from subcategory index to subcategory localization id
4611686281018600010 ahItemCategoryLocId auction house item category localization id
4611686281018600012 ahItemCategoriesIndexToCategoryMap auction house item category map from index to category
4611686281285270000 prfMissionLevel effective mission level for mission tier determination
4611686281285270001 prfProfessionLevelToMissionLevel mapping from profession rank to mission level
4611686281389630002 staInputStanceAnimCpId The cached Id of the Input Stance animation control parameter
4611686281389630003 staPendingStanceChange Flag used to keep track of when we are currently in the middle of switching stances.
4611686281555440001 stgActorCurrentHoloState The current hologram state of the stage actor
4611686281557600000 trvAreaInstanceTransferAvailableAt The time at which an area instance transfer is available to the player
4611686281963400000 optOptionValueSets Map of option value sets
4611686281963400001 optIgnoreBucketOptionPrechange When true calls to bucketOptionPrechange are ignored.
4611686281979780000 sysShardSelectionAreaLoaded Area loaded for shard selection
4611686281979780001 sysShardSelectionQueuePosition Queue position of the player when connecting to their currently selected shard
4611686281979780002 sysShardSelectionQueueEstimatedMinutes Estimated minutes in the queue of the player when connecting to their currently selected shard
4611686281979780003 guiShardLoginDialogID login dialogID that is used to notify the player that the client is attempting to login to the server
4611686282075160000 guiApiGfxVars_TimerDialogIDCache Dialog ID for the timer dialog when it is active.
4611686282369680000 guiApiGfxDisplayTimerDialogID An id sent from actionscript to identify the dialog, we can use this to close it and verify that one isn't already opened.
4611686282369680001 guiApiGfxResolutionChangeTimer A timer used to revert the resolution of the game after the user changes it if they don't accept the new resolution.
4611686282369680003 guiApiGfxCurrentResolution The cached string value of the Graphics_Resolution option before it is changed to a new resolution, used to revert back.
4611686282750640000 logoutDialogID A float value returned from actionscript to reference the Logout/Quit dialogs.
4611686282807210000 sysShardSelectionConnectionError The server error code for the connection to occur. This value needs to be saved off in case the server tells us to display the message prior to the UI and external interface registration being ready.
4611686282850770000 csrSquelchTimer Timer for how long the player is squelched
4611686283583700000 sysShardSelectionAccountRegion Region of the player account for shard selection to know which tab to default to
4611686330223730000 ablUserPrecastingItem Ability that the player has activated, but needs to select a target for.
4611686330398610000 spnReplicatedTaxiTerminals Set of replicated taxi terminals
4611686330399300002 cbtArmorDetailsBySpec Maps combat armor specs to their details
4611686330399300003 cbtArmorNameID Name ID for the armor type
4611686330399300004 cbtArmorRequiredAbility The ability required to use this armor type
4611686330399300005 cbtArmorTable Cache of the cbtArmor prototype
4611686330399300006 itmArmorSpec Item armor spec
4611686330399300007 cbtArmorDebugSpecName For debug use only, the spec as human readable string
4611686330399300008 cbtArmorValues Maps spec, quality, level, and slots down to per level data
4611686330399300009 cbtWpnDataRequiredProficiencyName Proficiency name ID
4611686330410540002 plcAlwaysConversablesList List of prototype Ids of always conversables
4611686330410540003 plcAlwaysConversablePlaceablesProto Always conversable placeables prototype cache
4611686330446040000 wzScoreboardWinningTeam The winning team for the warzone.
4611686330446040001 wzScoreboardReopenTimer Timer used to re-open the scoreboard after the user closes it. Used when the warzone has already finished.
4611686330496770000 ahItemSubCategoriesSIDToIndexMap auction house item subcategory map from subcategory stable id to subcategory index
4611686330496770001 ahItemCategoriesSIDToIndexMap auction house item category map from stable id to index
4611686330496770002 ahItemCategorySubCategories auction house item category list of subcategory stable id's
4611686330497320000 tutIsEnabled Field to store the state of if the tutorial system is enabled or not
4611686330513910000 ahItemCategoriesPrototype auction house item categories prototype for static definitions class
4611686330513910001 ahItemSubCategoriesPrototype auction house item subcategories prototype for static definitions class
4611686330727240000 vehLocalPlayer The player character on this client
4611686330727540000 conLockedRef If locked, this references the conSlotLock representing the locked containable
4611686331171640000 cnvDebugDisplayVariantInfo Turn on variant information when playing a line.
4611686331178830000 expandInvDialogID A float value returned from actionscript to reference the expandInvButton.
4611686331178830001 expandBankDialogID A float value returned from actionscript to reference the expandBankButton.
4611686331300930000 socWhoFilters_Filter Stores the entire player search query string associated with the request
4611686331335820001 cnvAttemptingToPlayLine Line we're attempting to paly through FaceFx, used to catch bad FaceFx data
4611686331340250000 prfOracleTrainersNeedRefresh Flags that the map trainer list needs a refresh
4611686331592870000 scCameraFOV Player Vechile Camera FOV Setting
4611686331783910002 socCachedWhoList cache of the last who list received
4611686331853780000 scIsMissionActive Whether the Space Combat mission on this client is still active
4611686331981570000 scIsFriendly Whether this ship is on the same faction as the local player
4611686332045050006 scHasActivated Whether this vehicle has been activated yet.
4611686332081110000 chrLegacyLevel Cached copy of the player's legacy level, which can be seen by anyone looking at this player.
4611686332081110001 chrLegacyXp Cached copy of the player's legacy xp, which can be seen by anyone looking at this player.
4611686332081110002 chrLegacySurname Cached copy of the player's legacy surname, which can be seen by anyone looking at this player.
4611686332315960095 chrPlayerCharacterMovementTetherAnchorPosition Anchor point to limit player movement
4611686333055220000 mpnBreadcrumbMaxPathDist Optimization: Longest path found so far, so we can ignore all other paths that are longer than this one.
4611686333055220001 mpnShowBreadcrumbFullPathLogs Do we want the optimized path spam, or unoptimized full path spam?
4611686333609040000 sysCharacterSelectionMaxCharacterLimit Max character limit being passed in from server for the maximum amount of characters an account can create
4611686333609040002 sysCharacterSelectionCurrentCharacterCount An accounts current character count
9223372036862520158 guiApiAbilityValidityTimer elapsed
9223372036862520197 ablUserCacheRange range
9223372036862520254 guiActionNotUsable
9223372036862520255 guiActionOutOfRange
9223372036862520256 guiActionCooldownActive
9223372036865369663 effCasterId id of entity that applied the effect
9223372073786570004 chrSummaryCharacterId
9223372073786570005 chrSummaryName
9223372073786570007 chrSummaryLevel
9223372073786570010 chrSummaryAreaId
9223372073786570023 sysCharacterSelectionSummaryNodes
9223372073786570046 ccsDisplayCharacterNode The displayed character node in character creation
9223372074108170013 ccsCreationSummary Summary data for the new character to create
9223372074163170000 chrSummaryId
9223372074258670003 ccsGUISelections Cached GUI selections used to determine other options
9223372077211970000 effEmptyTagList
9223372077243570005 gldActiveGuildmasterID ID of the guildmaster with which the player is interacting.
9223372077243570007 gldName Name of the guild.
9223372077245472423 tagIDToStringMap
9223372077245472424 tagTablePrototype
9223372077281270000 chrBugPendingTakeScreenshot
9223372077309170012 bugTopicsDefault
9223372077354570005 svEvtIsVisible
9223372077496870000 gldMemberGuildName Name of a player character's current guild.
9223372077496870003 gldMembers Mapping of character ID to corresponding guild-specific data for the member.
9223372077681818800 chrCharacter_lastTransactionId
9223372077701934000 chrPlayerMoveState_LastTransactionID
9223372077701934001 chrCharacter_blockingTransactionID


id name description
16140901467785650648 NAMEPLATES nameplates
16140902197718763254 ENCOUNTER System node for operations to be performed on Encounters
16140902511256803442 EFFECT_EVENT
16140904361855852306 VEHICLE Vehicle oracle node
16140907336928020649 Options
16140909359845123981 ANIM
16140909971415700524 HUD the hud singleton
16140911740402292040 CBTCHOR chor
16140912627936949045 GROUP player grouping
16140919504170490196 ProtoProjectorInstance
16140926329302867064 TAXI
16140927172745007481 DRESSINGROOM Item preview dressing room system prototype
16140928925787470218 QA_VM_TEST game virtual memory metrics test
16140934200749932645 HYPERLINKS Hyperlinks Singleton
16140934847576712425 ProtoFxPlaceableInstance
16140943636100329568 CHARACTER
16140947887215263164 HYDRA Client and server hydra oracle prototype
16140948185743222568 DDRAW
16140951750733579691 PATH Interface to the path system
16140955992251075344 Cursor
16140957773096139268 tst_CowFields behavior defined in tst_CowNodes script
16140959448839310353 CSR System prototype for csrOracle
16140963602465922356 GALAXYMAP
16140963848065807230 QAT
16140965090746563853 PARRY_LOCKS pl
16140965934455370117 CHAR_MOVE_AUTO_TEST
16140969345623948287 QA_
16140971979979433430 ProtoRoomBoundInstance
16140974764889993528 QA
16140978101905443277 CHAR_GROUNDING_DEBUG2
16140978140237620725 GUI System node for GUI constructors, utilities, and whatnot
16140979006004922105 QA_FPS_TEST Static frames per second metrics test
16140980430864209268 SKYNET skynet
16140981364197376728 CHAR_MOVE_DEBUG
16140982128407067236 FXSYSTEM Object used to launch Fx ont he client
16140982538980841668 HOTSPOT
16140982650859751629 QA_MOVEDRIVER
16140982734369362127 CONSTANTS System node with constant comparison stuff.
16140984435202750444 ALERT Server methods for opening client alert GUIs.
16140985436053997068 MOVE_AUTO_TEST
16140986380218023408 CNVAMBIENT
16140986723652238959 COVER cover
16140987498287280158 CHAT
16140993116457905562 QA_MOVETEST qaMoveTest
16140998848538163287 BASECLIENT Prototype from which a node is created on reference by the system varaible, licensees may glom a class onto this prototype to override/extend callbacks from the C engine.
16140999031450160116 MAP
16141002589037048913 SPACECOMBAT
16141004753967211506 BEHAVE2 BEHAVE
16141005099117414990 FLYTEXT desc
16141005537109064181 ProtoPortalInstance
16141008477878229751 CONTAINER
16141008614686640661 ITEM
16141010361901252896 COMPANION Companion oracle
16141011492731940063 LOADING loading
16141012868624818349 MAIL Mail oracle for in game email
16141015984289638169 GRUNTS
16141019745737525101 CONTROL controls
16141020332315262369 CHARACTERCREATIONSYSTEM Holds necessary data about the character creation system
16141022180237260378 STATIC system node to hold any 'static' variables for other classes
16141023112002775963 jwwCombat jww
16141025696891777027 SOCIAL Social Systems Prototype (Who List, Friends, Ignore, etc.)
16141026023966054588 APPEARANCE System node for NPC and item appearance data
16141026165165835286 TIMER timer system node
16141027762354156439 CONVERSATION the conversation oracle
16141028275623282516 MUSIC
16141029381752732245 TextureRegistry Keeps track of texture size information for future reference
16141032827649006319 CSR_CSPORTAL Indicates that unread messages are available.
16141034445134103935 EFFECT Effect Oracle
16141038257846029804 PHASE Phase manager system node.
16141040342840735474 chorCamera conversation choreographer camera
16141043115955802057 ABILITY Abilities Oracle
16141048872603209521 QUEST
16141049130347637491 PHYSICS physics oracle
16141049470237934944 PLACEABLE
16141051807600584672 Travel
16141056721742905150 STRING string table oracle
16141059504097658110 GWS
16141064798915319110 INPUT
16141064899561573808 TRADE
16141067259340445425 PREVIEW System node for preview functionality
16141068947514780623 AreaOrganizer
16141070379062319709 CommandHandler
16141071599214383899 MPH
16141076555833042750 SKILL
16141077518873787878 GUILD $GUILD system prototype for gldOracle.
16141078121647263912 STAGE Stage oracle.
16141080947506032428 COMBATSIMULATOR System node for starting/stopping/managing combat simulations
16141083455118150119 STAGEPREVIEW System node for handling previwing of stages.
16141084959981910730 CHARACTERSYSTEM Prototype from which a node is created on reference by the system varaible, licensees may glom a class onto this prototype to override/extend callbacks from the C engine.
16141085758786117885 TEST test oracle
16141085892377463759 GSS Prototype for the $GSS node.
16141089287345462287 SHARDSELECTIONSYSTEM shard selection
16141090639199259705 GUI_API The GUI API factory
16141093093009395918 PAPERDOLL paperdoll
16141095135729733206 PROFESSION Profession oracle
16141097988070177204 JMA
16141099559086530653 SELECTED_TARGET selected target
16141100339309755783 DATATABLE Datatable Oracle
16141104095477776242 SURVEY SurveyOracle
16141104585138855560 JWW jww debug
16141105665289305397 guiScaleFormGFxProto A permanent version of the prototype previously created by th GUIXML system
16141106123233130413 TRAINER
16141107359218851452 TRANSLATE
16141109078001206754 CombatProfiler
16141109396047505531 VENDOR Vendor oracle
16141110950974401536 CHAR_STAND_DEBUG
16141119776535792304 UTL_MESH meshes
16141121689785174488 Environmental
16141125040755723030 COVER_SETTINGS settings
16141127674883981753 JRB jrb prototype
16141129464067079453 Sound Implements utils for playing sounds
16141137924345361739 TEMPLATE
16141138481412995499 utlProfile
16141139411753011786 SPAWNER
16141141368866312663 MAPNOTE Map note oracle.
16141142124330142790 SOUNDBANK
16141147596277554258 SERVERREQUESTS Holds methods for requesting actions on the server through HeroBlade and the player client.
16141150679581094223 MOVIE Manages movie playback
16141151885539941437 COMBAT
16141157122752535021 DYNPREVIEW The system prototype for DynPreview
16141158217852384596 tst_CowFieldsModified behavior defined in tst_CowNodes script
16141158357759854506 MATCHMAKING Matchmaking system prototype
16141158473526264758 protospnClientInstance System prototype for the client spawner instance
16141160366914497382 CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM System node handling mechanics of selecting a character during the login process.
16141161737989122915 Behave Prototype handling heroengine utilities for communicating behaviors to characters.
16141165843671152738 Debug Debug System
16141174460868579474 BARK Bark oracle
16141176170159912492 QA_TEST_MANAGER manager of automated testing
16141177724552960416 BASECHARCONTROL Prototype from which a node is created on reference by the system varaible, licensees may glom a class onto this prototype to override/extend callbacks from the C engine.