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  • Format Type : Encrypted Text (XML)
  • Endian Order : Little Endian
  • Signature : JC

Format Specifications

// LEV file format (after decrypting)

// header
2 bytes (char) - signature // "JC"
4 bytes (uint32) - decompressed data size

// data
x bytes - data compressed with JCALG1 algorithm

Notes and Comments

  • LEV files occur in some Retro64 games.
  • LEV files are usually compressed and encrypted XML files.
  • LEV files may be encrypted with Bitwise NOT operation.
  • LEV files may be compressed with JCALG / JCALG1 compression method (Algorithm is slightly modified in the Retro64 version - there is no checksum field in the header, so it needs to be added manually as "0" checksum to skip checksum validation and decompress data correctly).


List of games using this file format:

  • Bugatron (PC) (*.LEV)
  • Z-Ball (PC) (*.LEV)

QuickBMS Script

Not written yet.

Compatible Programs

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