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Format Specifications

Pict format 1 is probably a TGA file. The first four bytes are the picture type. The following 18 bytes would be consistent with TGA.

uint32 {4}   - Picture Type (1, 4, 8, etc.)

// Header (18 Bytes)

uint8 {1}&nsbsp;  - ID Length (0)
  This field identifies the number of bytes contained in Field 6, the Image ID Field. The maximum number of characters is 255. A value of zero indicates that no Image ID field is included with the image.

uint8 {1}&nsbsp;  - Color Map Type (1)
  This field indicates the type of color map (if any) included with the image. There are currently 2 defined values for this field:
0 - indicates that no color-map data is included with this image.
1 - indicates that a color-map is included with this image.

uint8 {1}&nsbsp;  - Image Type (1)
  The TGA File Format can be used to store Pseudo-Color, True-Color and Direct-Color images of various pixel depths. Truevision has currently defined seven image types:
0 No Image Data Included
1 Uncompressed, Color-mapped Image
2 Uncompressed, True-color Image
3 Uncompressed, Black-and-white Image
9 Run-length encoded, Color-mapped Image
10 Run-length encoded, True-color Image
11 Run-length encoded, Black-and-white Image

uint16 {2}   - Color Map, First Entry Index (0)
Index of the first color map entry. Index refers to the starting entry in loading the color map.

uint16 {2}   - Color Map, Length(256)
Total number of color map entries included.

uint8 {1}   - Color Map, Entry Size(32)
Establishes the number of bits per entry. Typically 15, 16, 24 or 32-bit values are used.

uint16 {2}   - X-Origin of Image (0)

uint16 {2}   - Y-Origin of Image(0)

uint16 {2}   - Width (512)

uint16 {2}   - Height(256)

uint8 {1}   - Pixel Depth(0)

uint8 {1}   - Image Descriptor, Direction of data storage, see TGA spec for more info(0)

// Color Palette (256 Colors)

// for each color
byte {1}     - Red
byte {1}     - Green
byte {1}     - Blue
byte {1}     - Alpha

// Image Data

// for each pixel
byte {1}     - Palette Index

MultiEx BMS

Not written yet

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