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General information

This utility makes it possible to extract files from and import into different game resource archive formats (GRAFs). Most games use large files in which they save all necessary files. This usually includes sounds, music, graphics, scripts and code. With MultiEx Commander you can open any file that has the same GRAF that MultiEx Commander can handle. Hundreds of games are supported for extraction, and importation is also permitted for many of them, and the number of supported formats is ever increasing! Note that you may not use it on copyrighted GRAFs from actual games without permission of the game developers! You can also ask us to add support for your favourite game.

visit for details on how to get it.


  • Hundreds of games supported, and the number is increasing.
  • EasyMod creates stand-alone mods for you to distribute!
  • Supports MultiEx script, QuickBMS script and all Game Extractor plugins.
  • Create some archives from scratch.
  • Auto-preview of pictures, sounds and text.
  • Create your own scripts using the Scriptor inside or get new ones from the forum!
  • Convert pictures to a format of your choice!
  • Very user-friendly graphical user interface!
  • Online usage only. You need internet.


Official Website

Supported Games

Here the list of all supported games:

MultiEx Commander Supported Games List
Game	Archive	Edit
_Zip Archives_	ZIP	Yes
Battlefield 2	ZIP	Yes
Dethkarz	ZIP	Yes
Empire Earth 2	ZIP	Yes
Empire Earth 2 Demo	ZIP	Yes
Falcon 4	ZIP	Yes
Fire Starter	ZIP	Yes
Freedom Fighters	ZIP	Yes
Hitman 2 Silent Assasin	ZIP	Yes
Hitman Contracts	ZIP	Yes
Universal Combat - A World Apart	ZIP	Yes
Slave Zero	ZIP	Yes
18 Wheels Of Steel - Across America	ZIP	Yes
Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project	ZIP	Yes
Duke Nukem Manhatten Project	ZIP	Yes
18 Wheels Of Steel - Pedal To The Metal	SCS	Yes
Hunting Unlimited 3	SCS	Yes
3d Ultra Pinball	001	Yes
3d Ultra Pinball - Creep Night	001	Yes
3d Ultra Pinball - The Lost Cont	001	Yes
Betrayal At Krondor	001	Yes
Twilight CD	001	No
4x4 Evolution	POD	No
4x4 Evolution 2	POD	No
Blair Witch Project series	POD	No
BloodRayne	POD	Yes
BloodRayne 2	POD	Yes
BloodRayne 2 Demo	POD	Yes
Hoyle Games Demo 2005	POD	Yes
Terminator 3	POD	Yes
Abomination The Nemesis Project	CLT	No
Abomination The Nemesis Project	AWF	No
Action Half-Life	WAD	Yes
Azure Sheep	WAD	Yes
Conquest of the New World	WAD	Yes
Counterstrike	WAD	Yes
Counter-Strike Condition Zero	WAD	Yes
Counterstrike XBox	WAD	Yes
Doom	WAD	Yes
Doom 2	WAD	Yes
FireArms	WAD	Yes
Firestorm - Thunderhawk 2	WAD	No
FrontLine Force	WAD	Yes
Gangsta Wars	WAD	Yes
Half-Life	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Battles of the Millenium	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Blue Shift	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Game of the Year Edition	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Natural Selection	WAD	Yes
Half-Life OppForce	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Poke646	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Rally	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Redemption	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Retribution	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Science And Industry	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Todesangst	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Uplink	WAD	Yes
Half-Life Vampire Slayer	WAD	Yes
Heretic 1	WAD	Yes
Hexen 1	WAD	Yes
MTX Mototrax (BINK Extractor)	WAD	No
Quake 2	WAD	Yes
Star Gate	WAD	Yes
Theme Park World	WAD	No
They Hunger	WAD	Yes
They Hunger Trilogy	WAD	Yes
Thunderhawk	WAD	No
Tombraider 3	WAD	No
Sacrifice	WAD	No
Action Half-Life	PAK	Yes
Airborne Troops	PAK	Yes
Arx Fatalis	PAK	Yes
Azure Sheep	PAK	Yes
Blitzkrieg	PAK	Yes
Blitzkrieg Burning Horizon	PAK	Yes
Blitzkrieg Rolling Thunder	PAK	Yes
Brothers Pilots 4	PAK	Yes
Conquest of the New World	PAK	Yes
Counterstrike	PAK	Yes
Daikatana	PAK	No
Dune 2	PAK	Yes
Far Cry	PAK	Yes
FireArms	PAK	Yes
FrontLine Force	PAK	Yes
Gangsta Wars	PAK	Yes
Gunman Chronicles	PAK	Yes
Half-Life	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Battles of the Millenium	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Blue Shift	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Game of the Year Edition	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Natural Selection	PAK	Yes
Half-Life OppForce	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Poke646	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Rally	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Redemption	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Retribution	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Science And Industry	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Todesangst	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Uplink	PAK	Yes
Half-Life Vampire Slayer	PAK	Yes
Hands Of Fate	PAK	Yes
Heretic 2	PAK	Yes
Hexen 2	PAK	Yes
Kingpin	PAK	Yes
Maximus XV	PAK	Yes
Monte Cristo	PAK	Yes
Outfront	PAK	Yes
Paradise Cracked	PAK	Yes
Perimeter	PAK	Yes
Quake 1	PAK	Yes
Quake 2	PAK	Yes
Search & Rescue 2	PAK	Yes
Search & Rescue 3	PAK	Yes
Sin	PAK	Yes
Skisprung Wintercup 2005	PAK	Yes
Soldier of Fortune	PAK	Yes
Star Gate	PAK	Yes
They Hunger	PAK	Yes
They Hunger Trilogy	PAK	Yes
Trickstyle	PAK	Yes
XPand Rally	PAK	Yes
Alpine Skiing 2006	PAK	Yes
Neocron	PAK	Yes
Soldiers - Heroes of World War II	PAK	Yes
Dead To Right 2 (PS2)	PAK	Yes
Call of Juarez	PAK	Yes
Expedition Trophy	PAK	Yes
Neocron 2 (Compressed)	PAK	Yes
MXvsATVUnleashed	PAK	Yes
Painkiller	PAK	Yes
PuzzleQuestPSP	PAK	No
Actua Soccer 1 audio	MAD	Yes
Actua Soccer 2 audio	MAD	Yes
Actua Soccer 3 audio	MAD	Yes
Against Rome	DAT	Yes
Anachronox	DAT	Yes
Arcanum	DAT	Yes
Defiance	DAT	Yes
Desert Strike	DAT	No
Dune	DAT	No
Empire 2	DAT	No
Gunlock	DAT	No
Imperium Galactica II	DAT	No
Jungle Strike	DAT	No
Kingdom O Magic	DAT	No
Lionheart	DAT	Yes
Outlive	DAT	No
Ricochet Lost Worlds Recharged	DAT	Yes
Ricochet Xtreme	DAT	Yes
Rollercoaster Tycoon Css	DAT	No
Star Wolves	DAT	Yes
Syndicate Wars (SNDCREDS	DAT	Yes
Syndicate Wars (SOUND	DAT	Yes
The Lost Vikings	DAT	No
Theme Hospital	DAT	No
Uplink	DAT	Yes
Wacky Wheels	DAT	No
Backspin Billiard	DAT	Yes
Nexus - The Kindom Of The Winds	DAT	Yes
Moorhuhn Piraten	DAT	Yes
RobotWarsPSP	DAT	No
Age of Empires 2	DRS	No
Age Of Empires MEX3	DRS	No
Star Wars GBG	DRS	Yes
Age of Mythology	BAR	Yes
Age of Mythology The Titans	BAR	Yes
Age_Of_Empires_3	BAR	No
Ajax Club Football 2005	BIG	Yes
C&C Generals	BIG	Yes
C&C Generals Zero Hour	BIG	Yes
Def Jam - Fight For NY	BIG	Yes
FIFA 1999	BIG	Yes
FIFA 2000	BIG	Yes
FIFA 2001	BIG	Yes
FIFA 2002	BIG	Yes
FIFA 2003	BIG	Yes
FIFA 2004	BIG	Yes
FIFA 2005	BIG	Yes
Lord of the Rings BFME	BIG	Yes
NBA 2004	BIG	Yes
NBA 2005	BIG	Yes
NHL 2004	BIG	Yes
NHL 2005	BIG	Yes
UEFA Champions League 2004 - 2005	BIG	Yes
UEFA Euro 2004	BIG	Yes
FIFA 2006	BIG	Yes
Rugby 2005	BIG	Yes
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire	BIG	Yes
EA Cricket 2005	BIG	Yes
NHL 2006	BIG	Yes
Alien Versus Predator 2	REZ	No
Blood 2	REZ	No
Contract J	REZ	No
Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza	REZ	No
I The Gangster	REZ	No
Marine Sharpshooter	REZ	No
Marine Sharpshooter 2 Jungle Warfare	REZ	No
No One Lives Forever	REZ	No
No One Lives Forever 2	REZ	No
Tron 2	REZ	No
World War 2 Normandy	REZ	No
World War 2 Sniper	REZ	No
Alpha Black Zero	ABZ	Yes
American McGees Alice	PK3	Yes
American McGee's Alice	PK3	Yes
Call of Duty	PK3	Yes
Call of Duty United Offensive	PK3	Yes
Heavy Metal F.A	PK3	Yes
Jedi Knight 1	PK3	Yes
Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Academy	PK3	Yes
Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast	PK3	Yes
Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith	PK3	Yes
Medal Of Honor Allied Assault	PK3	Yes
Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough	PK3	Yes
Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead	PK3	Yes
Quake 3	PK3	Yes
Return To Castle Wolfenstein	PK3	Yes
Soldier of Fortune 2	PK3	Yes
Soldier Of Fortune 2 Double Helix	PK3	Yes
Apache Longbow	BLK	No
Arena Wars	TEX	Yes
Arena Wars	DAT	Yes
Armored First 3	PFF	Yes
Commanche 4	PFF	Yes
Delta Force	PFF	Yes
Delta Force 2	PFF	Yes
Delta Force Black Hawk Down	PFF	Yes
Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre	PFF	Yes
Delta Force Extreme	PFF	Yes
Delta Force Landwarrior	PFF	Yes
Delta Force Task Force Dagger	PFF	Yes
F22 Lighting 3	PFF	Yes
F22 Raptor	PFF	Yes
F33 Lightning	PFF	Yes
Joint Operations Escalation	PFF	Yes
Joint Operations Typhoon Rising	PFF	Yes
MIG 26 Fulcrum	PFF	Yes
Ascendancy	COB	No
Axis & Allies	RWD	No
Kohan II Kings of War	RWD	No
Baldur's Gate 1	BIF	No
Baldur's Gate 2	BIF	Yes
Neverwinter Nights	BIF	No
Planescape Torment	BIF	No
Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic	BIF	No
Battle for Naboo	BIN	No
Destruction Derby	BIN	No
Hitman	BIN	No
Need For Speed - Most Wanted	BIN	Yes
Need For Speed - Underground 2	BIN	Yes
Battle Strike - Road to Berlin	DPK	Yes
Project Eearth	DPK	Yes
Space Interceptor	DPK	Yes
Starmageddon	DPK	Yes
Terrorist Takedown	DPK	Yes
Battlefield 1942 Demo	RFA	Yes
Battlespire	BSA	No
Terminator Future Shock	BSA	No
Bionicle	VOL	No
Catwoman	VOL	No
Red Baron 3D	VOL	No
Bionicle	AVL	No
Catwoman	AVL	No
Black&White	SAD	No
SadCom MultiEx (DOS)	SAD	Yes
Blood 1	RFF	Yes
Call To Power	CTP	Yes
Call To Power 2	ZFS	No
Carnivores	CAR	No
Cellblock Squadrons	BOX	Yes
Lemmings Revolution	BOX	No
City of Heroes	PIG	Yes
Close Combat 4	SFX	No
Echelon	SFX	No
Micro Machines 2	SFX	No
Tombraider 3	SFX	No
Worms 1	SFX	No
Ur-Lympiade	SFX	Yes
Close Combat 4	PIX	No
Close Combat 4	AZP	No
Colin McRae Rally	BFL	No
Conflict Freespace	VP 	No
Crusader No Regret	FLX	No
Crusader No Remorse	FLX	No
Cultures	LIB	No
US Marine Fighters	LIB	No
US Navy Fighters	LIB	No
Cyclones	HD 	Yes
Daggerfall	SND	No
Heroes Chronicles Series	SND	Yes
Heroes of Might & Magic 3 Armageddon's Blade	SND	No
Heroes of Might & Magic 3 Restoration of Erathia	SND	No
Heroes of Might & Magic 3 The Shadow of Death	SND	No
Heroes of Might and Magic 3	SND	No
Star Trek (BOTF)	SND	No
Dance Dance Revolution - Ultramix	SNG	Yes
Dark Reign 2	ZWP	No
Deadly Dozen	ZA 	Yes
Deadly Dozen 2 Pacific Theater	ZA 	Yes
Elite Warriors	ZA 	Yes
Line of Sight Vietnam	ZA 	Yes
Def Jam - Fight For NY	VIV	Yes
Euro 2000	VIV	Yes
NBA 2003	VIV	Yes
NBA 2004	VIV	Yes
NBA 2005	VIV	Yes
Need For Speed	VIV	Yes
Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit	VIV	Yes
Need For Speed - Porsche Unleash	VIV	Yes
Need For Speed 1	VIV	Yes
Need For Speed 2	VIV	Yes
Need For Speed 2 SE	VIV	Yes
Need For Speed 3	VIV	Yes
Need For Speed 4 High Stakes	VIV	Yes
Need For Speed 5 Porsche 2000	VIV	Yes
Need for Speed Hot Persuit 2	VIV	Yes
Need for speed Underground 2	VIV	Yes
NHL 2003	VIV	Yes
NHL 2004	VIV	Yes
NHL 2005	VIV	Yes
Starlancer	VIV	Yes
UEFA Euro 2004	VIV	Yes
NHL 2006	VIV	Yes
Delta Force Landwarrior	PWF	No
Descent 1	HOG	No
Descent 2	HOG	No
Descent 3	HOG	No
Starlancer	HOG	No
Chicken Little	HOG	Yes
Tak 3 - The Great Juju Challenge - XBox	HOG	Yes
Desperados - Wanted Dead Or Alive	PAC	Yes
Desperados Wanted Dead or Alive	PAC	Yes
Die By The Sword	ATD	Yes
Dinosaur Digs	ZTD	Yes
Marine Mania	ZTD	Yes
Zoo Tycoon	ZTD	Yes
Doom 3	PK4	Yes
Doom 3 Resurrection Of Evil	PK4	Yes
Shogo Mobile Armor Division	PK4	Yes
Quake 4	PK4	Yes
Duke Nukem 3d	RTS	Yes
Shadow Warrior	RTS	Yes
Duke Nukem 3d	GRP	Yes
Redneck Rampage	GRP	Yes
Shadow Warrior	GRP	Yes
Dungeon Keeper 2	SDT	No
Populous 3	SDT	No
Sim Theme Park audio	SDT	No
EA Cricket 2004	GOB	No
El Airplane	ARH	Yes
Electranoid	RES	Yes
Etherlords	RES	Yes
Evil Islands	RES	No
Fuzzy's World	RES	Yes
Laser Light	RES	Yes
Nascar Heat	RES	No
Rage Of Mages	RES	No
Swat 3 Close Quarters Battle	RES	Yes
Xatax	RES	Yes
Mechanized Assault and Exploration	RES	Yes
Emperor - Battle for Dune	BAG	Yes
Escape From Monkey Island	M4B	No
Myst 4 Revelation	M4B	No
Esoteria	E3 	Yes
Esoteria	22K	No
Turok	22K	Yes
Fallout Tactics	BOS	Yes
FIFA 1999	ABG	Yes
FIFA 2000	ABG	Yes
FIFA 2001	ABG	Yes
FIFA 2002	ABG	Yes
FIFA 2003	ABG	Yes
Final Fantasy 7	LGP	No
Forza Motorsport - XBox	CAB	Yes
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004	CAB	Yes
Frank Herbert's Dune	DUN	Yes
Freedom Force	FF 	Yes
Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich	FF 	Yes
Mission Kelloggs	FF 	Yes
Freelancer	FLM	Yes
Giants Citizen Kabuto	GZP	No
Gunship!	CAT	No
Magic The Gathering	CAT	Yes
Transport Tycoon Deluxe	CAT	No
First Flight	CAT	Yes
Hellhog XP	A  	Yes
Heroes Chronicles Series	LOD	No
Heroes of Might & Magic 3 Armageddon's Blade	LOD	No
Heroes of Might & Magic 3 Restoration of Erathia	LOD	No
Heroes of Might & Magic 3 The Shadow of Death	LOD	No
Heroes of Might and Magic 3	LOD	No
Heroes of Might and Magic 1	AGG	No
Hidden and dangerous	DTA	No
Homeworld	VCE	No
Homeworld Cataclysm	VCE	No
Hostile Waters	MNG	No
Hostile Waters	MBX	No
Hot Rod American Street Drag	ROD	Yes
Imperialism II	RSR	No
Itch	PSH	Yes
Pusher	PSH	Yes
Jade Empire	RIM	Yes
Kohan	TGW	Yes
Law And Order 3 Justice Is Served	LZP	Yes
Lemmings	SPR	Yes
Lemmings 2 (VOC)	VOC	No
Master of Magic	LBX	No
Master of Orion	LBX	No
Master of Orion 2	LBX	No
Metal Gear Solid	MGZ	Yes
Mortyr	HAL	No
NBA 2003	ENG	Yes
Neighbours From Hell	BND	Yes
Neighbours From Hell 2	BND	Yes
Outlaws	LAB	Yes
Star Wars - Phantom Menace	LAB	Yes
Packmania 2	ARF	Yes
Snowy	ARF	No
Patricians 2	CPR	Yes
Port Royale	CPR	Yes
Playboy - The Mansion	CAM	Yes
Prince of Persia - Warrior Within	BF 	No
Prince of Persia SOT	BF 	No
Beyond Good and Evil	BF 	No
Prince of Persia	BF 	No
Recoil	ZBD	No
Republic - The Revolution	ERB	Yes
Richard Burns Rally	RBZ	Yes
Sabotain	SAB	Yes
Serious Sam	GRO	Yes
Serious Sam The Second Encounter	GRO	Yes
Serious Sam 2	GRO	Yes
Showdown  Legends of Wrestling	DR 	No
Singles Flirt Up Your Life	SXT	Yes
Skunny - Back To The Forest	LID	Yes
Skunny - Desert Raid	LID	Yes
Skunny - In the Wild West	LID	Yes
Skunny - Lost in Space	LID	Yes
Skunny - Save Our Pizzas	LID	Yes
Soldiers Of Anarchy	UBN	Yes
The Fall Last Days Of Gaia	UBN	Yes
Still Life	SL 	Yes
Sudden strike	RUS	No
Sudden Strike 2	RUS	No
Sudden Strike Forever	RUS	No
Sudden Strike Resource War	RUS	No
Syberia 2	SYB	Yes
Team Factor	BOT	Yes
The 7th Guest	GJD	No
Thief	CRF	Yes
Thief 2	CRF	Yes
Thief 3	CRF	Yes
Total Annihilation	ZRB	No
Tribes 2	VL2	Yes
Utils - Zlib	ZLB	No
Vampire The Masquerade Redemption	NOB	Yes
Warcraft 1	WAR	No
WarCraft 2	WAR	Yes
WarCraft 2 AddOns	WAR	Yes
WarCraft 2	SUD	No
Winamp	WSZ	Yes
Winamp	WAL	Yes
Windows Media Player	WMZ	Yes
WWE Day of Reckoning	TEX	Yes
XS Mark	PK2	Yes
XS Mark	PK1	Yes
You Don't Know Jack	SRF	No
Balls of steel	BNK	No
Dirty Little Helper 98	DLU	Yes
Mercedes Benz World Racing	SYN	Yes
Motoracer	BKF	Yes
Motoracer GP	BKF	Yes
Shadowgrounds	FBZ	Yes
TOCA Touring Car Championship	BFP	Yes
Transworld Snowboarding	HPF	No
Turok	11K	Yes
Ur-Lympiade	GFX	Yes
Darkwatch	PCK	Yes
Backyard Football	MET	Yes
Call Of Duty 2	IWD	Yes
Evil Dead Regeneration	FSB	No
Crazy Frog Racer	FSB	No
Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Lockdown	FSB	No
Ski Racing 2006	FSB	No
Switchball	BOD	Yes
The Da Vinci Code	RPE	Yes
Area 51	000	No
MechWarrior 4	MW4	No
Sid Meier's Pirates!	FPK	No
Rahly's Test Archive	RTA	Yes
Just_Cause	ARC	No
Rayman3	CNT	No
Commodore_64_disk_files	D64	No
Survival	IDX	No
TrainDriver2005	JA 	No
*.*	*  	No