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The DOS version of the game Lost Eden has a giant GRAF called EDEN.DAT file.

Format Specifications

The EDEN.DAT file begins with 2 bytes which might indicate the number of files contained in the GRAF. Following this number is a series of 25-byte records. Each record is laid out as follows:

 bytes 0-11    filename: typically 8.3 DOS filenames, padded with zeroes
 bytes 12-15   unknown
 bytes 16-19   file size
 bytes 20-23   absolute offset of file within GRAF
 byte 24       unknown

Working with the hypothesis that the first 2 bytes indicate the number of records, EDEN.DAT should have 2621 records. At 25 bytes each, the first 65525 bytes should contain record data. However, a large block of bytes at the end of the first 65525 bytes are 0. Thus, if following this strategy, be sure that the filename, size and offset record fields are non-NULL before fetching for the file.

MultiEx BMS Script

Not written yet

Compatible Programs

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