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Format Specifications

char {4}     - Header (FORM)
uint32 {4}   - Archive Length
char {4}     - Name or type

// for each file

char {4}     - File Type
uint32 {4}   - Length
byte {X}     - File Data

MultiEx BMS Script

Not written yet

Compatible Programs


This is actually not the same type as Ultima 7 DAT.

Other Games

These games use this file format

  • AFL 98 *.lbm
  • Allan Border Cricket *.lbm
  • Command And Conquer *.vqx
  • Evasive Action *.bbm *.lbm
  • Medieval Total War *.lbm
  • Project IGI: I'm Going In *.lbm
  • Steel Panthers *.lbm
  • Ultima 7 *.dat