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Version info

Jaeder Naub V2.0.1g [Loveware] Compiled - 21 / February 2007. Core , Detections, Ripper, Converter, Crapper,
etc etc, all done by the very sweet and loveable Strobe.

fixes from 1.9.0t to 2.0.1g

The most important updates in this release!

MO3 Ripper enhanced on many levels, and should now be reliable for
ripping out from Chip/Music Disks.

Added: TX2 Detector TGA Converter.
Added: MF3 Ripper.
Added: SKL Image to TGA Converter.
Added: MCK Image to TGA Converter.
Added: IMTC32 Image to TGA Converter.
Added: DXF Model ripper.
Added: DWG Model ripper.
Enhanced: DDS Ripper Saving speed is now improved.

Bug: WinUPack is now detected correctly.

Bug: FSH/SHPI Electronic Arts images should now
be exported correctly. (woops!)

Tracker Scanner now updated to support (on a basic dumb level though):
Liquid Module
Delusion Module
Velvet Studio files,
Creative Music Format
Prorunner 1.0
Prorunner 2.0
TrackerPacker V1.0
TrackerPacker V2.0
TrackerPacker V3.0
The Player 4.0A/B
SlamTilt STIM
Polka Runner
Power Music Packer
Fuzzak Packer
SKYT Packer
FC-M Packer
Hornet Packer

Added: DLS to WAV splitter, and XBox DLS to WAV splitter,
PSP GMO and PMF detector, prototype Frogster TGA ripper.
XFT font detection.
More archive/mainfile detections.

Will now detect more Scripts with "Various Scripts" in options set to On.
Added: Macromedia Scrips, jReality Scene scripts.

GBA Wave Audio Ripper (to WAVE converter) implemented.

Ogg Detection + Saver is now insanely fast.
Fixed a flaw in the Ogg Length detector that made it slow
as hell.

PNG Saver detector is now 2000% faster.

DDS length detection now rewritten, and uses buffered write instead,
which is MUCH faster than the previous DDS saver.

MetalSlug RAW .TIM images converter to TGA.
(works on single files only, no deep scanning for those).
(yes, those are upside down, im too lazy currently :P)

Will now be able to scan huge archives and is not dependent on super high
RAM anylonger. *weehaaa*



What is jaeder naub? Its a file ripper & converter, made to detect graphics, sounds and music from games or demo files. just load an exe or data file into it and see what you find.

Hosted by the fine chaps at http://www.xentax.com

Formats detected

BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, Targa, Ogg Vorbis, MIDI Tracks ImpulseTracker, ScreamTracker, OctaMED, Zipped, Rar, PNG, Konami WAVE, DirectX Textures (all DXT), Enix/Square Waves, Konami Bitmaps, XM Modules, ADX Waves , AIX Waves, AVI Video, MPEG Video, PCX Images, Bink/Smacker Video data, DDS Textures. Konami PICT, SH4 Snap, XFIR Script, SF Bank, Shockwave/Flash. Macromedia SWA files, HTML, ASCII Data, MP3/MP2 Music, ILBM Images. AU Sound, AIFF Audio, LightWave Objects, 8SVX Audio, PSP-GAM, PSP-GIM, PSD, Adobe PDF, RealMedia, MO3 Compressed Music, RTF Text, Sony GAV, Specific game audio/gfx files + lots of various less known formats.




Jaeder Naub 2.0.1a - Download from XeNTaX
Jaeder Naub 2.0.1a - Download from WebArchive