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Seems to be something wrong with this one, can't edit it. When clicking on the edit-link I'm forwared to the graf-template. :\
If someone are able to; add this BMS-script (not tested, but the archive ought to be simple enough to just write one):

ImpType Standard ;
Get FILENUM Long 0 ;
For F = 1 To FILENUM ;
Get FID Long 0 ;
SavePos FOFFSETX 0 ;
Get FOFFSET Long 0 ;
SavePos FSIZEX 0 ;
Get FSIZE Long 0 ;
Next F ;


What you see, if you pay attention, is the template and the contents of the page. Look for the "bms_script" line and add the script after the equals sign, and insert line returns where you would normally - this won't break the template. Don't worry about formatting tags or anything (though you may have to insert <br> tags, I'm not sure). When you're satisfied, hit Submit (or Preview) and admire your work!

Oh, before I forget, at the bottom you should see some WIKI link markup with Category:(some text) in them. Find the "No BMS" one, and remove the "No " part (space and all).

I would do this myself, but I thought it best if you tried it yourself, to get the hang of it for the future. ;)

EDIT: You will have to include <pre> tags around the script, as it turns out. Otherwise, the template bugs out. I'd try to find a better workaround, but I don't have time now...

Dinoguy1000 20:25, 20 Apr 2006 (EDT)

Okay, now I see what you were trying to do. Evidently, a section edit takes you right to the template itself, and it shouldn't (as far as I know). For now, you'll need to click the "Edit" button for the entire page. It should be in the same place as the History link. Also, put the disclaimer about the script being untested in the Notes section, that's how I did it with the other one...

Dinoguy1000 08:52, 21 Apr 2006 (EDT) (remembered my name this time!)

ooh.. everything makes sense now. ;) Never really noticed that edit-button, I've just clicked the "edit"-link on the same line as the filename extension. :)

PXR 16:39 , 21 Apr 2006 (GMT+1) (stole your "signature-style" ;P)

Heh, yeah... I'm going to have to expand the help to include this type of stuff.

Also, you don't need to use the br tags after the script or programs, the template spaces things automatically, and as long as you stick an asterisk before each program, it starts on a new line by itself.

Dinoguy1000 20:05, 22 Apr 2006 (EDT) (Nah, you didn't steal it... ;) )