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The plan is to move shared file formats onto their own pages, under a new section called 'Common Formats.' Initially, we'll target the biggest offenders, like Zip. After that we can gradually move down until we eventually have all formats that are shared by, say, 4 games or more.

Games that have been targeted should merely link to the shared format. Maybe with a standard message like 'This game uses the link-to-xxx common format'?

File formats still to be done:

  • ZIP
  • PAK
  • U (Unreal Engine - u, uax, ugx, ukx, usx, utx, uvx,...)
  • others that I don't know (or to be listed)


This project will start after the initial release, and should take us about a week or two.


Suggestions, additions and corrections are welcome as always.

Previous Discussion and Rationale

Question about GRAFs (Elbereth)

I just would like to say that when same file format write multiple pages (one per game using that format) seems to me difficult to maintain. Let's say we find something about this file format, if 35 games use it, we would have to edit the 35 pages, whereas by using one page per format we would only need to create one. Then for each game (for example) we could point to the formats used.

I am aware this is not the time to discuss such a thing (for a release on 29 may). But I just joined and really think it would have been a more efficient way to construct the Wiki.

Anyway.. back to work.. only one week left! :-P

I agree, this is a slight problem.

Right now, I don't know a good solution for it though. I think it's easiest for people to find games by name, the way it is now. Maybe we can refactor some of the more generic formats (pak, etc.) into their own separate area and have the games that use them just link to that area. In addition, we could also do an alternative index that lists formats by type instead of games. We're open for suggestions. user:Captain

To be fixed then

Mr.Mouse: Well, I see your point, and indeed, with a release imminent, it's hardly possible to change it to that. Also, I think the editing of that many pages is not really a problem, as when we have most of the stuff in here, we only need to add a new page with the format. I DO think the neat list of Watto beneath each format, showing more games that use this format, will become a problem. You would have to switch to each and every game that uses a ZIP archive, and add a new game to its list. THAT is indeed time consuming, as you suggest. Perhaps a Game Page that links to formats used is a better approach yes. Let's consider that a goal for the second release?


We'll get things ready for sunday and make plans for an overhaul after that. I think it's best to go with Elbereths solution and additionally add another page that lists formats by type (PAK, WAD, etc) instead of name of game. user:Captain

For a second release: Dual List

The way I see it, every game still have his page. But in each game page you point to 1 (or more) format pages. That way you can maintain 2 lists: "Browse by game" and "Browse by format".

But this seems hard to achieve for sunday. And honestly on the visual side of the site, it won't be very different. So maybe as Mr Mouse suggest we should wait for a second release. --Elbereth 04:10, 23 May 2005 (EDT)

Finding a middle ground?

I propose we create a section 'Common Formats' and only make special pages for format types that fit that category. By this I mean we only change things for formats that are used by a *lot* of different games. This way we don't have to change the rest of the games pages. It feels more logical to me. It's also more practical. user:Captain

Seems ok to me

Seems to be the best solution IMHO. :-) --Elbereth 04:32, 23 May 2005 (EDT)

Agreed - sounds like a good solution

Yes, I too am aware of the problem with updating many games - I welcome the suggestions you have all made and think they should be implemented in the future - anything would be better than continuously updating the ZIP and similar specs for every game.