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Each course (lake tahoe, utah, cashcourse, ...) is in a separate folder.

  • CASH = Cash Course
  • FRISCO = San Francisco
  • ROME = Italy
  • SAM = South America
  • TAHOE = Lake Tahoe
  • UTAH = Utah

Here is a brief description of the files inside these folders :

  • *.CLN contain the level himself ( road curve + objects position on the road ?)
  • *.BIT contains all textures used in the level (player sprites and HUD is encoded separately). The textures are encoded in 8-bit indexed (256 colors) uncompressed format.
  • *.FLT contains palettes used for displaying player sprites. every file is 16K. it seems it is use to map player sprites color indexes to palette used in level.
  • ENDXX.BIN contain sprites that are shown at the end of a level (level statistics and collected cash).

At the root of the game folder :

  • folder STARSHOT contains severals .BIT files. These are 320x200 8-bit screenshots of each level, shown when loading.
  • .13X files. It seems they contain animated sprites, encoded just like .BIT files.
  • *.PAL. These are palettes for menu and such. Each file contains 256 entries of 3 bytes. 3 x 256 = 768 bytes.

NOTE : This is for PC (DOS) version. PSX version seems to use different file format (it make sense since PSX support more than 256 colors and thus store pictures differently)