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Utilities for Driv3r/Driver: Parallel Lines

Copyright (C) 2007 Deniz Oezmen

All trademarks and copyrights mentioned implicitly or explicitly in this file or the software described below are property of their respective owners.

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Converts sound files to the XA format.

Usage: WAV2XA <XAFile> <InFile0> [<InFile1>] [/compress] [/parallel]

       XAFile           Specifies the XA file to be created.

       InFile0          Input sound file for track 0.

       InFile1          Input sound file for track 1. (optional)

       /compress        Causes compression of the audio tracks.

       /parallel        When specified, the XA file will be created for use with
                        Driver: Parallel Lines. Otherwise, the format of Driv3r
                        will be used.

Every XA file can contain up to two tracks, where the second track is optional. All input files are required to be stereo sounds with a sample size of 16 bit. If both tracks are used, the sample rates have to match.

WAV2XA supports multiple input file formats (including PCM WAV, MP3 and OGG) through the Audiere Sound System by Chad Austin. Call WAV2XA without parameters to see a full list of the possible input file types.

The audio compression scheme results in smaller XA files (roughly 1/4th the size of a comparable uncompressed file), but reduces the sound quality slightly. Also note that when using compression, the input sound files should have a sample rate which is a multiple of 4082 Hz. If this is not the case, the frequency is automatically adapted, leading to distortion, which might be audible as a tempo and pitch change.


Extracts and converts audio tracks from XA files.

Usage:  XA2WAV <XAFiles>

        XAFiles         Specifies the XA files to be converted. Wildcards are