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000, 001

Format Specifications

File Header

All compressed files (.000, .001, .RAW, COLMAP, etc) start with the following header.

Note that some files can be uncompressed, in which case they don't start with "PACKED".

uint32sizeSize of unpacked data.
uint32checksumChecksum calculated with unknown algorithm (deduced by looking at strings in DD.EXE, mentions invalid checksum of RLE data).

File Data

Data is either RLE compressed (header present) or raw bytes.

The RLE decompression algorithm is as follows:

     int size = 0;
     while (not eof)
          uint8 b = readByte();

          // raw bytes?
          if (b & (1 << 7))
               int count = (b & 0x7F);
               for (int i=0; i<count; i++)
                    b = readByte();
                    output += b;
               size += count;

          } else
               int count = b;

               b = readByte();

               // insert byte count times
               for (int i=0; i<count; i++)
                    output += b;

               size += count;

     success = (size == header.size);

LEVELXXX.000 Specifics

The .000 file is a 8-bit indexed bitmap containing all textures required for a level (except ground). It also seems to include all common textures. The palette is stored in the COLOURS file for each level.

LEVELXXX.001 Specifics

The .001 file seems to contain chunked data. It is assumed that it contains the level / car geometry. Details are TODO.

BLOCKS0.RAW Specifics

This file seems to contain ground textures. It is similar to .000 and also uses COLOURS in the level directory.

COLOURS Specifics

A palette with 24 bit RGB entries. It contains more than 256 entries, only the first 256 seem to be used, other entries seem random. Doesn't contain a header or size.

MultiEx BMS Script

  • Not written yet

Notes and Comments

This format just stores a single file.

Compatible Programs