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  • Format Type : Compiled Script
  • Endian Order : Little Endian
  • Signature : None

Format Specifications

x bytes - file data  // it may be encrypted or compressed

Notes and Comments

  • This file format occurs in games made using Cocos2d-x / Cocos Creator.
  • JSC is a compiled JavaScript file used by SpiderMonkey Engine.
  • JSC may be compressed with GZIP / ZIP and encrypted with XXTEA.


List of games using this file format:

Game Title Platform Extension Type Encryption Key
Animal Restaurant Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP 431FEWJOTe-gecTW
Aries Peg Solitaire Android *.JSC XXTEA + ZIP 097c5192-4e62-4f
Brutal Street 2 Android *.JSC Bytecode (version 33) None
Cat Rescue: Sea Escape Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP 863c18da-7a0f-41
Choang Club - Game bai dang cap Android *.JSC Bytecode (version 33) None
DesignVille: Merge & Design Android *.JS Uncompiled JavaScript None
Happy Animal Hospital Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP dwyygp
Jimi-Kare My Quiet Boyfriend Android *.JSC Bytecode (version 33) None
KungFu Hospital Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP yiguangp
LifeSimulator - Chinese Life Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP e07a4d47-b82e-4f
Math Pipes Agilidad mental
operaciones matemáticas
Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP 967d48e5-4124-4e
Minimal Dungeon RPG Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP 0144fe29-6a3f-49
One Piece (chinese game) Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP b81a1dd7-625d-43
Resortopia Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP 65fccf9c-1473-4d
Santa Bouncy Lights Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP 7820d0b2-c505-4b
Spiral Warrior Android *.JSC XXTEA Only f86f2406-6ef3-45
Toilet Paper Rush Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP 715c2582-9ae7-4e
Top War: Battle Game Android *.JSC XXTEA + GZIP 221640c9-d86d-43

Tutorial - How to get XXTEA keys

Method 1:

  • Open file \lib\armeabi-v7a\ in hex editor and search for "jsb-adapter". Key should be stored right before this string.

Method 2:

  • Install and run frida server on your device
  • Download this script cocos2d_xxtea_script.js
  • Run the script with the command "frida -U --no-pause -l cocos2d_xxtea_script.js -f <game_package_name>

Method 3:

  • Download and install IDA 7
  • Seaach for function "xxtea_decrypt"
  • Analyse the function's code to see how the key is stored/generated.

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