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These are formats which have a BMS Script. You must add a format to this category if you have written a script for it, even if you tested it.

You may vote for a BMS script according to your experiences in using it. You are not allowed to vote for your own script, and you cannot vote more than once on the same script, except for changing your original vote. All voting should be done on the talk page of the page that the script appears on - e.x. if a script you want to vote for is on the page GRAF:Some Archive , you would place your vote on its talk page, GRAF talk: Some Archive .
A Yea vote should look like this:

#  Yea  reason for vote -~~~~

Similarly, a Nay vote should look like:

#  Nay  reason for vote -~~~~

These might result in the following:

  1. Yea reason for vote -Someguy 00:00, 0 January 1970 (GMT)
  2. Nay reason for vote -Someguy 00:00, 0 January 1970 (GMT)

If it works fine, or has small problems (for instance, not extracting all files, or breaking on one particular archive), you should vote 'Yea'. In the case that you have small problems with it, you should post details of those problems with your vote. If you have significant problems getting a script to work for you, vote 'Nay' and post an overview of the problems you are having with it. Include the full text of any error messages you are recieving, and be prepared to post your log file(s) if asked to do so.

If a script gets updated, all current votes should be deleted and anyone who voted already may vote again. If the script is updated by someone other than the original script's author, neither person may vote on that script.

In order to add a page to this category, please insert the following text at the bottom of the page:
[[Category:BMS New|{{subst:PAGENAME}}]]

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